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"I see." Qin Chu nodded. "According to you, if I want to gain a lot of faith, the best way is to have my own believers, right?"

"Lord god’s adult, if in accordance with the most common way, really need this. But … in the divine world, some gods don’t follow these, and they have other ways to gain the power of faith. " Rheinhas sneered.
"What way?"
"Plunder" Rheinhas said lightly, as if to say a very common thing, "a powerful person will plunder the power of faith, and the power of faith obtained like this is the fastest. However, such a person, if he does not have the ability to protect himself, will soon be destroyed, because he plundered others, and others will naturally plunder him. "
Qin Chu frowned: "Listening to your words, how do I feel that the divine world is a very chaotic place?"
Rheinhas said with a smile, "Lord God, after you go to the celestial world, you will understand that it is indeed a chaotic place, but for some people, it is the most wonderful place." The divine world has always advocated the strong. As long as you have enough strength, you can get what you want in it. "
Qin Chu immediately remained. In his cognition, many strong people hope to enter the celestial world as their own goal, but they don’t know that the celestial world would be a chaotic place.
Although Rhine Haas didn’t make it clear, Qin Chu can already be sure that the celestial world is actually a chaotic place with a mixture of good and evil people. In a place like this, everyone has it. It is no wonder that the Alger Farmers’ Association said that the divine world is a place of intrigue, with only naked luo interests.
"However, the more chaotic, the better." Qin Chu’s eyes flashed with excitement. "Heroes are born in troubled times. In turmoil, I will hide and make a fortune."
"God is right. In the divine world, as long as you have the ability, you are not afraid to live. I believe that with the ability of God, you will soon become famous there." Rhine Haas hurriedly kiss up to, also don’t know if it is true.
Qin Chu ha ha a smile, Rhine Haas said this, although there is suspicion of flattery, but Qin Chu now controls the power of order, but also refining a growing world, with this, Qin Chu also has enough power to protect itself.
"I’ll try according to the method you said, how to gather the power of faith. If you don’t make it into a field, the power of this law will be consumed, which really makes people feel distressed. "Qin Chu said.
Qin Chujing settled down and then gathered his thoughts on the godhead within Yuan Ying.
In the process of gathering ideas, Qin Chu clearly felt that there was something more in his mind, as if there were countless voices, which sounded at the same time.
Then, Qin Chu felt that countless white lights lingered around his godhead, just like being locked out, and he couldn’t get in.
Qin Chu a little thinking, then connect their ideas to those white dots.
In an instant, those trivial voices suddenly became clear.
"Lord’s adult, how still not come back? Those bastards in the Temple of Light have already called. "
"Beg the Lord’s adult to appear quickly, or the new town will be destroyed …"
"Lord bless, we will defend our homeland to the death."
All are the voices of prayer. Qin Chu Zheng slightly, and immediately thought of the key. The Temple of Light has begun to attack the natural clan.
"How can it be so fast?" Qin Chu was surprised. "No, I have to hurry back." From these voices, Qin Chu guessed that the fief must have been in crisis.
Paralyzed, natural people eat shit? Qin Chu bad to ruthlessly thinking in my heart, if the natural family dare to play empty cannon, don’t help fief, he immediately turned against the natural family.
Qin Chu used the godhead to gather all the forces of faith into the godhead. So many forces of faith gathered in the godhead, but it was only three hundred drops.
The force of these beliefs, but for more than sixty thousand people that lingered around him, is the whole fief of those who witnessed Qin Chu’s ability. Those who have just moved here don’t know much about Qin Chu, so they have no faith in Qin Chu.
But it is also so, Qin Chu will be so quickly found from the power of these beliefs, his territory, big things will happen.
Qin Chu quit his godhead and said to Rheinhas, "Something happened to me there. I have to go back now. How can I go back at once?"
Rheinhas hurriedly said, "The old slave has left the coordinates. As long as God thinks about the coordinates, he can go back. Now the old slave will pass all the coordinates that have been used to you. " Said Qin Chu felt, in my mind, more information.
"I have been to so many spaces?" Qin Chu slightly a look, then a surprise.
"When the old slave is seriously injured, he needs to collect a lot of blood essence. Only by crossing different worlds can he do it." Rheinhas explained.
By this time, Qin Chu had found the coordinates of his own world. Then, as Rheinhas said, I thought about the coordinate, and then I felt myself surrounded by a powerful force, and then the surrounding scene became blurred.
"Hoo ~ ~ ~"
A moment later, the surrounding scene became clear again. Qin Chu look around, he has appeared in the space above the volcano.
"It has actually become an active volcano, and the magma is raging. The original beauty has been completely destroyed." Qin Chu looked at the scene below and gasped at once.
Gaster’s heavy blow completely destroyed the ban laid by Rheinhas on the magma. The volcanic magma force that has been suppressed has lost the suppression of the ban, and finally it is free. Now it has rushed out of the ground and is raging again. After years of development, this area has become a beautiful place, but now the underground magma rushes out, but it has turned it into a sea of fire.
"God, you can use the power of the realm of God to teleport directly and reach the place you want to go." Rhine Haas see Qin Chu frown there, hurriedly offer advice. He thought Qin Chu was in a hurry to go back to his place, so he frowned.
Qin Chu paused for a moment, surprised and said, "In this space, can you use the power of the realm of God?"
"Of course, you have refined the boundary of God, and you can also use the power of the boundary of God. The realm of God is originally a space, which contains the power of space. The Lord of God controls the realm of God and can naturally use the power of space. God, if you use the space power of the realm of God, the speed will be very fast, even if you turn around this planet, it will only take a moment. " Rheinhas twisted his beard and smiled proudly.
Qin Chu couldn’t help but marvel. It is no wonder that the gods of the divine world will also covet the realm of God. If he controls a realm of gods, it is not only like having an independent world, but more importantly, he can use the power of the realm of gods to shuttle through space and teleport.
Qin Chu is talented. After hearing Reinhardt’s words, he mastered the practice of using the power of space in the realm of God with a little try. He and Rhine Haas’s body was wrapped by the force of space in the realm of God, just like a transparent zongzi. Qin Chu clearly felt that after being wrapped by the force of space, his own was like being integrated into the surrounding space.
"Move with your heart, move at will." Qin Chu looked at a protruding mountain peak in the distance to the south, his mind moved, and the next moment his body appeared directly on the mountain peak. I didn’t feel the wind, I didn’t feel any discomfort.
"Sure enough, it’s powerful, using the power of this space to hurry, and it’s thousands and tens of thousands times faster than walking in a boat." Qin Chu couldn’t help but marvel.
"Go, Rhine Haas, come back with me, I will be interesting to see how bold they are." Qin Chu sneered at the direction of the fief. Temple of Light, since you dare to start work on me, I don’t need to be polite. Lao Tzu is not allowed to knead dough round and flat.
Rhine Haas felt the murderous look emanating from Qin Chu, and his sly eyes sparkled with excitement. That way, it’s like seeing something good.
"By the way, take this blood pool first, and when you are free, I will forge a good magic weapon for you." Qin Chu remembered the blood pool he had collected, so he took it out again and gave it back to Rheinhas. Reinhardt’s body is fragile, and he still needs to absorb the essence of the blood inside and restore his body.
"Thank God" Rheinhas was pleasantly surprised to accept the skull handed by Qin Chu. The essence of the blood inside is that he used the boundary of God to cross many plane spaces and captured a large number of creatures. If the essence of the blood was destroyed by Qin Chu, although Rheinhas is now a servant of God, he will not do anything disobedient, but his heart will always leave a knot in one’s heart.
Qin Chu waved his hand and said faintly, "Although this is to restore your body, the essence of blood contains too much qi, which will only do you harm in the long run. I will use the power of wood to help you restore your body."
This time, Rheinhas was really overjoyed. He was ecstatic and said, "Thank God for his generosity. I don’t have to worry anymore." His body is very fragile now, and if it breaks down, the end will be tragic.
The forest where the fief is located. Smoke is everywhere, and the forest with dense vegetation is full of scars and debris of trees everywhere. The Legion of the Temple of Light has been oppressed near the fief, and all the Warcraft soldiers have been dispatched, with the help of the last terrain, to resist the Legion of Light and give them a head-on blow.
Fighting side by side with Warcraft warriors, there are also natural warriors, who are divided into two groups: near attack and far battle, and the tactics of disturbing the enemy are used very well. But the army of light holds the crossbow of mass destruction. Although this crossbow has a short range, within a short distance, each crossbow can explode 300 arrows in an instant with radiation surface.
The horror of these arrows lies not in their penetrating power, but in the incendiary bombs attached to them.
If the people on this side of the fief come within range, the crossbows will shoot arrows, and once the incendiary bomb bursts, it will splash flames around. After these flames are touched, they will adhere to it until the attached things are burned clean.
Those trees are destroyed by this incendiary bomb, and there is no resistance at all. Without half a cup of tea, they will be completely burned. Those warriors of Warcraft and natural warriors will fall into flames if they have no time to flee.
Without the shelter of trees, the soldiers dare not go forward, so they can only stab in the back in the distance, but the troops in front of the bright army are all wearing armor, and these arrows from afar fall on them without any lethality.
The army of light, step by step, is approaching the fief and the forest of nature.
In the big account of the army of light.
Next to the sand table, a tall middle-aged man with a beard stared at the changes on the sand table with dribbling eyes. He was dressed in pale gold armor, and the momentum was as fierce as a lion’s. The subordinates next to him were afraid to say anything. This big fellow is the head of this bright army.
This watch team kept moving forward, where the soldiers are helpless doing unnecessary resistance, his cold face, emerge a ferocious smile.
The men next to him smiled at the head of the army and quickly kowtowed: "Under the wise leadership of the head of the army, it is absolutely easy to step over the forest of nature this time, and then the head of the army will be immortalized."
This head smiled proudly and said, "That’s nature. With these crossbows, the natural people are clowns who are not on the table. If I had these crossbows before, I would have stepped over the forest of nature. "
"Qin Chu, the bastard who should be burned at the stake, is really impatient to dare to let those barbarian soldiers come up and throw eggs at stones in the face of you." Men continue to kiss up.


Then they Hei Hu League’s first 1 million vanguard cavalry troops chased and killed teams of China players like hunting ice and snow, Mountain hare ice fox. They passed through the thick snow of the local ice sheet, where prostrate bodies were trampled to pieces …

This scene is like falling into Ri Port and Kamikaze Plain, but the slaughtered object has become a China player.
The Indian army relied on its strong military superiority and integrated the whole Indian J ○ ng British force to prance on the ice sheet.
They don’t bother to hide their strategic goals at all. More than 10 million players are pushing forward in the vast ice field as if to announce to the world that they always want to take the glacier fortress with all their might.
With a series of videos being replaced by China players in the forum, Ri has become a mockery of the water forces of various countries.
Indian players who believe that they are proud and ashamed of the past are posting directly in the forum Gai Lou, shouting out the words of the three-day demise of Snow Silver City and Razer City for their army.
So the official website Forum was once again detonated with all kinds of saliva, all kinds of insults, all kinds of black indignation, and it was difficult to level China players. Qi Qi pointed his finger at the three major forces, namely, the Wangtu hegemony stationed in the Snow Castle, the spirit of war League and the Iron and Blood League.
If it weren’t for Fengshen Tian and Zen Soul Wounds, these bosses were eager for success, and they would never have lost J and jīng Rui from the ice castle. The defenders of the ice castle would never have lost so quickly, and they would never have lost so embarrassed.
These are all unilateral speculations about what the facts are, and there is no chance to verify them.
That’s how the war is lost. It’s never been lost. If you assume, for example, these statements,
Just as the angry Chinese people are preparing to organize a group to spit out the gods of the wind and the souls of the war, another bad news has spread all over the eternal world and forums like a thunderbolt.
The three major forces, namely, the King of Indonesia, the spirit of war League and the Iron-Blood Alliance, led a total of 6.1 million lines, and the second-line J Ο ng Britain was being besieged by more than 9 million J Ο ng English in the United States and Indonesia in the Telin wasteland where Heihe City was located in Indonesia.
In the battle synchronization video, Heihe City stands tall like a mountain, and the blue sky and black soil bodies are everywhere outside the city.
Tens of millions of China players have been constantly divided, surrounded and annihilated by the US-Indonesian Coalition forces.
Compared with the huge battle scene in the Tehrin wasteland of the one-sided butchered city, it is not embarrassing. The players belonging to Wangtu hegemony, spirit of war League and Iron and Blood Major League China held out for at least an hour before they were partially defeated in the face of sudden siege.
Then the rout front spread rapidly and collapsed in a straight line. There was a long time ago to guard against the US-Indonesian Coalition forces encircling the whole forest wasteland, shrinking like a storm and sweeping from all directions to the center. China players died at an amazing speed along the way, and it was impossible to even seek a breakthrough.
The scene is not ugly, but relatively speaking, this 6 million army is equivalent to two-thirds J and jīng sharp force in Snowstorm Silver City. They are a powerful guarantee for the real backbone in the strategic deployment against the Indian army.
No one thought that although surrounded by encirclement and suppression, J and NG English were so defeated by J and NG English.
Snow Castle fell, retreated to Snow Silver City, and the retreat was cut off. Even if they can break through the siege, they can still face being hunted to death.
"We lost."
The battlefield zhōng yāng is bullying, with his back to Fengshen, overlooking the wheat waves and generally lodging in China. The player’s voice is so desolate.
"I should listen to you"
After this great change, Fengshen didn’t scream and make a determined effort as usual. Instead, he calmly came face to face with a cold wind wrapped in strong blood gas, stabbing his nose and hurting his eyes.
To that proud and conceited eye, all the fengshen days disappeared. He looked at the guilds, J and NG Ying, who were constantly being torn apart by the enemy’s charge. He looked at the sky flying with flesh and blood, and the flag was kicked down side by side. Tears gradually blurred his sight.
"It’s my fault. I ruined Wang Tu’s hegemony and ruined Snowstorm Silver City."
Feng Shentian’s abnormality made bullying not stunned. He shook his head. "It’s not the United States that is the biggest variable through Indonesia. We are trying to change it. Even if we are United with J and NG Dance Gate and Tieqi League to stick to the ice castle and glacier fortress, we still can’t stop India, Indonesia and the United States. Snow Silver City will die …"
"Snow Silver City is dead, and Wang Tu thinks it will be dead. This may be the last battle for Wang Tu thinks it will be …" Fengshen’s face was full of tears.
"We can start all over again, and it’s not that we haven’t been defeated. You forget that we were torn apart by the gods with less than 200,000 core J and NG English left, but we haven’t risen as usual. Now Wang Tu thinks that it is still the largest and strongest guild in Snow Silver City." Bullying and sinking way
"There are some things you don’t understand. The family can’t give me another chance. I can make them lose confidence. In fact, I lost from the day I opposed the gods." Fengshen said with a wry smile. "Let’s fight. Even if our army is wiped out, we must tear them a piece of meat. Killing a J and jīng dancer and fighters will reduce the pressure."
At the key moment, Fengshen Tian showed a rare will to die at first sight. Unfortunately, the defeat was overwhelming. All the determination and morale in the United States and Indonesia Coalition forces were in vain …
Chapter ninety-seven Crisis
The main force of the American District Guild launched the sudden incident of the Silver City War through Indonesia, which surprised all players.
Once the news shocked the whole world!
You know, the United States has always been a virtual competitive superpower, with many great gods and top players everywhere, while the Indian region is a virtual power in China, and its huge player base is even more than that of China.
Not to mention Indonesia’s average strength may be average, but its comprehensive strength is not much better than that of Japan and South Korea.
This shows how horrible these three virtual world superpowers are when they unite.
In the face of the capture of the three main cities in China, Snowstorm Silver City, it seems that there is still time left. At this point, the views of all countries in the world are surprisingly consistent, and even most China players are not optimistic about the situation of the national war in Snowstorm Silver City.
They don’t recognize that after the collapse of the three elite forces, namely, Wangtu hegemony, spirit of war League and Iron-Blood League, the three countries’ allied forces with a total strength of 20 million can be blocked only by Jingwumen and Tieqi League.
Of course, there are also many players who don’t believe that Snowstorm Silver City will definitely fall. They pin their hopes on the two major guilds, the myth of Huaxia King City and the gods of Leize City.
Now that the strategic objectives of the United States, India and Indonesia have become obvious, it takes brain cells to speculate that India will attack the United States and Indonesia and unexpectedly encircle the three southern conquering forces in Snowstorm Silver City. When these six million elites are wiped out, the United States and Indonesia will immediately cross the border and join forces with India.
At that time, the allied forces of the three countries will be strong all the way to the north, and take the Snow Silver City. This foundation can cross the frozen canyon to the east and reach the hinterland of Leize City to the north, and can cross the forest cold tundra and directly attack the Huaxia City. The two main cities, Raytheon Fortress and Dragon Fortress, will lose their strategic significance because of the fall of Snow Silver City, and the defense doors of Leize City and Huaxia City will be opened accordingly.
These problems are almost obvious at a glance, but everyone knows that if you are not an idiot, your lips will die and your teeth will be cold.
However, they don’t know how to understand it, but they don’t have to carry it out. This is a war. What they see is superficial factors, and what they see is undercurrent. Can they spy?
How could they possibly know that the United States dared to attack Snowstorm Silver City precisely because of the agreement reached by Qin Shiyue, Gao Fushuai, California, who caught a glimpse at the Razer City auction without resorting to paper?
Huaxia city will send reinforcements, but there can never be myths in these reinforcements.
Snow, silver city, south gate tower, a pretty figure stands by the sword, she looks far south, the cold wind blows her soft hair, and her delicate and beautiful cheeks ache faintly.
"Tuoba evil is really selling the snow silver city to Qin Shiyue and Indra Day!"


"I haven’t seen it for thousands of years, but it’s still so inky!" Half a day didn’t hear the jade emperor reply Sun Wu some impatient "give a happy words this Lingshan you let or not? !”

"Sun Wu …! !” The jade emperor gnashed her teeth for half a day. "Is this matter negotiable? ! You have to know that this Lingshan is called by the emperor, so it is really unkind for you to occupy it, and you will be laughed at by the three realms! "
"negotiable!" Sun Wu’s answer was very simple, but he almost didn’t grieve the Jade Emperor with a sentence: "If you give me heaven, you can have this Lingshan!"
"You … why don’t you go to hell? !”
"How can I die if you don’t die!"
"Sun Wu … you remember it for the emperor!" The Jade Emperor weighed for half a day and finally shouted "Withdraw! !”
Cooked ducks fly like this. Don’t be so depressed. They all seem to be wronged. Kannika nimtragol looks at the demon crowd opposite.
"Jade … the jade emperor really wants to withdraw?" Heaven all the immortals smell speech can’t help but ask "get fat so lost? ! Do you want to reconsider? !”
"consider what?" The jade emperor’s face is gloomy and almost frosty. "Do you think that we have just had a big war with Buddhism, and now we will be the Uber opponents of Sun Wu, who is in a state of being full of work and rest? !”
"No … no!"
"That also consider? ! If you don’t want to die, give it to the emperor! "
"But … but it is so humbled to withdraw! We have worked hard to call this Lingshan! "
"The emperor knows that you are wronged!" The jade emperor looks like he feels the same way. "The emperor is also wronged! But what can it do? ! It’s impossible to fight! If you continue to stay, you will be cut off. It will be even more shameful to watch others take Lingshan! Besides …! "
The Jade Emperor lowered his voice and said, "You’re lucky that our state is not certain. It can’t be Sun Wu’s Uber opponent. You can leave now! I really want to piss off that dead monkey. Our lives have to be explained here today! Not for nothing, are you? !”
"… white!" The immortals suddenly realized that they helped the Jade Emperor to order the armed forces to "withdraw! Get out of here !”
When the army of heaven just occupied the western heaven, it fled back to heaven with its tail between its legs before it got hot.
Jiuzhong also ordered all fighters in Lingshan to return the scroll to the city.
After all the people with the department were evacuated, Jiuchong rushed to Sun Wubi and made a gesture. He didn’t stay in Lingshan and followed the celestial troops to withdraw.
Heaven and the Holy Alliance Army Department evacuated from Lingshan, leaving Sun Wu as the commander of the Demons.
Sun Wu took back the wishful golden hoop and ordered "clean the battlefield!"
"yes! !” Thousands of demons scattered and cleaned up the scene.
"Master!" Command to the demon people to show their actions one after another, and Sun Wu came to the main hall of Da Lei Yin Temple, careless, sitting in the Tathagata’s seat and enjoying it. Suddenly, nine stresses sounded in his ears.
Jiuzhong just left for the celestial people to see. Not long after he went out, he started to hide the ghost and quit the stealth effect. He went back to the Da Lei Yin Temple and found Sun Wu.
"Good disciple!" Sun Wu one leng "how did you come back so soon? !”
Jiuzhong showed his figure and said, "Ahem, Master, I forgot something I didn’t tell you!"
"What is it? ! Say! "
"Is that you can call you hand demon when cleaning the Lingshan battlefield to heaven and Buddhism killed those gods, Buddha bodies burst out of equipment, don’t throw everything away from the Ministry and leave it to me? ! I have it! "
"Of course there is no problem!" Sun Wuyin immediately sounded in the whole Lingshan area. "All the demons told me not to throw away the equipment of the heavenly generals and monks’ bodies when cleaning the battlefield!"
"yes! !”
"All right, Master, I’ll go first to deal with the jade emperor. I’ll come back later when you’re ready!"
"Go ahead!"
Immediately, Jiuzhong directly started the function of sending the ring to the designated place and moved it to heaven, where he waited for the return of the celestial brigade.
A few hours later, the celestial army returned to the celestial jade emperor and celestial immortals, all of whom were as listless as frost and eggplant.
The soldiers and horses returned to camp, and all the immortals gathered in Lingxiao Hall to discuss Sun Wu’s occupation of Lingshan. They all scolded Sun Wu’s ancestors for ten generations like shrews.
Nine hearts sneer at a group of second-rate goods. Sun Wu jumped out of a crack in the stone, where did his ancestors come from for ten generations?
Just follow the Jade Emperor’s crowd in this criticism. Suddenly, Sun Wu’s nine-fold voice call rang.
Nine heavy take a look at the signature Simon soaring blood through "big jiu elder brother MAO? !”

Chapter five hundred and one windfall
"Why can’t I chat with you when I’m a big brother?"
"Hey … if you are a beautiful woman, there is no problem, but you are a gentleman. What do I have to talk to you about?"
"You are a lecherous embryo" pulled two sentences: "I have something to discuss with you with the leader of the All Saints Alliance. Can you give me this face?"


"That that what is their killer? Also send a killer attack as just now? "

Warm thoughtfully, "Not necessarily, maybe. We didn’t expect that those people just now were also powerful, but I don’t think it was their real strength or that they hired a group of fugitives."
Lin Wenyan laughed at himself. "I didn’t expect that one day I would be chased by so-called relatives and returned with so much blood. Is it really so important to be incompetent and rich?"
Warm also don’t know how to comfort him lightly way "just treat them as strangers"
Lin Wenyan said bitterly, "To strangers, they never really treat me, and I must treat them as family?"
At this time, after handling the cemetery, those families have come back, and A Dai has also rushed from a distance. His face is excited. As soon as he got on the bus, he shouted, "Young lady, I dug up a lot of secrets. Do you want to hear it?"
Warm nod
For a second, A Dai smiled and took out his mobile phone. "Then send a red envelope as a reward."
Warm Gherardini watched him also don’t talk A Dai can’t resist the pie pie "well, don’t dare to take credit for things" as soon as the words turn on Wen Lin’s voice and get excited "you also want to hear it, right? I don’t have much friendship with you. Hey hey, you know. "
Lin Wenyan was in distress situation, but it was very cooperative to take out his mobile phone and ask the A Dai number. Two people didn’t bother to add friends, and then a red envelope was sent to A Dai. "Ah, you are much more than Dagong Trench. I knew I wouldn’t brainwash you just now. Uh, what did I say? Ha ha ha … "
☆ Chapter 13 I don’t agree.
Excited and self-aware, A Dai was ashamed to be stupid, and quickly pulled the topic to serious business and wanted to sell suspense. At this time, he couldn’t care less. "Little lady, the worthless killer said that hiring them was a woman. Ha ha ha was actually a woman. Didn’t you guess? Are you gentle? Guess wrong … "
Warm Gherardini interrupted "Is it actually warm?"
A Dai’s smug expression froze. "Huh?"
Warm grunted and laughed. "Warm is Wen Liang’s daughter. Is there any difference between her hand and Wen Liang’s hand?"
A Dai was depressed.
Warm asked, "What else did you ask?"
A Dai grudgingly grunted, "Guess again and see if you can get it right."
Warm eyebrows "planning all this is not just a warm person, right?" She really wants me to die, but it’s not easy to hire so many fugitives. Besides, the cemetery is so quiet here today that no one has arranged it in advance, right? Then it’s not even her strength alone. Before she used the help of the Kim family, after the Kim family fell down, besides being gentle, she also had the imperial city family to rely on. But this time she wanted to prove herself to be gentle, so she wouldn’t have left home. It seems that Wen Lan and Jin Fengwu went to the Rose Garden to yell at each other. I didn’t expect Jinlong to have some things that were not a dude … "
Her tone was unhurried, but she said that she was quite sure, as if everything had already been under control. What happened now just verified her prediction.
A Dai’s mouth pursed as he listened. "You know everything. Why do you want me to ask questions?"
Warm good laughs "don’t you play? Those people are not afraid of death. It’s not easy to pry their mouths. Did you do a lot of things? You don’t want to give this opportunity to you for nothing? "
Smell speech A Dai couldn’t help laughing. "Hey hey, I know that little lady hurts me. Oh, a slip of the tongue hurts you. Don’t tell Dagong and my cousin …"
Wu’s mouth is pumping. He didn’t chat that much, okay? Besides, he is still too busy to live, and he is not in a playful mood. After checking it several times, he still can’t see anything wrong with the car.
There is nothing more frustrating than this.
Warm to see him a little anxious not to say "don’t take your time"
Wu’s face is very ugly, and he blames himself and feels guilty. "I’m sorry, miss, I can’t find out where the problem is. This time, if there are not public people staring at me in the dark, I might really have an accident."
Then he really became a sinner, and this knowledge made his back chill, and suddenly he understood more deeply how regretful and self-blaming his father was at the moment of the car accident.
Warm complexion is calm. "It’s not your fault. Since Wen Liang dares to do this, there must be something hard. If you can easily find him, he has been forbearing for years."
Wu still feel to blame was about to mouth cell phone suddenly rang he eagerly pick up "? Can you ask? Where did the man move? "
"Finally, he said it was the brake system."
Supposedly, this answer is not an accident. Many car accidents are caused by brake failure, which is also the most vulnerable place, but Wu can’t believe it after listening to it. I checked it five times less and found nothing wrong. "
"It’s not your fault that this cargo is actually a modified car talent. He said that he tampered with it and no one could find it. The problem will only appear when it takes a while, but it can’t come at that time."
Wu gnashed his teeth. "Can you change it back?"
"I’m afraid not, unless this person does it himself, but this will expose the next move. How can I go?"
Wu gas lamented the steering wheel growl "that how to do? I can’t let the young lady sit on this road either? "
"Do you want to change cars?"
Wu Junyan Tieqing "What’s the difference between telling each other that we found something wrong with the car?"
The other party also doesn’t know what to say and sighs, "Otherwise, the plan will stop here? You can’t really let Miss Wen take the risk, even if you are willing to work, you can’t kill us? "
Wu is short of breath. "Do you ask what danger is behind that man?"
"I asked him a long time ago, and he didn’t know much. He just made the brakes fail."
"Damn it!"

喝茶品茶联系方式 桑拿夜网

This seems unlikely. What if it’s a sister?

But it’s ridiculous to pay one surname and one surname if it’s a sister, isn’t it
Just as Fang Jingshuo was struggling with what two people were, Marshal came back with Jiang Mio and took a seat. Both of them didn’t speak, but looked at each other.
Fang Jingxing didn’t say anything about this. At the same time, the opposite Liu Chengan also accepted another menu handed over by the staff.
Is a menu Liu Chengan then take a smoke lip Angle.
The food in here …
It’s too expensive!
This is blackmail. Okay!
Xiuyuezhai just started business last year. They have always heard that the food here is more expensive than black, and everything is just heard. Poor student dogs have never had a chance to come over.
Today, I finally got the chance to come over, but look at the price. Liu Chengan suddenly understood what it meant when Jiang Mio and Marshal came back and pretended not to talk.
It is estimated that the fresh food area is even more expensive!
The three friends quietly looked at Fang Jingshuo. After seeing that he was not abnormal, he wanted to say that he was not here to eat, and he swallowed back again.
Since Fang Jingshuo didn’t say anything, they went on.
Fang Jingshuo was still awake after simply ordering a few dishes. Liu Chengan and his friends ordered a few dishes.
Jiang Mio also specially took a look at the elegant dessert, but it was okay to look at it. Suddenly, my heart was blocked …
So you can’t even slap a piece of dessert before dinner. Why do you want 6 yuan?
Black shops don’t even take this, do they?
And watching elegant food is particularly chic?
Jiang Mio suddenly felt that this elegance could really be a complicated identity.
However, Jiang Bin remembered very clearly that when Lu Cheng ‘an Curve helped Song Junliang chase Moni, they begged Fang Jingshuo to hack the school materials.
There’s Moni in it, and there’s elegance in it.
Jiang Bin’s elegant information seems to say that Qingcheng natives’ parents are ordinary class workers, but Ya has come to this place for dinner?
Either there is something wrong with the school materials or there is something wrong with this elegant!
By the way, this girl won’t be contracted by the owner of this store, will she?
I think this possibility is not without Jiang Mio, who has quietly looked at Ya a few times.
"Miss, your soup before dinner" was just thinking in Jiang Mio, and when the staff had already taken some menus, a very beautiful woman’s voice sounded in the ears of the friends.
☆, Chapter 1 Difficult to destroy
"Thank you" smiled at the staff and handed them the dessert plate they had finished before dinner and thanked them politely.
In fact, Ya also admires these people. Once she comes here, they can remember that they can accurately call themselves "Miss", which is simply impossible for Ya!
The staff politely helped Ya to withdraw the tableware and then politely returned it.
Jiang Bin, who has a burning mind, remembers that he just glanced at the bowl of soup before dinner, which seemed to be between 11 and 13.
In fact, it’s not even a bowl, it’s just a small cup!
I feel that a place like Xiuyuezhai is really not their poor student dog. Jiang Mio looked up at Xiuyuezhai’s extremely luxurious ceiling and said nothing.
Ya Tang just drank a few mouthfuls of rice before dinner and came over.
Elegant is actually very simple: a dessert, a cup of soup and a set of rice.
But it’s simple to order. Together, this set costs almost 6 yuan.
For poor student dogs, it is enough for them to live for only a few 6 yuan a month and eat it like this …
Because of this, they are more curious about whether there is something behind Ya, and they are not too white. Or has she been submerged by the boss of Xiuyuezhai?
Thinking of the last point, a thin layer of sweat oozed from the back of the friends …
If that’s the case, that’s …
The friends who hold the grass don’t know how to shape it.
Elegant eating speed can be less, but it has been solved before they finish eating, and the most important thing is …
Jagan didn’t mean to pay, and the staff didn’t come over and said it was a statement, so he led him to the front desk to check out.
This makes the friends more suspicious that Ya is really being submerged …
Just as Ya got up and said goodbye to her friends and was about to leave, she suddenly heard a nice girl ringing in their ears, "Xiaoya?"
According to the sound, the speaker’s age should not be too big. It looks like 27, and the sample is bigger than them.
Jiang Mio, they don’t know this woman in front of them, but Fang Jingshuo is slightly impressed because he investigated this information before.
Fu Yao!
Boss Xiuyuezhai!
Although I don’t know why Xiuyuezhai has such a young boss, it’s not impossible for a second generation to come out and play with money in various second-generation families.
Looking at Fu Yao is very familiar with Yaxian. Isn’t Yazhen really submerged and submerged by a woman?
Four friends are quietly filling their brains.
When "Sister Fu" saw Fu Yao, Ya was still stunned. Before Fu Yao said that he was on a business trip in R country, he said that he would not come back for a while.
Of course, this is not the most important thing. The most important thing is that Astra really believes it!
If I had known there was not a word of truth in this cargo, Ya felt that she really didn’t want it, and she still dared to believe it.
"Good baby" saw Ya show two little tiger teeth and laughed all kinds of sweetly. Fu Yao’s heart swayed with it. After that, she hugged Ya, kissed him and hugged him. From the outside …


Easy to mark, close your eyes, and seriously practice the great Yan Zhen tactic. In the process of practicing the great Yan Zhen tactic, the soul-locking skill is also advancing unconsciously, and the two complement each other and the effect is extremely obvious!

Yi Mark feels as if it has been a few days in the secret map, and feels that the body medicine has been refined, that is, the gene body has reached the state of synchronization.
After reaching this level, Yi Mark also knows that there is no good progress in practicing again for the time being, so he prepares some corresponding Dan medicines.
Spirit sword, blue ice flower dew, dead flower petals and so on are all essential things.
At the beginning, Dan Dan Fang, who got the most from Peiyuan, has not been refined until now because of lack of strength. Now, the help of Zhujidan Yangxin Spring is no longer so obvious for Yi Mark, and Yi Mark needs stronger Dan medicine.
It is Peiyuan Dan that can make the foundation period of Dan medicine no good. There is a slight hesitation and no refining of Peiyuan Dan.
Out of the secret map, the return of consciousness was induced for a while, and I was surprised to find that it was only two days or so!
That is to say, I have actually stayed in the secret map for about fifty days!
Yi Mark got up and condensed Yuan Shen’s induction. Yi Mark finally smiled without regret.
Now he is completely in the peak and perfect state in the middle of the foundation period. At this moment, Yi Mark believes that even in the early stage of the Dan period, he also has a battlefield ability!
However, due to the particularity of the achievement method, the combination of two strange achievement methods produces variation, and its attack power and powerful shock force, etc. all make Yi Mark not think this is his glory.
He is satisfied with himself, mainly because he is better at cultivating the realm than others!
A layer of realm from the early stage of the practice period to the middle stage of the foundation period, every layer of realm is easy to trace, which is a thorough understanding of this layer of realm!
It’s just like in the same school, a person who devotes himself to understanding all the knowledge is the same as a person who has swallowed up his studies. The gap is absolutely huge.
Easy to trace self-confidence. If a person has the mid-term state of the foundation period, he will also have the Ziyun sword and the Dayan tactic, and he will also cultivate the Dayan tactic to the third level. At most, his attack power will be nothing more than fighting with the masters in the late foundation period and killing them, but if he wants to finish the Dan period, he must die!
However, his easy mark is different. He pays attention to balancing, perfection, no hurry, no rashness, laying a very solid foundation, and then really takes pains to understand the magic weapon control, so he has an absolutely unimaginable advantage in attack!
Moreover, there is also a simulated battlefield. This kind of combat training has honed the sense of crisis in the process of life and death several times, which is enough to make Yi Mark a horror to the monks of the same order!
Great Yan Zhen’s formula embodies the powerful, abnormal and special skill in Yuan God.
The so-called meta-god can also be called a condensed consciousness, soul and so on, but the meta-god does not mean that the soul has been condensed into consciousness, and then it can be called a meta-god.
The name is different, but it’s actually the same.
Yuan Shen Yuan Ying is different from Yuan Ying. Yuan Ying is the product of the broken alchemy of Godsworn in the Dan-knot period, just like life derived from an egg.
Then the elixir is where monks practice, and Yuan Ying is a transformation and a qualitative leap!
When I walked into the hall, I suddenly found that the whole hall was very bright and clean, and some of the dust accumulated had already disappeared.
Yi mark slightly induction found that Sawyer Isa was cleaning in the abode of fairies and immortals and couldn’t help smiling warmly.
"Isa, you have reached the middle of the foundation period, which is not bad." Yi Mark’s figure flashed at the door of another secret room and said with a smile.
Although her face is veiled, her face is still flushed at the moment.
She seems a little shy. "Brother Yi, you have been practicing for three years and more than seven months. Now it seems that your practice is unfathomable." Sawyer Yisha said with envy and admiration.
"Ha-ha, unfathomable. It’s only in the middle of the foundation period. I don’t know when I want to break through." Yi Mark said with a smile.
"Brother Yi, are you going to leave here?" She seems to have some induction and asked.
Yi mark some don’t have the heart to deceive this kind woman, so she nodded, "My qualification is not good. My master said that there is a elixir that can improve my qualification, but he won’t help me find it myself. I have to try it myself."
I heard that there are four dangerous places with materials. I want to see them. It’s very dangerous this time, and it’s not convenient for me to take you. "
Sawyer Isabel heard that her face was a little dim and sad. She raised her hand and took a look at Yi Mark. She took a sip of her lips and said, "Brother Yi, I’ll go with you. You’re not familiar with this East Chamber country. If we go together, you won’t go around the bay. I won’t go into that dangerous place with you. I’ll wait for you outside, but this won’t be a burden to you."
Yi mark smell speech some moved in the heart and some nai looked at Sawyer Isabel. "Well, it’s Yi eldest brother, and I have never abandoned you as a burden. After all, this time it’s a bit dangerous, and I’m not sure myself."
Sawyer Yisha understood very well. "Yi Da Ge Yisha can understand, but if it is really dangerous, can’t you not go?" Wrong novel network does not skip words.
Yi Mark looked into the distance and mused, "This is an opportunity, but it is a rare opportunity. This special environment is not that the higher the strength, the better."
Isa heard that Yi Mark’s mind was made up and she could silently bless her in her heart.
Yushui forest is a grassland.
It’s still sunny outside the scope of Yushuilin, and it’s sunny with white clouds in Wan Li, but since we stepped into that layer, we can’t see it, but we can feel it in the general level of water curtain, and the beautiful weather has gone away.
Isa is waiting outside near a hill, where Yi Mark helps. She has built a small cave, where she will wait while practicing for the time being.


This sword is almost beyond the flash.

It gives birth to light in absolute darkness against the virtual turbulence.
Dark light
Dark sword
The dark sword has broken the original law, and at that moment it has already broken the barrier blockade.
Then it illuminate that enemy who delivered a terrible blow.
That terrible dark visitor
He has a ferocious minion and a face like a lion.
He looked at Chen Senran in the virtual cold as iron.
"It’s you." Chen Senran couldn’t help it.
Ps is in a bad state.
Page 291 blackbirds and flowers
It was when you said two words that the dark sword had come to the end.
This is a sword too fast, and even the darkness will be swallowed up and reborn.
Light appears and ends.
The cold face of that terrible familiar enemy hiding in the dark passed away.
Then there was a heavy impact.
That lion-like enemy, its reaction is also fast to the extreme.
It’s almost gone.
It didn’t answer Chen Senran’s words.
It’s the best answer when it strikes back. It’s wild, overbearing and the enemy strikes back
It ruthlessly seized Chen Senran’s sword.
This has almost reached the peak of contemporary kendo sword.
It’s strong, very strong.
Strong has completely surpassed the concept of strong that normal people can understand.
Is strong.
"Poor mortal, I smell it in your body …" It held Chen Senran’s sword in the dark and laughed in a low voice and said, "It’s qualified for the taste of prey."
"What …"
"I’ve decided that I’m going to take your head and put it in my No.1. collection room, thank me for giving you such a high honor."
"Now …"
"Don’t talk nonsense" Chen Senran interrupted it. He took a step back and was out of the attack range of that terrible hunter.
Darkness enveloped again
Now they are all in the dark again.
"Interesting, I like interesting prey." The lion muttered to himself as if he had temporarily forgotten his enslaved life.
And at the same time
Svein also met with snipers.
Stop him. It’s hiding in the dark, Le Fulan
Her critical sneak attack blocked Svein’s attempt to break the gap.
The short exit was completely sealed.
Once again, the whole place is in absolute hiding place.
And darkness.
Kill the enemy
Everything is like a dead end.
One party will go out alive and die.
And everyone has found his enemy.
long-time enemy
Le Fulan vs. Svein
The lost black rose royal family has occupied the bloody army of Knox for more than a hundred years
"my dear Svein, is your wisdom still there today and tonight?" Le Fulan said proudly in the dark.
"My dear temple, today and tonight, my wisdom may have been in one place, but please don’t forget that I am still a …" Swiin took a deep breath and rolled back pieces of thick black feathers on his body, growing "Noxas soldier"
Noxas soldiers will drain the last drop of blood.
Glory is my life.
In the dark, Svein suddenly got up and was covered with thick black feathers. He was like a huge crow.
He went straight to his destiny.
"Quack-"The blackbird is singing.
Scream bitterly
The whole thing is constantly echoing the sad cry.
With svein’s fatal blow
"Noxas … a soldier?" Le Fulan seemed shocked by something. She murmured "Glory is my life" in the dark.
"This is what my father said, you deserters …"
"Not qualified …"
"Say …"


Flowers filled the floor and nodded gently. "He told me that I could solve the case in five days."

Si Nian said, "Do you believe it?"
Flowers filled the floor and shook his head slightly "don’t believe"
Si Nian said, "What?"
Flowers filled the floor and slowly got up and walked to the door. "He said that five days is actually enough for three days …"
Si Nianjian didn’t look at the side and still closed his eyes and taught himself romantic feelings. He gently said, "I hope to wait until the day when you can kill me before pulling out my sword." Then Si Nianjian followed the footsteps of flowers …
Feng Yue slowly opened his eyes and looked at the cold light that had disappeared outside the door. He got up and walked to the door when he just stepped out of the threshold. "Bang!" His chair suddenly broke …
As soon as Si Nian and Hua Manlou came out of Wangfu, they went to the snake king, a friend of Lu Xiaofeng and the boss of the dark forces in this place.
Suddenly, a girl with two long braids of black oil and white teeth and a bright smile in her hand was "watched" by Si Nian, who was wearing a pair of red uppers and embroidered with an owl …
When the two men followed the girl in red at a fork in the road, Si Nian continued to follow the girl in red and walked to a deep alley, which was the snake king’s lair.
The girl in red seems to be very carefree, skipping all the way to see a pair of eyes staring at the vendors selling decorative toys on both sides, very curious, playing left and right.
Si Nian kept a distance behind her indifferently.
The girl walked out of the city with a little coolness in the spring breeze. This is the fine weather on the road. Since the girl in red didn’t take a bus or ride a horse, she walked leisurely in front and seemed to be in no hurry. She just held her breath and stared at her slowly behind. Fortunately, at this time, there were no other pedestrians on the road, so the girl in red walked in tandem. Sometimes she sang a big play and walked for half an hour or so. She actually turned into the city from another gate, walked into a restaurant twice in the city, and walked out from the back door and suddenly turned into a lane.
He actually seemed to go back to his home without knocking at the door, and he was also familiar with the path in the garden. He turned three times and two times through the flower forest and walked across a small bridge to a small building facing the lotus pond. Only then did he find that it was already after dusk.
After dusk, the sun has set in a thin building with bright lights, and the girl laughs away like a silver bell. She can’t help sighing that this woman’s flying skill is so high, but it’s even worse than him. This is not his confidence in walking through the snow and staying fragrant, but his confidence in his flying skill.
Si Nian stepped on the Phantom of the Opera and turned to a rockery. From his direction, he just saw everything in the hall over there.
As soon as the girl in red stopped at the hall, she nodded to a beggar and then said to a woman in purple, "Ernian, you’re early."
The purple woman sighed, "It’s always hard for older people to suffer, and they always have to wait for the little girl."
The girl in red smiled like a bell. "When have you ever eaten others’ losses? Thank goodness that you don’t take advantage of others. "
The woman in purple looked at her and sighed, "I really don’t know what’s so funny about you. Why do you always laugh all the time?"
The sloppy beggar said leisurely, "Because she thinks it looks good to laugh, and there are two beautiful dimples. If you don’t laugh, others won’t see it?"
The girl in red glared at him, but she smiled again and kept laughing when she smiled …
Chapter sixty-three Another man
She was still giggling and added, "I bet you who came last this time?"
Er Niang said, "Of course it’s Lao San. It takes her half an hour to wash her face. Even if the fire burns her eyebrows, she won’t be in a hurry!"
The girl in red clapped her hands and laughed. "Yes, it must be her again this time."
Suddenly, someone on the stairs said, "Wrong, it must not be her this time."
Speaking softly and slowly, a person came slowly from the building. Although she is walking slowly now, Si Nian didn’t see how she got into the building.
The girl in red seemed surprised when she saw her, but immediately she laughed again. "I didn’t expect a miracle this time, and Sanniang wasn’t late!"
San Niang not only speaks softly, but also smiles more gently. She walks slowly and sits slowly, and slowly puts a yellow cloth bag in her hand on the table before she gently sighs, "I’m not late this time, but also earlier than all of you."
The girl in red asked, "Really?"
Sanniang said, "I came last night and slept in the building, hoping to be the first to wait for you and surprise you!" "
The girl in red asked, "Then why did you wait until now?"
Sanniang sighed, "Because I have a lot of things to do!"
The girl in red asked, "What is it?"
Sanniang said, "I have to comb my hair, wash my face, dress and wear shoes."
Si nian’s indifferent expression can’t help but burst into weirdness. I didn’t expect such a woman to exist.
Then came three women, all with elegant flying skills, with a yellow baggage in their hands.
The girl in red saw that all seven people had arrived at the sidewalk. "Let’s eat for her?"
The sloppy beggar said, "Wait a minute!"
The girl in red asked, "Who are you waiting for?"


In her words, Situhao has rushed to the center of the snow peak of the ice vein at an extremely fast speed, and it is indeed a hundred feet frozen in the thick snow.

Situhao held back his heart and waved his hand in surprise. The most powerful force directly bombarded the ice.
A force bombarded the ice and was hit by a small pit. He couldn’t help hitting the ice several times, but the ice was still not broken down.
Oh, my God, the ice here, this hard day, the crack of the thunder blade, is already one of the top ten artifacts, and my strength has reached the level of general fairy magic. The combo count has not responded. This is terrible, isn’t it? Stuart muttered with horror
Luo Luo Hao, the ice here has lasted for tens of thousands of years, and its hardness is by no means worse than that of darksteel. It is not so easy for you to break it. You should bombard it slowly and believe that it will not take long to break it down.
At the same time, the sound of her voice sounded in Situhao’s mind. I managed to advance to the top ten artifacts by being old. I actually encountered such a thing that even a piece of ice could not be broken. Oh, my God, let me destroy it. In the words, Situhao’s hand was shaking and humming. When his right hand was loose, the thunder blade flashed and struck again and again on the thick ice. Chapter 37 Remodeling the flesh.
After three blows, the thick ice layer in Fiona Fang collapsed and fell into the quagmire of life for a moment, and the quagmire of life did not change because of the integration of ice.
There was a purple-gold sky in the ice fragmentation day, and the thunder blade flew directly in front of Situhao. He grabbed it and sacrificed it to the gods.
Situhao looked at the quagmire of life with stupefied eyes, and his heart was full of excitement. He asked him to throw the bones of the moon into the quagmire of life, and his mother would have bones and raw meat, and her body would be reborn again.
The quagmire of life is a kind of crystal, which exudes a kind of holy light and a strong breath of life. Situ Hao’s eyes are stupefied and he is excited and feels a sense of peace.
Situhao walked slowly to the front of the quagmire of life and took the moon bones from the Gankun Ring, mother. Now I will reshape your body. This is the first step of your rebirth. Situhao mumbles here and keeps taking the mother bones from the Gankun Ring and throwing them into the quagmire of life.
Their bones were thrown into the quagmire of life. Those bones were suspended and their roots didn’t respond. However, when Situ Hao threw the last bone into the quagmire of life, the magical scene was very messy immediately. The dead bones had been combined for a moment and had been synthesized into a human skeleton. The suspended bones sank into the quagmire of life and stopped when the bones completely sank into the quagmire of life.
Situhao gaped at this scene and was shocked by the magic of life quagmire.
As the bones sink into the quagmire of life, a breath immediately rushes to the moon bones and pours into his bones. Slowly, the surface of her bones is bound with a layer of crystal.
Watching the moon’s bones change, Stuart’s heart is about to jump into his throat.
With the passage of time, the bones of the moon become more and more crystal-shaped, and it looks very thin. The situation gradually becomes full. After about an hour, a perfect person forms a moon, which is now like a crystal sculpture, but the beautiful outline has not changed.
Watching the moon’s bones become like this, Situhao’s heart beat faster. This is the mother’s body, so it’s too weird.
Just as Situ Hao was horrified, the head of the moon grew hair, and the body like a crystal sculpture slowly emerged with color. With the passage of time, everything was recovering.
Situhao stared at the beautiful body in the quagmire of life with stupefied eyes. There was no ripple in his heart and he respected his mother.
Soon, the moon’s flesh was completely shaped, and her body slowly floated to the quagmire of life. Situ Hao quickly lifted the cold body up and took the underwear from Gankun Ring to wear by her mother.
Mother, if you wait for me, you will be reborn. Situhao’s eyes are full of tears, and he puts his mother’s body directly into the Gankun ring.
Mother’s physical remoulding of Situhao was finally a worry, and her heart was greatly relieved.
Hao, your mother is so beautiful, she said sincerely.
That is, of course, don’t look at who she is. Stuart Hao immediately said with a joke after hearing her talk.
But your mother is so beautiful, but you don’t look very good. Look at your mother and look at you. She is so different. Her voice is full of doubts. This is not like a joke.
Situhao was very depressed when she said this, but in fact, his appearance really can’t be compared with his mother
Don’t forget that I’m still my father, but Situhao doesn’t know how to explain this problem to my father.
He is really not very good-looking, and it is nothing for a handsome guy to say that he is also white, but it is not pleasant to be asked by a beautiful woman.
I can’t figure it out. It’s not something I can think about against you human beings. Besides, we elves are born naturally, that is, we elves get married but we don’t have children. It’s not something I can understand. Her voice paused here and then said, Hao, what’s wrong with you? Why do I feel that you are unhappy?


India poured indifferent way "whatever you think"

"Get to the point," said the unruly. "What do you want with him?"
India poured back some eyes full of vigilance and pulled Xie Hengyan back a little.
Xie Hengyan worried that "printing is poured …"
"Before Kang asked, you two took a child," he squinted. "Although the child is young, he has learned a superb technique to control the field."
India pours Xie Hengyan glances, India pours her eyes, and looks out at the prison door, asking Kang Wen, but don’t look hard and unruly. "I’m not lying. Not long ago, the doll was still in the little girl’s arms and suddenly disappeared."
"The child? ….. talk with your mouth closed as a fairy? " I stared at the prison door and printed, "How many lives have been caused from the return of Yangcheng all the way to Fei Shi Cun? Can you two put aside and be happy to prepare for the New Year?"
Look at him and say "I don’t know".
Before the unruly sudden, a heavy punch struck the edge of the prison door and stirred up all the guards around the cabin aisle, and they all came out in fear. "Little Master!"
"Don’t forget that you’re the bastard who killed my second uncle! That day in Laifeng Town, your stone sword made people take the mountain … It was my uncle’s blood on his face! " The unruly can’t help but roar with grief. "What did he do wrong to be humiliated by you? Even the dead can’t find a place to return to … Don’t you have a koo ghost to kill you when you dream back at midnight? !”
The more Inkyung refused to speak, the more his silence aroused unruly anger. His huge dustpan face clung to the prison door, almost tearing the rusty fence in half. The distance between them was only a few feet. It looked like a defeated rooster venting his anger. "Remember to kill someone or not, and one day … I will let you know what blood out is!"
Yin Zhu didn’t explain this. When Xie Heng tried to justify Yin Zhu in the previous step, when Yin Zhu backhand pulled him and shook his head coldly, it meant no need.
Or … it’s not necessary.
Chapter 67 Returning home
At the same time, the same cold moonlight poured down.
Cheng Yuling holds a tray in his hand. The tray is full of a bowl and two bowls of brown and black floating hot smoke and thick medicine juice.
She slowly stopped outside the door and then slowed her voice and whispered, "… it’s me."
The wooden door of the corridor, accompanied by dancing lights, creaked slowly from the inside out.
Then I met an old face, accompanied by a pair of dull eyes. At that time, I was lying on the couch, unable to say how sick and weak I was.
Nowadays, he is no longer arrogant and arrogant as he was in his prime. He is like a paper tiger with his fingers cut off, and he has long since lost his former scenery.
Cheng Mi Ling came in with a medicine bowl. At that time, Chengdao Feng was already in a coma, so she relaxed her steps and walked slowly to his side. She put the medicine bowl on the table and carefully tucked a thin blanket for Chengdao Feng.
At this time, I opened my eyes and lowered my voice to a line and asked, "Are you coming?"
Cheng Yuling smiled, with a bitter face, and said, "Yes, I’m coming."
Since the previous mansion dungeon was destroyed, I came to Fengzhen as far away as I could after I let Yin pour a sword through my heart. Hearing the news and suffering from the busy surrounding things, I was able to visit for the time being, so I decided to set aside a short period of several days to go to Pingchao to meet the talents.
However, it is obvious that Cheng Daofeng didn’t expect her to come so much. In a sense, he didn’t want to go to the mansion as sinister as the dragon’s den.
In particular, her special status has long been a tacit fact between father and daughter.
"You shouldn’t have come."
Chengdaofeng sat up straight and Chengdaoling once again took the medicine bowl and put it on his hand, but he never said a word. Chengdaofeng looked up and swept her one eye, then held the medicine bowl and looked up and gulped down the black and hot medicine juice.
"Dad, can you tell me if you plan to?" As Cheng Mi Ling tidied up the medicine bowl, he said, "All these years have gone to the past. I never wanted to ask you too much about what it is that today is different from the past. The imperial palace is not as prestige as it was in those years. First, the imperial power is in front and the government is in the back … Dad, you are so hurt that you push us out one by one?"
When Cheng Daofeng was silent for a long time, the other party tilted his head and said to Cheng Yuling, "Find Ling … I will go with you when you go back after this festival. There is no need to stay here for a long time."
Cheng Yuling said, "Does dad mean to go home?"
Chengdao looked up slightly and then sighed "… it’s time to go back and have a look."
As soon as Cheng Yuling stepped out of the threshold and covered the wooden door again, everything in the room was closed. His eyes were probably asleep and he was half-baked
"Master is asleep?" Huoshitang behind the wall not far away, the sound is very low, and slowly asked Cheng Mi Ling to say
"Yes, it’s so late for the housekeeper to rest," said Cheng Mi-ling. "This will help me to serve the housekeeper, and you don’t have to be with dad all the time."
"Hey, Miss, what are you talking about?" Huo Shitang said quickly. "I am lucky that my old bones has been dragged to this day. It has been like this for twenty or thirty years-how can I easily abandon him at this critical moment when my eyes are weak and I need someone to look after me?"
Cheng Mi-ling said that Huo Shitang was also a man who attached great importance to feelings. He came from Daoism for many years, practiced the technique when he was in his twenties, and then took charge of the Bi Royal Mansion for the first time. Now it is nearly ancient years, and they have known each other for countless years. Now his temples are getting more and more stained with layers of frost. After all, Huo Shitang is old, but he has never changed for a moment since he became old.
"It’s okay. My dad wanted to go back early in the morning." Cheng Mi-fang thought that his heart was not warm here, so he took the initiative to pull through Huoshitang. "After this festival, we won’t go anywhere. Just go home together and live a good life."
Huo Shitang asked blankly, "Why do you want to go back?"
Cheng Zhiling smiled and sighed, "Yes, no matter how good the government is, it can’t compare with our own home."
Huoshitang said, "Miss said yes."
"By the way, housekeeper," Cheng Yuling suddenly turned back and said to him, "How come I’ve never heard you talk about your family when you’ve been in the Jade Palace for decades? Now it’s just the New Year’s Day. Haven’t you ever thought about … going back to your hometown? "
Huoshitang had a moment’s absence, but then he laughed. I don’t know how to laugh, but there was a hint of inexplicable gloom.
"Where can I be from?" With a wry smile, Huo Shitang repeated to the sky and the moonlight, "Where else can I go … to find my hometown?"
Cheng Yuling wondered, "The housekeeper said that?"
"Nothing" Huo Shitang shook his head and then turned around to leave her with a cold and vicissitudes of life. "You will naturally understand later."
"Pain pain …"
"Ahhh …"
"Easy, easy, no, it’s too narrow ….."
"Oh dear, how can you seal and pour this king’s egg …"
At that time, it was already late at night outside the cabin. In the dark corner of the iron prison, Xie Hengyan was flushed and her eyes were full of tears. The whole person was forced to curl up like a shrimp and lie prone on the wide window sill in front of her eyes. She could not help but breathe hard and tired.
"No, no, no, no" Xie Hengyan suddenly turned around and stamped the back with a hoof. "Don’t do it … how can this get out? Don’t do it … Let go!"
Chapter 68 Come back to Maple
Shortly after the Lantern Festival on the tenth day of the first month, the residue of red firecrackers has not been removed everywhere, and the outside of Maple Town, which has always been lively and noisy, has been caught in a busy schedule at the beginning of the year.
Little Green’s tavern has been going around for fifteen yuan since the night of New Year’s Eve. There are travelers who have no place to live in other places, but they can’t go back to their hometown. They just get together and talk all night in this tavern. A nest is more than ten days, and Little Green is so busy that there is no place to rest.