No wonder everything is developing so fast.

The ghostly voice replied solemnly, "Langer, the president of the regiment, has escaped from the nine secluded places because he was hunted by the dragon alive, while Aru, the second master, and A Zhi, the third master, invited to join the Wolf clan guild in Shen Jianing but were also seriously injured."
Just then Liang Ping’s eyebrows tightened and he rushed to Jiuyou City. He sank and picked up a few gravel from the ground, which was ejected into the eyes of the two stone lions in the city.
The body was immediately supported by a stream of gas.
Before he boarded the city, he had already heard the soldiers fighting and shouting and killing in the city.
I was just about to ask some questions when I saw a black fog in the sky and dissipated instantly.
Ghosts never talk again. Maybe he’s gone forever.
However, Liang Ping’s heart was heavy, and when he went to Jiuyou City, he saw a river of blood, and the bodies of the whole city piled up into mountains.
As far as you can see, even a living person can see it.
There are old people, children, pregnant women, Wang Chengjun in white armor and members of the Wolf clan association in white fur coats.
The smell of blood was pungent, and just now I could hear the fighting between soldiers and soldiers and the endless shouting and killing. At this moment, the city was silent.
Chapter 27 Dead as a doornail
Dead and alive.
Liang Ping suddenly felt a sense of strength and collapse when he looked at those mountains of dead bodies.
I walked around Wangcheng Street for several times, but I couldn’t see a familiar face even if I saw a live wild dog.
Once again, I came to the old street and finally saw the first familiar face among the corpses. Moreover, he still breathed heavily and seemed to be still trying to find life oxygen.
"Brother Bao"
Liang Ping cried softly with tears in her eyes.
Stride to the front of Bao Ge only to find that Bao Ge’s body was cut in two from the waist.
The thick waist is still overflowing with deep red blood, which turns his white apron into blood red.
Liang Ping was at a loss, squatting in front of Bao Ge, clutching Bao Ge’s bloody palms and gently calling out, "Bao Ge told me where all the other leaders of the Wolf clan guild have gone, and whether they are still alive."
Brother Bao finally looked up at Liang Ping, a pair of confident eyes with faint complaints and difficulties. He clung to Liang Ping’s hand and cracked his mouth, but he still tried his best to get up and hold Liang Ping’s hand and said, "Liang Ping, you are Liang Ping, you are the one we have been waiting for. You can save the world."
Brother Bao didn’t finish his words, but he was already dead.
The whole old street can no longer see the second living Liang Pingfang Bao Ge’s hand slowly getting up and looking around, the dead bodies in the city are lying in various streets and alleys.
Once again, through the black corner alley, where the smell of death is heavier, several black snakes crawl slowly through the black corner alley.
That kind of black snake, Liang Ping, has been seen in death. It is this kind of black snake that appears and dies at any moment.
Does Jiuyou City have the same fate?
Liang Ping finally came to the commercial street, and when he saw the auction house again, there was no living person there either.
I wanted to find a member of the Wolf clan here who I liked a lot, but he was disappointed after all.
According to ghosts, triads ceased to exist as early as the eve of the city war.
There can’t be triads here, but there are bodies of people in Wangcheng besides the Wolf clan guild and the Wangcheng army.
Liang Ping felt incredible about this.
Is it that the heroes and the leaders of the Wolf clan guild have moved to the battlefield?
Thinking like this, Liang Ping took out the positioning and sent the scroll to shuttle in Jiuyou City for four times.
I sent more than 100 streets and alleys, but I didn’t find a second familiar face.
Seeing that the sun is slanting in the west and the night breeze is cool and refreshing.
Liang Ping finally gave up the search and took the lead in coming to the Wolf Cave from Jiuyou City.
The Wolf Cave City is as littered as Jiuyou King City. Bodies can be seen everywhere in the corner of the city. The whole Wolf Cave City is even more horrible in the cool night breeze.
Liang Ping sighed again and left Wolf Cave City.
When I passed Shuijia Village, I saw a message left by my heart.
Look, the date of signature is April 7, 2003.
Seeing this date, Liang Ping immediately thought that April 7 should not be the prosperous public beta day?
However, look at the heart and write
"A leaf can tell that the night rain in Qiu Feng City is shocking and the waves are changing. My concubine is affectionate and bloody. The maple forest will never meet again. I finally found the answer I want. It turns out that the person I love in Guqiu’s heart has never changed. Guqiu’s last dream is to destroy the whole nine secluded places. I’m sorry. Liang Ping, I’m here because of this. If you resent me, then I can say that I did what I should do. From now on, I will return to Maple City and never step out of it."
After reading the letterhead, Liang Ping was shocked, but he also understood that when he came to Jiuyou, he became a person who had fallen into Jiuyou.
Isn’t it the heart that dominates the war between the four major guilds in Jiuyou and the city, not the King of Jiuyou?
Liang Pingfa found the answer here. With a heavy heart, he passed through the second city, but he couldn’t see half of the monster figure, and even some fragments of Long Lin remained.
"Is that the dragon god leaving Long Lin fragments?"
Liang Ping walked into Buercheng and carefully picked up a piece of Long Lin. You can smell a bitterness in the Long Lin fragment.
However, Liang Pingfa confirmed whether it was really left by the dragon god, and he knew more about his life and death.
According to ghosts, the dragon god can’t be returned to Yuan.
But what kind of disaster will the dragon god return to Yuan cause?
The more I want to go deeper, the heavier my mood becomes.
It was already late at night when I left Buercheng.
But Liang Ping rushed to the Bimeng dynasty as quickly as possible.
The Bimeng dynasty is a city, where you can’t see the breath of life, even the dead body has never been seen.
But the surprise is that the lights are on at Bimeng Inn.
"Is there anyone there?"
Seeing the light, Liang Ping’s mood turned out to be hitched, and he rushed to Bimeng Inn to see a familiar figure.
Liang Ping looked at the wife of shop-owner, whose charm was slightly windy and coquettish, and called out a temptation.


"It’s really scary that this happened in the old property! Scared the general! " Gongsun Du seems to know nothing, but he can still laugh brazenly.

"Such a trivial matter, Zhou Mu’s adult must also blame himself. Feng Zhang made too many enemies. It would be strange if few small thieves appeared." Feng Zhang said as he took his eyes to see Gongsun Gong
GongSunGong see Feng Zhang eyes intentionally meaning to see my heart a tight face here also silver hair white.
Gongsun Du didn’t know how to laugh and let Feng Zhang into the house. Lu Bu, Gan Ning and Xu Rong were all invited. Unfortunately, Miss Lu was greedy but she was able to watch because she was a man.
Gongsun Du didn’t even notice that the assassination of Feng Zhang kept urging people to drink. Except for Gan Ning, everyone else hardly moved.
"Master Zhou Mu!" Feng Zhang let go of some serious tone in his glass speech. GongSunFu’s heart thumped. This madness is coming true, and it’s impossible to escape.
"The day before yesterday, Zhou Mu’s adult discussed the common constraint of Yuan’s housework. I don’t know what Sun’s adult discussed? But think it’s Zhou Mu’s adult who knows that Feng’s attack is Yuan Gu’s CCBA. "
"People dare to assassinate angels in my hands, even beheading them is light!"
Although Gongsun Du arrived here, he didn’t know what the consequences would be if Yuan Xi was taken back to Xuchang. But he didn’t know that Yuan Xi had become disabled. I’m afraid he did, and he had crustily skin of head with Feng Zhang.
Anyway, Yuan Xi had an accident in his own field, and he didn’t tell Lombardi, so he was waiting for his war.
"Will there be any misunderstanding?" Gongsungong got the nerve to say 1 before.
"misunderstanding! ?” Feng Zhang sneered and laughed so much that Gongsun Gong’s throat was numb. "You should know best if there is no misunderstanding between the two public companies ~!"
"I still have six conference semifinals prisoners there who have confessed the facts. Do you want to bring three to make it clear in front of everyone?"
Feng Zhang’s eyes and tone are aggressive. If it weren’t for the Gongsun family’s argument, whatever the general, the angel would also strike table and leave Fujian.
Hearing that the witnesses had Gongsun Gong, he kept sweating and Gongsun Du slumped into his chair.
"I’d like to ask, if the Yuan family in Liaodong is bad in the future, I’m not an opponent of the Yuan family in Liaodong. If it’s critical and Qingzhou is thousands of miles apart, can you protect Liaodong?"
It seems that Gongsun Du compromised the old man and kept playing Tai Chi with me without forcing you!
Feng Zhang ha ha a smile proudly pointing to the direction of the port "Zhou Mu adults get carried away by Feng Zhong? My Qingzhou has more than a thousand people, and it is even more ridiculous to go Ge, which is even more obscured by General Gan Xing Ba Gan, the commander of our water army. "
Gan Ning got up and let go, biting the skeleton chicken until it was greasy and hugged a fist.
"If the Liaodong critical general five days can take fifty thousand troops! I don’t want to boast about Qingzhou’s military strength, do I? "
GongSunFu three people nodding button is afraid that people can’t come, not to doubt your power. Originally, I was worried that Liaodong and Cao Cao’s territory were separated by seclusion and Hebei, which was not afraid of coming from land and water …
God, nobody has anything to stop the Ganning army from the water yet.
Although Feng Zhang blew a cow, how can there be more than a thousand of them? The water army can fight without 50 thousand, but it is a real reassurance to hear it in Gongsun Du’s ear
"So the old man no longer hesitates." Gongsun Du took out a packet from his sleeve and wished it well. "Please pay the general to the court."
This is a disguised form of soft recognition of Cao Cao’s status.
Feng Zhang delighted to take a hand to Lv Qiling behind him.
"Zhou Mu’s adult loves Feng deeply and has to reciprocate. The six conference semifinals prisoners were handed over to Er Gong."
Section 193 Collusion
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"This river was formed in nearly a hundred years. When our people came here, there was no river."

Dark demon said
"Fight for nothing."
GuHui nodded to dark demon control beam gun and the black dumpling to fight.
Although the black dumpling is powerful, is the beam cannon a vegetarian? Two huge beams of light interweave and shoot, and the nine-headed black dumpling keeps retreating.
The dense beam shooting black dumpling can’t take care of both ends. The two heads are smashed and the pain is called a plunge into the river and disappear.
The black dumpling disappeared, and the raging waves seemed to settle down a little, and soon they came smoothly.
When falling into the city and driving in the river, several Warcraft emerged, but they were scattered by the light cannon controlled by the dark demon.
After crossing the Mosuo River, I saw two giant stone carvings hundreds of feet high standing in front of me. The stone carvings are two ghosts dancing.
"That’s the ghost gate. After passing the ghost gate, you will go to the holy land."
Dark demon a thrill said, pointing to the screen
"Good speed forward" GuHui nodded.
Manipulating the flying city all the way consumes a lot of physical strength of the dark demon, and when it is like water, it will sit down and rest.
The first time I manipulated Feicheng, I felt a little excited. I quickly pressed the acceleration button and Feicheng flew forward with a roar.
The ghost gate is far away, but there is still a distance to get there.
It took six hours to fly to the city at the limit speed.
Before the ghost gate stone carving, the flying city became the size of a broad bean. Although it was extremely flying, it was still much slower.
Looking at two ghost statues that are too big to be marginal, Gu Hui’s eyes flashing with golden awns and looking at each part of them carefully.
The two stone carvings are naturally formed without any traces of artificial polishing. Look at the unique expression in the indulging dance. In addition to the shock, Gu Hui can’t help but admire the wonders of nature.
Looking at it through the screen as if it were going to pour a statue like water, I exclaimed that a small mouth was wide open and didn’t close properly for a long time.
You can imagine the shock in your heart when you open your eyes and look at the huge statue on the big screen.
The dark demon opened his eyes and looked at it, and then Furui continued to meditate. The statue of Ghost Gate is huge, but she is used to it.
After flying for several hours, it was getting dark to hide in the night, and the ghosts jumped as if they were alive.
But several people know that this is an illusion.
Ordinary people will feel the movement of nearby objects when they stop by car for a long time, which is caused by psychological illusion caused by conditioned reflex.
It is normal to have these illusions after flying in the city for four months.
It’s getting dark. Come and fly to the city tower. A huge ball of light lights up. Three miles nearby shines brightly.
Flying through the night is like a firefly looking for a place to stay in the dark.
The dark demon regained his strength and changed like water to control Feicheng and continue to fly.
GuHui eyes staring at the screen dare not relax.
Soon after, the barrier appeared a little light the size of a broad bean.
"Where the lights are on, there is a world beyond."
Dark demon said, pointing to the little light.
"How long will it take to get there?
Gu Hui asked.
"three days"
Dark demon replied
"Yeah, I see."
GuHui thoughtfully a said
"In a few days, we can reach the burial ground. After the burial ground, there will be no card."


You Yun couldn’t stand it and said, "Isn’t there anyone behind here? These children have good qualifications, or all of them will come to my door? "

Ordinary words are on pins and needles in the ears of other elders. They are not confused people, and they will not be unable to recognize the voice of Zhang Jiao’s words, otherwise the position of the elders will be mixed up in vain.
Liu Feng, the fifth elder, took the lead to stand up and said angrily, "Can’t we share the worries for Zhang Jiao? I think these kids are all good. You don’t want them, I want them all. "
His figure is not very tall, but it is also burly. When he is not angry, his eyes are like two bells. When he is angry, it is even more scary. The sound is like thunder.
Don’t say that Liu Feng is careless at ordinary times, and he does everything without covering his face. He is unambiguous when it comes to the key, and he takes over all of them, leaving others speechless.
"Liu Feng, what you think is beautiful. There are so many people, I’m afraid you can’t swallow it. Let me help you share it. These girls are more suitable for me." Six elders Xiaojing pointed to some of the girls and told them to go behind them.
Ying Jie, the seven elders, came in droves for fear of falling behind others. Yingjie is shorter and thinner than Liu Feng, with small eyes and a much weaker voice than Liu Feng. When she smiles, she is even more "chirping", which makes people feel humorous instead of dignified.
A heavy hum interrupted the absurd behavior of several elders, smiled awkwardly and sat down with some ugly faces.
"Zuo Hao." Deep and remote clouds speak.
"Zhang Jiao!" Zuo Hao Jianli.
"I remember that you have no disciples so far. Do you want to consider recruiting one here?"
"Today is not the same as in the past. My subordinates have this intention. They just take a fancy to a child and want to recruit him. Please take a look." Zuo Hao tried his best to cooperate with Zhang Jiao to play a double reed, waved his hand, and Tianjun stepped forward.
"ZuoHao, are you silly? Although the child is gifted, but the soul body, the soul body understand? A loser. What do you want? " The elder couldn’t help talking at dawn, saying that Zuo Hao was an outstanding disciple of his school before, and he naturally cared for him, so he spoke out and advised him.
Now, the man with the palm power in Tiangu is the oldest, even more authoritative than the palm teaching, so he dares to interrupt in front of the palm teaching. You Yun is also courteous to him on weekdays.
"Master calm down, disciples have their own reasons, and I hope that Master will not stop." Although you are already an Eight Elders, you dare not forget your kindness in the past, and you still habitually call the Big Elders Master. Although some of them are neither fish nor fowl, no one dares to disagree with others, and the following disciples dare not chew their tongues, otherwise they will be enemies with two powerful elders and will be prostrate.
"Tianjun?" You Yun Zhang Jiao suddenly interjected and frowned. "Strange, soul body?" As if talking to himself, doubts disappeared and turned into a bottomless pool. It’s unpredictable,
Tianjun knows clearly about being a soul body, but two grandfathers once said that extremes meet. Who said that a soul body is a waste? Who says the soul can’t be immortal? I am convinced of this.
While thinking about it, I suddenly heard a crisp chant of "Drip Rinrin" and looked up. It turned out to be a flying sword drawn out of its sheath. Tianjun was slightly stunned because he didn’t know the intention of the deep cloud suddenly drawing his sword.
Deep and remote clouds caress the blade, their eyes are empty, and they look happy.
This sword, about three feet long and zero, is glittering, the dragon pattern looms, and the scabbard is orange and glittering as jade.
Quite different from what is usually seen, Tianjun is thinking to himself, "It’s really a heavenly valley palm Sect, and just looking at this sword is enough to make people respect!"
As soon as Youyun’s eyes closed, he suddenly brought the sword in his hand to Tianjun and asked, "What do you think of this flying sword, son?"
Tianjun took it and finished reading it. Suddenly, there was a light thunder, dazzling golden light and cold air. Now Zhengrong said, "This sword is beyond the control of ordinary people!"
Youyun smiled and said excitedly, "This sword is called Panlong. It is made from the 10,000-year-old black iron collected by my founder, Bo Xuan. It has the function of avoiding poison and evil spirits. It is an ordinary snake insect, and it can escape from the wind within a hundred paces. At that time, it was awesome to all evil spirits, and the demons were frightened."
Panlong has spirituality, and when he heard this, he recalled that Jin Ge was an iron horse, and suddenly his pride soared into the sky, and his endless glory bloomed, telling the glory of that year.
You Yun paused, looked up, and blurted out a shocking sentence: "Today, I give you the Panlong."
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Chapter 57 "If You Are the One"
Everyone was surprised. Obviously, teaching in the palm of one’s hand is not aimless. The master of one door can do it if he says it.
Several elders were dumbfounded. They didn’t expect the palm church to come out here at all, and immediately exploded the pot.
"It’s absolutely impossible to take charge of teaching. Why can this boy accept the relics of this ancestor?"
"Look before you leap!"
"Palm teaching, palm teaching …"
For a while, I couldn’t consider many courtesies, and many people talked nonsense. You should know that this dragon sword is owned by Bo Xuan, the founder of the mountain. Although it is not as precious as the eight-product Dan medicine Xueyudan, it is also the top grade.
It has been placed in the secret room for thousands of years, and it has never been owned by anyone. The reason is said to be the oral instructions of the founder of Boxuan, which has been passed down from generation to generation. Today, you Yunzhang Sect acted on its own initiative and took out this sword for no reason. It’s just for his own use. Without the resolution of the Presbyterian Church, it’s natural to be indignant that it should be given to a soul body for nothing.
"Are you finished? Who is the palm teacher in Tiangu? " A sharp momentum spewed from the deep and remote clouds, and the monstrous anger made the things on the table drift from place to place, and the whole palace trembled slightly, like shaking the earth, which made people tremble.
You Yun has been a bit eccentric since he took charge of teaching, but he is also kind on weekdays. Regardless of the size of affairs, the elders are also responsible for their own duties. Some out-of-line things have turned a blind eye to the past. I have never been so angry with them. Have I ever seen such an appearance? Unusually, people keep speculating, and it is difficult for some people to accept it for a while, and it is inevitable that they have bad feelings.
On weekdays, these elders are lofty and arrogant, and the rules and regulations are backwards. Naturally, they are unwilling to let this fairy baby fall into the hands of a basket case. When they look at each other, the three elders dream of getting up and still want to reason, and they don’t want to be stopped by a token in the hands of Youyun.
This black token looks a little rough, but there is a word engraved on it: "Fang!" "
"Eight directions?" Extremely helpless and extremely wronged, Meng Ying gave way to one side in vain, sat down with unwilling heart and winked at Wan Sha in the distance.
Wansha knew that things were irreversible, her face was distorted, her fingers dug into the meat, and she said, "One day, you will fall into my hands, and I want you to die."
This token is a token of the elders, and it is more authoritative than the palm teaching. In fact, the ruler of Tiangu is still in the hands of the elders. He said that if you die in the middle of the night, you will never pass the night shift, even if you are a disciple of this sect.
To put it bluntly, the Presbyterian Church is a puppet. The bigger things can’t be managed, and the smaller things don’t want to be managed. If you exaggerate, the Presbyterian Church can even impeach directly. As long as the Presbyterian Church majority passes, there is no room for redemption, which will even make the Presbyterian Church lose face. Of course, this kind of situation is very rare, unless it is really incompatible, after all, it is not good for anyone to look up and see it.
However, these eight orders are imperial edicts in the valley of heaven, representing the infinite authority of the elders. If anyone refuses to accept them, shoot them, no matter who they are.
No one will talk nonsense and importune again, and it will not be safe if it is not good. Since the elder said, it is another matter, and everyone is silent and waits to see what happens.
After a smile, Youyun’s face smiled again: "What do you think?"
Tianjun took a look, and according to the facts, he said, "It’s a shame to get nothing for nothing, but to be disrespectful, Marie."
Youyun laughed happily, as if he had already expected the words from Tianjun’s mouth, and some quipped, "Do you know the fate it is about to face?"
Tianjun was startled and confused. You Yun’s one leg flexed, and his leg fell against the sword. A famous sword, with a bang, stood on his knee and folded in two!


"Charge one by one!" I shouted a.

The nangongshan labored around the body one by one and looked at me with a sad face and said lightly, "It’s beyond the distance."
Just look at the nangongshan body to fall into the heart suddenly sank.
The eagle didn’t give me a chance to be sad. When I shouted that sentence, the eagle was already moving.
The goshawk suddenly rose to a height of 9 degrees from the ground.
My left hand gripped the goshawk’s feather tightly, and my right hand waved a dagger at the goshawk.
"poof?" The dagger plunged into the goshawk’s body, which also made me steady on the goshawk’s back.
How can the goshawk just let me go? I feel that when it turns sharply, my body will be thrown to one side.
"damn!" I cursed one.
The left arm suddenly felt a loose md pulling the hair out.
I lost my hair in my hand and quickly grabbed it again. It’s a disaster for this nima to fall like this.
The goshawk made a sharp turn and then a sharp turn, and the direction changed from to.
"damn!" I scolded another dagger and pulled it out.
Nnd is so difficult.
Goshawk slammed me, stopped dagger, stretched out his hand and grabbed it.
Hands and a body shook the dagger and fell off.
"Lying in the trough!" How can this md play?
I’m holding the goshawk in both hands, and the goshawk is shaking one by one, left and right, so I’m not worried again
If both hands lose hair, I won’t be an idiot?
Thinking about it, I let go of my right hand and went to the parcel.
Chapter 10 Tianya is dead again?
When you reach into the package, your hand feels warm.
I didn’t hesitate, so I just took it out because I knew there was nothing else in the package except this sharp weapon.
But I don’t have the equipment for this burning blade, and I don’t know whether it can be done or not
Hold the burning blade in your hand, lift it and thrust it at you.
"poof!" The searing blade penetrated the body of the goshawk and brought out a piercing cry of the goshawk.
Actually can do it.
I was overjoyed that the eagle stopped strenuous exercise because of excessive pain, which also gave me many opportunities.
After pulling out the hot blade, the big arm stabbed it again with a wave of his hand.
I can actually hit 300 to 400 points of damage. Looking at the goshawk’s body wound, there is a faint blue flame beating, but it is a burning effect.
Sustained damage to the goshawk, losing 1 point of blood every second.
"Ha ha! I don’t know whether to fix the injury or deduct the blood volume by percentage.
No matter what happens, if I can have such a weapon in the future, then I can be invincible when I fight boss.
So if I can hold on for a minute now, this goshawk will definitely die at my hands.
Thinking of this, I tightened my left hand again and grabbed a feather in my hand.
The goshawk can’t help it. I flew out of a 36-degree rotation on its back. When the goshawk moved, I stopped manually and firmly grasped the guy in my hand.
It’s a pity that this guy can’t fly backwards, otherwise I would really fall.
Soon, the blood of the eagle will be consumed by me. Fortunately, this unarmed weapon has been sent to a big field, but my white scales should not be smashed to pieces.
In my heart, I want to row the burning blade in my hand to the goshawk again
"Brush!" A virtual shadow was beaten through the qi and blood of the virtual goshawk.
"Ga!" After a scream, the goshawk’s figure fell off
Of course, I’ll join you.
"Hua!" When the goshawk rang, a lot of things broke out.
Staring at my eyes, I quickly found a pair of things with a faint luster inside, reached out and fished them out, and then looked at the other two pieces of equipment that had been dropped.
It seems that I can’t get it.
As soon as I closed my eyes, I listened to the wind whistling by my side and thought about my white scale dagger.
I hope it doesn’t explode.
The speed is getting faster and faster. I open my eyes and look at the things on both sides rising rapidly, and I think that I will be shot dead on the edge of the ground for a while, so I can’t help but tighten my chrysanthemums.
I experienced this feeling in the game. Will it be the same in reality?
Forget jumping off a building. Have a chance to jump to the extreme.
Still thinking about listening to "bang!" I feel that the time has changed when I shake my body.
It’s a good thing it’s not so realistic, and there’s no blood and flesh flying around. It would be great if it were such a pile of carrion when it was resurrected


Looking at the ghost Lord driving the poor sentient beings to make a long sword and chopping at himself, Yu Duxiu’s finger flicked and five drops of blood flew out, killing the first gods in the field for five days.

Facing the ghost Lord’s attack, Jade Duxiu’s expression, the axe in his hand raised and instantly locked, and the ghost Lord was frightened, but he had to bite the bullet and face the difficulties.
This is the collision of all things in heaven.
Ghost Lord is surprised. Jade Duxiu’s axe stops for half. With the magic sword in the ghost Lord’s hand, it pierces into his own body, and then several forces suddenly explode.
"poof" jingxie spurted and splashed the ghost master’s face.
At this time, Yu Duxiu actually smiled, and a lover who should not have felt it actually smiled.
"No, I’m afraid I’m in trouble. I helped Hongjun achieve something unpredictable." The ghost owner exclaimed in his heart that he wanted to get out and listen to Yu Duxiu’s cold voice. "Where are the ghosts going?"
As he spoke, Yu Duxiu chopped the axe and split the ghost Lord.
The reincarnation shakes the ghost master’s real body and recombines to instantly suppress his own HarmonyOS purple gas. A pair of eyes stare at Yu Duxiu intensely. "What do you want?"
"With the help of the force of all beings and the force of all beings, I will attack the will of heaven. I want to fight against the guest and get rid of the control of heaven completely while the will of heaven is traumatized, and then refine the will of heaven to chaos my will in the whole perfect world and perfection." Yu Duxiu played an axe. "Now it seems that it is not ineffective. I actually recovered some feelings."
At this time, the black lotus in Jade Duxiu’s eyes flashed, and many beings were killed. Once again, Jade Duxiu’s doom turned into twelve flowers, and then there seemed to be a twelve lotus in each of the twelve lotus flowers.
It’s not because you want to expand the source and get rid of the control of heaven that you launch such a big disaster!
Jade Duxiu carefully planned, and indeed many ancestors and several powerful people fell into the trap one after another. Jade Duxiu calculated to reap the strength of all beings and then all beings could deal with themselves.
Although Yu Duxiu can’t completely suppress the laws of heaven at this time, it is much faster than his daily nibbling.
"F * * king! Desperate! " The ghost Lord pointed to Jade Duxiu and didn’t know what to say.
"Ghost Lord, if you have any last words, just say it." Jade Duxiu’s mouth is tilted. "It’s good to smile!"
"You can’t kill me." The ghost Lord looked gloomy.
"Then you can try" Jade Duxiu unhurried way
Jade bodhi old zu in Yujingshan stare big eyes "ecstasy! Crazy! It’s so crazy that it evolved into a perfect world to help itself refine chaos. It’s so crazy. "
Cold we also stood there "Hongjun calculation is really deep enough"
"I’m afraid I’m the first person in the heavens and the earth to calculate Hongjun" Jade bodhi old zu sighed gently.
"Really?" Jade Duxiu waved his axe. "Although I can’t kill you, I can seal you. When I am completely in charge of chaos, you will be a part of me and I will kill you and devour you."
While talking, the mysterious and unpredictable rune flow in Jade Duxiu’s hand seems to be the manifestation of the law. The aurora twists and turns into a rope woven into a big net and hangs over the ghost master.
The ghost Lord has a heart to resist, but at this time, HarmonyOS’s purple gas is emitted, and then he watches which silk cocoon firmly wraps himself and is plunged into the depths of the long river of time and completely sinks.
"Want to run? Can you run? " Looking at the perfect world, several strong people fled everywhere, and the tide was gone, and everyone’s fighting spirit fell to the lowest point.
Jade Duxiu’s palm stretched out the chaotic axe and rolled up the airflow. As Jade Duxiu killed the strong, the strong people seemed to wake up and escape, but they blew themselves up like crazy, which constantly hit the will of the perfect world.
Every time it explodes, the will of heaven and earth will decay by one point.
"This group of idiots" covered their eyes with jade bodhi old zu in Yujingshan "I have never seen such rubbish so stupid"
"Really explosive I can’t endure you? I said I would destroy it all. "Talking, Jade Duxiu’s hands flashed with the Falun of Heaven and Man."
If a strong man explodes and wants to be resurrected, he will inevitably experience the five decline of heaven and man, while a jade show will experience the five decline of heaven and man in two worlds, and it seems that none of them has.
Jade Duxiu pushes the law to change the fate of heaven and man. A pair of eyes scanned the square world. "You have no chance."
After that, Jade Duxiu’s divine light turns upside down again, blinding the avenue of Yin and Yang. "There are still some ghosts in the world, but they are vulnerable."
After that, Yu Duxiu casually put away Pangu Zan and turned around and turned to Yujingshan. "The coming is the last stage of the last French robbery."
"Hung-chun, you are really amazing, bodhi old zu. I have seen several outstanding people, but if you are so calculating, there is none." Jade bodhi old zu fart Dian Dian to catch up.
Jade Duxiu rubbed the jade bodhi old zu’s head and forehead, only to see a grain of Dan medicine flying out of the jade bodhi old zu’s belly. "This Dan medicine is not for you, so don’t eat it indiscriminately."
"Hung-chun, are you back?" Cold Miao Yu’s eyes are full of excitement.
Jade Duxiu smiled. "I didn’t expect to meet this group of idiots and reduce my plan from hundreds of millions of years to hundreds of thousands of years. Now I still have my tail unfinished. I will be done in five thousand years. Let’s meet again in five thousand years."
With that, Yudu Duxiu touched Miaoyu’s head, patted Hanju’s shoulder, turned and walked into Yujingshan "after I finished the final finishing, I was a fairy".
"Fairy?" Jade Lao zu nan ni yi
Chapter 2367 Long time no see (finale)
When Yu Duxiu promoted the evolution of the law, it was the black hand behind the vicissitudes of life, and it was no longer elegant to control the flow of words and phrases in the past.
The top master lost his status as a monk. He didn’t have enough status because he knew that there was a war to cut the sky and then there was no war. After that, the land returned to peace, but those tall and strong people were missing
With the passing of the aura of heaven and earth, it has become a myth in the river that has transformed the years.
Jade Duxiu did the same thing again, and made his own calculations. With the decline of practice, the rivers and lakes have risen. In another thousand years, the rivers and lakes have become said that there is a red flood of scientific and technological recovery sweeping everything.
Looking at the birth of the steam engine, Yu Duxiu’s mouth turned up, and "the war of words began."
Age of culture, age of science and technology, age of steel
I think it was only a short hundred years from the invasion of the allied forces to the rise of China. In a hundred years, the magical powers of heaven and earth have changed, and the magical powers have declined.
However, there are still people who are quite interested in the magical powers and constantly study and look for ancient relics.
Looking at the high-rise buildings, planes, cannons, whistling ships, steel world, jade, bodhi old zu, staring at that one by one, the big chimney is constantly polluting the world, and finally the aura is isolated from the star chemistry, and the heavily polluted liquid is polluted. The world of money has blinded everyone’s eyes.


"Why not?" Haikui strange way.

Wood donglin some difficult smile.
Haikui waved his hand. "Come on. Don’t talk if you don’t want to. So what you mean now is that you still want to tell me about the difficulties you met. Asking for my help is right. "
Mu Donglin nodded. "That’s what it means."
Haikui is sitting on the sofa. "Then you go ahead."
Wood donglin corners of the mouth pulled a smile. "Kratos also know less. Yidan made his fortune by doing jade business. Our main business now is jade. Arts and crafts ornaments this piece. I earn a lot a year. This makes some people jealous. Send someone to smash our jade processing factory. Even went to our store selling jade to make trouble. Sometimes we let some auction houses sell jade on our behalf, and some people will get in the way. Many such things have happened intermittently in recent years. But recently it has become more rampant. We also employ security guards. But in recent days, I found that they are all very good at finding trouble. There are even practitioners involved. My consciousness is not simple. To draw out the people behind the scenes. I did it once. Finally, I found someone who was higher than me. I realized that things were beyond my control. "
Haikui understood. Asked bluntly, "Who have you offended?"
Mu Donglin smiled awkwardly. "Offend is a small factions. However, the head of the sect is not weak. Yuan infant period. I’m no match at all. And the boss is extremely defensive. Let’s transfer all our assets to the enterprise founded by his disciples. Or kill us. I have no choice but to ask Kui Shao for help. "
Haikui smiled. Only in infancy. Not worth mentioning. But it’s really awesome for Mu Donglin. "I said at the beginning. The more money you make, the more likely it is to make people jealous. It’s normal to offend some petty factions. What’s the name of that sect? "
"Xinghai pie. The owner is an old man in his fifties. This sect belongs to Waidanmen. Mainly practice with the magic weapon of Dan medicine. " Mu Donglin poured Haikui a glass of water. Very attentive.
"Xinghai School." Haikui shook his head. "Never heard of it. I only heard that there is a Star Sect. What stars and immortals have boundless magic. Immortal happiness and so on. Have you ever heard of it? "
Mu Donglin smiled. "You are too joking. That’s the Wulin Sect of the Western Regions. Besides, it’s on TV. It has nothing to do with Xinghai School. "
Haikui also smiled. "I thought you were busy practicing and didn’t watch TV. Who knows that you have seen it. "
Mu Donglin has some shame. "Every village is connected to the Internet. At least we live in a big city, don’t we? "
"What do you want me to do. Now that I have the money. It’s easy to get rid of a buffoon for you with little effort. " Haikui took a sip of tea. Lean back on the sofa. Didn’t put the Xinghai Sect in the eye. The head of the company is only in infancy. Even if there are hidden monsters in the sect. You may not be able to achieve Mahayana.
"this." Mu Donglin began to be embarrassed again.
"What’s the matter?" Haikui is in distress situation. It’s so hard to say a word.
But the next second. Haikui knew why Mu Donglin was puzzled. If it were him. It is also difficult.
Mu Donglin looked embarrassed and said, "The company is facing difficulties now. Yi Dan said that 500 million can’t be given to you. If I give you all the money I can transfer, Now the company is being run by people everywhere. There will be no money to turn around. You may face extinction. "
Haikui said directly and unwillingly, "I *. This is a renege. "
Mu Donglin’s embarrassed eyebrows are full of sorrow. "I know. In particular, I know that the consequences of Kui Shao’s unhappiness are more serious than those of offending the head of Xinghai Sect. But although I’m in love with Dan. But all the financial power is in Dan’s hands. "
Haikui chuckled and said, "Money is a man’s bone. Those who are spineless really can’t get up. I don’t have the guts. I understand you. "
Mu Donglin looked like he met a bosom friend. Stretched out his hand and took Haikui’s hand. "Kratos. I think so. Look at that. You help me take care of the head of the Star Sect. Solve a temporary crisis. Then yidan has no worries. I’ll ask her to give you 500 million quickly. You look good. "
Haikui pulled his hand out of his hand. Rub it on your body. "You call chu dreamless told me that five hundred million is ready. Is it already calculated? "
Wood donglin a face of embarrassed. "This matter. I think about it. Only Que Shao has the ability to help me solve it. So ask Que for less help. "
Haikui put down the tea. "Ask for a formal point next time. Get a small bag of tea from the hotel for 50 cents. You are too embarrassed. " Haikui said with a smile. "Oh. It slipped my mind. You have no money. Your wife is holding the money. "
Wood donglin embarrassed smile.
"What is the harmony between husband and wife?" Haikui suddenly asked.
Wood donglin a stiff smile on his face. "This … this …"
"A few times a night."
Mu Donglin froze with a smile. "This … this …"
Haikui hey hey smiled. "Don’t disgrace our yogi."
Mu Donglin said with shame, "Not bad … not bad. We discussed it. Get ready to get married as soon as this thing is done. Update at the first time "
"So fast. I still have a few months to go. Pregnant. " Haikui raised his eyebrows and asked.
Wood donglin embarrassed dry cough twice.
Haikui’s bad smile. "It seems that I have to go to the stall as a fortune teller in the future. Guess it is very accurate. "
Wood donglin ha ha smiled and scratched his head.
"Can you see the head of the Stars Sect now?" Haikui stopped joking with Mu Donglin. Straight to the point again.
"Not now. But he can find his apprentice. " Wood donglin also face a positive said.
Haikui nodded. "ok. Catch one of his disciples. Get that old guy out. Let’s talk. "
Wood donglin also nodded. "In fact, I also thought of. His disciples’ cultivation is very weak. I can deal with it. "
Haikui clapped his hands. "good. Do it now. I’m waiting to get the money. If I hadn’t blown the cowhide out with someone. It helps to be in a hurry for money. I don’t think I’m in such a good mood to help you today. "
"Thank you very much. Thank you, Kui Shao. "
Haikui clap your hands. "Don’t mention it. You go and get his apprentice. It’s best to find a wild place or a remote place. Then bring the head. "
Mu Donglin was all smiles. "This I want to good early. Jinnan North District is relatively backward. Many dilapidated warehouses. We arrested people and went there. "
"ok." Haikui touched the storage bag. But I remembered something. He said, "I once gave Wu Yidan a piece of Yu Pei, which could resist the master’s blow in the early days of distraction. Then I don’t want to go back to Yu Pei. You ask Wu Yidan to find a safe place or change hotels later. You often come to this hotel. It is estimated that the opponent has long known. "
Mu Donglin nodded. "I didn’t expect this. Let Yidan change hotels later. "
Now that it’s agreed, act immediately. After Mu Donglin arranged Wu Yidan. Go and catch the disciples of Xinghai Sect.
The disciple of Xinghai School is the boss of a company. This company also deals in jade. Occasionally come into contact with such mysterious things as cultivating truth and immortality. Then there are two spare money to play with. In order to seek a long life and a healthy body, one who prays to God and worships immortals. He was lucky not to meet some common charlatans. I met a real man of practice. He is also a disciple of the Xinghai School. He began to eat and drink. When the big ye for. Finally, the disciple of Xinghai School was happy. Just introduce this boss to his master. Spent a lot of incense money to worship the master as a teacher.
People’s * * will expand with the improvement of status and ability. Since this boss became a disciple of Xinghai Sect. I have seen some fantastic existence. Never put yourself above an ordinary person again. Just want more. There are poor practices and rich practices in this way of cultivation. Poor repair is very hard. Whether you’re inside Dan or outside Dan. In the end, we must achieve ourselves. Physical transformation is the first step. Especially the foreign Dan faction. With the help of the magic weapon of Dan medicine, you must spend money like water. Those who are sent outside the Dan school increase their income by collecting some rich bosses and rich people in the secular world.
The boss donated a lot of money to Xinghaipai. But he also wants to practice. Also want to buy first-class medicinal materials. What? Ginseng, pilose antler, ganoderma lucidum, strong body. So money is like running water. It just slipped away. Then we have to think of ways to make money.
As the head of the school. Have a certain foundation. Money is a fixed routine. Collect incense money. Accept disciples and then teach them to practice. Then it’s ok for the apprentice to offer money. And as a junior disciple of the boss. He’s going to take other rich people as apprentices. He has to have that ability. Finally, I still have an idea about my own business. Are all in the jade business. There is only one idea. If there is no competition. So is my sales just like riding a rocket?
With this idea. The boss began to use some means to attack his opponent. So it caused the wood donglin their present situation.
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Chapter 499 To fight for that day first.
Anyway, people die for money and birds die for food. Money is really a good thing. No matter whether you are immortal or not, you need it, especially those who are on the road to cultivate immortality.
Cultivating immortals is like crossing a river with thousands of troops and horses competing for sails. The road leading to the celestial world is a wooden bridge. Only one or two people succeed in crossing the wooden bridge with thousands of troops and horses, and more often fail or even lose their lives in vain.
Everyone loves their lives, and they don’t want to lose their lives in vain. They have to constantly improve their cultivation and keep moving forward instead of staying where they are and waiting for death.
Haikui understands this truth, so he also understands what the head of Xinghai Sect has done. It has always been Haikui’s principle not to provoke others actively. But this time, there is no way. He wants to get 500 million yuan. Although he has several fairy helpers, they can’t make bricks and crocks pile up into houses themselves. Although they have the ability to move mountains and fill seas, they can’t directly remove others’ palaces, such as Potala Palace. That estimate makes many people worry.
In fact, when Mu Donglin told Hai Kui that the money could not be given, Hai Kui’s anger rose, but he immediately suppressed it and knew that everyone had a difficulty. Moreover, he felt that he was a cultured and quality cultivation person, so he calmed down. If 500 million was so easy to take, it would be unreasonable. Somehow, it seemed like his own destiny, so he set you up a little bumpy, and after this bumpy, you could get what you wanted.


"Well, don’t cry, hold back. I think you have made a choice. My father just goes with the flow, but you have to make three chapters with him. At most, you two can’t have a third one, understand?" Yun Xuan confessed.

"yeah!" Yunxi nodded heavily with tears in her eyes.
"Well, you are old, there are some things you make your own decisions, and your father listens to you. If you choose to get along with him in the future, your father will also set him up, hehe. Well, I have left in advance. Don’t be in trouble. My lovely daughter will be happy. " Yun Xuan also some can’t help but want to twitch at the moment, decided to walk first as well.
For a moment, three people were left quiet and thinking about their own problems. ! .

Chapter one hundred and sixty-nine The gap is scattered
"Well, I’ve made up my mind. As long as Brother Tianjun comes to see me tomorrow, I’ll totally accept it, no regrets!" Father’s statement made Yunxi have a bottom in his heart, and finally he became cruel, and the last knot in his heart disappeared, and he began to fantasize about a bright future. { fastest text chapter reading}
After passing through the lively venue, Tianjun was dull, unable to lift any energy, and his heart was full of considerations of gain and loss, like a puppet, with no thoughts, letting the pictures without Se color flash in his mind.
Overnight, Tianjun tossed and turned in the room alone, imagining things, and made up his mind to prepare for a protracted war.
Eight! Zero! Electricity! Son! Books! w! w! w! ! t! x! t! 8! 0! .! c! c
Early the next morning, Tianjun, a spirit of JΡ, suddenly jumped high from the stone chuáng and muttered in his heart, "Everything will be different and everything will come true."
With Xuanji’s strong encouragement and support, Tianjun is still a little nervous. If there is lead on the soles of his feet, the closer he gets to the female disciple area, the stronger the sense of foreboding in his heart, and the more he doesn’t want to move.
Slow, leisurely line to yesterday’s position, suppress the heart of the deer jumping, motionless, Tianjun seems to have been immobilized, a face of disappointment, just stood there.
The door was closed, as if it were lifeless yesterday. Tianjun’s eyes were blank and he muttered to himself, "Alas, it seems that she won’t pay attention to me and forgive me!"
For a time, the sadness of loss, the bitterness of frustration, and the confusion of missing Hun, like smoke and fog, instantly enveloped Tianjun, full of thoughts, struggling and hesitating, and could not help himself.
"Why didn’t she open the door, why? Does she hate me? Am I not being sincere enough? Alas, why is it so difficult to meet her? I want to explain everything that day to her face and show her my affection implicitly.
Why didn’t she accept my kindness? Why should she accept my kindness? Why? Forget it, forget it, that’s all. I’m wishful thinking. Alas, it’s intentional and heartless. Just, just, let’s put away that overflowing emotion early, don’t think much, and practice well. "Tianjun began to think that all the good and bad things followed, and his mouth began to talk nonsense.
I don’t know how long it took, but Tianjun slowly recovered, and Hun stood firm and felt dejected. Finally, Tianjun did not choose to persist, but chose to retreat. The hazy emotion in my heart is like a shallow footprint on the beach, and it is washed away immediately.
"Dian …", with a sigh, took out the treasured sword spike from the storage bag and hung it quietly on the wooden door.
After doing this, Tianjun seemed to have confessed this sudden emotion in his heart, and his mood gradually calmed down, and his mind gradually became clear. 1S son was as steady as a big stone falling to the ground, and he didn’t jump, so he stayed in place and calmed down as usual.
Tianjun seems to be afraid of falling into endless lovesickness again, and his thoughts are running quickly, finding a reason for himself and convincing himself. "Well, this should be the case. Don’t try to force it. Maybe it’s just a transit of life. Maybe, when I was puzzled, I fell in love with Yunxi inexplicably, but it turned out that it was not the best result. Yes, this is just the only way in life, not the fate of heaven. Maybe even more exciting is behind. Forget her, everything is just a dream. "
Although Tianjun knows that these are all self-deceiving thoughts, now he can only use this lie to temporarily paralyze himself.
Finally, when he left, he held his head high with luck and looked inside the door, as if he just wanted to see Yunxi one last time.
Yi Yu Pei, who is innocent, shines in the morning light, just like the crystal-clear beads on the petals in the morning, and you can find it at a glance.
"Yu Pei? How can it appear here? " From the crack of the door, it can be seen that Yu Pei is wandering back and forth, which seems to create something.
Looking up again, a jade hand is swaying this Yu Pei, and a girl’s bright smile can be seen in the crack of the door.
"Yunxi!" Tianjun shouted for fear that outsiders could not hear him.
With a creaking sound, the isolated wooden door finally broke open, and Yunxi looked at Tianjun with tears of joy. At this moment, she didn’t care what others thought at all, but only wished to live forever.
"Yunxi!" When Tianjun saw the figure he dreamed of, he only jumped for joy and hugged Yunxi with one stride, which made him unforgettable all his life.
Two tearful people are hugging each other at the moment, as if the world is in their arms at this moment, and all the bitterness is gone, and the future to meet them will be bitter and sweet.
"Fobo, look, look." Yunyue tugged at Fobo’s sleeve, carefully watched the movements of the two people, and couldn’t help crying out in a low voice when she saw the emotion, but the weak voice was heard by the two people inadvertently.
Some embarrassing unwilling to let go, Tianjun reached out and gently wiped Yunxi’s tears. Naturally Yunxi’s face was red, and she looked shy, but she seemed to enjoy it.
"Well, come out and stop peeking." Yunxi said shyly, in fact, two people have already noticed that two people are peeking, just because of their emotions, and they can’t control their emotions, so they didn’t say it until now.
Fu Bo came out a little embarrassed, but Yunyue was careless, and she didn’t mean to be half-divided. Instead, she kept criticizing her sister for valuing her sister over her sister.
"Oh, is this your sister, your own sister?" Looking at Yunyue in Tianju with great interest, this girl’s mouth is really able to say that totally and Yunxi are two xìng people.
"That can be false. Take a closer look at how much we are alike." The cloud-month refuter had a hatred for Tianjun before, but because of his sister, he didn’t hate Tianjun so much anymore, but thought he was an interesting person.
"Fubo, long time no see, how have you been in recent years?" Rites must not be wasted. Tianju fell to the ground and said respectfully to Fobo.
"Okay, okay, get up quickly, get up quickly." F "J" bent down to help Tianjun. How dare he bear such a gift?
"It’s really gratifying to meet again after ten years’ absence. I’ll order my servants to prepare some food and wine, and I won’t return until I get drunk." Fu Bo said happily.
"No, Fubo, just talk. Why bother spending so much money? Besides, the two grandfathers told the boy not to drink." Tianjun said some difficult.
"Yes, yes, I was abrupt. Please sit down inside quickly and tell us something about the past ten years." Fu Bo laughed and quickly called Tianjun to ask questions.
Four people sit quietly, and Tianjun tells the details of the dribs and drabs in the past ten years, which, of course, does not include his own affairs with those branches and leaves of Xuanji.
Everyone groaned with the priority of things. When Tianjun wasted a long time to finish, Fobo said, "I didn’t expect you to arrive in Tiangu ten years ago. It’s really unexpected. No wonder I have been looking for you many times in the past ten years, but I can’t find you. It seems that two seniors have blocked the battle."
"Brother-in-law, why don’t you come to Van Gogh to find us?" Cloud month suddenly daring, suddenly startled everyone.
Brother in law? Yunxi bowed his head conveniently, but he didn’t realize that this sister was so blather regardless of the occasion. Although she loved it, it was really strange.
Brother in law? Tianjun leng along while, finally put the taboo and hung up the contact, scratching his head a little embarrassed, it seems that it will be difficult to accept this name for a while, but anyway, Yunyue shouted this name, which at least shows that she has completely regarded Tianjun as a member of her own family at the moment, without the scene of fighting with her before. Fubo has laughed from ear to ear at the moment, but Yunyue disapprovingly made fun of them for being ignorant and completely ignorant.
Tianjun relented, coughed lightly and said, "It’s hard to disobey your teacher’s orders. As for why you want to go to Tiangu, the two grandfathers didn’t elaborate, but there should be some truth."
"Yes, the two seniors will not do useless work. This arrangement naturally has their reasons. We should not delve into it, and we should not be suspicious." Fu Bo said quickly that for those two predecessors, Fu Bo is sincerely admired.
If for Yun Xuan Valley Master, it’s because of the long-term affection between master and servant and Yun Xuan’s bidding, then for the two predecessors, Fobo feels really an eye-opener in his life and sincerely admires him from the bottom of his heart.
"Well, anyway, as long as you two are together again, I’m happier than anything. You don’t know how much you miss Yunxi these years." Fobo said jokingly.
"Fubo." Yunxi is even more shameful at the moment. If it weren’t for Tianjun’s side, I would like to go up and pull Fubo’s beard to make him talk nonsense.
"Yunxi, look." Tianjun took out two charms from the storage bag, and Yan Se was distinct. At first glance, he knew that they were the original wishing tree.
"My wishing spell?" Yunxi inexplicably shouted out.
"Let me see." Cloud on a drag in the past, hold these two in your hand, when it’s radical, want to be mixed everywhere.
"Wow, is it really a legendary natural couple?" Cloud month twittering shout, present two positive in front of a few people.
"Tianjun!" "Yunxi!"
"It turns out that my sister’s wish spell is written about this. I’ve always wanted to find out, and I’ve found many ways, but there’s nothing I can do. I can finally see it today, and it’s a taste of my wish." Cloud month somehow, some sigh said.
At this moment, Yunxi finally understood Tianjun’s heart and was happier than ever. They looked at each other unconsciously, full of incomparable happiness.
Unconsciously, in the hilarious laughter, time flies, and the only gap between the two people has of course disappeared, and they have returned to the carefree laughter before. The original feeling has always been there, and not fade away has passed. ! .

Chapter one hundred and seventy Fraudulent
In Brahma Hall, the last afterglow of the sunset fell obliquely into the hall, and two men and two women in high spirits lined up in turn under the hall. On the seats on both sides, all the Xianmen elders attended one by one, waiting for the Yun Xuan Valley Master to personally preside over the summit award. [] Reading novels without pop-up windows! ]
In the past few days, Tianjun has been wandering between Xuanji and Yunxi, enjoying himself, and the two women have also cleared up their differences, and a scene of harmony is now commonplace.
After a delay of some time, the last item of the Four Immortals’ Hegemony Conference began to proceed steadily, among which it was the few people in Tiangu who were most happy, and it seemed that everything began to proceed in an orderly way again.
Yao Hao just finished the game, and then he used the secret method of Tiangu to deliver this exciting news. In the secluded cloud palm teaching retreat, he also specially sent a message that four people were rewarded when they came back, especially Tianjun and Xuanji, and there were unexpected things waiting for them.
There are also many enviable things listed before waiting for them to collect. After Elder Yimo took out a jade box and put it in the class, Yun Xuan Valley Master stood up and swept away all the people in the class. Zheng Se said, "You are the best among the winners of the summit, and you are also the future beam of Wolong mainland. At present, Wolong mainland is like a storm, and you are the leaders of the younger generation in Wolong mainland in the future. You must guard against arrogance and rashness during your trip to Wan Li.


Chi yuan don’t eye then sullenly take a sip of red wine.

"What report rest assured that it was just the first dance, and I didn’t know how to dance." Yun Zui and Chi Zui said that to others.
Everyone here, even the men and women who are just familiar with dancing, is actually taught by her.
So she just stepped on someone, not by accident, but on purpose
It seems true that Yunzui said this. Everyone can’t help but wait for Yunzui and Chimie to dance together to see if they will step on Chimie’s foot.
936 Chapter 936 The first dance (6)
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Everyone is looking forward to it
But the women’s department is more jealous than
Yunzui can actually dance with Chimie, and they can’t help but be jealous and crazy!
Then someone got up and said, "Who will dance with me?"
I’ve watched it twice, so it shouldn’t be too bad to jump now.
Yun Zui and Chi Mie couldn’t help looking at the speaker. It’s good that someone is willing to try.
Yun Zui and Chi Mie shook hands, and some people have heard the music coming from China and started again.
Chi Mie and Yun Zui clasped their hands and attracted everyone’s attention.
But how do Yunzui and Chi Mie look so well matched when they are both in white?
Just now, Yunzui and Lingyuan are also very suitable together, but how can they feel very suitable when Chi Mi and Yunzui are together?
Everyone is puzzled, but they should also know that Yunzui’s temperament is a good match for both of them.
That is, Yunzui and all of them are the same kind of people who will feel a good match.
Xiao Tian saw that someone had taken the initiative to join the party.
Although it may not be smooth to jump, it is a good thing that someone takes the initiative.
Yunzui and Chimie are the best match when they hold hands, and their steps are so precise. Yunzui really never stepped on Chimie again, and Chimie never stepped on Yunzui.
The two of them seem to be very familiar with each other and cooperate so tacitly.
Yunzui didn’t expect Chi Mi to be so smart and jump so well. It’s the first time for him!
There are others who join Yunzui and Chimie. Although it is good to dance together, others just find it difficult to embroider flowers. When they match together, they find that they really step on their feet and fall to the ground.
At that time, ugly faces appeared.
Some people were ashamed and stopped jumping, but some people fell down and got up again.
"Can you jump or not?" A daughter yelled and stepped on each other’s feet.
Just now, I wanted to show my intelligence in front of Chi Mi. First, there is no problem, but jumping up with my partner now and finding the root is not as simple as I thought.
At that time, some anger made her lose face, so she said angrily and sat back in her seat
Her words were heard by everyone, but Chi Mie and Yun Zuigen were never debugged once.
But other people who want to try find that it is not as simple as they thought, but they can get familiar with it so smoothly once. That’s because they have seen it twice and heard Yunzui’s formula, and it makes no sense for an old hand like Yunzui to partner with him and make mistakes.
Finally, Yunzui "tightens my waist" in Chi Mie’s novel.
It’s not white, but it’s done quickly
Yunzui immediately hugged her and spun, which was very beautiful and difficult.
So difficult, the fluffy skirt is as beautiful as a butterfly’s wings.
Amazing everyone for a while.
Because it looks beautiful, but they know it must be very difficult.
But Yunzui did it in one go. Just now, those men and women didn’t do it. Is this Yunzui’s casual hair or has it been a dance for a long time?
They also exclaimed, but Yunzui felt relaxed.
Chapter 937 Praise each other
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Maybe history itself will be remembered for a sentence or two. After a thousand years, who knows that there was a butterfly that flapped its wings so hard at this time? (End)

It is in
Eagle in Sports
Yeastrus zhezhuensis
The first chapter review plan
On April 1st (Monday), the blackboard in Class 32, Grade Three, Huigong Middle School says "5" days before the college entrance examination!
Teacher Qin, the class leader of the first class in the afternoon, made another class mobilization before class to cherish the important five days in life! The voice is lingering in everyone’s ears. "Students think back to the past day and night. We have read books that can be piled up into mountains. We have finished the papers that can fly all over the sky; We have had grades step by step, and we have had grades that are slippery, sad and frustrated, and tears; We are burdened with parents’ earnest expectations that we paint our dreams; We have gone through the most beautiful youth season in our lives together, and we have remembered every bright smiling face together. Now that the loud bugle has sounded and the order to speed up progress has been issued, we have no choice but to pack our backpacks quickly, summon up courage and walk hand in hand through the hardships for 50 days, so as to win a beautiful victory in June when money is on fire. Harvest our biggest dream in the golden season! "
Teacher Qin also gave an impassioned speech at the podium. Zhang Xiaojie sat in his seat and left his pie mouth. The college entrance examination was a battle for one day and a sprint for five days. After five days, it was estimated that most of the people were killed. At most, a quarter of them were the lucky ones. Anyway, he didn’t do anything else. He held up the left cheek gang and continued to wander. Wan Li suddenly found that the guy named Wang Feipeng in the last row was serious and listened with relish. Teacher Qin couldn’t help but fight.
Wang Feipeng and he have been hovering in the last few places. Since last summer vacation, I don’t know what’s wrong with them. They have been studying hard to get into the university. They almost laughed their heads off, but in the third year of high school, this guy slowly climbed from the bottom to the twelfth place in the current class, and his name occasionally appeared in the top ten results list on the right side of the classroom blackboard.
The students in the back row are all members of a basketball team and a football team. I didn’t feel the importance of this guy in the team before. Since this guy’s brain is broken and he has to study hard, he has often been ravaged by the team next door and sometimes abused by the junior class. I feel even more depressed when I think about this crop. What do you think of taking the college entrance examination? Even if the sky is gone, you still have to find a job and get the most fame after graduation. After graduating from high school, let’s meet together, soak up girls, drink a lot and eat a lot of meat. It’s all fun to think about it.
Wang Feipeng sat in the last row, listening to the passionate mobilization of the class leader, Mr. Qin, while planning his review plan. He was a little poor in basic Chinese and biology, and his English was the worst.
Last summer vacation, I was the first to take English hard to chew English words, texts, Grammar is the right way to do English now. It’s not like looking at the sky. I can’t even understand sentences, especially reading comprehension is getting easier. I even got more than 9 points in the weekly English five-mode exam. Even the English teacher Lu Wanqing can’t believe that she has been beating around the bush for fear that Wang Feipeng will plagiarize, but her English listening is still weak. The English teacher went to the seat and said that she was going to give Wang Feipeng a small stove to improve his listening. Wang Feipeng secretly glanced at her small nose, short black hair and tall figure, and smelled a faint fragrance. Her face was flushed involuntarily. Recently,
According to another guy, Zheng Kejian, who has a crush on English teachers, she knows her boyfriend in college and thinks that she can’t be transferred to the city in the countryside. Recently, the English teacher secretly cried several times, and I don’t know how this guy got the gossip. However, the English teacher has really been in a low mood recently. Zheng Kejian is extremely angry, and the beautiful teacher is so tolerant. Although they don’t have a good attitude towards their poor grades, they are absolutely sacred and inviolable in their hearts. I thought about asking a few friends to hit that heart breaker sap in the city, but no one paid attention to it.
Wang Feipeng continued to plan his own review. Chinese is similar to English. He can recite the words, phrases and texts of junior and senior high schools by rote memorization. Wang Feipeng’s grandfather and mother are village doctors. Since childhood, he has been asked to recite some soup songs, ancient prescriptions, yin and yang, and five elements. The understanding of classical Chinese and some ancient poems is better than his humanities. This is due to reading online novels a few years ago. Although martial arts, cities and fantasy novels are divorced from reality, they still have some benefits for high writing. When writing, they are not needed.
It’s the hardest thing to learn high numbers. It takes a lot of time and effort to memorize all the formulas and theories, and it’s also hard to strengthen the tactics of the sea. However, the results are slowly emerging, and common problems can be solved and complex points can be understood slowly.
Physics is his strong point. Since childhood, Wang Feipeng used to pick up his father’s home line. Wang Hua had a radio. After a few months, he smashed his father’s anger, but he drove him away for a long time. Finally, Wang Feipeng quickly climbed to the top of a big tree. His father just didn’t come.
Chemistry benefits from having a good teacher who is an old educated youth class and likes to do experiments, which drives the students’ interest in explaining and guides the steps of solving problems from the basics to the depths. Even Zhang Xiaojie and Zheng Kejian can pass the exam.
My grandfather and mother are village doctors, and they usually see chronic diseases as Chinese medicine, but emergency treatment such as colds, fevers, headaches and stomachaches is also combined with some western medicines. They are also interested in biology and understanding quickly, and they are becoming more and more interested in making progress. The students in the 96-minute weekly biology exam are all dumbfounded. Several girls in the class also asked him to be passive about biology. Nuo Nuo couldn’t tell for a long time, from red forehead to ears, which made the girls laugh so hard that Zheng Kejian’s eyes fell off.
Wang Feipeng has compiled a train of thought. From last summer vacation to now, I should recite it all. The students have already reviewed it for several months, but they should not make a review plan to catch up.
Teacher Qin, the class leader, also reached the final climax. "Students! The college entrance examination day is approaching day by day, and the tension is gradually gathering. This tension belongs not only to the excellent students but also to each of you. This kind of tension is not unique to you, and our teacher has also entered the ranks of tension. You have worked hard for five days to achieve your goal of three years and five days to determine your life value orientation. You are certainly a hero. If you fail, you are still a hero. Struggle makes you regret it. Struggle makes people admire the pace and let us continue to climb! "
After school in the afternoon, several Wang Feipeng, who came to play basketball again in Zhang Xiaojie, politely refused. He had decided to take part in the college entrance examination. He didn’t touch basketball or football for half a year, thinking that the teacher scolded himself, his parents scolded himself, his classmates mocked him, and he was more determined to review his determination to face the college entrance examination.
What we need to do now is to allocate the daily hours well, except for going to bed late and waking up early for half an hour. There are also two sets of boxing, Qijia Boxing and Tai Ji Chuan, which are forced by my grandfather to practice since childhood. Although I feel nothing, I feel weak after practicing for a long time without practicing, especially if I go to sleep for a few laps on a small Sunday, I am very calm and get up early and walk for a few laps, which is refreshing and looks very efficient.
Get up at 5: 30 in the morning, go to bed at 1: 30 in the evening, have classes every day, study by yourself early after the exam, and study by yourself at noon, in the evening, and at night. When you can control it freely, you will be allocated nearly two hours for English, one and a half hours for Chinese, one hour for mathematics, one hour for physics, chemistry and biology, and then you will sort out how much you watch in six courses from junior high school to senior high school every day, and make a daily review plan. You will choose to record what you don’t understand and what you don’t understand,
There are still five days before the college entrance examination, and the third year of high school eats and sleeps at school weekends. After class, the review will be doubled in three days, and it will still be very compact when you look at all the reviews again. There are two days left to strengthen the exam. I have done more papers every day and finished the review plan. Although there is no leisure every day, it makes people feel very full and relaxed.
Chapter II English Tutoring
On April 2nd (Thursday), the blackboard in Class 32, Grade Three, Huigong Middle School says "4" days before the college entrance examination!
In the afternoon, before the first class, Mr. Qin, the class leader, took the first red paper list of the college entrance examination and posted it in front of the classroom. Wang Feipeng was ranked 10 th in 52 classes!
Little has changed from the top ten of Grade One in Senior High School. Now, Wang Feipeng’s later classmates can’t believe that Class 32, a super "shit", became a star of hope in a few months, which made the math teacher who used to scold him "shit" astonishingly. The ball friends Zheng Kejian and Zhang Xiaojie saw him as if they had met an enemy. The teacher asked them to move the nickname of Wang Feipeng’s learning model "shit" to their heads.
At the end of the afternoon English class, English teacher Lu Wanqing came to Wang Feipeng. "You did well in the English exam this time, but your weakness is obvious. I will strengthen your listening if you come to my office late."
"Good thank you, teacher." Wang Feipeng blushed and quickly bowed his head and brushed his eyes at No.1 Middle School, which made him even more afraid to look up.
"Come here at 7: 00 p.m. Then" Zheng Kejian and Zhang Xiaojie crowded into Wang Feipeng’s seat as soon as the English teacher left the classroom.
"Teacher Lu has taught us English for several years. For the first time, a lovelorn woman is very empty. You should seize the opportunity to soothe her injured heart. Why don’t I go with you?" Zheng Kejian smiled and hugged Wang Feipeng’s shoulder. Zhang Xiaojie bared his teeth. "When you enter the door, you should be soft and hard, but you should be domineering and hard-driving. I will turn the real tiger into a paper tiger. I will give you the door. You can do whatever you want to make sure that no one can harass you."
Wang Feipeng pushed the two best friends around to get up and "I want you two to go to the toilet now", ignoring their filth and leaving the classroom quickly.
At 7 o’clock in the evening, Wang Feipeng arrived at the English teacher’s office on time. Lu Wanqing was already wearing a loose coat in the office, and her short hair was still a little damp. As soon as she approached, she smelled a faint fragrance. Lu Wanqing pointed to the chair opposite the desk and said, "Sit down."
Liu Wanqing looked up and carefully looked at the big boy across the street. His height is estimated to be 19 meters. His shoulders are wide and his body is thin. His eyes and nose are a little thin. You can’t see that he is very good, but his eyes are clean and his hair is a little messy. I heard that the players of the school basketball team and football team bowed their heads and didn’t talk after taking the door. His face was reddish and his face was shy.
Lu Wanqing felt a slight joy in his heart. The big boy didn’t know whether he was shy to see the teacher or the girl. He thought of the opposite side. From last summer’s class to the tenth place in the current class, he couldn’t help but look at it with special respect. It can be said that it is a kind of "trick" for high school students, just like the Buddhist "epiphany". It is estimated that this is the only one who brought his own teacher this year. She really didn’t know what this kind of child would do once he was "trick". From the opposite side, the boy suddenly realized that he had to study hard
Thinking of this, Lu Wanqing turned his mind. "Wang Feipeng, you have made great progress in your English study recently. Tell me how you did it."
Wang Feipeng looked up at his eyes and the teacher quickly lowered his head. "I have memorized all the words and texts from junior high school to senior high school, and some grammar and structures are being reviewed for the second time."
"Well, English is mainly words and sentences. It is really not difficult to recite these tests, but there is a weakness in listening and speaking, isn’t it? “
Wang Feipeng nodded. "I don’t think I can pass the oral English test for high listening."
Liu Wanqing one leng, this little finish is a sword going sideways. "You finished this to cope with the exam. Don’t you speak English after that?" Spoken English is also the embodiment of learning English well. "
"Now the first thing is to speak after the college entrance examination," Wang Feipeng muttered.
Lu Wanqing frowned. The boy has gone the wrong way to learn English. It is also a common phenomenon for Chinese students to learn after the exam. Knowing that they can’t listen to and speak the exam is simply "stiff" English. So Judo "The most important thing in a language is to listen and speak in order to communicate. If you can’t listen and speak, what’s the point of learning English?"
Wang Feipeng looked up at the English teacher and bowed his head. "Learning English is nothing ~"
"You ~" Lu Wanqing glared with anger and pointed to Wang Feipeng. "It’s a stubborn donkey!"
Wang Feipeng looked up at Liu Wanqing again. "Teacher Lu, don’t be angry. We were all born in China, and we are all compatriots learning Chinese. What is the purpose of learning English? Don’t you speak Chinese and English later? Even if I have the opportunity to deal with foreigners later, how many people will there be? Teacher Lu, do you often communicate with foreigners? Is it necessary for us all to learn English? "
Before Lu Wanqing answered, Wang Feipeng said, "We all learned English from junior high school. To learn English well, we need to recite a lot of words, phrases and grammar, and we need to spend a lot of time listening and speaking. Now children learn English from primary school, but English is not something that people around our mother tongue can listen to, and listening and reading on the repeater accounts for at least a quarter of our valuable learning time. How many people can learn English after graduating from college? Do not save these precious studies to learn physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics and other scientific knowledge? "
"English is not what you said at all. Now that English is widely spoken in the world, how can we reform and develop the national economy if we don’t learn English well?"
"I think this is a one-sided idea. People in need should learn English well, such as diplomats, not ordinary English students. In golden age, they should learn knowledge English and learn some basic knowledge."
"You’re shortsighted. You don’t speak English at all? The country spends so much on general English education that you can’t tell them that you are better than them? " Liu Wanqing is more angry and feels shortness of breath.
"Teacher Lu, I’m being practical. Don’t be angry. Several students in my village and my relatives have graduated from college and said that it took them a lot to learn English. Now they have given it back to the teacher at all. Besides, it’s not bad to really communicate with foreigners after seeing that the United Nations General Assembly speaks English with foreigners and horses can be translated into Chinese."
Lu Wanqing is right. I really can’t see the boy who doesn’t like to talk across the street. It’s like pouring cold water on her. This English teacher is not at all. Is it just to wave their precious study? Liu Wanqing couldn’t help staring at him ruthlessly.
Wang Feipeng instantly bowed his head and said nervously, "Now it’s all like this. There is no way to learn from Teacher Lu in the exam. Do you still teach me listening?"
Liu Wanqing bit her lip. "I won’t dispute with you. When you grow up, you will learn English. Now let me talk to you."
Two and a half hours later, Wang Feipeng left the English teacher’s office in a daze. He came to review the high number two tonight, and the plan was disrupted ~
Chapter III Sprint of College Entrance Examination
On May 3rd (Monday), the blackboard in Class 32, Grade Three, Huigong Middle School says ""days before the college entrance examination!
Today, all the students in the class are looking forward to it, especially those who are called "shits" by the teacher. "The results of the last simulated college entrance examination will be announced today. Wang Feipeng has jumped from the tenth place to the fourth place. The top ten students feel that Alexander, especially Liu Hongmei, who has been the first in the class for three years, has never been shaken, including all other classes in the same grade!
Teacher Qin, the squad leader, came into the classroom with a red paper list. Everyone stretched their necks. Liu Hongmei pushed the heavy glasses and looked straight at the first line. "Liu Hongmei, the first place, scored 641 points." She couldn’t help but lower her head and prepared to continue making the paper. Suddenly, she was surprised and looked back at the red paper list. She couldn’t help but look at it again. Her name was "Wang Feipeng, the second place, scored 632 points", which was 9 points less than her!
In three years of high school, no one has ever narrowed the gap to be so close to her, because she has always been proud of Huigong Middle School and a strong competitor of the county science champion. Wang Feipeng has been drifting in the middle level. In less than one year, she jumped to the second place in the school and became a phoenix, which means that she didn’t need to study hard for the first two years of high school.
Wang Feipeng looked at the list carefully, and there was an uncontrollable excitement in his heart. A year ago, no one thought that he could catch the bus for the college entrance examination. A year later, his classmates, teachers, including his parents and grandfather finally stepped on this step, thinking that he had paid for this year every day like a robot getting up, watching, eating and sleeping. There was no other life, and even his favorite basketball, football and tennis were abandoned. How much hardship and pay was there? How many times can’t help but want to give up? Is there a way to read in the world? But when I think of my parents’ trivial disputes every day, I have a big argument every Monday for three days and a small argument. I want to leave and travel, but there is no suitable road. Unless I work with the villagers to be a bricklayer, carpenter and painter, these are not things I want to do! This may be the only motivation to study hard.
Recently, Lu Wanqing, an English teacher, didn’t ask him to help her with her listening. Perhaps the English theory annoyed her, but Wang Feipeng insisted on his point that everyone around him was speaking Chinese, but some of them were forced to learn English, and their scores were the same as those of Chinese and mathematics. It was really unreasonable that Zheng Kejian and Zhang Xiaojie came here several times to inquire about the situation, and he kicked them out.
My thoughts are a little confused. Wang Feipeng took a deep breath to get rid of the messy thoughts. All subjects have been reviewed for three times, and the key points and difficulties have been chewed up. This time, my grades have risen rapidly, and there is still the last day. I should comb it again and do more analog papers. English listening is still a weakness. It is difficult to get high in the short term. It is better to give up and switch to other subjects. I have determined the review plan later. Wang Feipeng is immersed in it again.
Three days before the college entrance examination, the school had a holiday, and Wang Feipeng, who left the third year of high school, sat next to the tricycle borrowed by his father. He was always greeted by his classmates, and most of them were picked up by car.
After returning home, my mother stewed chicken and added three eggs to Wang Feipeng’s face. "Feipeng, I think there is hope for this college entrance examination."
"I don’t study hard at ordinary times, but now I don’t have to do well in the exam." Wang Feipeng’s father reprimanded me
"Ma Gaokao also speak! Take a good test, I believe you! "