Not without talking, moving, even breathing.

Only irregular huge bubbles are everywhere.
That’s an impermeable protective layer made by Shuo Oil!
All the residents of the whole world were wrapped in it.
Their residents are like being put into a transformation warehouse, and their bodies, lives and souls are like past ones. undefended city is directly occupied by Jorgemov’s consciousness.
Then he instilled the concept of loyalty to himself and carried out various phase debugging …
When it’s over,
The fifth floor [Shuo Oil Sea] has become calmer than the sea surface.
Circle after circle, it can be seen to the naked eye that the center of the wave lake continues to spread to the periphery.
The huge energy from the first layer of the [Freician World] also drops rapidly from the dark shadow and is directly injected into the center of the vortex like a Tianzhu …
This moment
The residents who are sleeping because of forced transformation in the whole [non-Rician world] seem to have received the call of unity and woke up in a thousand signs …
Transport one’s claws or finger to tear that outer bubble bondage and immediately kneel on the cold ground.
Without eyes, they somehow guided their heads in the same direction and shouted
"My Lord-Jorgemov, from now on, you will be the non-Riccia God and will be the source of fear for the Dark Lord …"
In their pious call
【 Shuo oil sea 】
At the center of the vortex, the surging waves are getting higher and higher.
A huge egg hidden in the middle slowly breaks up.
A half-length is similar to that of a scorpion, while a half-length is similar to that of a human being, striding out of it in metal armor.
Hold one’s palm in vain.
I feel that China is a thousand times stronger than China.
Jogmov’s face gradually became a little crazy.
"Ha ha ha ha ….."
He laughed wildly.
The whole nine-story area of the world trembled slightly.
And those who pray [Shuo oil infected body] are more and more enthusiastic in the face of this great power.
Only Olga watched everything with interest without saying a word.
Even though Jorgemov has undergone earth-shaking transformation, his strength is different from the past, but he still has no sense of Olga.
Or now he is even less likely to feel strange than before.
If Olga wants to talk, Jogmov’s vision, hearing, smell, touch, taste, perception, and way of thinking … are all things he adjusts, and Jogmov will feel that everything is his own idea and he won’t notice anything wrong.
Chapter 623 Jorgemov really
After a while.
Jogmov barely calmed down his excited mood and sighed with his abundant strength.
"It’s really powerful …"
According to the original, he predicted that this round of integration would definitely not be strengthened to such an extent.
There is a high probability that it will take a lot of effort to transform those disobedient genera into "Shuo Oil Infected Body" afterwards.
He is also ready to divide the group of guys into camps and oppose each other, and slowly try to eat them up little by little.
But what he has achieved now far exceeds his original expectation!
Just a little passive influence during the fusion directly infected all the millions of genera into [Shuo Oil Infected Body]!
Recall that I recently remotely debugged the feelings of those infected people through Shuo You.
Jogmov’s face couldn’t help showing some look of addiction.
That virus transforms things from the first perspective, which makes him feel like a creator and greatly satisfies his vanity!
What effect will be so excellent in this fusion ceremony?
Jorgemov didn’t have any doubts.
My brain is full of things like’ Damn how I am so good! Jie Jie Jie …’,’ Respect for talent is so terrible …’,’ Slag hassa gives …’ Sao ideas.
Don’t ask why you ask this question. Olga modified yogmov’s brain circuit in this respect.
Whenever he recalls something, he will make a rational patch for this problem himself.
And whether others believe it or not, at least he will believe it himself!
After shifting one’s attention from one’s own gang after being transformed.
Jogmov felt a little excitement around the place without any fluctuation.
Through the information obtained by former Defoe, he can clearly judge that the great probability of that strange fluctuation is the so-called time force! Construct the most basic force in the world!
It is precisely because they can be manipulated at will that the [Travellers] can travel freely in different worlds and see all kinds of unknown things on the vast side!
It’s different from Difid’s feeling that’ it’s as awesome as a raging tsunami. If you don’t pay attention, you will feel torn to pieces in an instant!’ For Jogmov now, those moments are so weak that even the breeze on the seashore is worse. If you don’t feel them carefully, he probably will be an illusion …
This means that he is not lucky, and it is still difficult to feel it.
The distance can be manipulated at will, and the time is moving forward and backward [Travel Master], but I don’t know how far away it is!
Thought of here, I was still very happy. Jogmov immediately felt a strong bad mood.
In my heart, I can’t help but feel a lot of hostility towards those who have gained such ability easily [Travel Master]!


But it is not a simple matter to put it on this thorny road.

Thorns are everywhere on both sides of the thorn road, or * * Bare feet and feet are still tied … The skin is cut and bleeding by thorns, which is inevitable, even if it is a little bit by bit, a small wound is increasing, and 1,300 meters of thorns are enough to make a strong adult bleed to death.
Take the thorny road, you must stand on your back, hold your chest out and walk upright. You can’t bend sideways or move.
What’s more, it is very important that they have the Bible in their hands … We must rely on our own hands to ensure that the Bible is still intact after passing through the thorny road!
That is to say, you must always keep your eyes open and stare at the thorns that may blow to the Bible … Life takes a thorny road to dye the Bible in your hands and the white robe tied to your feet.
If the loyalty to the Lord is not high and the faith is not strong enough, this road will definitely not cross, and bloodshed can kill people.
Only when you have faith to paralyze yourself and hypnotize yourself can you stay awake in the case of excessive blood loss … If you have to go through this thorny road, even if the blood loss is serious, the medical technology in the 5th century can guarantee that people will be fine.
Lin took the Bible and stepped on the thorny road!
The first one is the most dangerous … Since the appearance of the Thorn Road Rule, almost all the first people who accepted the Thorn Road test failed.
The second one is also very dangerous. After all, the first one arrives halfway and the second one becomes a passer-by.
The third one has a great chance of passing, but it also bears a lot of risks. After all, the first two have to get to the third one.
Generally, from the fourth one, there is no failure …
However, if the most dangerous first three, especially the first one, can pass, it means that this believer’s loyalty to the Lord and Christianity is absolutely overwhelming, and it will also receive great attention for the seminary to focus on training.
Lin was an ordinary believer with the same body as ordinary people before he played the role.
But after Lin controls this role, he is no longer an ordinary person … More than an hour of physical adaptation is enough for Lin, an ordinary body, to exert extraordinary combat effectiveness.
Lin stepped on the thorn road and immediately appeared dozens of tiny scars. Blood beads penetrated from the skin. The soles of the feet stepped on a few dry thorns, and the thorns immediately pierced the soles of the trees and stuck to the surface.
This little pain is nothing for Lin … But there is still a little bit of pain in Lin’s eyes. After all, Lin can’t show anything too different from ordinary people. Just go through this thorny road within a reasonable range
Maybe people behind Lin will think Lin is stupid.
But this kind of words in this place that is absolutely can’t say … Even in the heart flash across is also a sin.
Be silent, be pious and have faith in the Lord here!
Chapter four hundred and seventeen Eyes!
The thorns around Thorn Road are not thorns, and there are a large number of small flying cameras. This is to observe the situation of students and believers who have been tested by Thorn Road. After all, they can test that Noah University is an elite, not to mention these students who have been admitted to the seminary, especially the elite.
If these students have physical accidents, they can immediately understand the situation and send someone to rescue them.
At the same time, we can also see if these students are cheating … After all, it is very simple for science and technology to cheat in this test now.
For example, injecting a little coagulant or nerve agent can definitely easily pass through the thorn road … but this kind of thing can’t happen here.
The so-called prevention of disadvantages is to see if these students who have been tested by the thorn road have made any sideways, bent down to avoid thorns in the process of passing through the thorn road, or if they should step on the thorns on the ground but deliberately avoid them. It is hardly a bad move.
Lin’s mind clearly remembers the rules of the thorn road, otherwise the soles of his feet wouldn’t be stung by thorns with a foot on the floor.
Rows of thorns cut across the scarred skin of the forest, and their eyes will twitch and their eyebrows will vibrate slightly, but now they will not, as if the body has lost the pain.
I walked for a minute in less than 100 meters.
Pants covered with blood were marked with red blood, and white trousers were dyed with red blood … But now there is not much blood in Lin Huaizhong’s Bible and his clothes tied to his feet.
Lin’s brain is very sober. If he walks through a thorny road, the Bible will definitely be dyed red with his own blood, and his robe will become a tattered bloody garment.
The second student who was tested behind Lin was in very good health, although he was also scarred. At most, Lin had a scar of one tenth.
The students in the back are almost as little as the second one.
One hundred meters!
It’s not surprising that a person can make it if he crustily skin of head.


"Listening to your words, it seems that you seem to have a way to deal with Gaster?" Qin Chu sneer at a way, "who is that, just being chased by Gaster is like a lost dog, running away? Still dare to talk big here. "

Qin Chu wouldn’t believe that Rheinhaas had a way to deal with Gast, but Rheinhaas said it, but he still reminded Qin Chu. Although he only met Gast once, Qin Chu could still see that Gast, this guy, was definitely a terminating and unscrupulous person.
Think about it inside the volcano, he can disregard his own safety and the lives of Eugene and others, and cast such a drastic measure. Who else can do it?
"I have a way to deal with Gaster, but I don’t have that ability now." Rhine Haas road.
"So what do you want?" Qin Chu stared at Rhine Haas. "It is absolutely impossible for me to let you go in vain like this. Who knows if you will deal with me in turn in the future? I will never do anything to set the tiger free. "
"As long as you spare me." Rhine Haas long spit of relief, "I now, if you want to completely recover, at the very least, it will take hundreds of years. To be honest, it’s hard for me to do you any harm now. "
Qin Chu had a brainwave and said, "I have an idea, but I don’t know if you will accept it. This is the only reassuring way I can think of. "
"What way?" Rhine Haas consternation.
"Be my god"
"What? Let me be a god king and be your next god? " Reinhardt seemed a little angry, but when he thought about the present situation, he finally just sighed and said, "Well, I can be your god, but now you don’t have the qualification and ability."
"What?" Qin Chu slightly one leng.
"Don’t you know?" Rhine Haas didn’t think Qin Chu would be ignorant to this situation, even the most common sense things all don’t know, "I want me to be your next god, not just talk about it. First of all, I should also have a minimum of God’s cultivation, and then occupy one side of God’s domain before I can divide God’s order. At that time, I will be your next God. "
"So hard?" Qin Chu some dumbfounded, frowned, "according to your meaning, before I didn’t become a god, there is no other way to control you? Then I have to kill you … "
"No, no, no, maybe you don’t understand what I said just now. I’ll explain it to you again." Rhine Haas a listen to Qin Chu, daylights out, scrambling explained, "the next god exists only in the department of god, you now for even a god, I attached to you, also can’t count as the next god. Of course, perhaps, I can’t be your god now, but there is another way to let you rest assured of me completely. "
"What?" Qin Chu quietly looked at Rhine Haas.
"Yes, although I can’t be your god now, because your realm is not enough, but I can be your servant. To be your servant, you don’t need the realm. " Rhine Haas wanted to kill himself directly in his heart. What he said just now is great. Now he can’t be a god, but he can only be the servant of the other side.
"God servant?" Qin Chu scratched his head. "What do you mean by servant of God?"
This time, Rheinhas really didn’t dare to say anything more. What Qin Chu asked, he answered honestly: "The servant of God is your servant. You can control the life and death of your servant, and you can instantly understand his thoughts. This is the best way to control a person. "
"Oh?" Hearing this, Qin Chu suddenly came to his senses. "What’s the difference between this servant of God and the next God?"
"The next god is the existence of the department of God, and the subordinate of the king of God is the next god, just like the minister of the emperor on earth, and the servant of God is the figure who waits on the emperor’s guards. Everything about God’s servant is under the master’s control. "
Rhine Haas really wants to slap himself with a few big mouths. Why did he make a big mouth just now? Now he has to be a servant of God. Compared with being a servant of God, it is not only a matter of losing face, but also a matter of not being free to be a god. Although he is a subordinate of the king of God, he still has some freedom. In the absence of things, he can do what he wants. However, the servants of God have no freedom in this respect, and their thoughts, actions and so on are all under the control of their masters. No, no freedom, the master’s words are orders, which must be carried out to the letter.
"So that’s it. All this is under control, and I think it is to control your soul. "Qin Chu laughed." Haha, now I will accept you as my servant. Only in this way will I feel at ease. "
Only by thoroughly controlling each other’s souls can we truly be at ease. Because after taking control of the other person’s soul, once the other person has a bad thought in his heart, he will instantly notice it, but on second thoughts, he can easily erase the servants of God from this world.
This is the power of the soul
Rhine Haas a face of bleak, but also helpless, he opened his soul, like a weak to be ravaged, bare luo naked in front of Qin Chu.
Qin Chu unceremoniously immediately put a wisp of his soul imprint into the soul of Rheinhaas. With the cooperation of Rheinhaas, this process went very fast, but it was completed in the blink of an eye.
From this moment on, Rheinhas, the king of Diablo, became the servant of Qin Chu.
After putting his soul imprint into the soul of Rheinhas, Qin Chu clearly felt that he had something more in his heart.
"If I had known this, I should have promised him to be a god, which is better than being a servant of God." Rheinhas kept turning this idea in his heart.
Qin Chu naturally felt this idea and grinned: "If I had known, why should I have done it now? But don’t worry, you’ve become my servant, and I won’t treat you badly. As long as you do things well, I’m always very generous to my opponents. However, if you dare to do something that makes me unhappy, hum, you know the consequences. To kill you, for me, it’s just an idea. Do you know? "
Rhine Haas body yishan, lower the head, respectfully. Because of the soul mark, Qin Chu’s every word, give Rhine Haas feeling, with a majesty that he can’t violate.
This is the power of the soul mark. Once you put your soul mark into the other person’s soul, it will make the other person have a heartfelt awe of himself in the depths of his soul. Moreover, this process will be from weak to strong. As time goes on, the role of the soul mark will become more and more powerful, and the awe and majesty of the servant will become more and more powerful.
It is only a short time since Qin Chu put the soul imprint into the soul of Rheinhaas just now. Rheinhaas feeling of Qin Chu has changed from hatred and fear at first to respect and fear now.
Qin Chu is the master of Rhine Haas, and Qin Chu’s words will be regarded as the will of Rhine Haas, and he will not dare to disobey it.
"Tell me all these things you collected first." Qin Chu was not polite, and immediately fulfilled his rights as a master.
Rhine Haas’s every thought, under his supervision. It’s impossible for Reinhardt to deceive himself, so Qin Chu is not worried that Reinhardt will be tricky to himself.
Rheinhas nodded honestly, picked up the little black ball just now, and said respectfully, "God, this black ball is the key control hub of the old slave’s god world." The old slave has been refining for a long time, but it can’t be completely refined. God can take it away, and this thing is useless in the hands of the old slave. "
"Oh?" Qin Chu in the mind a pleased, this world of god is absolutely good. With this thing, you have a strong guarantee.

Chapter 211
Chapter 211
Qin Chu took the little black ball and looked around with his eyes. At this time, he discovered that this little black ball was extraordinary.
At first glance, the little black ball looks very ordinary, but when you put it in your hand and feel it with your heart, you will feel the abnormality inside. The black inside the little black ball keeps circulating, like flowing water or fog. Through this black, Qin Chu can see that there are several shining stars in the black ball. And those two points are still spinning there.
"This little black ball material is also strange, and my Yuan God can’t enter it to detect." Qin Chu was a little surprised. He just tried to pour his Yuan God into it, only to find that he hadn’t entered it yet, so he was blocked by a soft repulsive force.
Qin Chu did not dare to mess around, so he accepted his Yuan God and asked Rheinhas, "What’s the name of this little black ball?"
"Report back to the Lord, this little black ball is the center of the world of God, and its name is actually called the stellar core. The old slave accidentally discovered this realm of God four thousand years ago, and then he took away this star core, constantly refining it with his own strength, and finally took control of the part of the realm of God. "
It turns out that the name of the little black ball is called the stellar core.
"After so long refining, you just took control of the part of the realm of God?" Hear the word of the Rhine Haas, Qin Chu can’t help a slight frown, "you said earlier, oneself can’t completely refining? What’s going on here? "
Qin Chu clearly felt that Rhine Haas said this and didn’t hide anything. He really can’t completely refine this realm of God. For four thousand years, why can’t Rheinhas refine this star core?
"God matrixay, old slave refining it for four thousand years, to try the method, also have tried, but there has been no way. There seems to be a powerful force in this star core, which has always rejected the power of the old slave, so the old slave really has no way to surrender it. "Rheinhas looked ashamed and helpless.
"Oh?" Qin Chu heard the interest. "It has been refining for four thousand years, but it has not been refining. This is interesting." Qin Chu is very interested in things like refining treasures, no matter how complicated and difficult.
"How to refine this star core?" Qin Chu inquired.
"There is the mark of the old slave in this star core. As long as the old slave erases the soul mark, God can refine it again." Rhine Haas busy way.
"After refining, you can also erase the soul mark inside?" Qin Chu eyebrows a wrinkly, how do you feel the star nuclear refining, like refining other people’s magic weapon?
In Qin Chu’s view, this mysterious world of God is stronger than magic weapon. At the very least, after refining, it can only be abolished like its own refined Lingbao, but it can’t erase the soul mark inside. This is also the reason why Qin Chu has always been interested in artifacts such as Poseidon fork, because the marks in these artifacts can be erased by his own random refining.
"Take your soul mark out first." Qin Chu wanted to think, for Reinhardt’s way, it’s complicated to take away the soul imprint, but it won’t hurt Reinhardt’s soul. But if you erase the soul mark inside, it will definitely do some harm to the soul of Reinhardt.
Rhine Haas is now dead set on Qin Chu because of the soul mark of God’s servant, and has become a full-fledged slave. Hearing that Qin Chu can think for himself, he can’t help but shed tears. His soul now is very weak because of the lightning attack of Xiaobai’s punishment just now. If you forcefully erase his soul mark again, it will only make Rhine Haas much more.
Rhine Haas quickly thanked him: "Thank God." Said, and immediately began to pull away the soul mark inside the star nucleus. In order to refine this stellar core, Rheinhaas has spared no effort for 4,000 years. The soul power contained in this stellar core can occupy more than one-fifth of Rheinhaas power. If Qin Chu obliterates it at once, Reinhardt’s thousand-year penance will be destroyed.
Qin Chu was not idle when Rheinhaas pulled away the soul mark in the star nucleus, and his eyes rested on the pile of things beside him.
Those superb staves and exquisite and pocket-sized skeletons are not attractive to Qin Chu. Because those staves are for the use of wizards and the like, they are of no use to Qin Chu, except that materials can be removed from them for use. As for the exquisite skeletons of Xiuzhen, Qin Chu already knows quite well. These skeletons exude evil breath and the fierce spirit that drives people, just like the huge skeleton that once soaked in the blood pool inside the volcano, it should be the same. Looks like a puppet or something.
"However, it is a good way to use these skeletons to absorb the fierce spirit in the blood pool and make the essence of blood more pure." Qin Chu thought, these skeletons, certainly is some powerful fierce beasts, got by rheinhas, then get into this appearance.
"Well, like this refined bones puppet, power is good. But when you really meet a master, you still don’t have much resistance. Although Rheinhas is a generation of god kings, he knows too little about refining. " Qin Chu to the skeleton, shook his head, refined like this, don’t have much technical content. Reinhardt’s previous refining was simply a waste of materials.
What a waste of the bones of those fierce beasts
"Well, what is this transparent crystal?" Qin Chu finally eyes rested on the half-meter square transparent crystal. It seems that there is nothing strange about the crystal, but Qin Chu became interested in the thought that it was collected by Rheinhas.
Everything collected by Rheinhas has something extraordinary. It doesn’t seem to have any strange crystals, so I think there are some strange places.
Qin Chu reached out to the crystal, and suddenly felt his abdomen, rippling a warm current, and then the warm current went through the body uncontrollably, and quickly flocked to the transparent crystal along his arm.


The factory director was a little surprised. He met Chen Yougong at the commendation meeting, and when the car was inspected, it was a good young man. The factory also made a lot of contributions.

"I see the survey says that he is still renting a house?"
"Before he lived in the factory, his wife came to the county from the village and passed the exam. She became a temporary teacher in the county primary school. Later, she saved the child in the fire because of her good morality and ignored her own safety. Then she was transferred to a regular school, and both of them rented a house outside."
Ann Zhang knows more.
The factory director thought for a moment with a frown after hearing nothing. "But I heard that there is something wrong with his wife’s composition."
Zhang An hesitated. "But his wife and family were released from Kyoto, but it is no problem for his wife to come with her parents voluntarily, and it is said that there is no connection."
"Ok, the housing allocation index for the second quarter is June. Please fill in his name, no matter how he has made a lot of contributions to our factory, the economy can’t chill people’s hearts."
The director doesn’t have any other ideas, mainly because the list has to be submitted to the surface for background investigation.
Zhang An didn’t intend to tell Chen Yougong what happened after coming out of the office. After all, it didn’t work out in the end. What if it ended in the end?
Hundreds of villages have reached the quota for raising pigs this year. Early in the morning, Yuechuan called everyone to threshing ground in the broadcasting room.
It was still very cold at the end of March. Chen’s family asked several children to eat early and sent them to learn to take Yuanyuan to threshing ground.
Today, I wore a little thick cotton-padded jacket for Yuanyuan, and a little cotton vest outside. The vest is army green, a pair of cotton pants and a wool hat.
Chen bet that that whole village can’t find such a beautiful girl.
If not, Li Guihua next door will look straight when he comes out with Chen.
"It’s a beautiful suit. Aren’t you good at it?"
Chen proudly looked up. That’s not true.
"Isn’t your daughter-in-law going?"
Li Guihua, um, said, "I’m still a little embarrassed to let her out at home."
"Nothing, just get used to it. I’ll ask my second daughter-in-law to take her with me when I get to work."
The two men walked in front of Yuanyuan, stopped for a while, grabbed a grass and pulled a flower.
When the people in threshing ground haven’t arrived in Qiyuechuan, they are already standing on the table, just wait for the people to talk when they are almost there.
"Does your family still raise pigs this year?" Li Guihua asked if she didn’t want to keep it, mainly because there were few family members, and this pig grass could not be less, and it had to be fresh every day.
Chen shook her head, and she didn’t intend to raise an extra catty of meat every year. Now there are more people who can earn meat at home, so there is no shortage. It is really hard to cut pig grass.
After waiting for a while, Yuechuan began to speak.
"As usual, raise your hand if anyone wants to raise pigs, and then let’s vote together to raise the highest family."
No sooner had he finished than he motioned for everyone to raise their hands.
Chen looked at her with her hand in her hand and came to vote for her family.
Yuechuan looked at who raised their hands and took notes one by one.
"Hey, Chen, is your family not raising this year?"
His voice shouted to the people around him, but everyone paid attention to it. Everyone was thinking that the Chen family was definitely going to raise it, and they all watched it.
"My family won’t keep it this year. No one cuts pig grass." Chen explained with a smile.
"that’s a pity. We can all get more points if we raise aunts."
"Yes, yes, really?"
The people around you started talking at sixes and sevens.
Yuechuan looked at it again and hurriedly organized discipline.
"All right, stop it. We’re all voluntary. Okay, who else has to raise? Raise your hand quickly."
After that, several more hands were raised.
Wang Fen raised her hand as usual this year. Last year, she fed pigs that were 20 kilos less than Chen Jia’s, which was a full 20 kilos. This year, she struggled to get back, but she didn’t raise them?
Wang Fen thought for a long time and let go of her hand, and she didn’t keep it.
YueChuan looked at Wang Fen put his hand to open his mouth or didn’t speak. He crossed out her name with a frown.
Chen easily voted and left. It’s really easy not to raise pigs.
Chen Yougang, the county team, also took over and became a regular worker. The salary returned to normal at 55.5 yuan, and the ticket was different regularly every month, but it was uncertain when I came back, almost once every two months.
There are fewer and fewer Chen family members. Yue-e Li is busy earning work points in the field. Chen is busy with chickens and ducks at home and cooking to take care of several children. However, there is less pressure to stop raising pigs at home and go to the mountains to cut pig grass.
At the end of May, Chen Yougang came back with a sports car and brought back half a fan of beef.
"Mom, it’s cheap to buy beef from their place when I’m on my way. I’ll get it back with the ice when I bring it back."
Chen Yougang went a long way to get it back this time, and it took a lot of effort to send a large piece to Lao San and some from Master Liao. After all, people have taught themselves for so long and have no children and women to take care of them.
It’s already getting hot at this moment. It’s fine in the morning and evening. The sun is really hot at noon.
"Come on, you should wash yourself quickly and see how dirty it is." Chen Wu wear nose and some abandon Chen Yougang.
Next to Yuanyuan, she followed suit, covered her nose and frowned.


Can’t, resin demon Lin Zhao has been in the place where babies are forbidden for decades, and the idea of being cautious and saving lives first has already gone deep into his soul.

However, it has just been reunited, and it is preparing to display its innate five-dun magical power. When fleeing, it is found that the sword rain that chased him all over the sky immediately began to change, turning into hundreds of finely divided sword lights, forming a huge sword net, wrapping it, and squeezing it hard toward the central government, saving thorns, and it is bound to be strangled invisible.
In the face of such a desperate situation, at this moment, the resin demon Lin Zhao remembered the situation that he was jointly pursued by countless factions. At that time, he had countless dangerous situations and wouldn’t let it go now. However, he never gave up that fraction, went shopping all the way, and finally spelled out an open hand. At this time, a long-lost brave spirit emanated from the corpse demon Lin Zhao. At this moment, he will fight back to the death to get a slim chance of life.
Determined, Lin Zhao, the corpse demon, ignored the thousands of sword lights that would bombard him, turned his hands, and pinched the dharma tactic with self-expression. The extremely difficult fire, without any delay, naturally moved out, covered the whole body, black flame transpiration, straight at the height of the ruler, and the surrounding space seemed blurred.
Resin magic Lin Zhao mouth with a clear drink, the whole people into a fire, at a direction, to meet the blue sword light, dashed past.
Resin magic Lin Zhao also don’t know, his body all day resin fire, can protect yourself out of the sword net. After all, this piece of blue sword net is so powerful that it is his invisible body, and it is also stirred by the sharp and sharp gas that is far away. However, he has no choice but to do so, because this is his only chance to live. In this way, he only needs to accept the sword light on one side. If he stays where he is, he will accept the sword light from all directions and everywhere.
It’s very late, in fact, it’s just a moment. Blink of an eye, the dense blue sword light, like a lotus flower, finally arrived near the corpse demon Lin Zhao. At this moment, the corpse demon Lin Zhao was ready to accept all the pain and was ready to die.
"I want to live! I can live! " These two sentences, but at this moment the resin magic Lin Zhao, the only idea in my heart, besides, I have no idea.
However, when he gritted his teeth and was ready to fight to the death, he found that those blue sword lights, just like that, pierced him silently. However, he did not feel the slightest pain, nor did he find himself hurt by Yiding. In this way, easily, the resin demon Lin Zhao rushed out from the sword net.
And at this time, the resin demon Lin Zhao looked back and found that the dense, overwhelming blue sword net that generally came after him, just like that, suddenly disappeared, never to see the slightest trace again.
Resin magic Lin Zhao eyes to, suddenly found that the blue sword light of the earth, but also in his bones light spirit god net formed white fog barrier! However, at this moment, the blue sword light is not as big as before, just outside the sword body, slightly Teng, but only three feet long. Just, the sword light, it is very different from the previous one integrated mass, but turned into numerous waves of triangular sawtooth, constantly cutting, into the bones light spirit god net inside.
At this moment, the resin demon Lin Zhaocai is completely return to absolute being, understand that he has been taken in, and the previous blue sword light, blue sword rain and blue sword net are all false, but an illusion. This is the real killer sword. At this moment, the resin demon Lin Zhao thinks that he has seen through the real power of this sword.
If you have been confused by this phantom sword, you will definitely think that your defense multiplier is useless. In this case, you will either stop using it or change it to another multiplier. At this time, this real blue sword light will advance and slay yourself with a sword.
Thought of here, resin magic Lin Zhao heart but also can’t help for one of the winds. At this moment, he was extremely grateful to the magic monk who refined the network of bones and light spirits.
"Fortunately, my body is a powerful defense multiplier for the bones and light spirit network. Moreover, this bone and light spirit network is not an unusual defense multiplier. It doesn’t need course, but it is more protective. Otherwise, I’m afraid I really can’t escape this robbery this time! "
Resin magic Lin Zhao thought he had really seen through the blow of this green stork sword, but it wasn’t. That fantasy sword just now is false, but it is also powerful. This sword is also one of the secrets of the immortal sword Sect: the magic sword!
The magic sword, as its name implies, is a fencing that kills people with the magic sword. He is invalid to the body, pointing to the origin of the monk, and the simulated effect is really fake.
The Qing Jian used by this famous Jian Xiu was given by his master, and it is naturally an excellent sword. This sword, like Wei Wuji’s innate Qi Geng Jin Excalibur, also has several kinds of swordsmanship, among which the most powerful one is the magic sword. Therefore, this famous Jian Xiu only needs to move his mind, and there is no need to pinch the tactic at all, so he can display it.
This magic sword, after being nourished by the Qi of the green stork sword itself, is more effective, giving people a feeling that it is more powerful than the real sword light. Moreover, we can also carry out natural evolution according to the enemy’s wishes, trap the enemy into a dead end, and kill his spirit and will to survive bit by bit.
Once the enemy despairs himself, then the fantasy sword derived from this magic sword, even though it is virtual, has real lethality to the soul. Because, if a person is in despair, he will have the effect of chopping his own fantasy sword on himself. As a result, every fantasy sword will be chopped down according to his own mind, and this feeling of injury will be derived, making him think that he has really been hit so hard.
The deeper the despair, the heavier the damage you imagine, and the heavier the real damage caused by the sword of fantasy. When he feels he is going to die, he dies.
This is typical of scaring yourself and killing yourself, but it is extremely effective. Fear is the seven emotions of human beings, and everyone will have it. The only difference lies in the big and small, and whether it can be controlled!
Previously, if the resin demon Lin Zhao was at that last minute, he was not inspired by blood and had a desperate heart, but he sank and despaired, so he would die without getting the real sword light. However, with this desperate heart and a fearless heart that can bear all the pain, the sword of fantasy will not break down, because it doesn’t know that it should evolve pain to hurt the people in front of it. As a result, it can only do no harm at all.
It can be said that Lin Zhao, the corpse demon, is real, circling around the gate of hell, instead of what he thinks, and he will be fine.
At this point, the resin demon Lin Zhao was freed from the magic sword, and the real green stork sword light was still fighting with the bones light spirit god net. Obviously, in a short period of time, there would be no result. At this time, it is natural to fight back to unload the evil spirit in my heart.
However, the resin demon Lin Zhao felt very strange about the situation of his sword-repairing enemy. Because, in the case that the green stork sword was obviously reactive before the white bones light spirit god network, he did not use any other instruments, but grinned slightly, and his face was full of smug smiles.
Seeing this, the resin demon Lin Zhao actually lingered up, and the spirit force swept out quickly, looking around, trying to make a survey, to see if this Jian Xiu had any vicious attack means in his trance. After all, the previous sword repair method still made him concerned!
However, where did the resin demon Lin Zhao know? This time, this Jian Xiu really didn’t play tricks, but was stopped by someone else’s tricks! This man was none other than Lin Zhao, a corpse demon, who came to collect the soul’s seven emotions demon Tang Tianchi.
In fact, Shang Tianchi has no opinion of the resin demon Lin Zhao, but it is the same vein. If it is from ruin, it can’t be said in the past. Therefore, when Lin Zhao, a corpse demon, fell into dreamland, Tang Tianchi immediately made a move to attack Jian Xiu and implemented the plan of encircling Wei to save Zhao.
As the head of the seven emotions, Tang Tianchi is sensitive to the changes of people’s seven emotions. As soon as he approached, he found that the mood of Jian Xiu was full of joy. Although, he can’t really understand the source of joy, but he doesn’t need to know, because the seven emotions released by himself can be spontaneously evolved according to the enemy’s emotions, inducing them to develop towards the extreme of this emotion.
The joy of this famous sword repair is naturally due to the fact that the resin demon Lin Zhaozhong has won the magic sword, which has been in chaos. However, the only fly in the ointment is that the opponent’s defense multiplier is too severe, which makes his own green sword unable to make rapid progress, making himself a hit. At this time, Tang Tianchi’s seven emotions eroded, and immediately let him see the white fog barrier manifested by the white bones and light spirits. Under the power of its fluctuating sword, it was like a tear, and a little bit of "Snoop, Snoop" was broken and went deeper into the inside.
So, although not sweeping, but the speed is not slow, the next thing, there is no need to help its catalysis, and it can be imagined by itself. It must be that the resin demon Lin Zhao was beheaded by his green sword. At the thought of this, his heart is particularly happy. If not, he still has it in his heart. At this time, the time and place are wrong, and I am afraid I can’t help laughing.
However, even so, the famous Jian Xiu had to open his mouth to remove some smiles, otherwise, he could not bear it.
Just as this famous Jian Xiu was fully enjoying this share of joy, he didn’t know that Tang Tianchi had followed this share of joy, which eroded his fascination and secretly caused seven emotions. However, Tang Tianchi was not in a hurry to ignite it, but quietly eroded his mind.
On the other hand, Tang Tianchi’s own strength is still low at this time, and it is easy to make a mistake to startle him, so he wants to kill him with one blow; Second, he still wants to see if he has a chance to take this sword-repairing spirit into the seven evil spirits and seven emotions, and turn it into the head of the seven emotions for his own consumption and refining.
I’m so proud of Jian Xiu. I only know that I’m happy. Where did I expect that I would die of happiness? When really should be the old saying, the cycle of justice, retribution!

Chapter 329 Life and death escape
Chapter 329 Life and death escape
"Before, before, before, …"
The sound of tears kept ringing in the ears of this famous Jian Xiu. The green stork sword also made a dash all the way, breaking the white fog barrier and slamming it on the clear ontology as thin as cicada’s wings.
One sword, two swords, three swords, ……
With the crazy chopping of the green stork sword, numerous fine, dense cracks like cobwebs began to appear on the white bone light spirit god net. At first sight, the broken white bone light spirit god net was just around the corner, and the enemy who robbed himself of the benefits was destroyed in an instant.
With this in mind, the famous sword is even more happy in his heart, and the smile on his face is like a flower, more in full bloom.
Of course, these are all false, and they are all illusions derived from Tang Tianchi, the head of the seven emotions, which catalyzes the joy of sword repair itself with his own emotions. Although Tang Tianchi himself doesn’t know the specific content of these fantasies, he can adjust the progress of this illusion by releasing his emotions.
Tang Tianchi is a cautious man, and he knows that his current strength is not strong. Even if you have already got into the opponent’s mud pill palace and confronted the enemy’s soul, you may not have much chance of winning. After all, for a monk, being fascinated is the real root. The flesh is just a body, and the body can be changed, but being fascinated is not easier, easier, and it is not yourself. Therefore, every monk, as long as he has the means of spiritual defense, must try his best to do it.
A high-ranking monk who built the foundation can already practice the mysterious method of reading the sword by god, which is suitable for both offensive and defensive purposes. Although it is very difficult to practice, not everyone can practice successfully. But this, as a top-ranking Buddhist monk, and look at his precious hand, is obviously a talented person, and the chances of success in practice are also great. In addition, the method of illusion is itself a kind of secret method aimed at being fascinated. From the success of this sword to attack the corpse demon Lin Zhao, Tang Tianchi knew that this person must have a very profound attainments on the illusion. And this accomplishment. Strangulation is not necessarily a difficult task to kill a devil with a medium-level foundation level.
Therefore, when Tang Tianchi released the seven emotions, he deliberately slowed down the speed, just like a trickle, slowly flowing, which made the famous Jian Xiu see the desired effect in his heart, encouraged his joy, and did not let him be satisfied at once, which made him extremely poor and broke his illusion.
In this time of delay, Tang Tianchi tried his best to seduce the true anger of seven emotions through Jian Xiu’s own joy, and slowly, he was immersed in yin and spread to all the spirits of Jian Xiu. The effect he wants is that when the seven emotions are really on fire, the mind of this famous sword can be burned to ashes.
Of course, he didn’t really want this effect, but he took protective measures for his own safety. As long as this measure is arranged. Then he won’t have any worries, and he won’t have to worry about getting hurt. At that time, he can take the seven evils and seven emotions network out, just hold your horses and collect and refine the sword.


Poor Zhao Li didn’t know that he had become the key care object. He returned to the team and dared not say anything in the face of everyone’s curiosity and sympathy. He continued to practice.

I didn’t have a chance to say what kind of beauty I saw until I had a rest at night, saying whether it was a rest or a practice. Now everyone can practice instead of sleep and ensure the quality of rest, but after all, the human body can change and needs a real sleep day every week.
"You mean the medical officer in the medical room is a beauty?" Adams suddenly raised his head in the next bunk, and his voice suddenly doubled. Next to his bunk, wolves flashed green.
"Death is so big that the instructor heard it!" Zhao Li had to rebuke everyone, and they were all silent. After a self-hypnosis, they quieted down.
"Not a beautiful woman" Zhao Li played hard to get. When everyone was disappointed, he went on to emphasize that "not an ordinary beauty is a stunning beauty!" As soon as the words were finished, her lithe and graceful figure appeared in my mind, and people could not help but jump in and look a little crazy.
Everyone is shocked, beautiful woman. Is there such a good thing in this training base? Look at Zhao Li’s expression, and you can probably guess what he thinks. This expression should not be deceiving everyone. Everyone seems to be using their brains at once. Do you want to train and pretend to be sick and then go to the clinic to see the beauty?
It’s strange to have Zhao Li, and I can’t figure it out. Supposedly, I’m not that anxious. How can I be so rude when I see that Christine? I really don’t want to be white
Christine is a beautiful name. She should be in her twenties, not much older than herself. What the hell was she thinking?
In the ambivalent mood, Zhao Li finally succumbed to paranoia and fell into practicing intoxication.
Chapter 9 Seize the soul heady ()
Early the next morning, when doing morning exercises, someone accidentally sprained his ankle and was carried to the clinic by Arnold instructor. After he came back, this guy kept a look of ecstasy and didn’t even have a mind to eat.
There is an explanation for the abnormal performance. Zhao Li is not lying. The female medical officer is a stunning beauty, otherwise such a situation would not have happened.
So the number of injured people in the training that day increased several times, and the number of people punished for not listening to the orders clearly increased sharply.
This situation became more and more serious after a pre-rest talk, and there were even cases of being injured in the medical room three times a day.
Zhao Li doesn’t feel anything these days. After a night’s practice, the seductive female military doctor looks a lot less lethal the next day. However, when I look at several of my companions around me, I can’t help but lament that the beauty has brought disaster to the country and the people!
On the third day, instructor Arnold couldn’t bear to rush into the clinic any longer, but he was being treated, but his eyes were staring at the female military doctor who was close at hand and ordered him to return to the team immediately.
When there were instructor Arnold and female military doctor left in that room, instructor Arnold couldn’t help saying, "Christine, please stop tease those rookies!"
"But people have to practice!" The enchanting female military doctor looked awkward. "What else should I do?"
"Can’t you go to the society to practice?" Arnold looked at this face that would soften even if he looked at it for a while, and hurriedly moved his eyes elsewhere.
"How many people can bear social practice!" The female military doctor is very reluctant to tell her grievances. "It will cause small-scale social unrest." A series of Nai words leaked from Christine’s mouth, making people want to care.
"Then you go to those who have finished training!" Staring at the screen carefully, Zhao Li observed the records of these two days, and instructor Arnold didn’t dare to twist his head at all.
"That face is not allowed!" Speaking of this, female military doctors are even more wronged. "I am afraid that it will affect the combat effectiveness and cause harm to the unity of the military department."
"Then you can’t harm me continuously!" Although Arnold instructor looked at the five big three thick and said that his voice was very loud, he was pitiful at the moment like being bullied by a cat. "I finally eliminated seventy-four of the one hundred people in the first phase, ranking first in the elimination list! What do you want me to do? "
"You have a elimination rate when you teach!" Christine is so delicate and delicate that she seems to have been wronged. She looks at instructor Arnold and talks as if he is the one who has brought her great injustice.
"But how can you resist the temptation even if you use your soul-stirring power to withstand these rookies?" Arnold even complained, "Which king egg wants to come out with a bad move?" Face incredibly still agreed. "
"I don’t have the strength to display it either. Who makes them irresistible?" Christine has now returned to normal tone, and even instructor Arnold dares to look at her side.
"But my grades are the worst in this way!" Looking through the window at the group of recruits who were practicing, instructor Arnold couldn’t help but feel sad. "Even one batch was not as good as one, but it didn’t last until ten days later."
"Who let them train in the direction of officers? How can you become a qualified officer even if you are tempted by this beauty? " Christine doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with her doing this at all. "I’m following orders and practicing by the way. You just have to do your own thing!" "
"Where on earth are you from?" Instructor Arnold finally couldn’t help roaring, "You ruined all my teachers!"
"Department? Not necessarily! " Christine sat in the chair and put her right leg in stockings on her left leg to make a provocative gesture. Instructor Arnold took a hard look at it and then turned her eyes to other places again.
"Isn’t that little guy normal that day?" Zhao Li’s information has always been displayed on the screen. Instructor Arnold certainly knows who the beautiful female military doctor said.
Speaking of Zhao Li, it also surprised Arnold instructor. Christine deliberately seduced him, who was the youngest, and was the first to see a female military doctor. He should be the first to be tempted. Unexpectedly, Zhao Li looked normal the next day, as if nothing had happened before. No wonder the psychological evaluation gave him a comment that he knew what he wanted and what to do, which made Arnold instructor appreciate it very much.
"Where am I from?" Dr. Christine licked her lips in a more seductive posture and leaned her head in the direction of instructor Arnold. From the perspective of instructor Arnold, she could just see the scenery inside her collar. "Do you want to go to jail for spying on military secrets?" It’s such a wet blanket to say that you are tempted to move and add sweet and greasy sounds.
"I don’t care which corner you jumped out of, but can you show me a little mercy to make my pass rate higher!" Speaking of which, the eyes of the recruits are like hell messengers, and the face of Arnold instructor is pitiful, like a beggar next to the church.
"I can’t help it!" Christine picked her fingers as tender as white jade. "Who let you be assigned to these future officers is such a bad thing! Blame you, blame those who are responsible for distributing the sergeant training plan! "
Before instructor Arnold could say anything, Christine stopped him. "Those who passed are excellent, aren’t they?"
Instructor Arnold does not deny this and will be honored. Although he has the highest elimination rate, those who pass are indeed the best, otherwise he will not be allowed to continue to train a group of people.
"These damn guys can even get hurt in the military posture. They will feel better when they finish the queue training!" There is no way to get justice here. Instructor Arnold vented all his anger on those recruits who have just received a few days of queue education. They have no idea what hell they will face next.
Chapter 9 Seize the soul heady ()
As instructor Arnold said, some people really went too far, and their poor acting skills were not suitable for the scene, so that they were seen by instructor Arnold just when they pretended to be injured, and then there was a list of punitive measures that made people cry, dad and mom, and those who were punished complained, but they didn’t get any sympathy. How can they sprain their ankles when they were so arrogant?
However, he was punished twice. Adams didn’t go into conscious social work for several years. He has been practicing Julius for many years, and now he has reached the second-class physical strength, which is much better than that of normal recruits. It is the moment when he talks loudly.
"Didn’t you see my God, that female military doctor is really my dream girl, and she will not marry her in this life?" Adams performed his infatuation show in front of everyone with a peach-shaped face. "Oh, my God! Who can tell me her name and I will thank his generation! "
"Christine!" Zhao Li put up with his disgusting words, "Adams female military doctor’s name is Christine, but I don’t need you to thank my generation. Just shut up now!"
"Oh, what a beautiful name!" The anthomaniac was interrupted by a burst of flying boots before he continued to lament. Most people still haven’t seen Christine, and naturally they haven’t been tempted to practice all day. It’s time to rest. Who can stand this guy’s endless hymns?
Early the next day, Arnold instructor came and planned to severely reprimand a few uneasy guys, but suddenly found that everyone in the queue was not looking at himself.
The rhythmic and light footsteps in my ears told him who came here and looked at the poor performance of these recruits across the street. Instructor Arnold couldn’t help but close his eyes and clap his forehead. I was really afraid of what came yesterday. I only planned to practice these recruits. It is best to dream if I can’t wait for bed. With less words, these guys will have no energy to think about some messy things. I didn’t expect people to be worse than heaven!
Christine, a female military doctor, came to the front of the recruit queue with light steps, and asked Arnold instructor for instructions a little timidly. "Can the instructor let Zhao Li have another physical examination?" That kind of talk didn’t dare to make the man in front of him feel a desire for protection for no reason.
Instructor Arnold almost shouted, "Christine, what the hell are you doing?" But this can’t be exported. I knew this witch wouldn’t let her wish come true easily. After a period of teaching, he was already mentally prepared.
"Zhao Li is out!" Instructor Arnold’s big order is over. This witch has been seen by everyone. Whether she can pass or not depends on their respective performances! The witch said it was good to be an officer, but even this temptation can be resisted. If you really want to be an officer, you will be exhausted.
The female military doctor left with Zhao Li at a standard pace, but she also took away everyone’s eyes. The devil’s general figure and the personal army design outlined the place where the witch’s body was the most likely to make people commit crimes. The weak body matched with the vigorous military pace also had a different flavor that made people remember.
Watching the beautiful woman leave, I can’t help but feel a little envious of Zhao Liyou who followed the beautiful woman away. It turns out that poor health is sometimes a blessing. It’s rare to follow the beautiful woman away at this moment, but also to be carefully examined by the beautiful woman immediately. I can’t help but feel a virtual fire when I think of this.
"Everyone runs-go!" Like a thunderbolt, everyone’s ears rang and cried. I still can’t be distracted during training. This was caught by Arnold instructor, and everyone will be punished for running.
Zhao Li doesn’t have those people who want to have a physical examination. Is there something wrong with his body? Compared with your body, even if there are more beautiful women around you, you won’t have any thoughts. Are you worried about your body problems or that your secret has been hidden for several years?
I walked uneasily all the way to the clinic, and when I entered the door, Christine’s coquetry just seemed to disappear suddenly. Zhao Li had been worried that she had not found this situation.
"Sit over there!" The female military doctor is an officer after all, and the order is still to be carried out.
"How do you feel when practicing body building?" Christine directly recorded the video equipment.
"It’s normal, nothing special, sir!" As soon as the female military doctor asked Zhao Li, it was clear that this was not an ordinary physical examination, but a purposeful record. I didn’t know whether it was a secret for myself or the reason why I had never cultivated the first-class martial arts.
"How many weeks at a time?" These are common sense questions, but Christine asked them in detail.
"Nine weeks, sir!" The more this kind of situation, the more afraid Zhao Li is to relax and think carefully, but he answers again. He doesn’t want to keep his secret for years and be made public, and finally he has to become a white mouse. Never!
"Relax, soldier!" Christine found Zhao Li nervous and tried to calm him down. "It’s not very difficult. It’s no big deal. Just relax." The language was soft and beautiful.
Zhao Li was very embarrassed to find that she seemed to fall into that kind of feeling of ecstasy again. Although her heart was still alert, her body had not naturally reacted. There must be something weird. Zhao Li couldn’t help but look at the beautiful military doctor in front of her eyes and felt that her face could not be said to be gentle and lovely.
This seems to make Zhao Li more and more nervous, and her body is stiff and tight. The female military doctor immediately found the abnormality and sighed slightly. Then she asked another question, "How long does it take to exercise every week?"
It seems that the tone has changed slightly, and Zhao Li once again found that the surrounding atmosphere has returned to normal. It seems that there is something wrong with this female military doctor, otherwise this kind of self-control will not occur.
"Twenty minutes, sir!" Sir, I can’t help but answer the question. I’m a little relieved. Zhao Li magnifies the real situation properly and answers it.
Chapter 10 ()


Damage of one hundred and sixty thousand if you trigger Baal sword five times again, you can definitely kill the Xuan at the same level.

King Horn growled and his legs cracked when he stepped on the ground. Fortunately, the third girl retired early, otherwise it would not be enough to plug the teeth of this cow.
"It’s a pity that you can’t fly!" Chu Yun smiled and showed two rows of white teeth.
Crack, kill and chop!
—151121 (Critical Strike)
Although there is no rage, there is a 5% chance to confuse the other side, and this time it just triggers.
With Lei Mingzhu, Chu Yun’s attack is 100% critical hit on the enemy’s body, which is called a cool one!
Two big moves, King Horn, half his health will be lost.
"Light light blue refueling attack!" Chu Yun plucked at the strings, and the magic sound of ayane, the sound of dust, freaky crit, who is cool and who knows?
Chuyun ice breath blue dragon attacks in the sky, but the king of horns can’t fly, but he can roar and destroy the surrounding trees. The imposing manner makes people feel chilly.
Deal with the mysterious monster of almost the same level. Now ChuYun can strike without blowing off dust.
When the health value of the Horn King bottomed out, an ordinary attack in Chu Yun simply ended the life of this mysterious monster and broke out a big push.
Chu Yun landed to take back the little blue sage and counted it …
"Gem or mysterious …" Chu Yun’s eyes are bright and the mysterious stone is definitely a good thing.
"Gem of Power" is an introduction to the mysterious attribute Power +3, which can be embedded in weapons.
One plus three forces Chu Yun feels that even if several gold weapons add up, they are not as powerful as this small stone.
Although this gem didn’t exist by itself, it’s absolutely valuable to sell, and maybe it’s the first xuanbao in the game.
"This is …" At this moment, Chu Yun’s eyes suddenly lit up when he saw a token. "Maybe …"
Chu Yun trembled and picked up the token from the ground. "The guild token is really a guild token …"
Guild token can choose one land to establish guild territory.
To establish territory is equivalent to having your own territory. If someone else wants to pass by, you can take it in and pass by. If someone wants to set up a stall here, you can also set up a stall; If the guild is rich, it can open all kinds of shops, and the membership of the guild can be greatly increased in its own guild territory. If others want to attack or make trouble, they can be killed without any effort.
To put it simply, if you can have a guild territory, money will crash and its profits will be unimaginable. Of course, one thing you can’t ignore is that it is necessary to choose a geographical location when establishing a guild, otherwise others will not come to your guild territory. What if you talk about making money in this way?
The price of the first guild token is too high.
Chu Yun doesn’t know if there is a token in Qinglong City, Suzaku City and Baihu City, but Xuanwu City is definitely the first piece.
Chu Yun is shaking all over. If you choose the best geographical location to build your own territory, maybe there will be 500 million yuan in a year. At that time, Mengyao’s father will never be able to stop them from being together.
It was Chu Yun who thought of a headache. It was not so easy to establish his own guild territory, especially the first guild territory.
Because when you build territory, other forces will come out to stop it. If you fail to build territory, the guild token will be white.
Unless you choose a geographical difference, then other forces will not come out to stop it.
But who would be stupid enough to go to the first guild token to build territory in a poor geographical location?
Chu Yun is absolutely convinced that if the Bauhinia mercenary group establishes territory, it will be attacked by various forces, especially the four top forces in Xuanwu City. They will never let other forces step on their heads first.
Chu Yun is really an enemy among the powerful players now, but the problem is that they can never be alone when they come to attack.
"Go back and discuss with Meng Yao." Chu Yun put away the guild token and was too lazy to think about it.
At this time, three women came running, and the flush on the face behind the veil was obviously stimulated by the previous scene.
You know, this is the third level of the earth’s Xuan, so it’s incredibly dead for a while!
Chu Yun checked a piece of equipment. It’s a pity that there is a lot of mystery in gold and silver.



Chapter 021 【 towering giant tree 】
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It turns out that the Tiandi Chamber of Commerce stood out from many chambers of commerce in a very short period of time, from a second-rate small guild to a first-class chamber of commerce. Throughout the imperial city, only the Heaven and Earth Chamber of Commerce sells Guben Peiyuan Dan. Naturally, the attention of those nobles and rich people is focused on the Heaven and Earth Chamber of Commerce.
Muxiu will be destroyed by Lin Feng! Invisible, the Heaven and Earth Chamber of Commerce has become the target of public criticism!
The Medicine Refining Association has announced that it will terminate its cooperation with the World Chamber of Commerce, and cut off the supply of medicines in the pharmacies under the World Chamber of Commerce. At the same time, other business alliances are also vaguely integrated, and they have adopted bad competition methods such as price reduction to attract customers, so as to suppress the World Chamber of Commerce, which is still weak!
The chamber of commerce in the world, which was originally engaged in small profits but quick turnover, will only lead to the loss of the business alliance if it also reduces the price! But … If you don’t reduce the price, you will lose more customers! No matter what you do, the chamber of commerce can’t make a bargain!
Wade looked uncertain and said, "This time, I was really reckless. I foolishly thought that we could control Guben Peiyuan Dan by the strength of our Chamber of Commerce alone …"
Qin Chu smiled faintly: "The wood is beautiful in the forest, and the wind will destroy it. This is an eternal truth; But … what if this tree is a giant tree? "
Wade wry smile way: "towering trees, the wind is not easy to blow down. But … do you think that a small chamber of commerce between heaven and earth can become a towering tree before it is blown down by the wind? "
Wade took out the profit from the recent auction of Dan medicine and handed it to Qin Chu. You Zi looked apologetic: "The original promise can’t be finished, but your medicine is a treasure no matter where it is, so don’t worry about being buried!"
Qin Chu said with a smile, "What if I can make your chamber of commerce in the world become a towering tree in a short time? How do you thank me? "
Wade looked at Qin Chu incredulously and said with surprise, "Do you have any way to save the World Chamber of Commerce?"
"Haha, I not only have a way, but also can make the chamber of commerce in the world a first-class chamber of commerce!"
"I can give you twenty percent of the world chamber of commerce! If you can make the World Chamber of Commerce a first-class chamber of commerce, I will be the master and give you 30% of the shares! " Wade a grind way.
"Deal!" Qin Chu hey but a smile, immediately agreed.
"That you have what way? If we don’t hurry up, our chamber of commerce will go bankrupt! " Wade said, but his heart relaxed, as if infected by Qin Chu’s confidence.
"What does the Chamber of Commerce mainly rely on to make money?"
Wade looked blushing: "The Chamber of Commerce has always been a small guild, which mainly sells some daily necessities on weekdays. Occasionally, some precious weapons are auctioned. "
Qin Chu frowned: "So there is no characteristic? Auction weapons? What weapon? "
Wade immediately took out the sapphire machete: "Weapons like this, of course, those weapons don’t have the characteristics of cutting iron like mud."
Nonsense, this sapphire machete has a golden chopping tactic on it. Ordinary metal is as simple as cutting tofu. But such a sapphire machete can’t cut anything else, even if it is cut on a stone, it may break!
But when I heard these Qin Chu suddenly had a bottom in my heart, the sapphire machete was a piece of garbage in my opinion, and I just didn’t want to spend the real yuan in my body to refine a piece of garbage, not even a magic weapon. But … Listen to Wade, people buy such rubbish …
"Who usually buys these things?"
"Generally, nobles and rich people, and occasionally some practitioners come to buy them, but these are luxury activities, and nobles participate more."
Qin Chu shone at the moment and waved the sapphire machete: "Is it just as good as this thing?"
Wade nodded: "This kind of weapon is also top grade compared with the previous ones, at least it is also a silver weapon."
Weapons are divided into semi-artifact, sacristy, semi-sacristy, gold, silver, bronze, level 3, level 2, and ordinary! The level below bronze is more common, and the level above the semi-sacristy is rare! All silver levels are absolutely precious!
"Give it to me. Now take me to the warehouse of your chamber of commerce and see if I can get you a bunch of magic weapons! " Qin Chu reminded me again, "By the way, don’t forget to give me the 30% shares when you go back!"
In the reserve warehouse of the Chamber of Commerce of Heaven and Earth, Qin Chu is working here in crazy refining.
The mountains of steel, red copper and many weapons-making special metals in the reserve warehouse were all mobilized by Qin Chu.
"If you want to use ordinary steel to create a sharp weapon, you need to refine it at least hundreds of times. But with the soul fire, you can instantly remove the impurities inside and turn ordinary steel into steel mother! "
Steel mother is the essence of steel concentration, and ordinary flame can’t be calcined at all. General magic weapons are forged with materials close to steel mother.
However, Qin Chu is tempered with soul fire … All steel mothers!
However, this needs to consume a lot of steel. Basically, after a ton of steel refining, only one or two hundred kilograms of steel mother can come out! However, the characteristics of steel mother determine its price, which is a hundred times or even a thousand times that of steel!
Steel mother, red copper, fine gold … Materials that can be used are added one by one. Then, Qin Chu conveniently added several auxiliary spiritual strategies, and a weapon was formed! Refining a weapon takes only a blink of an eye!
Qin Chu specially set up the modelling of several weapons, one-handed sword, wide sword, two-handed sword, mace … There are all kinds of weapons! Qin Chu didn’t waste the rest of the leftover bits and pieces. After thinking about it, didn’t noble women like to keep up with the joneses?
So the scraps that can’t be refined are made into simple or elegant or noble necklaces, bracelets and headdresses one after another. The key is to carve the appropriate array, so that the general ornaments of these materials become small-scale spiritual devices, some of which can absorb moisture and moisturize the skin, some of which are at a constant temperature, and so on. Some of them are also inlaid with some beautiful and shiny fine diamonds.
Refining these things is a breathing time, and more than a dozen pieces of ornaments are released.
Everything in the whole warehouse is consumed, and there are more than 8,000 pieces of ornaments and more than 1,000 weapons on the ground!
"refining these things is really a waste of my knowledge!" Qin Chu had a stretch, full of tired feeling, using soul fire … It’s too consuming.


"Well, don’t cry, hold back. I think you have made a choice. My father just goes with the flow, but you have to make three chapters with him. At most, you two can’t have a third one, understand?" Yun Xuan confessed.

"yeah!" Yunxi nodded heavily with tears in her eyes.
"Well, you are old, there are some things you make your own decisions, and your father listens to you. If you choose to get along with him in the future, your father will also set him up, hehe. Well, I have left in advance. Don’t be in trouble. My lovely daughter will be happy. " Yun Xuan also some can’t help but want to twitch at the moment, decided to walk first as well.
For a moment, three people were left quiet and thinking about their own problems. ! .

Chapter one hundred and sixty-nine The gap is scattered
"Well, I’ve made up my mind. As long as Brother Tianjun comes to see me tomorrow, I’ll totally accept it, no regrets!" Father’s statement made Yunxi have a bottom in his heart, and finally he became cruel, and the last knot in his heart disappeared, and he began to fantasize about a bright future. { fastest text chapter reading}
After passing through the lively venue, Tianjun was dull, unable to lift any energy, and his heart was full of considerations of gain and loss, like a puppet, with no thoughts, letting the pictures without Se color flash in his mind.
Overnight, Tianjun tossed and turned in the room alone, imagining things, and made up his mind to prepare for a protracted war.
Eight! Zero! Electricity! Son! Books! w! w! w! ! t! x! t! 8! 0! .! c! c
Early the next morning, Tianjun, a spirit of JΡ, suddenly jumped high from the stone chuáng and muttered in his heart, "Everything will be different and everything will come true."
With Xuanji’s strong encouragement and support, Tianjun is still a little nervous. If there is lead on the soles of his feet, the closer he gets to the female disciple area, the stronger the sense of foreboding in his heart, and the more he doesn’t want to move.
Slow, leisurely line to yesterday’s position, suppress the heart of the deer jumping, motionless, Tianjun seems to have been immobilized, a face of disappointment, just stood there.
The door was closed, as if it were lifeless yesterday. Tianjun’s eyes were blank and he muttered to himself, "Alas, it seems that she won’t pay attention to me and forgive me!"
For a time, the sadness of loss, the bitterness of frustration, and the confusion of missing Hun, like smoke and fog, instantly enveloped Tianjun, full of thoughts, struggling and hesitating, and could not help himself.
"Why didn’t she open the door, why? Does she hate me? Am I not being sincere enough? Alas, why is it so difficult to meet her? I want to explain everything that day to her face and show her my affection implicitly.
Why didn’t she accept my kindness? Why should she accept my kindness? Why? Forget it, forget it, that’s all. I’m wishful thinking. Alas, it’s intentional and heartless. Just, just, let’s put away that overflowing emotion early, don’t think much, and practice well. "Tianjun began to think that all the good and bad things followed, and his mouth began to talk nonsense.
I don’t know how long it took, but Tianjun slowly recovered, and Hun stood firm and felt dejected. Finally, Tianjun did not choose to persist, but chose to retreat. The hazy emotion in my heart is like a shallow footprint on the beach, and it is washed away immediately.
"Dian …", with a sigh, took out the treasured sword spike from the storage bag and hung it quietly on the wooden door.
After doing this, Tianjun seemed to have confessed this sudden emotion in his heart, and his mood gradually calmed down, and his mind gradually became clear. 1S son was as steady as a big stone falling to the ground, and he didn’t jump, so he stayed in place and calmed down as usual.
Tianjun seems to be afraid of falling into endless lovesickness again, and his thoughts are running quickly, finding a reason for himself and convincing himself. "Well, this should be the case. Don’t try to force it. Maybe it’s just a transit of life. Maybe, when I was puzzled, I fell in love with Yunxi inexplicably, but it turned out that it was not the best result. Yes, this is just the only way in life, not the fate of heaven. Maybe even more exciting is behind. Forget her, everything is just a dream. "
Although Tianjun knows that these are all self-deceiving thoughts, now he can only use this lie to temporarily paralyze himself.
Finally, when he left, he held his head high with luck and looked inside the door, as if he just wanted to see Yunxi one last time.
Yi Yu Pei, who is innocent, shines in the morning light, just like the crystal-clear beads on the petals in the morning, and you can find it at a glance.
"Yu Pei? How can it appear here? " From the crack of the door, it can be seen that Yu Pei is wandering back and forth, which seems to create something.
Looking up again, a jade hand is swaying this Yu Pei, and a girl’s bright smile can be seen in the crack of the door.
"Yunxi!" Tianjun shouted for fear that outsiders could not hear him.
With a creaking sound, the isolated wooden door finally broke open, and Yunxi looked at Tianjun with tears of joy. At this moment, she didn’t care what others thought at all, but only wished to live forever.
"Yunxi!" When Tianjun saw the figure he dreamed of, he only jumped for joy and hugged Yunxi with one stride, which made him unforgettable all his life.
Two tearful people are hugging each other at the moment, as if the world is in their arms at this moment, and all the bitterness is gone, and the future to meet them will be bitter and sweet.
"Fobo, look, look." Yunyue tugged at Fobo’s sleeve, carefully watched the movements of the two people, and couldn’t help crying out in a low voice when she saw the emotion, but the weak voice was heard by the two people inadvertently.
Some embarrassing unwilling to let go, Tianjun reached out and gently wiped Yunxi’s tears. Naturally Yunxi’s face was red, and she looked shy, but she seemed to enjoy it.
"Well, come out and stop peeking." Yunxi said shyly, in fact, two people have already noticed that two people are peeking, just because of their emotions, and they can’t control their emotions, so they didn’t say it until now.
Fu Bo came out a little embarrassed, but Yunyue was careless, and she didn’t mean to be half-divided. Instead, she kept criticizing her sister for valuing her sister over her sister.
"Oh, is this your sister, your own sister?" Looking at Yunyue in Tianju with great interest, this girl’s mouth is really able to say that totally and Yunxi are two xìng people.
"That can be false. Take a closer look at how much we are alike." The cloud-month refuter had a hatred for Tianjun before, but because of his sister, he didn’t hate Tianjun so much anymore, but thought he was an interesting person.
"Fubo, long time no see, how have you been in recent years?" Rites must not be wasted. Tianju fell to the ground and said respectfully to Fobo.
"Okay, okay, get up quickly, get up quickly." F "J" bent down to help Tianjun. How dare he bear such a gift?
"It’s really gratifying to meet again after ten years’ absence. I’ll order my servants to prepare some food and wine, and I won’t return until I get drunk." Fu Bo said happily.
"No, Fubo, just talk. Why bother spending so much money? Besides, the two grandfathers told the boy not to drink." Tianjun said some difficult.
"Yes, yes, I was abrupt. Please sit down inside quickly and tell us something about the past ten years." Fu Bo laughed and quickly called Tianjun to ask questions.
Four people sit quietly, and Tianjun tells the details of the dribs and drabs in the past ten years, which, of course, does not include his own affairs with those branches and leaves of Xuanji.
Everyone groaned with the priority of things. When Tianjun wasted a long time to finish, Fobo said, "I didn’t expect you to arrive in Tiangu ten years ago. It’s really unexpected. No wonder I have been looking for you many times in the past ten years, but I can’t find you. It seems that two seniors have blocked the battle."
"Brother-in-law, why don’t you come to Van Gogh to find us?" Cloud month suddenly daring, suddenly startled everyone.
Brother in law? Yunxi bowed his head conveniently, but he didn’t realize that this sister was so blather regardless of the occasion. Although she loved it, it was really strange.
Brother in law? Tianjun leng along while, finally put the taboo and hung up the contact, scratching his head a little embarrassed, it seems that it will be difficult to accept this name for a while, but anyway, Yunyue shouted this name, which at least shows that she has completely regarded Tianjun as a member of her own family at the moment, without the scene of fighting with her before. Fubo has laughed from ear to ear at the moment, but Yunyue disapprovingly made fun of them for being ignorant and completely ignorant.
Tianjun relented, coughed lightly and said, "It’s hard to disobey your teacher’s orders. As for why you want to go to Tiangu, the two grandfathers didn’t elaborate, but there should be some truth."
"Yes, the two seniors will not do useless work. This arrangement naturally has their reasons. We should not delve into it, and we should not be suspicious." Fu Bo said quickly that for those two predecessors, Fu Bo is sincerely admired.
If for Yun Xuan Valley Master, it’s because of the long-term affection between master and servant and Yun Xuan’s bidding, then for the two predecessors, Fobo feels really an eye-opener in his life and sincerely admires him from the bottom of his heart.
"Well, anyway, as long as you two are together again, I’m happier than anything. You don’t know how much you miss Yunxi these years." Fobo said jokingly.
"Fubo." Yunxi is even more shameful at the moment. If it weren’t for Tianjun’s side, I would like to go up and pull Fubo’s beard to make him talk nonsense.
"Yunxi, look." Tianjun took out two charms from the storage bag, and Yan Se was distinct. At first glance, he knew that they were the original wishing tree.
"My wishing spell?" Yunxi inexplicably shouted out.
"Let me see." Cloud on a drag in the past, hold these two in your hand, when it’s radical, want to be mixed everywhere.
"Wow, is it really a legendary natural couple?" Cloud month twittering shout, present two positive in front of a few people.
"Tianjun!" "Yunxi!"
"It turns out that my sister’s wish spell is written about this. I’ve always wanted to find out, and I’ve found many ways, but there’s nothing I can do. I can finally see it today, and it’s a taste of my wish." Cloud month somehow, some sigh said.
At this moment, Yunxi finally understood Tianjun’s heart and was happier than ever. They looked at each other unconsciously, full of incomparable happiness.
Unconsciously, in the hilarious laughter, time flies, and the only gap between the two people has of course disappeared, and they have returned to the carefree laughter before. The original feeling has always been there, and not fade away has passed. ! .

Chapter one hundred and seventy Fraudulent
In Brahma Hall, the last afterglow of the sunset fell obliquely into the hall, and two men and two women in high spirits lined up in turn under the hall. On the seats on both sides, all the Xianmen elders attended one by one, waiting for the Yun Xuan Valley Master to personally preside over the summit award. [] Reading novels without pop-up windows! ]
In the past few days, Tianjun has been wandering between Xuanji and Yunxi, enjoying himself, and the two women have also cleared up their differences, and a scene of harmony is now commonplace.
After a delay of some time, the last item of the Four Immortals’ Hegemony Conference began to proceed steadily, among which it was the few people in Tiangu who were most happy, and it seemed that everything began to proceed in an orderly way again.
Yao Hao just finished the game, and then he used the secret method of Tiangu to deliver this exciting news. In the secluded cloud palm teaching retreat, he also specially sent a message that four people were rewarded when they came back, especially Tianjun and Xuanji, and there were unexpected things waiting for them.
There are also many enviable things listed before waiting for them to collect. After Elder Yimo took out a jade box and put it in the class, Yun Xuan Valley Master stood up and swept away all the people in the class. Zheng Se said, "You are the best among the winners of the summit, and you are also the future beam of Wolong mainland. At present, Wolong mainland is like a storm, and you are the leaders of the younger generation in Wolong mainland in the future. You must guard against arrogance and rashness during your trip to Wan Li.

桑拿夜网 约茶品茶工作室

It’s nice that Suzaku’s brother is still that Suzaku’s brother. Although he has changed, he is still so duplicitous.

"That’s right. Thanks to Queque who came to save us, I was scared to death when I first fell. My brain was all white. Are you also unable to think of what to take?"
Sunny sunny also leaned against Chu Que. Although the rain stopped, the temperature had dropped, and she was a little cold.
Chu que is warm, and she also wants to stick with the big firebird ~
Unicorn Chan nodded. "If you don’t come, you’ll be scared to forget everything!"
Chu Que wanted to keep poker face, but his mouth rose uncontrollably.
These two adzuki beans are not heartless.
It seems a bit crowded to see the three of them in a boat. Unicorn Chan suggested, "It can also make the flying boat bigger!"
Sunny sunny hurriedly motioning with his hand, "don’t don’t, it’s good to be hidden. You can make this flying boat smaller, right? Let’s change our position later so that they can’t see the boat or we can’t tell. "
This flying boat is much bigger than Unicorn Chan’s pocket even before it is enlarged or when it is a model size.
Lenovo just Unicorn Chan took out the water droplets from his pocket and his pocket was stuck in the body. These two people found the pocket problem even if they were slow.
Looking at Unicorn Chan’s white semicircular pocket, sunny eyes asked, "Qiqi, are you tinker bell?" ?
Chapter 85
"ah? There is no little bell "Unicorn Chan hasn’t seen the cartoon and can’t understand the sunny words.
Qingqing explained a tinker bell animation to Unicorn Chan when he saw that he had failed to play terrier.
After listening to Unicorn Chan, he shook his head and said, "It’s not Tinker Bell. You can’t take whatever you want."
The researcher at the Power Center speculated that Unicorn Chan could only take the thought out of his pocket when he needed it especially.
Unicorn Chan told the researcher’s inference to Sunny and Chu Que.
Qing Qing looked enviously at Unicorn Chan’s pocket and said, "Your powers are all so powerful. One is the double power of flying and spitting fire, and the other is that Tinker Bell with magical pockets is not as ordinary as me."
Chu que … this rich Versailles atmosphere.
"Are you still ordinary? If I have an IQ of 16, I’d rather not have these two powers. "
Unicorn Chan also follow summer-planting "fine fine unusual! Qingqing’s left eye can see the past! "
He pointed to his head and remembered that he was on the Ferris wheel before. Sunny saw his past life.
He also taught Sunny how to independently control the function of opening and closing.
Sunny sunny stretched out a small head for Chu Que and Unicorn Chan. She smiled and pointed to her right eye. Mysteriously, the novel "Tell you a secret. My eyes can see that the future is just like Qiqi pocket."
Unicorn Chan also learn to sunny tone, close to them and said softly, "The nest also has secrets, and the nest can send blessings."
"wow! It turns out that it’s true that Qiqi is koi fish! Queque, you go and forward koi fish. You also said that you wanted to win the lottery that day. "
Chu que …
"No signal now? I see that you are all in Versailles. In fact, I am the most common without double powers.
Besides, this adzuki bean koi fish is right in front of me. I can’t touch it. Why should I forward that stupid thing? "
Chu que stretched out his hand and touched the Unicorn Chan furry little skull.
Unicorn Chan caught Chu Que’s hand leaving his head.
"It’s not like this. It’s a nest that sends a blessing to Queque. It will take effect soon, but it won’t take effect continuously. Is it possible that Queque needs it now after several years?"
Chu Que smell speech "ceng" to put his hand back from Kirin’s hand and stuffed it into his pants pocket.
"Also limited so much? Then don’t. I have to find a good opportunity. "
Unicorn Chan twisted his fingers a little embarrassedly. "It’s not very bad. It’s a little lucky."
"Queque is right. After all, it takes several years to receive a blessing from koi fish. It should be well planned to maximize the blessing."
"Not koi fish’s blessing, but Kirin’s blessing."
"Good jiaqi jiaqi blessing" sunny nodded solemnly.
"You two this is a special power? All reported? " Chu Que asked about something else.
"Yeah, but I didn’t know about jiaqi’s power until today. I thought he remembered things."
"I don’t know about sunny right eye."
Qingqing continued the topic interrupted by Unicorn Chan just now. "Queque, why don’t you report the double power?"
"My grandfather is afraid of this, so I will listen to him."
"You should report it. Maybe you have power for the country? And our special powers are confidential, and no one else will know except the lover. "
"Well, there will be someone to protect Queque." Unicorn Chan also counted the benefits together with Sunny.
"I’ll go back to work as a master. We can’t go out and talk nonsense with others about what happened here today."
Compared with their own Chu que, I feel that these two small powers are even more unheard of.
He is more experienced than the two boys and knows that some unscrupulous countries will secretly capture special powers to do research.
Master Chu’s worries are not targeted.
What kind of danger will these two adzuki bean abilities face if they are made public? Chuque dare not imagine.
Qingqing held out his little finger. "Well, hook, today’s things are secret. None of us can tell anyone if we know!" "
"Except for the designated liaison," Sunny thought for another sentence.
She will report to the liaison teacher when she goes back today.
Unicorn Chan remembered that uncle Xing, who smiled kindly.
When I get back, I have to ask Uncle Xing to help me take it out today to avoid water droplets and flying boats.
Three retractor hand haven’t put suddenly heard a man shouting "chu que! Qiqi! Sunny! "
Three hours surprised to look back and see seven holding a vine on the edge of the cliff and stepping on a tree growing from the cliff. Fortunately, it doesn’t seem to be hurt.