Everyone said a conversation. Cai Yiming asked Cai Sicheng, "How do you know Qing Gong?"

Cai Sicheng told the story that little sister took a fancy to each other and raised a black cat.
Cai Yiming sighed, "Don’t mess with Qinggong if you have nothing to do."
"Who the hell is he?" Cai Sicheng stare big eyes in disbelief.
"Don’t worry about who he is first. You just need to know that nothing is wrong and don’t bother him."
Cai Yiming no longer explained the way to reorganize the caravan.
Green ink Yan team also followed.
At the end of the day, everyone finally left the mountain path to Shifang Town.
"If Qinggong doesn’t dislike it, why don’t you come to our house and have a rest?" Cai Yiming discussed
RuXiaoNan secretly looked at the green ink yan their identity Cai Yiming is not completely informed, it seems that Cai Yiming also don’t know yue infanta mansion is her mansion.
Green ink Yan noticed that her line of sight looked motionless and shook her head "or please Cai Gong"
Blue ink yan unexpectedly agreed RuXiaoNan very surprised.
A group of people went into Shifang Town, and Ruxiao Nan asked him quietly, "What did you promise to live in their house?"
"Mrs. Poison is gone, and the major forces in Shifang Town have reshuffled their cards. Do you think they will let you decide?"
RuXiaoNan froze.
Shifang town is now her fief, and it should be her decision here.
However, people here have always been used to barbarism, so how can they listen to her? Maybe someone will form a power to harm her.
Thought of here, she went to the blue ink yan suo.
Anyway, she just needs to hold this thigh tight.
Cai Yiming with blue ink yan they arrived at Cai Fu.
"I haven’t seen you for almost half a year at a time, and I’ll set a table and drink two cups of green wine." Cai Yiming politely invited the green ink Yan and them into the house in the front guide.
The cloud followed her second sister into the house.
The cloud whispered, "Second sister, I don’t think this woman with green public problems looks like his wife."
"What is not a lady?"
"Like his pet," Yuner thought. "Just like the black cat, she may be his pet."
"Stop talking nonsense and go back to rest," urged second sister Cai Chenying.
The cloud is not in a hurry to go, but hiding in the corridor and secretly staring at RuXiaoNan.
Qing Mo Yan Ru Xiao Nan was invited into the room by Cai Yiming to treat the distinguished guests with each other.
The cloud is waiting for Cai Yiming to come out from the guest room to meet him. "Big Brother, do you have catnip here?"
Cai Yiming leng leng, it’s so late. His little sister doesn’t go to rest and asks him for catnip.
"Let’s talk about it some day," Cai Yiming shirked.
"I don’t want it now." The cloud has always been in favor and won’t give up until it reaches its goal.
Cai Yiming managed to find the steward of the house and went to the charging warehouse. She found catnip.
"What do you want this thing for?" Cai Yiming is at a loss
The cloud Xi Xi smiled. "Naturally, there is a big brother. Don’t worry about it. I’ll go back to my room first."
The next morning, the cloud came to the guest room.
"What is she doing here?" RuXiaoNan pouting.
Qing Mo Yan was invited by Cai Yiming early in the morning. The best way to grasp the situation of Shifang Town as soon as possible is to pretend to be a businessman and enter the major customers.
If he wants to socialize, he can’t leave her alone in Cai Fu with her.
"I don’t see a guest" Ru Xiaonan directly ordered someone to refuse Cai Yuner’s request.
Cai Yuner didn’t expect that she would meet the nail. She just came to visit the guests as the host, and the other party sent her away without even showing her face. This is so rude.
"She doesn’t see anything. This is our guest room, not her house. It’s unreasonable!" The cloud is making trouble outside, leaving some dead people to quarrel.
Death naturally won’t pay attention to her, but the more so, the cloud is angry. Finally, it was so angry that it cried and ran to find Cai Yiming and Cai Sicheng to complain.
Cai Yiming is not here. Cai Sicheng is also sulking when he sees his little sister crying like a painted cat.
This young man and his wife are so arrogant that they dare to shut out their master and sister when they live in other people’s houses.
Cai Sicheng personally took his little sister to the guest room.
RuXiaoNan is still a stranger.
Cai Sicheng was angry. "We just want to be the host. Your wife is too unreasonable."
Ten dead men stood in the courtyard and looked at Cai Sicheng with an expression. He scolded him for a long time and didn’t even have any reaction.
"Before we go out on business, we ordered my wife not to see guests without authorization, and asked Cai Sangong to be considerate."
Cai Yuner was secretly surprised. "Is that how your wife listens to Qinggong?"
The dead man primly said, "It’s natural to listen to the official speech."
Cai Yuner quietly pulled Cai Sicheng skirts two people out of the hospital.
"Third brother, I think there is something wrong with this lady Qinggong."
"I think she may be a monster"
Cai Sicheng got a fright. "Little … little sister, don’t joke. Where are monsters in this world?"
Cai Yuner said seriously, "She smells like that black cat, even the neck collar, and I have never seen that black cat since she appeared. I think she may be a black cat essence."
Cai Sicheng shook his head repeatedly, saying that he couldn’t believe such a thing.
"I have a way to prove whether she is a monster." Cai Yuner whispered to Cai Sicheng’s ear.
Chapter 3 Abnormal Second Sister’s eaves figure
A Update the latest chapter of Shao Qing’s pet career in Dali Temple as soon as possible!
It was getting late when Qing Moyan came back.
Someone told him about Cai Yuner’s coming today. Qing Mo Yan nodded and turned into the room.
Xuanyu called Shi Datian to Qing Mo Yan and they talked in the room.
RuXiaoNan chats, but she is not interested in their conversation.


"This is what you call Cangyue Island? Didn’t you say Cangyue Island is not dangerous? Why are there so many skeletons and zombies? " Sophie Su, who is too lazy to control the monsters that have been blocked by his undead army, will fight, while he is puzzled and asks Song Xueyi.

"This island is really safe during the day …" Song Xueyi cut her fingers and messy long hair and laughed. "It’s just that there are a little more skeletons late, but be careful or there is no problem."
Looking at the messy hair, the armor is full of scratches, and Song Xueyi Sophie Su can’t help but feel some heartache. Just now, the island is definitely not as safe as she said, especially when she is now facing the 60 s and 70 s skeletons and zombies everywhere. If it weren’t for her good equipment, I’m afraid I wouldn’t have been able to hold on.
However, this girl is too strong and seldom gives up easily, and she doesn’t want to complain to others, and she doesn’t want to worry people around her, so she has always lied that there is no monster alone in Cangyue Island … to be continued.
Chapter four hundred and nine Seal the Magic Valley
"How did you come to Cangyue Island?" Song Xueyi held the pike and simply sat down by the campfire. Obviously, she was very tired before the battle.
"This ….. made a door-to-door delivery because of some accidents, only to find that you appeared at the seaside. I thought of you being trapped in Cangyue Island, so I wanted to look around and see if it was Cangyue Island. I didn’t expect to actually meet you. What happened to your mobile phone? Snow and Sunny have been unable to reach you." Sophie Su asked with some doubts.
"Oh, maybe there is no signal where I live now. I live in a hidden base with some Fifth Army Corps now." Song Xueyi laughed.
"Then you should be careful. The game gate is likely to appear soon. Those mutant monsters are likely to increase. You’d better get off the ground." Sophie Su said with some concerns.
"The game door will appear? How do you know? " Song Xueyi slightly surprised the zheng big eyes looked at Sophie Su.
"It’s me in the game. One of the game gates has some connections …" Sophie Su said with a wry smile that he was able to come here thanks to the deal with the King of Skeletons.
"Oh, it’s better to drag the game gate earlier to estimate that the whole sea is messed up. Are you and Xue Qing okay now? You shouldn’t have any trouble outside …" Song Xueyi seemed to think of something and sighed.
"We are still in the sea," Sophie Su said wryly.
"You didn’t leave the sea and snow shine? !” Song Xueyi smell speech is not surprised looked up at Sophie Su.
Sophie Su stood up and some Nai said, "Well, we just wanted to leave. The secret of the death game has been leaked in the ball. Now everyone is rushing to the sea, so we decided to stay."
"Then where are you now? Now the sea is very chaotic, the snow is fine, and there is no fighting capacity. You have to stay in this game world again …" Song Xueyi couldn’t help but frown and was worried.
Sophie Su hurriedly explained, "We are now protected by Liu Rushi’s predecessors in the place where Sun Moon lives, and it is still safe for the time being."
"Oh … that’s not bad. It’s a pity that I can’t manage the Fifth Army …" Song Xueyi seems to be thinking of the loss of the Fifth Army base.
"I heard from Liu Rushi’s predecessors that the fighting in Sabac should be temporarily stopped, and we have a good chance to get Lilongting back to the base control." Sophie Su hurriedly comforted.
"Really? Long Ting is willing to come forward? " Song Xueyi revealed a somewhat surprised look.
"I think so. Those who want to come to Longting don’t want the Fifth Army to be controlled by the fog."
Two people soon talked about the way to leave the pale moon island.
"I have explored many places, but this Cangyue Island is too big. Except for finding a few extremely backward human shanzhai, I have not found any powerful forces and I can’t find a way to go back." Song Xueyi was somewhat lost and shook her head.
"The big deal is that we can kill all the way back." Just now, the Skull King experienced a big war, but it didn’t gain anything, but it made Sophie Su build up a lot of confidence. After all, he was also able to fight back and forth and killed the Skull King once as a’ master’.
Moreover, this pale moon island is full of skeletons and zombies. This is your own’ advantage project’, which can help you clean up the [Dark Corpse Art] all the way in the past, and also enable the dragon sword to slaughter like autumn leaves. Of course, it is most convenient to summon the white wild boar and let him crash all the way in the past. You can still get a lot of experience at your current level.
Sophie Su got up and was about to summon the white boar when he suddenly felt a little abnormal.
"This is … the scroll of the dark parliament … is the dark parliament acting again?" Sophie Su was surprised that Peter was giving himself the scroll of Lei Guang in hell, and at the same time, he was given the scroll to shine.
"What’s the matter? What dark parliament? " Song Xueyi asked some doubts.
"It’s a group of troublesome guys, but we may not walk all the way back." Sophie Su wry smile way at the same time hurriedly reached out and grabbed her little hand.
"Ah …" Song Xueyi was slightly surprised and blushed, but she made a small profit and bowed her head. He grasped his hand.
"Is this a random delivery reel?" As the light from the scroll grew stronger, Song Xueyi was also amazed.
"Not a scroll" Sophie Su wry smile way at the same time, the scroll light has been wrapped in two people …
Sending dizziness and darkness will soon appear. Sophie Su has already adapted to this feeling
When the dizzy feeling disappears, he is already at a strange altar, and Song Xueyi is also surprised at his side.
"What is this place?" Song Xueyi looked around in surprise and involuntarily grasped Sophie Su’s hand.
"I don’t know what this place is. It’s all arranged by the dark parliament …" Su Yansi looked at it and found that it was not his own time to be sent to the bottom of the stone tomb, but in a strange forest, he couldn’t help frowning.
Song Xueyi was a little surprised and asked, "Dark Parliament? What on earth is that? "
"A group of dark master to establish power" Sophie Su way.
"Oh, is it a dark player?" Song Xueyi couldn’t help but flash a bright color in her eyes.
"No … there are very few players. Most of them are np in the game world." Sophie Su wry smile.
“np? !” This time it was Song Xueyi who was dumbfounded.


When I was in the hospital, I spent all my time waiting in line, and then I checked if I haven’t come out today. I have to go to the hospital again on Saturday.

Chapter 34 Chapter 34
Song Luo # entered the house with Shi Banshan and looked at the environment in one room to find Yan Yunqi.
It’s really human. This is a small villa with a few clean windows. The curtains are pulled open, and the room is full of light, giving people a feeling of openness and brightness. After entering the Xuan, you can see the kitchen and dining room, and then there is a spacious living room. The sofa and curtains in the living room are warm yellow, and there is a bottle of flower arrangement on the coffee table. A casual woman in her thirties is sitting on the sofa and seeing you come in. She got up and greeted her.
It’s really human. You recognize her as Yan Yunqi, the young biologist who you have seen photos before.
Song Luo # couldn’t walk forward and leaned slightly. "Ms. Yan, I’m really sorry to bother you."
Yan Yunqi, who is really human, shook hands with you one by one and said with a smile, "Nothing I happen to have today. I’m glad if I can help you. Please sit down soon."
Song Luo thanked Yan Yunqi and sat down.
Shi Banshan # sat next to Song Luo
Yan Yunqi, a real human being, sat down, sent tea snacks and fruits to your nanny before opening the door, and then left to busy himself. Yan Yunqi took the teacup and asked, "I heard that you wanted to ask me something about the study of orange rose with me before. What do you want to know?"
Song Luo "Ms. Yan, let’s begin. First of all, I want to know, what was the reason why you left the Orange Rose Institute?"
Yan Yunqi, a real human being, expressed his memory after a while and said, "It’s been a long time since this happened. I was unhappy when I left the Orange Rose Research Institute. All the mysterious core projects of Orange Rose Research were not made public, and people in the Institute knew little about them. However, there is no argument about whether the experimental priority, resource inclination or personnel treatment are the best."
What a human being! "I was still young at that time, and I was a little competitive. I knew that the project team was behind, so I always entered the core project team. At that time, I was the core member of my own project team. Later, when the project was completed, I can also say without modesty that I was the person who made the greatest contribution to the project team. I have already proved my ability to the senior management of the institute, so I handed in my application to enter the core project team."
What a human being! "I was not afraid of your jokes. I was a little arrogant at that time. I thought it was impossible to refuse my application if the senior management of the institute was not blind. I waited with confidence and talked to my friends about it. After I entered the core project team, the institute refused my application, and I boasted about Haikou long ago. I felt as if I had been severely slapped in the face and could not accept it."
It’s really human. "What I can’t accept especially is that I later found out that the other ability of the same project as mine was far less than that of my white researcher who was selected into the core project team. After the incident went out, the institute said that everyone had it, and some people said that I stole the credit of the white researcher, otherwise it was him who entered the core project team instead of me."
It’s really human. "Although the senior management of the institute found me later and said that I refused my application because I wanted to give it to me because of more important things and asked me to take charge of another project with several other people, I couldn’t accept this explanation and didn’t want to listen to those rumors. I just chose to leave when I was angry."
It’s really human, said Yan Yunqi with a smile and added, "Now it seems that I decided to leave the Orange Rose Institute correctly despite some impulses, and my career has developed steadily. Now it is considered a small achievement, and I have washed away the reputation of the researcher who entered the core project team at that time, and I still check this person’s status in the academic circle."
Song Luo # laughed. "This is also because of your outstanding ability. I think if you had joined that core project team, you would have made great achievements now."
What a human being! A young scientist, Yan Yunqi, was obviously not humiliated. He was very happy to hear your compliment and asked, "That’s probably what happened when I left the institute. Do you want to know anything else?"
Song Luo "Can you talk about the core project team of Orange Rose Research Institute? What do you know about it? "
It’s really human beings. Yan Yunqi is not surprised to hear this question. She said, "Is there something wrong with the core project team of Orange Rose Research Institute? I guess it’s impossible for you to ask me about these past things, but it may disappoint you. Although I have been in the Orange Rose Institute for a long time and tried to join this core project team, I don’t know much about it. "
The core project group "Really Human" is very mysterious. Even in the Orange Rose Research Institute, everyone knows that there is such a project group, but they know almost nothing about what it is. Does it sound like a famous head? But I can be sure that this is not the case. Of course, I wanted to join this core project team because I was too hot-headed to make a decision or after careful consideration. "
It’s really human. "A scientific research project team will always unveil its mystery when it comes to results. Our scientific researchers may sound tall in general, but in fact, everyone is human. Ordinary people should have desires. We will pursue it in a different way from ordinary people. After all, the academic circle has its own rules and bottom lines. Of course, these people also choose to trample on it."
It’s really human. "But there is no doubt that relying on these crooked ways can’t go long in academic circles, because whether a person has the ability to match his status may not be seen in other fields, but it is hidden in academic circles by ability."
It’s really human. "I’m sorry for accidentally digressing. I want to say that judging the status of a person or a research institute in the academic circle depends on their scientific research achievements, while understanding their scientific research achievements depends on their publishing papers. The core project team of Orange Rose Research Institute is mysterious, but besides the achievements, it is also the same as other project teams to publish papers."
It’s really human. "I tried to inquire about this core project team in the institute, but I got away with it. After that, I got to know something about them by looking for ways to publish their papers."
It’s really human. Then Yan Yunqi gave a general introduction to this core project group, which has published papers in some influential journals. You found that these papers can be divided into two research directions, one is bio-genetic engineering and the other is microbial research.
Song Luo # said thoughtfully, "Before, we once entered the experimental building of the core project group of Orange Rose Institute and found a microbial culture room there. According to Gershwin, the head of the institute, there was a study on pathogenic microorganisms."
It’s really human. Yan Yunqi nodded and said, "It’s true that they have published some papers on pathogenic microorganisms, but their research on microorganisms is not the direction of pathogenic microorganisms."
Song Luo # sincerely looked at Yan Yunqi. "Ms. Yan, this discovery is very important to us. I wonder if you have any copies of these papers? If so, can you give us a copy? "
What a human being (please)
Song Luo (Ah, is this … actually pleasing? )
What a human being (because you suck up well? )
Shibanshan (poof)
Song Luo (OK …)
Song Luo r please
Xiao Tong [Song Luo] carries out pleasing appraisal: D1=/6 Difficult to succeed! Daoyou Daoyou is destined to be a man of practice in our generation ~
It’s really human. Yan Yunqi sees that you are quite pleasing to the eye. You think you look good and talk well. You nod and say, "It’s been so many years. I can’t find this list now, but it’s not difficult to rearrange it. Leave me an email address and I’ll send it to you later."
Shi Banshan (this hue sells well)
Song Luo (…)
Song Luo # revealed a surprise expression "That’s really thank you."
Song Luo # took out his lowercase mailbox and tore this paper and handed it to Yan Yunqi.
What a human Yan Yunqi took the paper and put it away.
Song Luo "Ms. Yan, in addition, we also want to know from you whether you found any abnormalities in this research when you were in the Orange Rose Institute one year ago?"
It’s really human. Yan Yunqi thought about it and said something about himself, which is similar to what Lei Shaojun said before.
It’s really human. After a pause, Yan Yunqi added, "There’s one thing I don’t know if it counts. You know the abnormality first. When I lived in the dormitory building of Orange Rose Research Institute in the dead of night, I always heard strange audio and video. I also told other colleagues that some people said they heard it, while others said they didn’t, but anyway, no one assumed that the sound was themselves."
It’s really human. "I think it’s a bit strange because some people who live far away from my house can hear sighs and the volume is similar to mine. It sounds like a ghost story, right?"
Song Luo # nodded. "Really, did you finally find the source of the sigh?"
Yan Yunqi shook his head regretfully. "It’s a pity that although I have made some achievements in the field of biology, I am not an expert. Speaking of it, I have always been very curious about this matter, but obviously the Orange Rose Institute can’t let me find someone to study it. This is still a mystery to me for the time being."
It’s really human. Yan Yunqi looks at you and laughs. "Since you want to check the organic conversation of Orange Rose Institute this time, why don’t you help me check this sigh?" If this sigh is still there. "
**** *w*w*w****8 ****
Song Luo # nodded and promised, "No problem. If we can figure this out and it doesn’t involve anything that needs to be kept secret, we’ll be happy to answer your questions."
Song Luo (I have no more questions. Is there anything else you want to ask? )
Shi Banshan (neither did I)
Song Luo # got up and said goodbye to "Ms. Yan, thank you again. Your news is very valuable to us."
It’s really human. Yan Yunqi got up and said politely, "You’re welcome. Xia Guo citizens are also what I should do here. I think you should still have a lot of things to do now, so I won’t delay your time. Let me walk you out."
Song Luo # Thanks again to Yan Yunqi.
History of mid-levels # follow up.
It’s really human Yan Yunqi who sent you out of the house.
Song Luo # Back to Temporary Residence
Shi Banshan # Go back together


"Xiyue likes Niang’s clothes once, but she didn’t want to wear it once, but she didn’t wear it once when she turned into a dragon …"

"Ah …"
Zhao-yang Xia was talking when he was taken into his arms by his senior brother and could not help but exclaim.
Aly also got a fright and noticed that something was wrong. He went to the other side of the smoke cloud and took a curious look, then wrapped himself in a roll of long tail feathers.
"Brother Ziyan, the teacher elder sister said …" Xia Chaoyang buried his brother in his arms and muttered.
"That’s not chess …" Speaking of Baiyun Tower, I raised my hand to put away all the chess pieces in the case.
"Brother … the teacher elder sister said it wasn’t chess …" Zhao-yang Xia saw that some of the brothers were playing tricks and couldn’t help but shout, lift up their little faces and murmured.
There was no sound in the middle of the speech.
A moment later, Baiyun Tower let go of the pool sister and said softly, "Xiaoxiyue is not a flaw in the brother’s mind, but a brother’s mind of practice."
"Ziyan thought is right, but now brother has changed a way of practicing, so he can no longer concentrate on it. You can also try one when you practice."
"Ah, what is multitasking? I haven’t tried it yet …" Zhao-yang Xia asked doubtfully.
"Don’t try if you haven’t tried it. Wait until you are distracted. It seems that your sister’s cultivation has been done."
Zhao-yang xia muttered some shout "real also want to daydream but floret spirit watch closely …"
"In order to reassure senior martial sister, it’s time to practice haha ….." Some of the Baiyun Tower are proud to cross their legs and do a good job, and some are flying.
A moment later, I thought that the Baiyun Tower turned to Aly, who was curled up in a ball, and said, "Do you want Aly to go together to absorb the fire?"
"Don’t go or not, I’ve swallowed enough in the past two days." Aly read aloud without moving.
"Brother, go, school sister, watch this cloud." Seeing Brother Xia Chaoyang’s immortal light spread out and covered Brother Zhou.
The Baiyun Tower smiled and nodded, and the massive amount of weather was poured in first, and then the body of the Yang God was lost, and the exquisite tower was wrapped up, and then the pure Yang sword was turned into the sky and went straight.
Now, Xia Chaoyang’s eye-catching has become a great success. Looking at the line of fire that runs straight into the sky, there is a surge of emotion surge at the moment. The big brother is getting stronger and stronger, and he should follow the footsteps of the big brother himself.
On second thought, self-cultivation has broken through to the realm of then, and the Yuan God has also turned into a Yang God. I can’t help mumbling, "I, the senior martial sister of the new academy, seem to have repaired the enemy."
"Ouch ….." After saying this, Chao-yang Xia was flashed out and Xiao Hualing recorded a Da Lian hitting his forehead, but it seemed that there was no strength.
"Young master, it’s really necessary for you to repair the enemy. Although Ziyan’s sister and master elder brother haven’t broken through the boundary, they are much better than you." When it comes to spiritual practice, Xiaohua Ling still can’t help but learn a lesson
Zhao-yang Xia saw that Xiaohua Ling was teaching himself through this conversation. He must have just made out with the master elder brother and was inspired by Xiaohua. He was still sulking.
"Well, Sister Xiaohua Ling knows that when the master elder brother comes back, he will start practicing immediately." He said, pulling up Xiaohua Ling’s palm and coaxing him up.
"Um … Sister Chaoyang, when it’s really strong, Xiaohua Ling will no longer urge you to practice and play with you." Xia Chaoyang immediately lost his temper with a little coax.
Today’s experience has changed Xiaohua Ling’s attitude towards the young master a lot. Otherwise, she would have jumped out when she was making out.
"Big Brother, the weather is very good for you to practice first. Can it be cheaper for the little red bird?" After a brief induction, I woke up the little master.
Chapter four hundred and forty-two Lingqi jade bracelet
Yunxiao Baiyun Tower shows its figure, and the exquisite tower slowly absorbs the trace from the fire.
Today, in the small and medium-sized world of the tower, I met the Baiyun Tower from the fire and probably knew the operation way of the exquisite small tower.
Although Taling Linglong didn’t say much, he secretly gave himself the small tower platform method.
With this small tower, you need to take a trip to the sky every few days to take the trail from the fire.
However, I have learned the lesson of sapphire. Although there is a small Tana away from the fire, Baiyun Tower still plans to come to refine my soul every once in a while, at least to see how much progress I have made.
Stay small tower suck enough away from the fire Baiyun Tower put away the small tower and re-concentrate on a pure Yang sword gang and rushed at the ugly sea away from the fire trail.
As soon as Fang rushed into the road and left the fire trail, he got entangled. Now the Baiyun Tower was once again strengthened by the immortal spirit, and many incarnations of Jian Gang were able to carry it for a while.
After about forty or fifty miles, I still haven’t escaped from the fire range, and the more I get to the fire track, the stronger I get.
Sensing the limit, Baiyun Tower immediately returned to dun without hesitation.
Soon I went back to the outside of the fire, and I was absorbed in the cultivation for a while. I saw that the Yang God was reduced by twenty percent, but it was more solid.
The Baiyun Tower was very satisfied with this harvest, and it took more than ten minutes to escape into the body with the idea of falling from the sky.
Everything is as usual in the jade cloud. Xia Shimei has been sitting on the sidelines and posing for the posture of preparing for cultivation. It seems that she is waiting for her to come back to the world.
Baiyunlou opened his eyes and said to the younger sister in a moment, "Brother is back."
"Okay, brother and sister should also practice …"
"Chaoyang and other senior brothers start practicing before you practice in concentration." Baiyun Building smiled slightly.
Upon hearing this, Zhao-yang Xia was one leng, but when he saw the elder brother’s instantaneous concentration and concentration, the breath fluctuation bursts obviously entered the deep cultivation and immediately understood the elder brother’s meaning.
Senior brother is reassuring himself that common thoughts are common thoughts and practice is practice. It seems that this is the state of mind of senior brother when he reaches the sword.


Yuan Wei seems to be very trustworthy these times, because he is also afraid that Cao Cao will continue to expand things. Three thousand military forces slowly walked into Cao Cao’s barracks, but looking at these three thousand military forces, Cao Cao’s heart is somewhat desolate.

Although Cao’s body also has the pride of crossing, but then again, in the face of the decadent Han Dynasty and those aristocratic men, Cao also felt a burst of pressure
He hijacked Qiu Yuan Shu, surrounded Qiu’s government department, and finally succeeded in bargaining with Yuan Wei in exchange for military forces. This sounds very thrilling and exciting, but then again, now, after all, the family dominates the day and public opinion is in their hands.
Although Yuan Wei has nothing to publicize, Cao’s nature has been branded as a rogue thief in the hearts of many officials. Once this kind of person gets involved in the future, I’m afraid that many people think that Cao’s nature is too young to imitate Dong Zhuo. It’s impossible for Cao to be eliminated. It’s only a matter of time before he is an opponent such as Ding Gong in Yuan Wei.
If you don’t want to be implicated by Cao Cao, you should avoid it now. Cao Cao is completely isolated.
Every day, when Cao Xing was in a training session, those generals who were in the field saw Cao Xing as if they had seen the plague, so they quickly hid away.
And Cao Xing sighed when he saw this scene. At this moment, he is really famous. If he guessed correctly, it is estimated that Yuan Wei and others have been secretly discussing the issue of Cao Xing’s execution. Of course, Cao Xing has another way to choose, that is, to go directly to Dong Zhuo.
At that time, Marotta directly came to Cao Xing and said to Cao Xing with a smile, Cao Xing has now gone, but he can go back and retreat. If he does not join a surname, he will not be ill-treated by a surname.
In Marotta’s mouth, a surname means that Dong Zhuo was just a chief before he came to Luoyang. However, now he has jumped to the position of a surname. If you ask the whole Luoyang court that he is the only one who decides his position, it will soar like a rocket.
Although Cao’s actions now are somewhat like Dong Zhuo’s own military forces challenging those aristocratic families, Cao is also a reasonable person. He knows that what Dong Zhuo has done will not only be severely criticized by history, but even in this era, no one will recognize that even if one person is powerful, can he fight against heaven and man?
The Cao nature was too late to give Marotta a reply. Marotta saw that Cao nature had no horse to promise, so Lu Bu personally persuaded Cao nature to give Lu Bu a haha. Lu Bu also seemed to see that Cao nature had other ideas.
After learning this, Lu Bu stopped talking and motioning with his hand directly, so he wouldn’t force Cao Xing to do what he had sex with Cao Xing. But before he left, he still left a word for Cao Xing. If Cao Xing encounters any trouble in the future, he can come to him, Lu Bu.
Cao Xing was grateful when I heard that, and respectfully gave Lyu3 bu4 a punch.
Nowadays, it seems that there are people from Dong Zhuo who are friendly to Cao Xing and extend an olive branch, but Cao Xing can clearly see that other people are smiling at themselves except Lu Bu, which is also an ulterior motive. If Cao Xing really walks into Dong Zhuo’s barracks, it is likely to be beyond redemption. After all, few people who follow Dong Zhuochen seem to have a good chance.
However, just as Cao Cao was in a state of anxiety, it was suddenly reported that a person came to visit Cao Cao, and Cao Cao was also puzzled. Didn’t Lu Bu just come a few days ago? At the moment, Cao Cao is like a rat crossing the street. Everyone shouts that someone will take the initiative to visit her. Cao Cao is suspicious and walks out of the military account. Finally, I see that person. Cao Cao is shocked. The newcomer is not others but Cao Mengde.
Cao Mengde is at least one of Cao Cao’s few friends in Luoyang. I can see from his initiative to visit Cao Cao that he didn’t say much about Cao Cao. After he sat down, Cao Mengde sighed and said to Cao Cao, why should he do such a big thing? Now Cao Cao seems to have gone to the opposite side with those aristocratic families in Luoyang.
Upon hearing this, Cao Cao also guessed that what Cao Cao said was probably not just to berate him there. Cao Cao took a sip of wine and didn’t say much, but Cao Mengde said a word.
"Come on, come on, those people seem to have criticized you at the moral high ground, but I know that this is not what you mean. You are also forced to do this. If it weren’t for Yuan Chu and those two guys from Yuan Highway, it is estimated that you wouldn’t have done such a thing!"
Hearing this sentence, Cao Cao revealed a smile. It seems that Cao Cao has grown up and is no longer constrained by those rigid dogmas.
And Cao Cao took another sip of tea and looked at the table without a wave of his hand. He said to Cao Xing, "The army is full of simple tea and some tasteless rice wine. It’s really not enough. Today, I invited you to go out to eat and drink in Cao Mengde."
Cao Cao is so enthusiastic. Of course, Cao Cao won’t refuse the two of them to go out of the military camp and travel lightly to Luoyang’s most prosperous restaurant, which is three stories high.
It’s a bit like Cao Xing’s restaurant in Bing’s cold weather. The first floor is naturally for ordinary people, and the second floor is for people with some identities, such as those with noble families but the highest floor, which is equivalent to a private room. It is suspected that people are not dignitaries in Luoyang.
The bartender came before he spoke, waved out a handful of silver, asked the bartender to arrange a private room on the third floor, and then brought the best food department here. The bartender seemed to recognize Cao Cao, who seemed to be a frequent visitor here, and nodded and smiled and then arranged it.
Although now Cao Cao seems to be more and more unpopular in Luoyang court, he was almost kicked out of Luoyang center, but then again, Cao Cao’s father Cao Song was, after all, owned by Qiu. Now Cao Cao can be said to be a thin camel, less than a horse, and there is no problem in wanting to enjoy the highest standard treatment.
Cao Cao and Cao Xing walked into a private room and pushed the door to see that it was full of good wine and good food. Then Cao Cao and Cao Xing kept drinking.
After a while, Cao Cao was obviously a little drunk, and he was there denouncing his unhappiness over the years. He saw injustice in the imperial court, which made his heart depressed, but now he is a northern commandant. Although he is guarding the palace, his status is relatively high, but his strength is not great, so Cao Cao’s heart is also full of a little love.
Listening to Cao Cao telling her story there, Cao Cao sighed while listening to her heart. It seems that everyone will encounter many troubles in the process of growing up, even the future adulterer and Wei Wudi are no exception.
Cao Cao and Cao Xing were just talking about the rise, but suddenly they heard a burst of footsteps outside the door. Both of them couldn’t help looking around. Although there were many bags on the third floor, no one else had sat down when Cao Cao and them came, and now people are coming.
People who can come are rich or noble, and they are very important officials in the DPRK. At the thought of this, Cao Cao is a little nervous and can’t help but hold his sword to his waist. If he meets Yuan Wei Ding Gong and even Yuan Shu Yuan Shao, he will be in some trouble.
When Cao Cao and Cao Cao came in, there was no way to see the outside clearly, and passers-by outside could also see Cao Cao and Cao Cao. When the man appeared, Cao Cao and Cao Cao were stunned for a second, and then they suddenly got up in their minds and respectfully punched the man.
"Hello everyone, Cai!"
Cao Cao and Cao Xing were killed, but it was unexpected that the newcomer turned out to be Cai Yi, who was with Cai Yi at the moment. Besides the bartender just now, there was an old man who looked a little mentally ill. On the other side was Cai Yi’s slim daughter, Cai Yan.
Neither of them thought that Cai Yi would come to such a place. After all, they had attended several classes in Caiyi, and Cai Yi was also a famous Confucian in this era. Everyone respected their status and they still had to be polite.
However, when Cai Yi looked at Cao Cao and Cao Xing, he couldn’t help but snort. His eyes stayed in Cao Xing for a few seconds and then he said, "Hehe, Meng De, aren’t you afraid to recite the name of a traitor!"
Chapter one hundred and sixty-three Debate
Eating a meal with Cao Xing will lead to a thief. This is the logic in Cai Yong’s sentence. After listening to it, Cao Cao was stunned for a long time, and then he shook his head and walked to explain something to Cai Yong. Cao Cao opened his mouth for a long time without saying a complete sentence because Cao Cao was drunk at the moment. Although he wanted to explain Cao Xing to Cai Yong, he was forced to resist, but now he couldn’t even tell the words clearly, and Cai Yong was too lazy to ignore him and waved him away. At this moment, Cao Xing couldn’t help but get angry when he saw this scene.
In fact, these days, Cao Cao is holding his breath in his heart. Today, listening to Cai Yong’s words and Cai Yong’s arrogant expression, Cao Cao couldn’t help but feel angry any longer. He directly pushed Cao Cao, then looked at Cai Yong eagerly and said, "Cai actually thought you were a Confucian master before, and your heart is really different from those who live in high positions. However, today I found out that I was wrong. Are you all a virtue?"
When I heard this, I didn’t say it was Cao Cao. Even the bartender looked dumbfounded. Everyone could hear it. There seems to be irony in Cao Xing’s sentence.
Wen-chi and the old man next to him couldn’t help but frown when they heard this, but Wen-chi changed his gentle look and looked at Cao Xing directly and said, "What did you say? I even called me a glutton. Do you know who you are talking about? "
"Ha, ha, ha, of course, I know I’m talking to you in a famous day, but I still insist on what I just said. I don’t think I’m wrong and it won’t change because of your status," Cao said without fear
"How dare you!" Cai Yong binge drinking one after another is furious, but I didn’t expect Cai Yong to push Cao Cao, and then sat down in the back seat, looked at Cao Xing and looked at the opposite position, and then said
"I always do things aboveboard in Cai Yong. It is estimated that what happens again today will soon be publicized. I’m here today. You can have a good argument and others will say that my Cai Yong status oppresses you!"
And Cao Xing is also angry at the moment, not considering so much from the chest. Since this Cai Yong wants to argue, come on. Cao Xing is also sitting in his position without saying anything.
Cai Yong is a famous scholar, but Cao Xing compares it to a glutton today, and Cai Yong also describes Cao Xing as a disorderly minister and thief. It seems that they are dissatisfied with each other’s address to themselves. Today’s debate is to see who is right and who is wrong.
"Cao Xing, as far as I know, the day you were called to Taiwei House was notarized. You made a meritorious military service in Yingchuan. However, you privately transferred the military forces in the refrigerator to ambush outside Taiwei House, and you also hijacked Yuan Shu and Taiwei Ma Ridi at that time. You even dared to hijack yourself and say that you are not an anti-thief!"
However, upon hearing this, Cao Cao laughed. "Cai everyone, you are right. I did ambush the military forces outside early in the morning. Perhaps no one thought that I would be so bold. I have no defense at all, but I can also tell you accurately that if I hadn’t been bold, Qiu Fu people would have died in Qiu Fu’s office, and they wouldn’t pay attention to the evidence. When Yuan Highway came, they would have hit me ten times and killed me with a stick. Please take care of each other. If Cai everyone was in the same situation with me one day, would you feel wronged? Do you think I have gone too far? "
"Cao Xing, regardless of whether Yuan Shu wronged you or not, it has always been the purpose of etiquette since the founding of the country. Even if you really suffered a great injustice in this matter, you should learn to be the enemy before the enemy, instead of saying that if the generals are like you, wouldn’t that day have been a mess!"
"Ha ha, Cai, everyone will not be a master of Confucianism, so I also quoted Confucius as saying that ants are greedy for life, and even worse, they are human beings. I am also afraid of death. This group of people are not prepared to ask me to live, so why should I care so much!"


Some people are happy and some people are sad. Mu Feng looked at Yuli. I don’t know if she met any difficulties yesterday or because of Ji Yuexian. She didn’t even laugh when she saw Mu Feng this time. She didn’t even say hello. If Mu Fengkou said that there was a deputy who needed her help, Yuli was going to continue to brush the blame in the wild!

"Magic days are coming soon at this time, right?" Mu Feng muttered in a low voice, thinking of the devil, not far ahead, and Mu Feng saw the magical day of "little devil".
"You really dare to come" came far away, and a cold smile seemed to be laughing at Mu Feng, who followed four players, men and women.
"I dare not come? Everyone is happy to brush together? " Mu Feng said with a bit of a smile that after laughing, Mu Feng’s face turned cold immediately and slowly looked at the magic day and brought four people. Among the four, Mu Feng saw the player who helped himself in Guiyu City a few days ago-fire inflammation!
"When will he come?" Mu Feng asked suspiciously that in Ling Soul, the magic day is the magic door Wang’s fire inflammation, and the two Wang’s fire inflammation is brilliant. It’s rare that the two Wang’s have fought together. This magic day also brought fire inflammation, which really surprised Mu Feng.
Beside Huoyan, there was a little beauty in purple gauze and purple skirt armor. It was in the sky pavilion in Yanhai City that I accidentally met the eggplant beauty. How did this sweet and attractive little girl get together with Huoyan?
"Hello, my name is Huoyan. We have met before." Huoyan came to Mu Feng and introduced herself.
"This is not the time to say that cutting a sword results in cutting two mysterious masters? It turned out that Yan Huang helped Wang … and hey hey, brother, hello. "Low-key God exclaimed at the fire inflammation and smiled at the magic day. These two masters have always worshipped the low-key God, especially the magic day. If the low-key God is still helping the gods, this magic day will be his boss.
"Hello, crazy cow, the ace soldier in Mu Feng’s team is super resistant to playing, and everyone can output behind me!" Mad cow was shocked when she saw two master Wang, but she was still nervous to introduce herself.
"Ha ha ….." Magic Day and Fire Inflammation both smiled and didn’t crowd out the strength of mad cow. Magic Day also moved and pointed to bring a female player behind him and said, "This is our soldier’s second career called Light Guardian id, Sunlight. If you can’t remember the name, you can call him Nana."
After the magical celestial body moved, it was revealed in front of them in Mu Feng that a beautiful woman with a proud chest of 36d was about twenty years old, wearing a layer of lightweight sleeve armor, two white jade arms and no flab belly. It was perfectly presented in everyone’s eyes that the beautiful woman’s long hair fell behind her earlobe, and a white face in the shape of a goose egg didn’t seem too much. Let her eyes keep a close eye on Mu Feng, a low-key god and a mad cow. All three men were sluggish for two seconds. If an arrow pierced her heart and knocked on three heads, they might still be immersed in the beauty of Nana.
"In addition, I will say that Nana is a pure defensive growth warrior. Her life now is 110,000 points, and her double defense is 9,000 points. Nana will also apply a serial light shield to her teammates. When her life is too low, you can let Nana add a shield. You are very helpful." Magic Day added with a smile. His smile made three people in Mu Feng feel a chill. After all, such a beautiful big beauty turned out to be a super meat shield.
Chapter 374 A full team of ten people
"In addition, I will say that Nana is a pure defensive growth warrior. Her life now is 110,000 points, and her double defense is 9,000 points. Nana will also apply a serial light shield to her teammates. When her life is too low, you can let Nana add a shield. You are very helpful." Magic Day added with a smile. His smile made three people in Mu Feng feel a chill. After all, such a beautiful big beauty turned out to be a super meat shield.
"Ah, brother Wang, this is what you said. When everyone is friends, I will naturally take care of them." Nana smiled gently and smiled. Nana was not shy for several strangers who met for the first time. Instead, she pointed to the head with the id after the fire. When everyone looked at her, the little face of the eggplant beauty suddenly turned pale red.
"This is our teammate, the holy warrior mad cow destroyer, the low-key god element teacher, Feng Hua Xiaoxue, the savior, Ji Yue, the summoner, the sad rain, the arrow, the master, the arrow goes through the heart …" After watching the magic day, Mu Feng introduced them to his teammate, who listened carefully and didn’t crowd out anyone.
"By the way, there are only four people in your team on magic day?" Mu Feng saw Magic Day and Fire Inflammation coming, but he didn’t see the fifth person. If so, there are six people in Mu Feng.
"It’s not fire. There’s another person over there who rebelled against the imperial city this time. I’ll take Nana with one fire and two with you." The magic day said that it seems that the magic day and the fire team also discussed it before playing vice, but the luckiest thing is Mu Feng, who took people and added himself to five people. The more people there are, the greater the chance of getting rewards at the end.
Huo Yan smiled awkwardly and said that the man was expected to come later. Huo Yan also specifically said that the man would definitely come.
Then there is the personnel allocation here in Mu Feng. Obviously, Mufeng brings people to add seven people to the team. The maximum limit of the team is ten people. That is to say, Mu Feng has to lay off two people to lay off who. This problem is stumped. Mu Feng first has super therapeutic ability. Ji Yue is definitely indispensable, and fire inflammation brings eggplant beauty, which is also a doctor’s profession. It is just right to form a double treatment with Ji Yue to deal with Xiao Shengfeng, a monster. Double doctors must.
As for the meat shield, Mu Feng suggested that the double meat shield array, that is, the mad cow Nana’s melee output has swordsmen’s professional fire inflammation, but the outbreak of fire inflammation should not be low-key, and the remote output should be properly completed, with its own and magical feet.
As a result, Mu Feng has selected three people in his heart, namely Ji Yue, Mad Cow and Low-key God plus himself, and one person can also be selected. This person Mu Feng wants to choose among three beautiful women, namely Yuli, Fenghua Xiaoxue and an arrow through the heart.
While Mu Feng was screening people in his mind, suddenly a handsome young man dressed in white came to the front of everyone and saw all the people gathered together. The young man said, "Fire, inflammation, magic, heaven and man are all here?" And you … "
Looking at Mu Feng youth paused and then said sharply, "I grass you this ya is not the two days before the inflammation Haicheng explosion Mu Feng statue? Have we met before? "
"Of course we’ve met. Demonbane, the lonely bubble?" Mu Feng calmly replied that this person’s id is called Lonely Bubble. Three years ago, in the virtual online game called "Going Against the Heaven", he was a veteran of his own gang. The real name was Qin Mo’s game title, Dead Shadow Demonbane, and Huo Yan was also a veteran of his own gang at that time. Mu Feng didn’t want to be public now, so he didn’t take them in.
(ps Lonely Bubble, Qin Molai’s replacement of this pretending crime is finally coming on stage again.)
Seeing the dead shadow Demonbane Qin Mo Mu Feng again was obviously a little surprised, but this surprise didn’t last long because the rain glass also saw Qin Mo coming.
"I’m sorry, I don’t want to be the deputy Mu Ge. You are sometimes taking me to upgrade. Well, just let it be …" Yu Li said with a soft tone, and he bowed his head and soon left the line so that Mu Feng could not say a word to Yu Li.
"ah!" Qin Mo patted his forehead in annoyance and immediately took a sigh of relief. "Forget about the past and let’s continue to be vice!"
The last few words, Qin Mo, were clearly bitten to say. Obviously, the rain glass line and he couldn’t get away. Mu Feng Nai shrugged his shoulders and turned to Feng Hua Xiaoxue and an arrow through the heart and said, "You should understand that there are five people on our side who can enter the mad cow, low-key God and Ji Yue, and all four of me will enter the two of you."
"I quit … I’m the worst here …" Feng Hua Xiaoxue said with a weak mouth.
Feng Hua Xiaoxue is willing to take the initiative to withdraw from Mu Feng. Naturally, there is nothing to say. The total Feng Hua Xiaoxue and an arrow through the heart have their own strengths, and whoever enters the vice can decompress the team.
Feng Hua Xiaoxue said goodbye to everyone and then went into the ghost town, while the remaining ten people formed a team captain, who was assigned randomly by Mu Feng. Of course, whoever is most suitable for equipment can take it when necessary, but whoever throws the biggest point is who.
It’s the player information of the ten-person team
Captain Mu Feng Zun’s 34-level occupation hides.
Team member magic day level 33 professional hiding
Class 33 occupational concealment of players’ fire inflammation
Player Dugu Foam Level 32 Professional Sword Wound (Swordsman’s Second Turn)
Team member Sun Twilight Level 32 Professional Light Guardian (Warrior 2 Turn)
Team member is a professional judge of Grade 31 (doctor’s second turn)
Team member’s low-key God level 3 professional destroyer (second turn of stabbing spirit)
Player Mad Cow Level 31 Professional Saint Warrior (Warrior Second Turn)
Team member Ji Yue’s level 3 professional lifesaver (doctor’s second turn)
Team member goes through the heart with one arrow. Level 3 professional archer (shooter turns twice)
"It seems that these two people’s careers are not simple …" Mu Feng looked at the team list and then secretly said in his mind that he didn’t expect that there were two people besides himself who were hiding their careers. What did this say? Said it must be a special occupation!
Then ten people entered the imperial city and were sent to the imperial city. After that, the ten people bought full recovery drugs and then marched to the Tenth Palace.
"ding! Do you enter the tenth palace to perform the deputy [Emperor Rebellion]? "
Chapter 375 Don’t like big beauty
Ten rays of light appeared on the periphery of Taigong Palace. It was Mu Feng who entered the periphery, just as they saw two days ago. There were walls all around, and there was a locked door on the east wall, which was the only way to the middle of the palace.
Just like the second time, everyone brushed out the monster immediately after entering the vice. It’s still too Sineitai ordinary soldiers. Five people entered the vice and brushed out five soldiers. Now it’s ten people entering the refresh. There are one hundred soldiers, which is not a small number for the team.


You Yun couldn’t stand it and said, "Isn’t there anyone behind here? These children have good qualifications, or all of them will come to my door? "

Ordinary words are on pins and needles in the ears of other elders. They are not confused people, and they will not be unable to recognize the voice of Zhang Jiao’s words, otherwise the position of the elders will be mixed up in vain.
Liu Feng, the fifth elder, took the lead to stand up and said angrily, "Can’t we share the worries for Zhang Jiao? I think these kids are all good. You don’t want them, I want them all. "
His figure is not very tall, but it is also burly. When he is not angry, his eyes are like two bells. When he is angry, it is even more scary. The sound is like thunder.
Don’t say that Liu Feng is careless at ordinary times, and he does everything without covering his face. He is unambiguous when it comes to the key, and he takes over all of them, leaving others speechless.
"Liu Feng, what you think is beautiful. There are so many people, I’m afraid you can’t swallow it. Let me help you share it. These girls are more suitable for me." Six elders Xiaojing pointed to some of the girls and told them to go behind them.
Ying Jie, the seven elders, came in droves for fear of falling behind others. Yingjie is shorter and thinner than Liu Feng, with small eyes and a much weaker voice than Liu Feng. When she smiles, she is even more "chirping", which makes people feel humorous instead of dignified.
A heavy hum interrupted the absurd behavior of several elders, smiled awkwardly and sat down with some ugly faces.
"Zuo Hao." Deep and remote clouds speak.
"Zhang Jiao!" Zuo Hao Jianli.
"I remember that you have no disciples so far. Do you want to consider recruiting one here?"
"Today is not the same as in the past. My subordinates have this intention. They just take a fancy to a child and want to recruit him. Please take a look." Zuo Hao tried his best to cooperate with Zhang Jiao to play a double reed, waved his hand, and Tianjun stepped forward.
"ZuoHao, are you silly? Although the child is gifted, but the soul body, the soul body understand? A loser. What do you want? " The elder couldn’t help talking at dawn, saying that Zuo Hao was an outstanding disciple of his school before, and he naturally cared for him, so he spoke out and advised him.
Now, the man with the palm power in Tiangu is the oldest, even more authoritative than the palm teaching, so he dares to interrupt in front of the palm teaching. You Yun is also courteous to him on weekdays.
"Master calm down, disciples have their own reasons, and I hope that Master will not stop." Although you are already an Eight Elders, you dare not forget your kindness in the past, and you still habitually call the Big Elders Master. Although some of them are neither fish nor fowl, no one dares to disagree with others, and the following disciples dare not chew their tongues, otherwise they will be enemies with two powerful elders and will be prostrate.
"Tianjun?" You Yun Zhang Jiao suddenly interjected and frowned. "Strange, soul body?" As if talking to himself, doubts disappeared and turned into a bottomless pool. It’s unpredictable,
Tianjun knows clearly about being a soul body, but two grandfathers once said that extremes meet. Who said that a soul body is a waste? Who says the soul can’t be immortal? I am convinced of this.
While thinking about it, I suddenly heard a crisp chant of "Drip Rinrin" and looked up. It turned out to be a flying sword drawn out of its sheath. Tianjun was slightly stunned because he didn’t know the intention of the deep cloud suddenly drawing his sword.
Deep and remote clouds caress the blade, their eyes are empty, and they look happy.
This sword, about three feet long and zero, is glittering, the dragon pattern looms, and the scabbard is orange and glittering as jade.
Quite different from what is usually seen, Tianjun is thinking to himself, "It’s really a heavenly valley palm Sect, and just looking at this sword is enough to make people respect!"
As soon as Youyun’s eyes closed, he suddenly brought the sword in his hand to Tianjun and asked, "What do you think of this flying sword, son?"
Tianjun took it and finished reading it. Suddenly, there was a light thunder, dazzling golden light and cold air. Now Zhengrong said, "This sword is beyond the control of ordinary people!"
Youyun smiled and said excitedly, "This sword is called Panlong. It is made from the 10,000-year-old black iron collected by my founder, Bo Xuan. It has the function of avoiding poison and evil spirits. It is an ordinary snake insect, and it can escape from the wind within a hundred paces. At that time, it was awesome to all evil spirits, and the demons were frightened."
Panlong has spirituality, and when he heard this, he recalled that Jin Ge was an iron horse, and suddenly his pride soared into the sky, and his endless glory bloomed, telling the glory of that year.
You Yun paused, looked up, and blurted out a shocking sentence: "Today, I give you the Panlong."
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Chapter 57 "If You Are the One"
Everyone was surprised. Obviously, teaching in the palm of one’s hand is not aimless. The master of one door can do it if he says it.
Several elders were dumbfounded. They didn’t expect the palm church to come out here at all, and immediately exploded the pot.
"It’s absolutely impossible to take charge of teaching. Why can this boy accept the relics of this ancestor?"
"Look before you leap!"
"Palm teaching, palm teaching …"
For a while, I couldn’t consider many courtesies, and many people talked nonsense. You should know that this dragon sword is owned by Bo Xuan, the founder of the mountain. Although it is not as precious as the eight-product Dan medicine Xueyudan, it is also the top grade.
It has been placed in the secret room for thousands of years, and it has never been owned by anyone. The reason is said to be the oral instructions of the founder of Boxuan, which has been passed down from generation to generation. Today, you Yunzhang Sect acted on its own initiative and took out this sword for no reason. It’s just for his own use. Without the resolution of the Presbyterian Church, it’s natural to be indignant that it should be given to a soul body for nothing.
"Are you finished? Who is the palm teacher in Tiangu? " A sharp momentum spewed from the deep and remote clouds, and the monstrous anger made the things on the table drift from place to place, and the whole palace trembled slightly, like shaking the earth, which made people tremble.
You Yun has been a bit eccentric since he took charge of teaching, but he is also kind on weekdays. Regardless of the size of affairs, the elders are also responsible for their own duties. Some out-of-line things have turned a blind eye to the past. I have never been so angry with them. Have I ever seen such an appearance? Unusually, people keep speculating, and it is difficult for some people to accept it for a while, and it is inevitable that they have bad feelings.
On weekdays, these elders are lofty and arrogant, and the rules and regulations are backwards. Naturally, they are unwilling to let this fairy baby fall into the hands of a basket case. When they look at each other, the three elders dream of getting up and still want to reason, and they don’t want to be stopped by a token in the hands of Youyun.
This black token looks a little rough, but there is a word engraved on it: "Fang!" "
"Eight directions?" Extremely helpless and extremely wronged, Meng Ying gave way to one side in vain, sat down with unwilling heart and winked at Wan Sha in the distance.
Wansha knew that things were irreversible, her face was distorted, her fingers dug into the meat, and she said, "One day, you will fall into my hands, and I want you to die."
This token is a token of the elders, and it is more authoritative than the palm teaching. In fact, the ruler of Tiangu is still in the hands of the elders. He said that if you die in the middle of the night, you will never pass the night shift, even if you are a disciple of this sect.
To put it bluntly, the Presbyterian Church is a puppet. The bigger things can’t be managed, and the smaller things don’t want to be managed. If you exaggerate, the Presbyterian Church can even impeach directly. As long as the Presbyterian Church majority passes, there is no room for redemption, which will even make the Presbyterian Church lose face. Of course, this kind of situation is very rare, unless it is really incompatible, after all, it is not good for anyone to look up and see it.
However, these eight orders are imperial edicts in the valley of heaven, representing the infinite authority of the elders. If anyone refuses to accept them, shoot them, no matter who they are.
No one will talk nonsense and importune again, and it will not be safe if it is not good. Since the elder said, it is another matter, and everyone is silent and waits to see what happens.
After a smile, Youyun’s face smiled again: "What do you think?"
Tianjun took a look, and according to the facts, he said, "It’s a shame to get nothing for nothing, but to be disrespectful, Marie."
Youyun laughed happily, as if he had already expected the words from Tianjun’s mouth, and some quipped, "Do you know the fate it is about to face?"
Tianjun was startled and confused. You Yun’s one leg flexed, and his leg fell against the sword. A famous sword, with a bang, stood on his knee and folded in two!


Looking at the ghost Lord driving the poor sentient beings to make a long sword and chopping at himself, Yu Duxiu’s finger flicked and five drops of blood flew out, killing the first gods in the field for five days.

Facing the ghost Lord’s attack, Jade Duxiu’s expression, the axe in his hand raised and instantly locked, and the ghost Lord was frightened, but he had to bite the bullet and face the difficulties.
This is the collision of all things in heaven.
Ghost Lord is surprised. Jade Duxiu’s axe stops for half. With the magic sword in the ghost Lord’s hand, it pierces into his own body, and then several forces suddenly explode.
"poof" jingxie spurted and splashed the ghost master’s face.
At this time, Yu Duxiu actually smiled, and a lover who should not have felt it actually smiled.
"No, I’m afraid I’m in trouble. I helped Hongjun achieve something unpredictable." The ghost owner exclaimed in his heart that he wanted to get out and listen to Yu Duxiu’s cold voice. "Where are the ghosts going?"
As he spoke, Yu Duxiu chopped the axe and split the ghost Lord.
The reincarnation shakes the ghost master’s real body and recombines to instantly suppress his own HarmonyOS purple gas. A pair of eyes stare at Yu Duxiu intensely. "What do you want?"
"With the help of the force of all beings and the force of all beings, I will attack the will of heaven. I want to fight against the guest and get rid of the control of heaven completely while the will of heaven is traumatized, and then refine the will of heaven to chaos my will in the whole perfect world and perfection." Yu Duxiu played an axe. "Now it seems that it is not ineffective. I actually recovered some feelings."
At this time, the black lotus in Jade Duxiu’s eyes flashed, and many beings were killed. Once again, Jade Duxiu’s doom turned into twelve flowers, and then there seemed to be a twelve lotus in each of the twelve lotus flowers.
It’s not because you want to expand the source and get rid of the control of heaven that you launch such a big disaster!
Jade Duxiu carefully planned, and indeed many ancestors and several powerful people fell into the trap one after another. Jade Duxiu calculated to reap the strength of all beings and then all beings could deal with themselves.
Although Yu Duxiu can’t completely suppress the laws of heaven at this time, it is much faster than his daily nibbling.
"F * * king! Desperate! " The ghost Lord pointed to Jade Duxiu and didn’t know what to say.
"Ghost Lord, if you have any last words, just say it." Jade Duxiu’s mouth is tilted. "It’s good to smile!"
"You can’t kill me." The ghost Lord looked gloomy.
"Then you can try" Jade Duxiu unhurried way
Jade bodhi old zu in Yujingshan stare big eyes "ecstasy! Crazy! It’s so crazy that it evolved into a perfect world to help itself refine chaos. It’s so crazy. "
Cold we also stood there "Hongjun calculation is really deep enough"
"I’m afraid I’m the first person in the heavens and the earth to calculate Hongjun" Jade bodhi old zu sighed gently.
"Really?" Jade Duxiu waved his axe. "Although I can’t kill you, I can seal you. When I am completely in charge of chaos, you will be a part of me and I will kill you and devour you."
While talking, the mysterious and unpredictable rune flow in Jade Duxiu’s hand seems to be the manifestation of the law. The aurora twists and turns into a rope woven into a big net and hangs over the ghost master.
The ghost Lord has a heart to resist, but at this time, HarmonyOS’s purple gas is emitted, and then he watches which silk cocoon firmly wraps himself and is plunged into the depths of the long river of time and completely sinks.
"Want to run? Can you run? " Looking at the perfect world, several strong people fled everywhere, and the tide was gone, and everyone’s fighting spirit fell to the lowest point.
Jade Duxiu’s palm stretched out the chaotic axe and rolled up the airflow. As Jade Duxiu killed the strong, the strong people seemed to wake up and escape, but they blew themselves up like crazy, which constantly hit the will of the perfect world.
Every time it explodes, the will of heaven and earth will decay by one point.
"This group of idiots" covered their eyes with jade bodhi old zu in Yujingshan "I have never seen such rubbish so stupid"
"Really explosive I can’t endure you? I said I would destroy it all. "Talking, Jade Duxiu’s hands flashed with the Falun of Heaven and Man."
If a strong man explodes and wants to be resurrected, he will inevitably experience the five decline of heaven and man, while a jade show will experience the five decline of heaven and man in two worlds, and it seems that none of them has.
Jade Duxiu pushes the law to change the fate of heaven and man. A pair of eyes scanned the square world. "You have no chance."
After that, Jade Duxiu’s divine light turns upside down again, blinding the avenue of Yin and Yang. "There are still some ghosts in the world, but they are vulnerable."
After that, Yu Duxiu casually put away Pangu Zan and turned around and turned to Yujingshan. "The coming is the last stage of the last French robbery."
"Hung-chun, you are really amazing, bodhi old zu. I have seen several outstanding people, but if you are so calculating, there is none." Jade bodhi old zu fart Dian Dian to catch up.
Jade Duxiu rubbed the jade bodhi old zu’s head and forehead, only to see a grain of Dan medicine flying out of the jade bodhi old zu’s belly. "This Dan medicine is not for you, so don’t eat it indiscriminately."
"Hung-chun, are you back?" Cold Miao Yu’s eyes are full of excitement.
Jade Duxiu smiled. "I didn’t expect to meet this group of idiots and reduce my plan from hundreds of millions of years to hundreds of thousands of years. Now I still have my tail unfinished. I will be done in five thousand years. Let’s meet again in five thousand years."
With that, Yudu Duxiu touched Miaoyu’s head, patted Hanju’s shoulder, turned and walked into Yujingshan "after I finished the final finishing, I was a fairy".
"Fairy?" Jade Lao zu nan ni yi
Chapter 2367 Long time no see (finale)
When Yu Duxiu promoted the evolution of the law, it was the black hand behind the vicissitudes of life, and it was no longer elegant to control the flow of words and phrases in the past.
The top master lost his status as a monk. He didn’t have enough status because he knew that there was a war to cut the sky and then there was no war. After that, the land returned to peace, but those tall and strong people were missing
With the passing of the aura of heaven and earth, it has become a myth in the river that has transformed the years.
Jade Duxiu did the same thing again, and made his own calculations. With the decline of practice, the rivers and lakes have risen. In another thousand years, the rivers and lakes have become said that there is a red flood of scientific and technological recovery sweeping everything.
Looking at the birth of the steam engine, Yu Duxiu’s mouth turned up, and "the war of words began."
Age of culture, age of science and technology, age of steel
I think it was only a short hundred years from the invasion of the allied forces to the rise of China. In a hundred years, the magical powers of heaven and earth have changed, and the magical powers have declined.
However, there are still people who are quite interested in the magical powers and constantly study and look for ancient relics.
Looking at the high-rise buildings, planes, cannons, whistling ships, steel world, jade, bodhi old zu, staring at that one by one, the big chimney is constantly polluting the world, and finally the aura is isolated from the star chemistry, and the heavily polluted liquid is polluted. The world of money has blinded everyone’s eyes.

桑拿会所 桑拿夜网

After a short fight, Luo Xiu found that this girl fuck is really rubbish.

Generally, players are much better than her.
I’m afraid her only advantage in fighting with herself is her powerful equipment.
Although Luo Xiu doesn’t know if NPC equipment can rob, in the face of this monarch Luo Xiu, who has no scheming, wants to give it a try.
"Little Black Disintegration, Little Green Dragon Blood Super Fusion"
There is no need to suppress each other at the speed if the other side can’t fuck Luo Xiu. This time, he directly benefits the little green poison to deal with the monarch.
However, it is not obvious that the speed of reduction after the infanta was poisoned, which surprised Luo Xiu.
"The longer the blood is, the longer the blood is!" At this time in Luo Xiu body inflammation Yang suddenly mouth way
Luo Xiuma asked, "What is the more dragon blood?"
"Don’t you find a gun? This princess fuck is rubbish, but she is very resistant to little green poison, and although you have knocked out a lot of her blood, her recovery speed is quite amazing. "
This time, Luo Xiu was awakened by Jiao Yue.
Jiao Yue, after all, is very good at fighting. Luo Xiu didn’t pay much attention to it before he heard Jiao Yue say this, only to find out that it was really like this.
"What’s going on? What’s the connection with the dragon blood that Yanyang just said? "
Yan Yang told Luo Xiu, "If my observation is correct, the so-called county main body is full of dragon blood that even dragons covet. It is said that dragons are the most powerful creatures in Kyushu, and every drop of blood is very precious, but it is also difficult for dragons to heal once they are injured. This is also the reason why the number of dragons is rare. However, if you can find the dragon blood, just one drop can make the wound of a dying dragon recover. If the dragon is not injured before, its physique will be greatly improved."
Hear inflammation Yang say Luo Xiuma white come over in front of your face, the monarch is not only a deal with the other three zhongzhou royal strong is a godsend to yourself.
At this time, the infanta was also beaten by Luo Xiu, and Luo Xiu shot up the infanta and jumped up high, hitting more than a dozen armor-piercing attacks in the infanta.
Every armor-piercing attack leaves a wound, but it makes the princess cry constantly.
Wait until after Luo Xiu’s attack, the princess fell heavily to the ground, and Luo Xiu’s horse rushed to bite at the princess’s neck.
Dragon Blood Knight has the ability to absorb and eat against the dragon, and it also has the ability to deal with the monarch who is always more dragon’s blood.
But because the other party is not a real dragon, Luo Xiu feels that this blood-sucking process is disgusting.
However, when I noticed that the unified indicator sounded, indicating that my qi and blood recovery speed had been increased and I had a little physical attribute, I decided not to let go.
When Luo Xiuyi entered the game, his physical attributes were very weak.
At least players have two physical attributes, one is themselves.
Fortunately, I met Tong Yuan later, otherwise I’m afraid I’m still a fragile person.
But I also know that my qi and blood are not many among knights.
But now things are different.
Not to mention that the speed of qi and blood recovery is just sucking the monarch and getting a unified indication for every increase in physical attributes.
Luo Xiu has received 14 messages since he just sucked her blood.
That is to say, my physical attribute point has been shown from 6 o’clock to 2 o’clock.
Now Luo Xiu absolutely dares to say that he is the player with the highest blood volume in this game.
"Don’t suck! One shot! If you suck it again, she will die! "
Luo Xiu heard that after Yang woke up, Ma opened his eyes and glanced at his face. The color in his face has entered a weak state, Princess.
The former princess seems to have some ability to hide her name and other information, even her breath.
Now the princess is so weak that she seems to die at any time. It is estimated that she has no ability to support herself without being seen through by others. Luo Xiu can see her name, Princess Lotus.
"Lotus! A good name makes Long Blood Knight very happy. This name is not fake at all. I like it! "
Said Luo Xiuqi body looking at fell to the ground weaker than Lotus infanta.
At the same time, Jiao Yue and Yan Yang left Luo Xiu’s body and appeared on both sides of Lotus Princess.


Then they Hei Hu League’s first 1 million vanguard cavalry troops chased and killed teams of China players like hunting ice and snow, Mountain hare ice fox. They passed through the thick snow of the local ice sheet, where prostrate bodies were trampled to pieces …

This scene is like falling into Ri Port and Kamikaze Plain, but the slaughtered object has become a China player.
The Indian army relied on its strong military superiority and integrated the whole Indian J ○ ng British force to prance on the ice sheet.
They don’t bother to hide their strategic goals at all. More than 10 million players are pushing forward in the vast ice field as if to announce to the world that they always want to take the glacier fortress with all their might.
With a series of videos being replaced by China players in the forum, Ri has become a mockery of the water forces of various countries.
Indian players who believe that they are proud and ashamed of the past are posting directly in the forum Gai Lou, shouting out the words of the three-day demise of Snow Silver City and Razer City for their army.
So the official website Forum was once again detonated with all kinds of saliva, all kinds of insults, all kinds of black indignation, and it was difficult to level China players. Qi Qi pointed his finger at the three major forces, namely, the Wangtu hegemony stationed in the Snow Castle, the spirit of war League and the Iron and Blood League.
If it weren’t for Fengshen Tian and Zen Soul Wounds, these bosses were eager for success, and they would never have lost J and jīng Rui from the ice castle. The defenders of the ice castle would never have lost so quickly, and they would never have lost so embarrassed.
These are all unilateral speculations about what the facts are, and there is no chance to verify them.
That’s how the war is lost. It’s never been lost. If you assume, for example, these statements,
Just as the angry Chinese people are preparing to organize a group to spit out the gods of the wind and the souls of the war, another bad news has spread all over the eternal world and forums like a thunderbolt.
The three major forces, namely, the King of Indonesia, the spirit of war League and the Iron-Blood Alliance, led a total of 6.1 million lines, and the second-line J Ο ng Britain was being besieged by more than 9 million J Ο ng English in the United States and Indonesia in the Telin wasteland where Heihe City was located in Indonesia.
In the battle synchronization video, Heihe City stands tall like a mountain, and the blue sky and black soil bodies are everywhere outside the city.
Tens of millions of China players have been constantly divided, surrounded and annihilated by the US-Indonesian Coalition forces.
Compared with the huge battle scene in the Tehrin wasteland of the one-sided butchered city, it is not embarrassing. The players belonging to Wangtu hegemony, spirit of war League and Iron and Blood Major League China held out for at least an hour before they were partially defeated in the face of sudden siege.
Then the rout front spread rapidly and collapsed in a straight line. There was a long time ago to guard against the US-Indonesian Coalition forces encircling the whole forest wasteland, shrinking like a storm and sweeping from all directions to the center. China players died at an amazing speed along the way, and it was impossible to even seek a breakthrough.
The scene is not ugly, but relatively speaking, this 6 million army is equivalent to two-thirds J and jīng sharp force in Snowstorm Silver City. They are a powerful guarantee for the real backbone in the strategic deployment against the Indian army.
No one thought that although surrounded by encirclement and suppression, J and NG English were so defeated by J and NG English.
Snow Castle fell, retreated to Snow Silver City, and the retreat was cut off. Even if they can break through the siege, they can still face being hunted to death.
"We lost."
The battlefield zhōng yāng is bullying, with his back to Fengshen, overlooking the wheat waves and generally lodging in China. The player’s voice is so desolate.
"I should listen to you"
After this great change, Fengshen didn’t scream and make a determined effort as usual. Instead, he calmly came face to face with a cold wind wrapped in strong blood gas, stabbing his nose and hurting his eyes.
To that proud and conceited eye, all the fengshen days disappeared. He looked at the guilds, J and NG Ying, who were constantly being torn apart by the enemy’s charge. He looked at the sky flying with flesh and blood, and the flag was kicked down side by side. Tears gradually blurred his sight.
"It’s my fault. I ruined Wang Tu’s hegemony and ruined Snowstorm Silver City."
Feng Shentian’s abnormality made bullying not stunned. He shook his head. "It’s not the United States that is the biggest variable through Indonesia. We are trying to change it. Even if we are United with J and NG Dance Gate and Tieqi League to stick to the ice castle and glacier fortress, we still can’t stop India, Indonesia and the United States. Snow Silver City will die …"
"Snow Silver City is dead, and Wang Tu thinks it will be dead. This may be the last battle for Wang Tu thinks it will be …" Fengshen’s face was full of tears.
"We can start all over again, and it’s not that we haven’t been defeated. You forget that we were torn apart by the gods with less than 200,000 core J and NG English left, but we haven’t risen as usual. Now Wang Tu thinks that it is still the largest and strongest guild in Snow Silver City." Bullying and sinking way
"There are some things you don’t understand. The family can’t give me another chance. I can make them lose confidence. In fact, I lost from the day I opposed the gods." Fengshen said with a wry smile. "Let’s fight. Even if our army is wiped out, we must tear them a piece of meat. Killing a J and jīng dancer and fighters will reduce the pressure."
At the key moment, Fengshen Tian showed a rare will to die at first sight. Unfortunately, the defeat was overwhelming. All the determination and morale in the United States and Indonesia Coalition forces were in vain …
Chapter ninety-seven Crisis
The main force of the American District Guild launched the sudden incident of the Silver City War through Indonesia, which surprised all players.
Once the news shocked the whole world!
You know, the United States has always been a virtual competitive superpower, with many great gods and top players everywhere, while the Indian region is a virtual power in China, and its huge player base is even more than that of China.
Not to mention Indonesia’s average strength may be average, but its comprehensive strength is not much better than that of Japan and South Korea.
This shows how horrible these three virtual world superpowers are when they unite.
In the face of the capture of the three main cities in China, Snowstorm Silver City, it seems that there is still time left. At this point, the views of all countries in the world are surprisingly consistent, and even most China players are not optimistic about the situation of the national war in Snowstorm Silver City.
They don’t recognize that after the collapse of the three elite forces, namely, Wangtu hegemony, spirit of war League and Iron-Blood League, the three countries’ allied forces with a total strength of 20 million can be blocked only by Jingwumen and Tieqi League.
Of course, there are also many players who don’t believe that Snowstorm Silver City will definitely fall. They pin their hopes on the two major guilds, the myth of Huaxia King City and the gods of Leize City.
Now that the strategic objectives of the United States, India and Indonesia have become obvious, it takes brain cells to speculate that India will attack the United States and Indonesia and unexpectedly encircle the three southern conquering forces in Snowstorm Silver City. When these six million elites are wiped out, the United States and Indonesia will immediately cross the border and join forces with India.
At that time, the allied forces of the three countries will be strong all the way to the north, and take the Snow Silver City. This foundation can cross the frozen canyon to the east and reach the hinterland of Leize City to the north, and can cross the forest cold tundra and directly attack the Huaxia City. The two main cities, Raytheon Fortress and Dragon Fortress, will lose their strategic significance because of the fall of Snow Silver City, and the defense doors of Leize City and Huaxia City will be opened accordingly.
These problems are almost obvious at a glance, but everyone knows that if you are not an idiot, your lips will die and your teeth will be cold.
However, they don’t know how to understand it, but they don’t have to carry it out. This is a war. What they see is superficial factors, and what they see is undercurrent. Can they spy?
How could they possibly know that the United States dared to attack Snowstorm Silver City precisely because of the agreement reached by Qin Shiyue, Gao Fushuai, California, who caught a glimpse at the Razer City auction without resorting to paper?
Huaxia city will send reinforcements, but there can never be myths in these reinforcements.
Snow, silver city, south gate tower, a pretty figure stands by the sword, she looks far south, the cold wind blows her soft hair, and her delicate and beautiful cheeks ache faintly.
"Tuoba evil is really selling the snow silver city to Qin Shiyue and Indra Day!"