When life is cultivated to a certain extent, the meridians are all connected, and the spirit is growing, so it is necessary to absorb the spirit of heaven and earth from the outside, so that the five internal organs will be born first, and finally the life span of the five qi will reach the limit of the human body, reaching more than 150 years old.

Only in this way can we have the opportunity to condense the three treasures of the spirit into one, and the three flowers will gather together to impact and refine the spiritual realm.
However, Wang Xuan was in a surprised heart.
The man in black who was penetrated turned out to be a ghosting image!
Come and think about it. Wang Xuan leaned forward and stopped with a horizontal gun.
Qiang Qiang!
A sword of light is just a touch away, and then the flank rises behind it.
Same ghosting, same weird posture.
Wang Xuan dodged a sword behind his back.
"get out!"
As soon as he drank the gun in anger, the shadow broke out and forced the five shadows back.
Everyone here sees the score.
The hemp rope behind the man in black stretched left and right, leaving a trail of ghosting with them in a strange way.
Wang Xuan eyes became dignified.
You know, even if you are an expert in refining and refining, you need to take advantage of the tumbling to follow, and these five people rely on the ropes in their hands to move their bodies like ghosts and unpredictable roots to judge the offensive.
What’s worse is that the power of your own mysterious evil spirit has been exposed. These guys will turn back immediately if they miss a blow. It seems that they want to learn from the wolves and consume themselves alive.
"Hey hey want to clear?"
The leading man in black joked and smiled, "Don’t worry, it’s a long night. Our brothers have time to play with you and want to pull the flag!"
Say five figure hit at the same time.
Wang Xuan also don’t panic gun body a turn to protect the whole body key mixed yuan one body.
Ding, ding, ding, ding
The darkness is full of guns and swords colliding.
And the figure of the five people in the theater is also accelerating.
At that time, Wang Xuan was surrounded by figures in all directions, and the sword light shuttled back and forth, sparking more and more urgent and murderous.
Everyone can see that Wang Xuan has fallen into the wind.
Although it’s five fights and one win, it’s not martial, but that’s the rule in the Jianghu. If you want to pull the flag, you have to worry.


Chapter 16. Being a father’s fidgety

Three words forcefully showed his determination. !
Ji Shao said with a smile: "Oh, General Ji is so generous, why are you angry with a royal doctor?"
Ji Fan sneered and said, "I’m small-minded? What am I? I am the commander of the five senses! "
"I am also an imperial teacher!"
"What is the teacher? Even a small physician actually put on airs with me, refused me, teased me, and looked at me. "
"Is the Imperial Master a beggar?"
"JiShao, you also think about it, a beggar and you bash elbows coldly, playing with you, putting on airs. How do you feel! "
"What’s more, he is still a doctor. . . Uh, a doctor? What is the doctor’s purpose? It’s saving lives! What did he just do? "
"Does he deserve to be a physician?"
JiFan words inspired impassioned stood there yelling.
Liu Xiang surrounded the place with a thousand invincible troops and shouted, "Good point!"
JiShao embarrassed at this moment, humiliating, originally he just want to JiFan cooled down, and then slowly said.
Ji Fan’s words are really so impassioned and righteous!
In particular, the words "heal the wounded and rescue the dying" made people look askance at it, and the goose bumps all over the body stood up and were infected by Ji Fan’s momentum.
Originally, JiShao can also make a ha ha knot in the past, but especially Liuxiang this out, let him humiliating.
Ji Shao drank awkwardly at Wang Chengda: "Don’t apologize to General Ji quickly."
Ji Fan was keenly aware that Wang Cheng’s light spot turned into a red hostile state.
Wang Chengtieqing’s old face said, "General Ji, please forgive me, too. I’ll treat your subordinates. "
Ji Fan suddenly shouted, "Wait!"
"I need all the accompanying physicians and doctors to treat together. I find it hard to believe that you will not do anything before. "
"Besides, I’m beginning to worry about your medical skills."
Wang Cheng gritted his teeth and stared at JiFan intensely, then bowed his head and accepted the fact.
Ji Fan gestured to Liu Xiang for the convenience of the four doctors.
His four subordinates have been watching JiFan look, see JiFan motioned for especially Liuxiang a fiercely in my heart.
Then they were relieved.
The emperor of a dying dynasty is no longer so intimidating.
Moreover, JiFan just expressed gratitude to Liuxiang.
Liuxiang didn’t care about this, but he understood JiFan’s meaning.
Now he said aloud, "Put it on my frame. My frame is relatively spacious. "
This statement naturally met with great opposition.
Liu Xiang is pushing through the crowd, and Ji Shaogang is embarrassed, and now he doesn’t want to be in charge.
When Qiu Yan set foot on the dragon chariot, her eyes were greatly shaken.
I can’t believe it. . . I can also set foot on the right frame one day!
The other three people used an envious look. This time, they died without regret!
Even if the dignity of the emperor drops to a limit, the frame of the emperor, which represents the imperial power, is out of reach in people’s hearts.
When I saw Qiu Yan’s tattered clothes, I knew that if it weren’t for Ji Fan, I’m afraid he wouldn’t even see the face of the son of heaven in his life, so why should he set foot on the son of heaven?
All the ministers looked contemptuous when they saw Qiu Yan’s clothes.
Qiu Yan’s heart was also severely trampled, but seeing JiFan’s smiling face, his heart was inexplicably peaceful.
Cure the disease. . Back to Hebei. . . Work for him!
This is his goal!
Lying in the fragrance of ebony, Qiu Yan’s heart is rippling and receiving the treatment of the doctors.
Under the joint diagnosis of many physicians, a conclusion was quickly drawn.
In the meantime, the long motorcade has passed Hulao Pass and entered Yanzhou territory.


Not without talking, moving, even breathing.

Only irregular huge bubbles are everywhere.
That’s an impermeable protective layer made by Shuo Oil!
All the residents of the whole world were wrapped in it.
Their residents are like being put into a transformation warehouse, and their bodies, lives and souls are like past ones. undefended city is directly occupied by Jorgemov’s consciousness.
Then he instilled the concept of loyalty to himself and carried out various phase debugging …
When it’s over,
The fifth floor [Shuo Oil Sea] has become calmer than the sea surface.
Circle after circle, it can be seen to the naked eye that the center of the wave lake continues to spread to the periphery.
The huge energy from the first layer of the [Freician World] also drops rapidly from the dark shadow and is directly injected into the center of the vortex like a Tianzhu …
This moment
The residents who are sleeping because of forced transformation in the whole [non-Rician world] seem to have received the call of unity and woke up in a thousand signs …
Transport one’s claws or finger to tear that outer bubble bondage and immediately kneel on the cold ground.
Without eyes, they somehow guided their heads in the same direction and shouted
"My Lord-Jorgemov, from now on, you will be the non-Riccia God and will be the source of fear for the Dark Lord …"
In their pious call
【 Shuo oil sea 】
At the center of the vortex, the surging waves are getting higher and higher.
A huge egg hidden in the middle slowly breaks up.
A half-length is similar to that of a scorpion, while a half-length is similar to that of a human being, striding out of it in metal armor.
Hold one’s palm in vain.
I feel that China is a thousand times stronger than China.
Jogmov’s face gradually became a little crazy.
"Ha ha ha ha ….."
He laughed wildly.
The whole nine-story area of the world trembled slightly.
And those who pray [Shuo oil infected body] are more and more enthusiastic in the face of this great power.
Only Olga watched everything with interest without saying a word.
Even though Jorgemov has undergone earth-shaking transformation, his strength is different from the past, but he still has no sense of Olga.
Or now he is even less likely to feel strange than before.
If Olga wants to talk, Jogmov’s vision, hearing, smell, touch, taste, perception, and way of thinking … are all things he adjusts, and Jogmov will feel that everything is his own idea and he won’t notice anything wrong.
Chapter 623 Jorgemov really
After a while.
Jogmov barely calmed down his excited mood and sighed with his abundant strength.
"It’s really powerful …"
According to the original, he predicted that this round of integration would definitely not be strengthened to such an extent.
There is a high probability that it will take a lot of effort to transform those disobedient genera into "Shuo Oil Infected Body" afterwards.
He is also ready to divide the group of guys into camps and oppose each other, and slowly try to eat them up little by little.
But what he has achieved now far exceeds his original expectation!
Just a little passive influence during the fusion directly infected all the millions of genera into [Shuo Oil Infected Body]!
Recall that I recently remotely debugged the feelings of those infected people through Shuo You.
Jogmov’s face couldn’t help showing some look of addiction.
That virus transforms things from the first perspective, which makes him feel like a creator and greatly satisfies his vanity!
What effect will be so excellent in this fusion ceremony?
Jorgemov didn’t have any doubts.
My brain is full of things like’ Damn how I am so good! Jie Jie Jie …’,’ Respect for talent is so terrible …’,’ Slag hassa gives …’ Sao ideas.
Don’t ask why you ask this question. Olga modified yogmov’s brain circuit in this respect.
Whenever he recalls something, he will make a rational patch for this problem himself.
And whether others believe it or not, at least he will believe it himself!
After shifting one’s attention from one’s own gang after being transformed.
Jogmov felt a little excitement around the place without any fluctuation.
Through the information obtained by former Defoe, he can clearly judge that the great probability of that strange fluctuation is the so-called time force! Construct the most basic force in the world!
It is precisely because they can be manipulated at will that the [Travellers] can travel freely in different worlds and see all kinds of unknown things on the vast side!
It’s different from Difid’s feeling that’ it’s as awesome as a raging tsunami. If you don’t pay attention, you will feel torn to pieces in an instant!’ For Jogmov now, those moments are so weak that even the breeze on the seashore is worse. If you don’t feel them carefully, he probably will be an illusion …
This means that he is not lucky, and it is still difficult to feel it.
The distance can be manipulated at will, and the time is moving forward and backward [Travel Master], but I don’t know how far away it is!
Thought of here, I was still very happy. Jogmov immediately felt a strong bad mood.
In my heart, I can’t help but feel a lot of hostility towards those who have gained such ability easily [Travel Master]!

喝茶品茶联系方式 桑拿夜网

"The flying eagle gang with a large number of people was created by the Wang. The reason why there are more people in that gang is because everyone looks at the Wang’s skill." Huang Mao said.

"Is there any other background?" What Li Yi was most afraid of was that the war had started, and he was told that he could not start work because of his gray and powerful background.
"It seems that there is no background." Huang Mao scratched his head and said.
"Don’t be like, be accurate, yes or no?" Li Yi said.
"This … is waiting for us to investigate."
"Tomorrow will be Friday, and I will do it myself." Li Yi also don’t want to say more, if the rules which day, but a little bad.
"Brother Yi, I’m sure I can find out tomorrow."
"Well, let’s talk about another gang."
"This tiger gang is short-handed and not fierce. It was put by a student named Yang Guangdu …"
"Who handled it?" Li Yi asked.
"Yang Guangdu? Brother Yi, what’s the matter? "
"Nothing, go on."
Yang Guangdu, a guy who is close to brain damage, can manage such an important matter. This gang is not expected to be so good.
"Brother Yi, don’t underestimate this gang. This gang has a background. This gang is composed of three people."
"Oh?" Li Yi found it really interesting now.
"They are the son of the principal of this school, the son of the police chief, and Yang Guangdu."
"This background is really big enough."
"Let’s not move this gang yet. If they work hard, we will soon be defeated." Huang Mao said.
"Is there any intersection between this gang and us?"
"No, it has always been peaceful."
"As long as they don’t come looking for trouble, they have to wait until I have the strength to resist it." Li Yi and the pie mouth said.
"So our current goal is the Flying Eagle Gang?" Huang Mao asked.
"If there is no background, it will be our goal first." Li Yi wanted to mean to say.
Chapter 39 Cash on Hand, Delivery on Hand
"So when are we going to subdue this gang?" Huang Mao asked.
Li Yi smiled and wanted to say now. At that time, the old man Wuji ran out again.
"Boy, will you listen if I say something?"
"Nonsense, why don’t you listen?"
"Boy, I said, now this gang has you, but sooner or later you will step into the realm of fixing the truth. Can you still take care of these things then?"
"I don’t think so." Li Yi wanted to mean to say.
"Good, so every time you conquer a gang, may you kill all the people in this gang?"
"If you kill them all, there is no point in taking them in, old man. You are not that stupid, are you?"
"Yes, many people will definitely stay. What if one day those people rebel?"
Li Yi was silent, because Li Yi thought of it, and what Huang Mao did to subdue these gangs was not done by himself, and he did not have that great ability to manage this gang.
In the end, the gang I built by myself will fall apart. Maybe by that time, this gang will be of little value to me, but it is also a commemorative value!
"Old man, what do you think I should do?" Li Yi thought for a long time but didn’t understand.
"Simple, temper yellow hair. I don’t think yellow hair is stupid. If you temper it, you should be able to take on a big responsibility."
"Then how to hone?" Li Yi asked again.
"Think for yourself, don’t rely on me." Infinite dropped this sentence and practiced.
"Brother Yi, when are we going to subdue this gang?" Yellow hair asked again.
"At the earliest, I have to wait until I finish the exam, Wednesday." Li Yi thought for a moment and said.
"I will review during this time, and I won’t come here. There will definitely be people from the Flying Eagle gang coming here. I will come to see these people on Wednesday. You should know how to do it." Li Yi said after careful consideration.
"What are they going to eat these days?" Huang Mao asked.
"A cake and a bag of pickles are just a meal. We don’t have that much spare money." Li Yi said.
"Ok, Brother Yi." Huang Mao is not dissatisfied with Li Yi’s words now.
"If I can’t keep the guard, I’ll wait for the next Flying Eagle to send someone, and I’ll catch it and keep it until the guard succeeds." Li Yi said.
"Ok, Brother Yi."
"I’m going to school. From now on, I’ll watch until Wednesday, understand?"
"I understand."
Li Yi walked out of the room and saw Chen Ming outside the room.
"Chen Ming, why don’t you go in?"
"Boss, I don’t have the demeanor of being the boss of the underworld. It’s also a mess to go in. It’s better to think about the exam." Chen Ming said.
"We have all changed the class teacher, why are we still thinking about the exam?"
"Boss, it’s better to do well in the exam than not to do well in it."
"Yes, I should think about it, too." Li Yi said.
"Oh, boss, it’s going to be late for school. Let’s run!" Chen Ming looked at his watch and found that it was almost one o’clock.
"Run, I hope it’s not too late."
"Eldest brother, do you think I can be like you when I become a fixer?"
"What kind?"
"Eldest brother, just one can play several."
"Great." Chen Ming shouted.


Everyone said a conversation. Cai Yiming asked Cai Sicheng, "How do you know Qing Gong?"

Cai Sicheng told the story that little sister took a fancy to each other and raised a black cat.
Cai Yiming sighed, "Don’t mess with Qinggong if you have nothing to do."
"Who the hell is he?" Cai Sicheng stare big eyes in disbelief.
"Don’t worry about who he is first. You just need to know that nothing is wrong and don’t bother him."
Cai Yiming no longer explained the way to reorganize the caravan.
Green ink Yan team also followed.
At the end of the day, everyone finally left the mountain path to Shifang Town.
"If Qinggong doesn’t dislike it, why don’t you come to our house and have a rest?" Cai Yiming discussed
RuXiaoNan secretly looked at the green ink yan their identity Cai Yiming is not completely informed, it seems that Cai Yiming also don’t know yue infanta mansion is her mansion.
Green ink Yan noticed that her line of sight looked motionless and shook her head "or please Cai Gong"
Blue ink yan unexpectedly agreed RuXiaoNan very surprised.
A group of people went into Shifang Town, and Ruxiao Nan asked him quietly, "What did you promise to live in their house?"
"Mrs. Poison is gone, and the major forces in Shifang Town have reshuffled their cards. Do you think they will let you decide?"
RuXiaoNan froze.
Shifang town is now her fief, and it should be her decision here.
However, people here have always been used to barbarism, so how can they listen to her? Maybe someone will form a power to harm her.
Thought of here, she went to the blue ink yan suo.
Anyway, she just needs to hold this thigh tight.
Cai Yiming with blue ink yan they arrived at Cai Fu.
"I haven’t seen you for almost half a year at a time, and I’ll set a table and drink two cups of green wine." Cai Yiming politely invited the green ink Yan and them into the house in the front guide.
The cloud followed her second sister into the house.
The cloud whispered, "Second sister, I don’t think this woman with green public problems looks like his wife."
"What is not a lady?"
"Like his pet," Yuner thought. "Just like the black cat, she may be his pet."
"Stop talking nonsense and go back to rest," urged second sister Cai Chenying.
The cloud is not in a hurry to go, but hiding in the corridor and secretly staring at RuXiaoNan.
Qing Mo Yan Ru Xiao Nan was invited into the room by Cai Yiming to treat the distinguished guests with each other.
The cloud is waiting for Cai Yiming to come out from the guest room to meet him. "Big Brother, do you have catnip here?"
Cai Yiming leng leng, it’s so late. His little sister doesn’t go to rest and asks him for catnip.
"Let’s talk about it some day," Cai Yiming shirked.
"I don’t want it now." The cloud has always been in favor and won’t give up until it reaches its goal.
Cai Yiming managed to find the steward of the house and went to the charging warehouse. She found catnip.
"What do you want this thing for?" Cai Yiming is at a loss
The cloud Xi Xi smiled. "Naturally, there is a big brother. Don’t worry about it. I’ll go back to my room first."
The next morning, the cloud came to the guest room.
"What is she doing here?" RuXiaoNan pouting.
Qing Mo Yan was invited by Cai Yiming early in the morning. The best way to grasp the situation of Shifang Town as soon as possible is to pretend to be a businessman and enter the major customers.
If he wants to socialize, he can’t leave her alone in Cai Fu with her.
"I don’t see a guest" Ru Xiaonan directly ordered someone to refuse Cai Yuner’s request.
Cai Yuner didn’t expect that she would meet the nail. She just came to visit the guests as the host, and the other party sent her away without even showing her face. This is so rude.
"She doesn’t see anything. This is our guest room, not her house. It’s unreasonable!" The cloud is making trouble outside, leaving some dead people to quarrel.
Death naturally won’t pay attention to her, but the more so, the cloud is angry. Finally, it was so angry that it cried and ran to find Cai Yiming and Cai Sicheng to complain.
Cai Yiming is not here. Cai Sicheng is also sulking when he sees his little sister crying like a painted cat.
This young man and his wife are so arrogant that they dare to shut out their master and sister when they live in other people’s houses.
Cai Sicheng personally took his little sister to the guest room.
RuXiaoNan is still a stranger.
Cai Sicheng was angry. "We just want to be the host. Your wife is too unreasonable."
Ten dead men stood in the courtyard and looked at Cai Sicheng with an expression. He scolded him for a long time and didn’t even have any reaction.
"Before we go out on business, we ordered my wife not to see guests without authorization, and asked Cai Sangong to be considerate."
Cai Yuner was secretly surprised. "Is that how your wife listens to Qinggong?"
The dead man primly said, "It’s natural to listen to the official speech."
Cai Yuner quietly pulled Cai Sicheng skirts two people out of the hospital.
"Third brother, I think there is something wrong with this lady Qinggong."
"I think she may be a monster"
Cai Sicheng got a fright. "Little … little sister, don’t joke. Where are monsters in this world?"
Cai Yuner said seriously, "She smells like that black cat, even the neck collar, and I have never seen that black cat since she appeared. I think she may be a black cat essence."
Cai Sicheng shook his head repeatedly, saying that he couldn’t believe such a thing.
"I have a way to prove whether she is a monster." Cai Yuner whispered to Cai Sicheng’s ear.
Chapter 3 Abnormal Second Sister’s eaves figure
A Update the latest chapter of Shao Qing’s pet career in Dali Temple as soon as possible!
It was getting late when Qing Moyan came back.
Someone told him about Cai Yuner’s coming today. Qing Mo Yan nodded and turned into the room.
Xuanyu called Shi Datian to Qing Mo Yan and they talked in the room.
RuXiaoNan chats, but she is not interested in their conversation.


"Listening to your words, it seems that you seem to have a way to deal with Gaster?" Qin Chu sneer at a way, "who is that, just being chased by Gaster is like a lost dog, running away? Still dare to talk big here. "

Qin Chu wouldn’t believe that Rheinhaas had a way to deal with Gast, but Rheinhaas said it, but he still reminded Qin Chu. Although he only met Gast once, Qin Chu could still see that Gast, this guy, was definitely a terminating and unscrupulous person.
Think about it inside the volcano, he can disregard his own safety and the lives of Eugene and others, and cast such a drastic measure. Who else can do it?
"I have a way to deal with Gaster, but I don’t have that ability now." Rhine Haas road.
"So what do you want?" Qin Chu stared at Rhine Haas. "It is absolutely impossible for me to let you go in vain like this. Who knows if you will deal with me in turn in the future? I will never do anything to set the tiger free. "
"As long as you spare me." Rhine Haas long spit of relief, "I now, if you want to completely recover, at the very least, it will take hundreds of years. To be honest, it’s hard for me to do you any harm now. "
Qin Chu had a brainwave and said, "I have an idea, but I don’t know if you will accept it. This is the only reassuring way I can think of. "
"What way?" Rhine Haas consternation.
"Be my god"
"What? Let me be a god king and be your next god? " Reinhardt seemed a little angry, but when he thought about the present situation, he finally just sighed and said, "Well, I can be your god, but now you don’t have the qualification and ability."
"What?" Qin Chu slightly one leng.
"Don’t you know?" Rhine Haas didn’t think Qin Chu would be ignorant to this situation, even the most common sense things all don’t know, "I want me to be your next god, not just talk about it. First of all, I should also have a minimum of God’s cultivation, and then occupy one side of God’s domain before I can divide God’s order. At that time, I will be your next God. "
"So hard?" Qin Chu some dumbfounded, frowned, "according to your meaning, before I didn’t become a god, there is no other way to control you? Then I have to kill you … "
"No, no, no, maybe you don’t understand what I said just now. I’ll explain it to you again." Rhine Haas a listen to Qin Chu, daylights out, scrambling explained, "the next god exists only in the department of god, you now for even a god, I attached to you, also can’t count as the next god. Of course, perhaps, I can’t be your god now, but there is another way to let you rest assured of me completely. "
"What?" Qin Chu quietly looked at Rhine Haas.
"Yes, although I can’t be your god now, because your realm is not enough, but I can be your servant. To be your servant, you don’t need the realm. " Rhine Haas wanted to kill himself directly in his heart. What he said just now is great. Now he can’t be a god, but he can only be the servant of the other side.
"God servant?" Qin Chu scratched his head. "What do you mean by servant of God?"
This time, Rheinhas really didn’t dare to say anything more. What Qin Chu asked, he answered honestly: "The servant of God is your servant. You can control the life and death of your servant, and you can instantly understand his thoughts. This is the best way to control a person. "
"Oh?" Hearing this, Qin Chu suddenly came to his senses. "What’s the difference between this servant of God and the next God?"
"The next god is the existence of the department of God, and the subordinate of the king of God is the next god, just like the minister of the emperor on earth, and the servant of God is the figure who waits on the emperor’s guards. Everything about God’s servant is under the master’s control. "
Rhine Haas really wants to slap himself with a few big mouths. Why did he make a big mouth just now? Now he has to be a servant of God. Compared with being a servant of God, it is not only a matter of losing face, but also a matter of not being free to be a god. Although he is a subordinate of the king of God, he still has some freedom. In the absence of things, he can do what he wants. However, the servants of God have no freedom in this respect, and their thoughts, actions and so on are all under the control of their masters. No, no freedom, the master’s words are orders, which must be carried out to the letter.
"So that’s it. All this is under control, and I think it is to control your soul. "Qin Chu laughed." Haha, now I will accept you as my servant. Only in this way will I feel at ease. "
Only by thoroughly controlling each other’s souls can we truly be at ease. Because after taking control of the other person’s soul, once the other person has a bad thought in his heart, he will instantly notice it, but on second thoughts, he can easily erase the servants of God from this world.
This is the power of the soul
Rhine Haas a face of bleak, but also helpless, he opened his soul, like a weak to be ravaged, bare luo naked in front of Qin Chu.
Qin Chu unceremoniously immediately put a wisp of his soul imprint into the soul of Rheinhaas. With the cooperation of Rheinhaas, this process went very fast, but it was completed in the blink of an eye.
From this moment on, Rheinhas, the king of Diablo, became the servant of Qin Chu.
After putting his soul imprint into the soul of Rheinhas, Qin Chu clearly felt that he had something more in his heart.
"If I had known this, I should have promised him to be a god, which is better than being a servant of God." Rheinhas kept turning this idea in his heart.
Qin Chu naturally felt this idea and grinned: "If I had known, why should I have done it now? But don’t worry, you’ve become my servant, and I won’t treat you badly. As long as you do things well, I’m always very generous to my opponents. However, if you dare to do something that makes me unhappy, hum, you know the consequences. To kill you, for me, it’s just an idea. Do you know? "
Rhine Haas body yishan, lower the head, respectfully. Because of the soul mark, Qin Chu’s every word, give Rhine Haas feeling, with a majesty that he can’t violate.
This is the power of the soul mark. Once you put your soul mark into the other person’s soul, it will make the other person have a heartfelt awe of himself in the depths of his soul. Moreover, this process will be from weak to strong. As time goes on, the role of the soul mark will become more and more powerful, and the awe and majesty of the servant will become more and more powerful.
It is only a short time since Qin Chu put the soul imprint into the soul of Rheinhaas just now. Rheinhaas feeling of Qin Chu has changed from hatred and fear at first to respect and fear now.
Qin Chu is the master of Rhine Haas, and Qin Chu’s words will be regarded as the will of Rhine Haas, and he will not dare to disobey it.
"Tell me all these things you collected first." Qin Chu was not polite, and immediately fulfilled his rights as a master.
Rhine Haas’s every thought, under his supervision. It’s impossible for Reinhardt to deceive himself, so Qin Chu is not worried that Reinhardt will be tricky to himself.
Rheinhas nodded honestly, picked up the little black ball just now, and said respectfully, "God, this black ball is the key control hub of the old slave’s god world." The old slave has been refining for a long time, but it can’t be completely refined. God can take it away, and this thing is useless in the hands of the old slave. "
"Oh?" Qin Chu in the mind a pleased, this world of god is absolutely good. With this thing, you have a strong guarantee.

Chapter 211
Chapter 211
Qin Chu took the little black ball and looked around with his eyes. At this time, he discovered that this little black ball was extraordinary.
At first glance, the little black ball looks very ordinary, but when you put it in your hand and feel it with your heart, you will feel the abnormality inside. The black inside the little black ball keeps circulating, like flowing water or fog. Through this black, Qin Chu can see that there are several shining stars in the black ball. And those two points are still spinning there.
"This little black ball material is also strange, and my Yuan God can’t enter it to detect." Qin Chu was a little surprised. He just tried to pour his Yuan God into it, only to find that he hadn’t entered it yet, so he was blocked by a soft repulsive force.
Qin Chu did not dare to mess around, so he accepted his Yuan God and asked Rheinhas, "What’s the name of this little black ball?"
"Report back to the Lord, this little black ball is the center of the world of God, and its name is actually called the stellar core. The old slave accidentally discovered this realm of God four thousand years ago, and then he took away this star core, constantly refining it with his own strength, and finally took control of the part of the realm of God. "
It turns out that the name of the little black ball is called the stellar core.
"After so long refining, you just took control of the part of the realm of God?" Hear the word of the Rhine Haas, Qin Chu can’t help a slight frown, "you said earlier, oneself can’t completely refining? What’s going on here? "
Qin Chu clearly felt that Rhine Haas said this and didn’t hide anything. He really can’t completely refine this realm of God. For four thousand years, why can’t Rheinhas refine this star core?
"God matrixay, old slave refining it for four thousand years, to try the method, also have tried, but there has been no way. There seems to be a powerful force in this star core, which has always rejected the power of the old slave, so the old slave really has no way to surrender it. "Rheinhas looked ashamed and helpless.
"Oh?" Qin Chu heard the interest. "It has been refining for four thousand years, but it has not been refining. This is interesting." Qin Chu is very interested in things like refining treasures, no matter how complicated and difficult.
"How to refine this star core?" Qin Chu inquired.
"There is the mark of the old slave in this star core. As long as the old slave erases the soul mark, God can refine it again." Rhine Haas busy way.
"After refining, you can also erase the soul mark inside?" Qin Chu eyebrows a wrinkly, how do you feel the star nuclear refining, like refining other people’s magic weapon?
In Qin Chu’s view, this mysterious world of God is stronger than magic weapon. At the very least, after refining, it can only be abolished like its own refined Lingbao, but it can’t erase the soul mark inside. This is also the reason why Qin Chu has always been interested in artifacts such as Poseidon fork, because the marks in these artifacts can be erased by his own random refining.
"Take your soul mark out first." Qin Chu wanted to think, for Reinhardt’s way, it’s complicated to take away the soul imprint, but it won’t hurt Reinhardt’s soul. But if you erase the soul mark inside, it will definitely do some harm to the soul of Reinhardt.
Rhine Haas is now dead set on Qin Chu because of the soul mark of God’s servant, and has become a full-fledged slave. Hearing that Qin Chu can think for himself, he can’t help but shed tears. His soul now is very weak because of the lightning attack of Xiaobai’s punishment just now. If you forcefully erase his soul mark again, it will only make Rhine Haas much more.
Rhine Haas quickly thanked him: "Thank God." Said, and immediately began to pull away the soul mark inside the star nucleus. In order to refine this stellar core, Rheinhaas has spared no effort for 4,000 years. The soul power contained in this stellar core can occupy more than one-fifth of Rheinhaas power. If Qin Chu obliterates it at once, Reinhardt’s thousand-year penance will be destroyed.
Qin Chu was not idle when Rheinhaas pulled away the soul mark in the star nucleus, and his eyes rested on the pile of things beside him.
Those superb staves and exquisite and pocket-sized skeletons are not attractive to Qin Chu. Because those staves are for the use of wizards and the like, they are of no use to Qin Chu, except that materials can be removed from them for use. As for the exquisite skeletons of Xiuzhen, Qin Chu already knows quite well. These skeletons exude evil breath and the fierce spirit that drives people, just like the huge skeleton that once soaked in the blood pool inside the volcano, it should be the same. Looks like a puppet or something.
"However, it is a good way to use these skeletons to absorb the fierce spirit in the blood pool and make the essence of blood more pure." Qin Chu thought, these skeletons, certainly is some powerful fierce beasts, got by rheinhas, then get into this appearance.
"Well, like this refined bones puppet, power is good. But when you really meet a master, you still don’t have much resistance. Although Rheinhas is a generation of god kings, he knows too little about refining. " Qin Chu to the skeleton, shook his head, refined like this, don’t have much technical content. Reinhardt’s previous refining was simply a waste of materials.
What a waste of the bones of those fierce beasts
"Well, what is this transparent crystal?" Qin Chu finally eyes rested on the half-meter square transparent crystal. It seems that there is nothing strange about the crystal, but Qin Chu became interested in the thought that it was collected by Rheinhas.
Everything collected by Rheinhas has something extraordinary. It doesn’t seem to have any strange crystals, so I think there are some strange places.
Qin Chu reached out to the crystal, and suddenly felt his abdomen, rippling a warm current, and then the warm current went through the body uncontrollably, and quickly flocked to the transparent crystal along his arm.


But it is not a simple matter to put it on this thorny road.

Thorns are everywhere on both sides of the thorn road, or * * Bare feet and feet are still tied … The skin is cut and bleeding by thorns, which is inevitable, even if it is a little bit by bit, a small wound is increasing, and 1,300 meters of thorns are enough to make a strong adult bleed to death.
Take the thorny road, you must stand on your back, hold your chest out and walk upright. You can’t bend sideways or move.
What’s more, it is very important that they have the Bible in their hands … We must rely on our own hands to ensure that the Bible is still intact after passing through the thorny road!
That is to say, you must always keep your eyes open and stare at the thorns that may blow to the Bible … Life takes a thorny road to dye the Bible in your hands and the white robe tied to your feet.
If the loyalty to the Lord is not high and the faith is not strong enough, this road will definitely not cross, and bloodshed can kill people.
Only when you have faith to paralyze yourself and hypnotize yourself can you stay awake in the case of excessive blood loss … If you have to go through this thorny road, even if the blood loss is serious, the medical technology in the 5th century can guarantee that people will be fine.
Lin took the Bible and stepped on the thorny road!
The first one is the most dangerous … Since the appearance of the Thorn Road Rule, almost all the first people who accepted the Thorn Road test failed.
The second one is also very dangerous. After all, the first one arrives halfway and the second one becomes a passer-by.
The third one has a great chance of passing, but it also bears a lot of risks. After all, the first two have to get to the third one.
Generally, from the fourth one, there is no failure …
However, if the most dangerous first three, especially the first one, can pass, it means that this believer’s loyalty to the Lord and Christianity is absolutely overwhelming, and it will also receive great attention for the seminary to focus on training.
Lin was an ordinary believer with the same body as ordinary people before he played the role.
But after Lin controls this role, he is no longer an ordinary person … More than an hour of physical adaptation is enough for Lin, an ordinary body, to exert extraordinary combat effectiveness.
Lin stepped on the thorn road and immediately appeared dozens of tiny scars. Blood beads penetrated from the skin. The soles of the feet stepped on a few dry thorns, and the thorns immediately pierced the soles of the trees and stuck to the surface.
This little pain is nothing for Lin … But there is still a little bit of pain in Lin’s eyes. After all, Lin can’t show anything too different from ordinary people. Just go through this thorny road within a reasonable range
Maybe people behind Lin will think Lin is stupid.
But this kind of words in this place that is absolutely can’t say … Even in the heart flash across is also a sin.
Be silent, be pious and have faith in the Lord here!
Chapter four hundred and seventeen Eyes!
The thorns around Thorn Road are not thorns, and there are a large number of small flying cameras. This is to observe the situation of students and believers who have been tested by Thorn Road. After all, they can test that Noah University is an elite, not to mention these students who have been admitted to the seminary, especially the elite.
If these students have physical accidents, they can immediately understand the situation and send someone to rescue them.
At the same time, we can also see if these students are cheating … After all, it is very simple for science and technology to cheat in this test now.
For example, injecting a little coagulant or nerve agent can definitely easily pass through the thorn road … but this kind of thing can’t happen here.
The so-called prevention of disadvantages is to see if these students who have been tested by the thorn road have made any sideways, bent down to avoid thorns in the process of passing through the thorn road, or if they should step on the thorns on the ground but deliberately avoid them. It is hardly a bad move.
Lin’s mind clearly remembers the rules of the thorn road, otherwise the soles of his feet wouldn’t be stung by thorns with a foot on the floor.
Rows of thorns cut across the scarred skin of the forest, and their eyes will twitch and their eyebrows will vibrate slightly, but now they will not, as if the body has lost the pain.
I walked for a minute in less than 100 meters.
Pants covered with blood were marked with red blood, and white trousers were dyed with red blood … But now there is not much blood in Lin Huaizhong’s Bible and his clothes tied to his feet.
Lin’s brain is very sober. If he walks through a thorny road, the Bible will definitely be dyed red with his own blood, and his robe will become a tattered bloody garment.
The second student who was tested behind Lin was in very good health, although he was also scarred. At most, Lin had a scar of one tenth.
The students in the back are almost as little as the second one.
One hundred meters!
It’s not surprising that a person can make it if he crustily skin of head.


Xiao Yu ha ha smiled and left two lines of clear tears in the corner of his eyes, and a strong resentment and murderous look brewing in his heart.

He can’t wait to scream at the sky!
"Ahem “`"
At this moment, a faint cough suddenly rang, and Xiao Yu’s body shook, and he immediately turned around and looked at the elders who were short of blood, and his hands were crawling with difficulty, and his eyes were opened.
"Heaven is short of elders!"
Xiao Yu hurriedly rushed over and took out a blood lotus and refined it into a mass of essence, instilling it into the elders who were short of days.
"Without me, Yuan Shen was seriously injured, and even blood lotus couldn’t save me!"
Day lack of elders mouth cough up blood weak way
Xiao Yu no matter don’t ask, don’t still will be the blood lotus strength continuously toward the day lack of elder body to pale mouth asked, "what happened? What the hell happened? "
Elder Tianque smiled bitterly at the mouth of the cave and said, "Yesterday afternoon, the Devil’s Temple was reopened, and a group of great powers rushed out to capture us and broke into our ancient religion. Everyone died, and everyone was killed, leaving you alone!"
He clung to Xiao Yu’s palm as if he had done his last effort, and his mouth was bleeding hoarse. "They named you to kill you and destroy me. I respect the ancient religion and hate us, but I have no power to resist Xiao Yu. Now you are the only brother of our religion. You must remember that today’s hatred must be avenged by us!"
Xiao Yu eyes bleeding nodding way "I will I will"
The elder Tianque murmured, "My elder brother, 13,154, has inherited 9,611 years, and this is the last time!"
He showed a cry, a cry, a cuckoo’s drop of blood, and Owlman wailed, and finally his palm loosened and he gave up completely.
Xiao Yu looked up at the sky and roared with grief an unprecedented murder. The surging waves on his chest were so shocking that he repeatedly bombed the sky and collapsed. His black hair turned crimson in a flash, and the red was terrible. It was like blood dripping and shocking.
Bleeding from the corner of his eyes, he slowly got up and looked at the devastated bones, mumbling, "All elders, walk all the way, and I will avenge you."
A strong sadness rose in his chest, and he wanted to cry to his face and talk to someone, but there was no one to talk to and cry to accompany him. It was all bones!
A deep coolness from the mountain breeze enveloped him, and despair became more bleak. With the sunset, a deep sadness filled here.
Xiao Yu put away all the bones one by one with his own hands. They dug a grave and erected a monument. At one time, Nuoda ancient religion was in its heyday, but now all that remains is a grave.
It took five or six days for him to handle everything properly. He straightened up and looked at the distance with crimson luster in his eyes and murmured, "It’s time for revenge."
Stone magic luo sighed, "but do you know who your enemy is? So how old can you want revenge? "
"Ha ha ha “`"
Xiao Yu gave a low laugh and twisted his face and whispered, "No matter who it is, I’m too lazy to look for everyone who enters the demon temple one by one. No one can live and be powerful. If he can’t die one day, he will die year after year, and everyone will die in ten years!"
Chapter three hundred and fifty-six See the cassock
Xiao Yu’s clothes are full of crimson long hair, and his lonely figure flutters in the wind. He can’t tell the loneliness and sadness, and a cool breeze blows, and his figure gradually blurs and soon disappears here.
"Where are you going now?"
Stone magic asked.
"Ganyuan Shengjiao"
On the edge of a vast mountain range, the mountains are beautiful, the fog is winding, and it is white, and there are pieces of bright glow, dreamlike and dreamlike, and the purple light is dense. These Lingshan pavilions are as vast as one side, and the pure land is not polluted by dust.
Xiao Yu’s figure swept lightly in the past, like a breeze, and its shape was unpredictable and unpredictable.
Dry yuan holy teach at the beginning of the deep end of the deep end of the cave is generally now he so casually breaking in.
Xiao Yuhua, a breeze swept directly to the depths of the holy religion in Ganyuan, and swept away a magnificent hall. The robes were solemn and covered with divine light, and the mysterious dharma seal was in his hand, and he was closing his eyes and breathing.
The top four disciples in the hall are waiting for him to protect the law.
A younger brother looked at the hall with envy, saying, "The cultivation of holiness is getting higher and higher, and even the elders said that it is becoming more and more difficult to see through holiness."
"That’s a natural saint, but it’s a rare year in ten thousand, and Kowloon has awakened its vision. Tianhe waves and winds are not what we can match! Saint’s achievements in the future are unimaginable. It is not a problem if there is no accident to surpass the ancestors! "
"By the way, do you know where the sacred fire has been cultivated?"
"What realm?"
"Secretly tell you that you don’t want to mess around. I think it seems to be the sixth white flame realm when he displays it!"
"What? He broke through again! "
Four people talk in astonishment.
Suddenly, a breeze swept through the four men, and when their eyes turned slightly, they fainted at the same time, plopping and plopping.
The breeze penetrated the crack of the door and directly involved in the hall.
The main hall is closed, practicing the cassock, and suddenly I feel that my eyes are shining like two magic lamps, only to find that I don’t know when there is a tall figure in front of me, with my back to his head full of blood-red long hair fluttering in disorder.
Los cassock look unhurriedly slowly said, "you are a person broke into my closed? Not afraid of death? "
The tall figure suddenly turned back to immediately los cassock eyes couldn’t help a shrink.
"It’s me!"
Xiaoyukou way
Luo cassock stared at his body for a while before he smiled coldly. "How dare you break into my Ganyuan Holy Church alone? Aren’t you afraid you can’t go back!"
"No, I want to kill you with a snap of my fingers and I won’t let anyone know," Xiao Yu said with a snap of her finger.
Los cassock face a heavy anger rushed to my heart was Xiao Yu so underestimate suddenly let him can’t help but murder.
"Why? Is this your attitude when big brother comes? "
Xiao Yu casually asked
Los cassock long body and exudes a ethereal vast breath cold hum a "Xiao Yu have to say that you really have a lot of courage to come to my dry yuan SAN jiao still dare to be so arrogant, aren’t you my opponent? Your respect for ancient religion has been wiped out, and now you are wanted by mainland forces to take you. Guess what kind of reward I will get! "
"Do you really know that I respect ancient teachings?" qR1
Xiao Yu’s eyes narrowed. "It seems that I really came to the right place this time!"
"Cut the crap. You want to die and I’ll be you!"
Los cassock very cold directly to the moments came to Xiao Yu wrapped in a white flame to Xiao Yu chest.
Xiao Yu didn’t stop him from slapping his chest and making a rumbling sound. Instead of hurting himself, he was shocked by the arm numbness and metacarpal pain.
As soon as the cassock’s look changed, he hurriedly stepped back with his hands behind him, and the sacred light appeared behind him. The nine-headed real dragon roared and roared and rushed out. At the moment, Xiao Yu was wrapped around the nine-headed real dragon and bit Xiao Yu’s body together. He wanted to tear him alive, but his paws fell on him, but he made a clang and sparks.
"This is Kowloon poly body? Interesting and interesting. "
Xiao Yu look motionless.
The cassock has completely changed its color. What has made Xiao Yu so horrible? He has done all his strength to the best of his ability. The other party doesn’t even block it. It’s like a piece of gold. How can this be played?


When I was in the hospital, I spent all my time waiting in line, and then I checked if I haven’t come out today. I have to go to the hospital again on Saturday.

Chapter 34 Chapter 34
Song Luo # entered the house with Shi Banshan and looked at the environment in one room to find Yan Yunqi.
It’s really human. This is a small villa with a few clean windows. The curtains are pulled open, and the room is full of light, giving people a feeling of openness and brightness. After entering the Xuan, you can see the kitchen and dining room, and then there is a spacious living room. The sofa and curtains in the living room are warm yellow, and there is a bottle of flower arrangement on the coffee table. A casual woman in her thirties is sitting on the sofa and seeing you come in. She got up and greeted her.
It’s really human. You recognize her as Yan Yunqi, the young biologist who you have seen photos before.
Song Luo # couldn’t walk forward and leaned slightly. "Ms. Yan, I’m really sorry to bother you."
Yan Yunqi, who is really human, shook hands with you one by one and said with a smile, "Nothing I happen to have today. I’m glad if I can help you. Please sit down soon."
Song Luo thanked Yan Yunqi and sat down.
Shi Banshan # sat next to Song Luo
Yan Yunqi, a real human being, sat down, sent tea snacks and fruits to your nanny before opening the door, and then left to busy himself. Yan Yunqi took the teacup and asked, "I heard that you wanted to ask me something about the study of orange rose with me before. What do you want to know?"
Song Luo "Ms. Yan, let’s begin. First of all, I want to know, what was the reason why you left the Orange Rose Institute?"
Yan Yunqi, a real human being, expressed his memory after a while and said, "It’s been a long time since this happened. I was unhappy when I left the Orange Rose Research Institute. All the mysterious core projects of Orange Rose Research were not made public, and people in the Institute knew little about them. However, there is no argument about whether the experimental priority, resource inclination or personnel treatment are the best."
What a human being! "I was still young at that time, and I was a little competitive. I knew that the project team was behind, so I always entered the core project team. At that time, I was the core member of my own project team. Later, when the project was completed, I can also say without modesty that I was the person who made the greatest contribution to the project team. I have already proved my ability to the senior management of the institute, so I handed in my application to enter the core project team."
What a human being! "I was not afraid of your jokes. I was a little arrogant at that time. I thought it was impossible to refuse my application if the senior management of the institute was not blind. I waited with confidence and talked to my friends about it. After I entered the core project team, the institute refused my application, and I boasted about Haikou long ago. I felt as if I had been severely slapped in the face and could not accept it."
It’s really human. "What I can’t accept especially is that I later found out that the other ability of the same project as mine was far less than that of my white researcher who was selected into the core project team. After the incident went out, the institute said that everyone had it, and some people said that I stole the credit of the white researcher, otherwise it was him who entered the core project team instead of me."
It’s really human. "Although the senior management of the institute found me later and said that I refused my application because I wanted to give it to me because of more important things and asked me to take charge of another project with several other people, I couldn’t accept this explanation and didn’t want to listen to those rumors. I just chose to leave when I was angry."
It’s really human, said Yan Yunqi with a smile and added, "Now it seems that I decided to leave the Orange Rose Institute correctly despite some impulses, and my career has developed steadily. Now it is considered a small achievement, and I have washed away the reputation of the researcher who entered the core project team at that time, and I still check this person’s status in the academic circle."
Song Luo # laughed. "This is also because of your outstanding ability. I think if you had joined that core project team, you would have made great achievements now."
What a human being! A young scientist, Yan Yunqi, was obviously not humiliated. He was very happy to hear your compliment and asked, "That’s probably what happened when I left the institute. Do you want to know anything else?"
Song Luo "Can you talk about the core project team of Orange Rose Research Institute? What do you know about it? "
It’s really human beings. Yan Yunqi is not surprised to hear this question. She said, "Is there something wrong with the core project team of Orange Rose Research Institute? I guess it’s impossible for you to ask me about these past things, but it may disappoint you. Although I have been in the Orange Rose Institute for a long time and tried to join this core project team, I don’t know much about it. "
The core project group "Really Human" is very mysterious. Even in the Orange Rose Research Institute, everyone knows that there is such a project group, but they know almost nothing about what it is. Does it sound like a famous head? But I can be sure that this is not the case. Of course, I wanted to join this core project team because I was too hot-headed to make a decision or after careful consideration. "
It’s really human. "A scientific research project team will always unveil its mystery when it comes to results. Our scientific researchers may sound tall in general, but in fact, everyone is human. Ordinary people should have desires. We will pursue it in a different way from ordinary people. After all, the academic circle has its own rules and bottom lines. Of course, these people also choose to trample on it."
It’s really human. "But there is no doubt that relying on these crooked ways can’t go long in academic circles, because whether a person has the ability to match his status may not be seen in other fields, but it is hidden in academic circles by ability."
It’s really human. "I’m sorry for accidentally digressing. I want to say that judging the status of a person or a research institute in the academic circle depends on their scientific research achievements, while understanding their scientific research achievements depends on their publishing papers. The core project team of Orange Rose Research Institute is mysterious, but besides the achievements, it is also the same as other project teams to publish papers."
It’s really human. "I tried to inquire about this core project team in the institute, but I got away with it. After that, I got to know something about them by looking for ways to publish their papers."
It’s really human. Then Yan Yunqi gave a general introduction to this core project group, which has published papers in some influential journals. You found that these papers can be divided into two research directions, one is bio-genetic engineering and the other is microbial research.
Song Luo # said thoughtfully, "Before, we once entered the experimental building of the core project group of Orange Rose Institute and found a microbial culture room there. According to Gershwin, the head of the institute, there was a study on pathogenic microorganisms."
It’s really human. Yan Yunqi nodded and said, "It’s true that they have published some papers on pathogenic microorganisms, but their research on microorganisms is not the direction of pathogenic microorganisms."
Song Luo # sincerely looked at Yan Yunqi. "Ms. Yan, this discovery is very important to us. I wonder if you have any copies of these papers? If so, can you give us a copy? "
What a human being (please)
Song Luo (Ah, is this … actually pleasing? )
What a human being (because you suck up well? )
Shibanshan (poof)
Song Luo (OK …)
Song Luo r please
Xiao Tong [Song Luo] carries out pleasing appraisal: D1=/6 Difficult to succeed! Daoyou Daoyou is destined to be a man of practice in our generation ~
It’s really human. Yan Yunqi sees that you are quite pleasing to the eye. You think you look good and talk well. You nod and say, "It’s been so many years. I can’t find this list now, but it’s not difficult to rearrange it. Leave me an email address and I’ll send it to you later."
Shi Banshan (this hue sells well)
Song Luo (…)
Song Luo # revealed a surprise expression "That’s really thank you."
Song Luo # took out his lowercase mailbox and tore this paper and handed it to Yan Yunqi.
What a human Yan Yunqi took the paper and put it away.
Song Luo "Ms. Yan, in addition, we also want to know from you whether you found any abnormalities in this research when you were in the Orange Rose Institute one year ago?"
It’s really human. Yan Yunqi thought about it and said something about himself, which is similar to what Lei Shaojun said before.
It’s really human. After a pause, Yan Yunqi added, "There’s one thing I don’t know if it counts. You know the abnormality first. When I lived in the dormitory building of Orange Rose Research Institute in the dead of night, I always heard strange audio and video. I also told other colleagues that some people said they heard it, while others said they didn’t, but anyway, no one assumed that the sound was themselves."
It’s really human. "I think it’s a bit strange because some people who live far away from my house can hear sighs and the volume is similar to mine. It sounds like a ghost story, right?"
Song Luo # nodded. "Really, did you finally find the source of the sigh?"
Yan Yunqi shook his head regretfully. "It’s a pity that although I have made some achievements in the field of biology, I am not an expert. Speaking of it, I have always been very curious about this matter, but obviously the Orange Rose Institute can’t let me find someone to study it. This is still a mystery to me for the time being."
It’s really human. Yan Yunqi looks at you and laughs. "Since you want to check the organic conversation of Orange Rose Institute this time, why don’t you help me check this sigh?" If this sigh is still there. "
**** *w*w*w****8 ****
Song Luo # nodded and promised, "No problem. If we can figure this out and it doesn’t involve anything that needs to be kept secret, we’ll be happy to answer your questions."
Song Luo (I have no more questions. Is there anything else you want to ask? )
Shi Banshan (neither did I)
Song Luo # got up and said goodbye to "Ms. Yan, thank you again. Your news is very valuable to us."
It’s really human. Yan Yunqi got up and said politely, "You’re welcome. Xia Guo citizens are also what I should do here. I think you should still have a lot of things to do now, so I won’t delay your time. Let me walk you out."
Song Luo # Thanks again to Yan Yunqi.
History of mid-levels # follow up.
It’s really human Yan Yunqi who sent you out of the house.
Song Luo # Back to Temporary Residence
Shi Banshan # Go back together


"This is what you call Cangyue Island? Didn’t you say Cangyue Island is not dangerous? Why are there so many skeletons and zombies? " Sophie Su, who is too lazy to control the monsters that have been blocked by his undead army, will fight, while he is puzzled and asks Song Xueyi.

"This island is really safe during the day …" Song Xueyi cut her fingers and messy long hair and laughed. "It’s just that there are a little more skeletons late, but be careful or there is no problem."
Looking at the messy hair, the armor is full of scratches, and Song Xueyi Sophie Su can’t help but feel some heartache. Just now, the island is definitely not as safe as she said, especially when she is now facing the 60 s and 70 s skeletons and zombies everywhere. If it weren’t for her good equipment, I’m afraid I wouldn’t have been able to hold on.
However, this girl is too strong and seldom gives up easily, and she doesn’t want to complain to others, and she doesn’t want to worry people around her, so she has always lied that there is no monster alone in Cangyue Island … to be continued.
Chapter four hundred and nine Seal the Magic Valley
"How did you come to Cangyue Island?" Song Xueyi held the pike and simply sat down by the campfire. Obviously, she was very tired before the battle.
"This ….. made a door-to-door delivery because of some accidents, only to find that you appeared at the seaside. I thought of you being trapped in Cangyue Island, so I wanted to look around and see if it was Cangyue Island. I didn’t expect to actually meet you. What happened to your mobile phone? Snow and Sunny have been unable to reach you." Sophie Su asked with some doubts.
"Oh, maybe there is no signal where I live now. I live in a hidden base with some Fifth Army Corps now." Song Xueyi laughed.
"Then you should be careful. The game gate is likely to appear soon. Those mutant monsters are likely to increase. You’d better get off the ground." Sophie Su said with some concerns.
"The game door will appear? How do you know? " Song Xueyi slightly surprised the zheng big eyes looked at Sophie Su.
"It’s me in the game. One of the game gates has some connections …" Sophie Su said with a wry smile that he was able to come here thanks to the deal with the King of Skeletons.
"Oh, it’s better to drag the game gate earlier to estimate that the whole sea is messed up. Are you and Xue Qing okay now? You shouldn’t have any trouble outside …" Song Xueyi seemed to think of something and sighed.
"We are still in the sea," Sophie Su said wryly.
"You didn’t leave the sea and snow shine? !” Song Xueyi smell speech is not surprised looked up at Sophie Su.
Sophie Su stood up and some Nai said, "Well, we just wanted to leave. The secret of the death game has been leaked in the ball. Now everyone is rushing to the sea, so we decided to stay."
"Then where are you now? Now the sea is very chaotic, the snow is fine, and there is no fighting capacity. You have to stay in this game world again …" Song Xueyi couldn’t help but frown and was worried.
Sophie Su hurriedly explained, "We are now protected by Liu Rushi’s predecessors in the place where Sun Moon lives, and it is still safe for the time being."
"Oh … that’s not bad. It’s a pity that I can’t manage the Fifth Army …" Song Xueyi seems to be thinking of the loss of the Fifth Army base.
"I heard from Liu Rushi’s predecessors that the fighting in Sabac should be temporarily stopped, and we have a good chance to get Lilongting back to the base control." Sophie Su hurriedly comforted.
"Really? Long Ting is willing to come forward? " Song Xueyi revealed a somewhat surprised look.
"I think so. Those who want to come to Longting don’t want the Fifth Army to be controlled by the fog."
Two people soon talked about the way to leave the pale moon island.
"I have explored many places, but this Cangyue Island is too big. Except for finding a few extremely backward human shanzhai, I have not found any powerful forces and I can’t find a way to go back." Song Xueyi was somewhat lost and shook her head.
"The big deal is that we can kill all the way back." Just now, the Skull King experienced a big war, but it didn’t gain anything, but it made Sophie Su build up a lot of confidence. After all, he was also able to fight back and forth and killed the Skull King once as a’ master’.
Moreover, this pale moon island is full of skeletons and zombies. This is your own’ advantage project’, which can help you clean up the [Dark Corpse Art] all the way in the past, and also enable the dragon sword to slaughter like autumn leaves. Of course, it is most convenient to summon the white wild boar and let him crash all the way in the past. You can still get a lot of experience at your current level.
Sophie Su got up and was about to summon the white boar when he suddenly felt a little abnormal.
"This is … the scroll of the dark parliament … is the dark parliament acting again?" Sophie Su was surprised that Peter was giving himself the scroll of Lei Guang in hell, and at the same time, he was given the scroll to shine.
"What’s the matter? What dark parliament? " Song Xueyi asked some doubts.
"It’s a group of troublesome guys, but we may not walk all the way back." Sophie Su wry smile way at the same time hurriedly reached out and grabbed her little hand.
"Ah …" Song Xueyi was slightly surprised and blushed, but she made a small profit and bowed her head. He grasped his hand.
"Is this a random delivery reel?" As the light from the scroll grew stronger, Song Xueyi was also amazed.
"Not a scroll" Sophie Su wry smile way at the same time, the scroll light has been wrapped in two people …
Sending dizziness and darkness will soon appear. Sophie Su has already adapted to this feeling
When the dizzy feeling disappears, he is already at a strange altar, and Song Xueyi is also surprised at his side.
"What is this place?" Song Xueyi looked around in surprise and involuntarily grasped Sophie Su’s hand.
"I don’t know what this place is. It’s all arranged by the dark parliament …" Su Yansi looked at it and found that it was not his own time to be sent to the bottom of the stone tomb, but in a strange forest, he couldn’t help frowning.
Song Xueyi was a little surprised and asked, "Dark Parliament? What on earth is that? "
"A group of dark master to establish power" Sophie Su way.
"Oh, is it a dark player?" Song Xueyi couldn’t help but flash a bright color in her eyes.
"No … there are very few players. Most of them are np in the game world." Sophie Su wry smile.
“np? !” This time it was Song Xueyi who was dumbfounded.