Xu Ren chose to solve them first because these two people were tricky in attacking. For example, the area covered by the thistle weapon was too large. He would have been a dead man if he hadn’t had a stone to repair his body.

It’s not without cost to repair the body by mending the gods’ stones. The price is a lot of spiritual stones.
This time, although Xu Ren has prepared a lot of lingshi, it is not just a wave.
In addition, it also made him kill these two people first, that is, these two guys are too bad, one of them is too fast and the other is too sharp, and Xu Ren is very tired of mixing the magic weapon with poison.
Of course, it is also a means for monks to fight against each other, but Xu Ren still thinks that this person must be killed first
There are three people left to see their companions dead. Two of them are angry at first, but they are also wondering whether the three people left on their side can successfully kill their immediate opponents.
Although the three of them are arrogant, they are not real outlaws, and there are few real outlaws in Xianmen and Shanmen because they are dependent on them. If most of the outlaws are concerned about their families and have no resources, they have to rely on themselves to fight for every resource.
The three men exchanged a look at each other, and finally they decided to take a chance, because the man in front of them brought them a huge accident, but at the same time they also had greater expectations. Don’t say that the sword in the other’s hand is absolutely rare, and maybe it is already a multiplier.
It is an eternal truth to think that the sword in Xu Ren’s hand may be a multiplier, and three guys who were hesitant immediately became jealous of people, money and birds.
Shua shua shua …
Three outer cousins of Piaoyun Mountain attacked Xu Ren from different directions, two long swords and a ghost knife went straight to Xu Ren.
This time, Xu Ren is no longer as evasive as before, but directly wields the multiplier Xinghai Sword and kills it.
Xinghai Jian Jian yi yi respectively attacked the three outer brothers of Piaoyun Mountain.
The three outside brothers of Piaoyun Mountain didn’t expect Xu Ren to change his normal state. They showed a positive confrontation and were able to wave their swords to greet them.
Xu Ren’s attack seems to be aimed at three people, and there is no difference, but in fact it is not the case.
In fact, most of Xu Ren’s attacks are just to attract the attention of three brothers outside Piaoyun Mountain. His real goal is the guy who looks crazy with a ghost knife in his hand.
This man’s murderous look is the heaviest. Xu Renshi first wanted to kill this man, but later the two small attacks made him even more annoyed, so he temporarily changed his mind and solved the two outside brothers of Piaoyun Mountain first.
This is also a kind of strategy. When those two small problems are solved, Xu Ren can focus more on others’ fighting and stop preventing the other side from attacking at all times.
Bang bang …
Two skinny monks in succession, another sword floating in Yunshan’s outer door brother, was shaken back several steps, leaving that hand in front of him, making the ghost Dao three points unlike people and seven points like ghosts floating in Yunshan’s outer door brother.
Xu Ren also launched a fast break directly to the outside cousin of Piaoyun Mountain without words.
However, this time, Xu Ren’s fast break didn’t work in advance. Don’t look at this three points. It’s like a ghost floating in Yunshan. My younger brother’s blue face and fangs look ugly, but his strength is really not bad. Especially a ghost Dao with chains in his hand can attack and defend, but it’s really difficult to be near and far. Even the attack of Xu Ren Xinghai Sword is hard to really damage.
Xu Ren secretly surprised that although this man is a killer, his strength is really strong.
The younger brother of Piaoyunmen blocked Xu Ren’s first attack, and there were some surprises. He thought that Xu Ren might be good at surprise attack, and he would be unable to cope with the protracted war that consumes more, but he didn’t expect Xu Ren to be really wounded at the moment if his defense was not stronger than others.
Of course, I was surprised. The younger brother of Piaoyun Mountain also found Xu Ren’s deficiency, that is, after the attack, I need to supplement my spiritual strength.
This is the result of unequal strength and weapons. A person’s strength is not enough, but his weapons are too strong. At this time, if he wants to exert his weapons strength, he must double his own strength. This younger brother of Piaoyun Mountain thinks that Xu Ren is the same.
Xu Ren’s figure stagnated a little, but at this moment, the knife of Piaoyunmendi arrived.
He didn’t pounce on Xu Ren’s front to throw the Lingqi Ghost Dao at Xu Ren.
The chain behind Ghost Dao instantly stretched straight as if it had changed from Ghost Dao to a battlefield fighting knife.
Xu Ren didn’t expect that the younger brother of Piaoyun had such a trick. He hurried back and missed the ghost knife attack.
After this retreat, Xu Ren did not rush to attack, but quietly absorbed Lingshi Reiki to supplement his consumption in the battle
Shua shua …
When Xu Ren Lingshi supplemented the spiritual power, two other brothers from Piaoyun Mountain attacked him.
The strength gap between the two men is obvious. The skinny brother who is floating in Yunshan Mountain has a higher strength than the other one, and his hand is faster and more decisive than the other one.
Xu Ren’s body rotation once again showed his martial arts posture. For him, this is also a big reliance for his battle. Before he was restored, it was also the biggest reliance he had ever had.
In an instant, Xu Ren turned from defending to attacking again.
Xu Ren also came, and his stubborn temper stared at the blue-faced fangs and stormed like a spectre.
The man also bloody don’t retreat don’t let positive Xu Ren hard just.
Xu Renbian absorbs the spirit force of Lingshi while playing. The theory says that he can keep fighting like this as long as the Lingshi in his hand is endless.
It’s not that the other two monks don’t want to help, but Xu Ren can always avoid their attack when he is too cunning, and then he stormed the outside brother of Piaoyun Mountain with blue face and fangs.
My younger brother, with blue face and fangs floating in Yunshan, is also annoyed in his heart. What’s the matter with you? Why are you staring at me alone?
But he can’t stop because Xu Ren is blocking him step by step, and he can’t even get out if he wants to.
In a blink of an eye, it’s half an hour. Whether it’s the blue-faced, fangs-faced, skinny, or normal-looking brother, he has the urge to scold his mother at this moment.
They’ve never met an opponent like Xu Ren. This guy’s attack is endless, as if he won’t feel tired after it.
And the three of them have been peeing and panting at the moment, and their clothes are wet with sweat.
Xu Ren became more and more confident in the Vietnam War, because he found that although these three men had their own merits, they mainly contained him, but this guy was not a cousin with blue fangs floating in Yunshan. However, this guy was not beaten by copper cast iron, and the set of almost "transformation" techniques he used was not as short as many short-term strength-enhancing pills, but it could not be kept indefinitely, especially in high-intensity combat confrontation.
It didn’t take long for the younger brother with green face and fangs to float in Yunshan to stand up. His hair has collapsed, and his red pupils have gradually turned back to normal black. His body is constantly gathering black gas, and even the ghost knife and the chain behind the knife are much thinner than before.
Xu Ren, etc. is that now that guy is getting closer to normal, his strength is getting smaller and smaller, and his defense is bound to get lower and lower.
Xu Ren instilled a powerful spiritual force into Xinghai Sword, a multiplier in his hand, and then Xinghai Sword was forced out of a bright star mountain, which was like narrowing Tianxing River to people.
Has recovered most of its original appearance. My brother was surprised by Xu Ren’s powerful attack, but he didn’t intend to give up. So he waved a ghost knife in his hand and directly met Xu Ren and cut out the sword.
There was a loud noise rumbling, and Xu Ren cut out the sword mans and dispersed, and his body also involuntarily regressed several steps.
Look at his opponent now has fallen in a pool of blood.
Xu Ren’s sword took nearly half of his spiritual power to directly kill the brother outside Piaoyun Mountain, and even the body could not be found. The knife-holder disappeared along with his arms and shoulders.
"Run" skinny brother floating in Yunshan saw that Xu Ren had killed another companion and was good at melee attacks. The companion was immediately worried. Even if he lost to himself, his strength was not much worse. Even his powerful attack and defense ability was a headache, but such a person was killed by the enemy in front of him and died miserably. That means it is not difficult for the other party to want to kill him.
He was happy and good at letting him kill, but when it was someone else’s turn to kill him, he was even more afraid. After seeing that his companion was killed by Xu Ren, he didn’t even dare to say harsh words and turned around and ran away.
Another little move was much worse than that skinny brother floating in Yunshan. He was soon cut off by Xu Ren with a direct sword.
However, this also gives the skinny brother who is floating in Yunshan an opportunity to escape. This guy doesn’t care whether the person behind him is killed or not, he runs away like a smoke.
Xu Ren frowned. Five people were killed by him. Four achievements are certainly something to be proud of, but running that one is the key. I’m afraid he will be in more trouble after today, but he can also save the day, even if it is a disaster, he can wait for the disaster to happen later.
Chapter 52 windfall
Xu Ren killed four brothers who came to rob him, but they were still run away by a bony guy. Xu Ren of course knew that cutting the grass would be a disaster, but the trot was too fast, and Xu Ren couldn’t chase it even if he wanted to.
Beasts Forest This place is no better than other places. There are no roads lurking everywhere. Xu Ren didn’t come here for a long time. He was unfamiliar with everything here, and he didn’t dare to run around in that bony friar floating Yunshan. He was in a life-saving mood. Xu Ren was different. In addition, these other brothers floating Yunshan have been in this beasts forest for a long time. Where is the danger? Anji has already figured it out. This is also the main reason why Xu Ren didn’t rush to catch up. He was afraid of the small move.
Xu Ren didn’t chase the bony friar, but those brothers outside Piaoyun Mountain who were killed by him searched.
Piao Yun Shan is also a spiritual sect. Brother Piao Yun Shan must be different from ordinary people. Even if the people he killed in front of him were outside Piao Yun Shan, there should be many valuable things in his body.
This search really didn’t disappoint Xu Ren. Although there are not as many Lingshi as him, there are also many together. There are nearly two thousand Lingshi, and there are more than one hundred Lingshi, which is much more than the average aristocratic brother.
In addition to lingshi, there are also lingqi, although most of them are medium lingqi, but it is enough to surprise people to get a dozen pieces.
However, Xu Ren thinks that these personal things may not all be gone with the wind Yunshan to cultivate resources for his younger brother. There must be many things that these guys have robbed from other monks like today. How many times have these younger brothers gone with the wind done it? But this time they met him, Xu Ren.
In addition to Lingshi and Lingqi, Xu Ren also found a ring that was actually higher than the ring in his hand and bigger inside.
The master of Nazhi was killed by Xu Ren, who has the ability of approximate madness to make Brother Ghost Dao this small strength to strengthen his body, or that ghost Dao chain is a spiritual weapon.
There are many things in the ring, including monster beast Dan and other monster beast materials. In addition, Xu Ren actually found a lightning bolt.
The so-called "thunder in the sky" and "Xuan Jing in the five elements" are similar, but they are just a round ball condensed by the thunder force of heaven and earth. If this thing comes to uniting the thunder achievement method, it is definitely a priceless treasure. It happens that there is such a person who practices the thunder achievement method around Xu Ren, and that is his father Xu Tianlong.
Xu Ren’s heart is full of joy. This fight hasn’t been beaten or killed in vain. It’s no wonder that those brothers outside Piaoyun Mountain are so obsessed with robbing this business that it’s so fast to make a fortune. Even he wants to rob other monks.
However, such a state of mind is that Xu Ren was rejected by him at the first thought, which is so wicked. Besides, he can’t do it. Besides, if he walks by the river often, how can he not get wet shoes? If he starts robbing his brother, the backcourt will not be much better than the brothers outside Piaoyun Mountain who were killed by him today.
If you want to improve your strength, you still have to honestly practice his martial arts. Now he has broken through the so-called shackles. Maybe he can go to a stronger road. Maybe this road is higher and farther than the monks.
Thought of here, Xu Ren suddenly felt refreshed. Of course, he also knew that the most important thing for him now was to get away from right and wrong quickly.
Every corner of the beasts forest can be dangerous, but from another angle, every place is also a good hiding place.
Xu Ren has experienced two fierce battles in succession, and now he needs to adjust a little to refresh himself, and at the same time he is familiar with the new strength after the rise of a martial arts realm.
This day lasted for half a month. During this half a month, Xu Ren felt that he had undergone earth-shaking changes. Every muscle in his body was full of vitality and coordination was unprecedented, which made Xu Renxin excited.
On this day, Xu Ren left his hiding place and planned to continue to go deeper into the valley of beasts. The ultimate goal of his trip was wood property. Xuan Jing was not so important compared with other things.
But when Xu Ren wanted to go deep, he was in trouble again. This time, he was as fast as a leopard.
The leopard is dark and has no hair, and its body is longer than that of an ox, but it is much thinner.


"Wuji told me that you and Luo Yulou are cousins, and he and Luo Yulou are also cousins." Chu Yanqi smiled. According to the principle of geometric proof, Sang Feilong and Wuji are also related.

"Go and call Wuji in!" ChuYanQi waved and walked towards his room.
Sang Feilong felt that this "young master" was always a bit confusing, but in any case, he went out just visible and called Wuji.
"You all go out and let Wuji wait on you." ChuYanQi ordered. ! ! !

Chapter one hundred and seventy-seven Treat
Sang Feilong with all the people back out, ChuYan perched on the chair, pulled out a note, handed it to the infinite.
Wuji naturally understood, inspired the diaphragm with a little spiritual force and asked, "What’s the matter?"
"I can’t do it, I can only let them do it!" ChuYanQi immediately put his plan aside, this just said, "if you agree, just do it, don’t agree, forget it, you find someone else, anyway, you are looking for abuse, it’s not easy? Just find someone to offend, and you are afraid that he will not toss you to death? "
"I don’t want to find another master, just do as you say!" Wuji said.
"No matter what happens, you can’t pick on them later?" ChuYanQi said again.
"I promise!" Wuji said.
"All right!" Chu Yanqi nodded, stretched out his hand in Chapter one hundred and seventy-seven, and broke the note. Then he picked up a small handless den from the table and smashed it directly on the infinite head.
Almost instinctively, Wuji wanted to avoid it, but then he understood it. Immediately, he abruptly got it all at once, and the handless small was broken by hand, and a wisp of blood slowly slipped down Wuji’s forehead.
"Young master, what’s the matter?" Sang Feilong and others are outside, listening to the voice, busy mentioning the voice and asking.
"Hao Qiang, Hao Qiang …" ChuYanQi mentioned voice, deliberately shout loudly, at the same time make a wink to the infinite.
"Little master!" When Sang Haoran came in, he saw Wuji kneeling on the ground, his forehead cracked, a small handless den smashed to pieces, and Chu Yanqi looked gloomy and seemed very angry.
"Take this slave out and teach me a lesson!" ChuYan habitat calm face said.
"Young master, don’t be angry, why bother with a slave!" Sang Haoran was surprised. At first, when Xiaodou and Sang Linhui put forward the plan, he wanted to oppose it, because he knew that Chu Yanqi would not agree.
Don’t say Wuji is an immortal in the period of Dan Ling. Even if Wuji is an ordinary mortal, Chu Yanqi won’t agree with their practice, but now his reaction seems to be somewhat abnormal.
"Also chapter one hundred and seventy-seven treat stupefied, take him out for me!" ChuYan habitat with a snort of cold, said.
"Wuji offended his master and voluntarily accepted the punishment. Please don’t be angry." Wuji said.
"Hao Qiang …" ChuYanQi cried again.
"Report back, young master. Hao Qiang went out to do some shopping and will be right back." Small beans busy said.
"What about the Five Childes?" Chu Yanqi said.
"What’s your order, young master?" Sang Linhui also came in.
"The last time you not is say, want to discipline people, in to me? Now, please take care of it for me. " ChuYan habitat took one look at the infinite, said.
"Yes!" SangLinHui promised, originally this attention, is he and small beans single-handedly in favor of, so he didn’t object.
Wuji stood up, got up, went outside and knelt down in the yard.
"Mr. Promise, we have sinned, but this is the master’s command!" SangLinHui narrowing her eyes, a face of smile.
Promise looked up and saw his one eye, sneer at all of a sudden in the heart, ChuYan habitat? Although he asked for it himself, he came up with this bad idea, but they, now they push it on his head in an understatement?
"It seems that you have a lot of resentment?" SangLinHui said, while already from the storage ring, take out a dark whip, and then so on the infinite back whipped in the past.
The whip fell heavily on Wuji, and Wuji snorted in pain, but then he held back and said nothing.
ChuYanQi sit by the window, just watching.
Sang Linhui naturally won’t show mercy, and Wuji actually doesn’t have to resist with a spiritual force, so he fought hard.
"This fool!" ChuYan perched in his heart and scolded him. After watching it for a while, he couldn’t stand it any longer. Is it just like watching Wuji being abused by them every day?
Although it is the promise of their own requirements, but this practice achievement method, it is too abnormal.
By the way, sang Feilong said, Wuji’s real name is again? Cang zi mo? Cang zi mo? His surname is Cang? By the way, he is his royal highness, the prince of Cangyu dynasty. His natural name is Cangwu, and he is really confused. Wuji himself said that his name is Cangwu …
Last name is Cang! ?
Chu Yanqi couldn’t sit still. He stood up and walked around the room. I don’t know how long it took. Sang Linhui came in through the bead curtain and reported, "Little Lord, Wuji fainted with pain."
"Wake him up, I have something to ask him." ChuYan habitat waved and said directly.
"Yes!" SangLinHui promised, with a bucket of cold water, directly spilled the infinite woke up.
Hearing Chu Yanqi calling him, Wuji endured the pain and came in. He didn’t enter the room either. He knelt outside through the curtain: "Master!" "
"Change into clean clothes and go out with me." Chu Yanqi ordered, "Hurry up."
"Master …" Infinite leng ran, go out at this time, in theory, now that Sang Feilong and others are here, he should not take him with him if he wants to go out.
"Hurry up, I have no patience to wait!" Chu Yanqi said.
"Yes!" Without asking much, Wuji turned around and went back to his room. He washed it with some clean water for a while, then put on clean clothes, still in a very ordinary black suit, and then came to his side and asked, "Master, do you need a car?" Error-free novel network does not skip words.
"Don’t!" ChuYanQi shook his head and said, and he strode toward the outside.
"Little master!" Sang Feilong stood in his way. "Where are you going?"
"I’m going out for a walk, you don’t have to follow me!" Chu Yanqi said.
"Young master, no one is following, and we are not at ease." Sang Feilong refused his request.
"Just let the infinite follow me." ChuYan habitat sink a voice said.

品茶论坛 桑拿夜网

Li Feiyang said, "The BM has misunderstood me. The BM is willing to support Feiyang. Feiyang is naturally very grateful, but he has no intention of owning anyone.

The South Beastmaster looked sad, looked at Li Feiyang intently for a long time and sink a track. Have a backbone, but have you ever thought that although Langya City is not big, there are not one or two people here, and I mean well.
Li Feiyang looked at the South Beastmaster and said with a smile, "Beastmaster, it’s not that Li Feiyang doesn’t want to accept your kindness. It’s just that in your capacity, if I hurt you, wouldn’t it be funny to want me to be your subordinate?"
The South Beastmaster paused for a moment, then suddenly turned to the sky and laughed: "Good! You’re right. If you can hurt me, you really shouldn’t just be my subordinate. "
After that, the South Beastmaster hesitated slightly, frowned slightly and smiled: "Well, if you can hurt me, I will become sworn brothers with you, okay?" .
As soon as the words of the South Beastmaster came out, the whole city of Langnuocheng was suddenly silent, and then there was a sound of wonder.
Make obeisance to the South Beastmaster!
This is one of the strongest beings in the whole celestial world, and it would take the initiative to make such a request. They looked at Li Feiyang’s eyes, which was full of worship at this time.
Can let the South Beastmaster say such a thing. No matter what the final result is, Li Feiyang’s statement will surely spread throughout the celestial world.
Li Feiyang didn’t refuse once. He smiled slightly and said, "Well, I promise the BM, that’s all. Please shoot. "
The South Beastmaster smiled nobly and said, "Well, please see the trick!"
As soon as Nan BM finished speaking, his hands spread out, and he even made a few seals. Dozens of colorful lights turned into a rotating disc in the void, and then a golden light emerged from it, turning into a light that kept spinning around Nan BM’s body, bringing up a sharp strong breeze.
Then the South BM suddenly pushed forward, and a stunning sword suddenly revealed, just like a comet, and rushed towards Li Feiyang crazily.
Li Feiyang was alert. As the great sword struck, his hands clenched a few seals in front of him, and then the sword pointed to the front.
A distant and desolate low cry, Li Feiyang appeared in front of a general wearing armor, a cloak on his shoulder, surrounded by ribbons and holding a Qinglong machete. This general has a supreme majesty of Xiao Killing Qi. Looking at the huge sword coming from the opposite side, the general simply made a flick of the knife, and the Qinglong machete in his hand suddenly set off a circle of golden knife awns, wrapped in a strong breeze all over the sky. Cut at the giant sword!
Boom a loud noise, the sword and the knife mans hit together, and a circle of red ripples mixed with destructive gas strength stirred up in all directions, pushing the dark clouds in the sky crazy, revealing the harsh sky.
The gods burst and dispersed in an instant and turned into little streamers. Although most of the great sword was destroyed, there was still a great one.
Li Feiyang’s body was stabbed by a giant sword, and immediately it was like being hit by a boulder. With a loud noise, he was severely repelled. A mouthful of hot blood splashed out in mid-air.
South BM this blow in the way, originally a smile on his face, but then the next second. But there was a look of horror on his face, and he looked incredible at Li Feiyang.
Li Feiyang inverted, conveniently released two treatment skills for himself, and several red lights rose, and Li Feiyang spit out one mouthful residual blood and was relieved.
South BM’s face changed repeatedly, and suddenly he had to move his body, and the whole person suddenly lost his body.
A feeling of extreme danger welled up in my mind. Li Feiyang without any hesitation, raised my hand and brushed a golden light on himself.
Vajra mantra.
Li Feiyang cast the King Kong spell, and the South BM had already appeared in front of his eyes, and his right hand conjured sharp claws. With a bloody grasp to Li Feiyang.
A sound of gold and iron singing came, and Li Feiyang was hit by the South BM and flew out, although his whole body was shining with golden light. But he still growled and spit out one mouthful blood. However, this blood is also golden.
However, a blow from the South BM got in the way, but there was no happy look on his face. On the contrary, it was more dignified and unbelievable.
"What is this heterodox means? , small
South BM looked at Li Feiyang coldly. A red light flashed all over my body, and then I breathed a sigh of relief.
Li Feiyang showed a playful look and said lightly, "South Beastmaster, there are three more strikes. Do you want to use them all?"
As he spoke, several healing spells were used in the body.
Feeling Li Feiyang’s breath suddenly filling up again, Nan Beastmaster’s face was full of splendor and he exclaimed, "Good! Look at my blow! "
Hands dancing in front of you, suddenly like conjuring up countless hand shadows, a sword appeared in front of South BM. Then suddenly turned into dozens, hundreds, thousands, until thousands of tens of thousands, the whole world, at this time was full of the shadow of the sword.
Li Feiyang’s face showed a dignified look, and he practiced several therapeutic skills for himself. Then the palm of your hand stood up in front of you. Worship the South Beastmaster.
Almost at the same time, the two men began to work. At the same time, the tens of thousands of swords roared toward Li Feiyang, and a cool birdsong sounded. The latosolic red color lit up the earth, and a firebird flapped out, conjuring up dozens of feet and rushed toward the sword array with scorching temperature.
This is the skill of the protagonist in Xuanyuanjian series, Suzaku wings!
Suzaku, who was burning with fire, collided with the sword array, and immediately burned thousands of swords, but then it was burned to ashes in the sharp sword array.
Li Feiyang pointed again, and the shrill dragons sounded. All over the sky suddenly leaps white clouds, and a blue dragon winds out and growls at the sword array.
Then Li Feiyang waved again and again, and suddenly the surrounding waves vacated, and a huge anticlimactic monster came riding the waves and roared at the sword array.
Finally, a white tiger stepped on the rocks, and with great power, tossed and swept away at the sword array.
Qinglong Yunping, Xuanwu secular, white tiger mountain.
Three skills at the same time, look at the bottom of the countless people find the scenery pleasing to both the eye and the mind, even the South BM face is extraordinary splendour, heart admiration.
The three great beasts rushed into the sword array with great divine power, and the powerful force that broke out immediately tore off most of the huge sword array. Finally, only thousands of swords were left to hit Li Feiyang.
Li Feiyang’s whole body trembled, and Yuan Shen was agitated, spouting blood and flying out, slamming into the city of Langnuocheng, almost without breath.
However, South BM suddenly felt a quiver all over his body, and his breathing was heavy. He stretched out his hand and brushed a red light on himself, and then he gradually slowed down and looked at the bottom with a complicated look.
There was a brief silence, and everyone in the city was desperate. When Li Feiyang was dead, the whole world suddenly trembled and became extremely dark.
The earth trembled slowly, and the strong atmosphere accumulated towards the place where Li Feiyang fell. It looked like waves, all of which gathered in a whirlwind disaster.
Li Feiyang slowly flew out under the encirclement of the whirlpool, pointing at the South BM.
"The beast concubine. Try my trick to get together. "
Nan BM’s face changed greatly, and when his body and mind flashed, the news disappeared. The whole world saw only a virtual shadow, and he couldn’t tell where Nan BM’s figure was.
But Li Feiyang, regardless, just pointed out to vanity.
Like the earth suddenly turned over his head, everyone was violently poured out of the earth’s atmosphere, and there was a thunderbolt-like scream in mid-air. Then they were very shocked to see that the huge body of the South BM suddenly hit the ground, and a loud bang aroused a huge dust.
Li Feiyang stopped, stood in the air and gasped slightly. The expression on her face was neither happy nor sad, but when she looked carefully, she could feel the joy and ease in his heart.
South BM’s voice hoarse, in people’s gaze, he slowly rose from the ruins, the whole body armor has been broken, a pool of blood on his chest, even look a lot of withering.
"The recent one hundred thousand years. I haven’t received such a heavy injury. "Hello, Li Feiyang. "

Chapter 227 Honghuang HarmonyOS
Under the bm’s mercy, float in the sky grateful not li feiyang respectfully said to the provincial department of muddy, face no pride.
Nan BM smiled faintly: "If you lose, you lose. In fact, I have been injured since the first blow, but it is not as serious as this one now." Li Feiyang, you are really amazing. I mean what I say. Will you be my brother? "
Li Feiyang ha ha a smile, leaned over and gave a deep gift to the South Beastmaster: Little brother Li Feiyang, meet big brother! "
After Nan BM lost the bet, he became sworn brothers with Li Feiyang, and they had a big drink in Langya City for three days. All the beasts under Nan BM came together to be a royal city, and the two sides enjoyed themselves.
During these three days, Li Feiyang had a long talk with the South BM, and finally learned some top secrets of the celestial world, and also solved a mystery that has been lingering in his mind.
The origin of the celestial world.
It is said that countless billions of years ago, chaos first opened and heaven and earth were born. Produce a world, which is now the celestial world.


The factory director was a little surprised. He met Chen Yougong at the commendation meeting, and when the car was inspected, it was a good young man. The factory also made a lot of contributions.

"I see the survey says that he is still renting a house?"
"Before he lived in the factory, his wife came to the county from the village and passed the exam. She became a temporary teacher in the county primary school. Later, she saved the child in the fire because of her good morality and ignored her own safety. Then she was transferred to a regular school, and both of them rented a house outside."
Ann Zhang knows more.
The factory director thought for a moment with a frown after hearing nothing. "But I heard that there is something wrong with his wife’s composition."
Zhang An hesitated. "But his wife and family were released from Kyoto, but it is no problem for his wife to come with her parents voluntarily, and it is said that there is no connection."
"Ok, the housing allocation index for the second quarter is June. Please fill in his name, no matter how he has made a lot of contributions to our factory, the economy can’t chill people’s hearts."
The director doesn’t have any other ideas, mainly because the list has to be submitted to the surface for background investigation.
Zhang An didn’t intend to tell Chen Yougong what happened after coming out of the office. After all, it didn’t work out in the end. What if it ended in the end?
Hundreds of villages have reached the quota for raising pigs this year. Early in the morning, Yuechuan called everyone to threshing ground in the broadcasting room.
It was still very cold at the end of March. Chen’s family asked several children to eat early and sent them to learn to take Yuanyuan to threshing ground.
Today, I wore a little thick cotton-padded jacket for Yuanyuan, and a little cotton vest outside. The vest is army green, a pair of cotton pants and a wool hat.
Chen bet that that whole village can’t find such a beautiful girl.
If not, Li Guihua next door will look straight when he comes out with Chen.
"It’s a beautiful suit. Aren’t you good at it?"
Chen proudly looked up. That’s not true.
"Isn’t your daughter-in-law going?"
Li Guihua, um, said, "I’m still a little embarrassed to let her out at home."
"Nothing, just get used to it. I’ll ask my second daughter-in-law to take her with me when I get to work."
The two men walked in front of Yuanyuan, stopped for a while, grabbed a grass and pulled a flower.
When the people in threshing ground haven’t arrived in Qiyuechuan, they are already standing on the table, just wait for the people to talk when they are almost there.
"Does your family still raise pigs this year?" Li Guihua asked if she didn’t want to keep it, mainly because there were few family members, and this pig grass could not be less, and it had to be fresh every day.
Chen shook her head, and she didn’t intend to raise an extra catty of meat every year. Now there are more people who can earn meat at home, so there is no shortage. It is really hard to cut pig grass.
After waiting for a while, Yuechuan began to speak.
"As usual, raise your hand if anyone wants to raise pigs, and then let’s vote together to raise the highest family."
No sooner had he finished than he motioned for everyone to raise their hands.
Chen looked at her with her hand in her hand and came to vote for her family.
Yuechuan looked at who raised their hands and took notes one by one.
"Hey, Chen, is your family not raising this year?"
His voice shouted to the people around him, but everyone paid attention to it. Everyone was thinking that the Chen family was definitely going to raise it, and they all watched it.
"My family won’t keep it this year. No one cuts pig grass." Chen explained with a smile.
"that’s a pity. We can all get more points if we raise aunts."
"Yes, yes, really?"
The people around you started talking at sixes and sevens.
Yuechuan looked at it again and hurriedly organized discipline.
"All right, stop it. We’re all voluntary. Okay, who else has to raise? Raise your hand quickly."
After that, several more hands were raised.
Wang Fen raised her hand as usual this year. Last year, she fed pigs that were 20 kilos less than Chen Jia’s, which was a full 20 kilos. This year, she struggled to get back, but she didn’t raise them?
Wang Fen thought for a long time and let go of her hand, and she didn’t keep it.
YueChuan looked at Wang Fen put his hand to open his mouth or didn’t speak. He crossed out her name with a frown.
Chen easily voted and left. It’s really easy not to raise pigs.
Chen Yougang, the county team, also took over and became a regular worker. The salary returned to normal at 55.5 yuan, and the ticket was different regularly every month, but it was uncertain when I came back, almost once every two months.
There are fewer and fewer Chen family members. Yue-e Li is busy earning work points in the field. Chen is busy with chickens and ducks at home and cooking to take care of several children. However, there is less pressure to stop raising pigs at home and go to the mountains to cut pig grass.
At the end of May, Chen Yougang came back with a sports car and brought back half a fan of beef.
"Mom, it’s cheap to buy beef from their place when I’m on my way. I’ll get it back with the ice when I bring it back."
Chen Yougang went a long way to get it back this time, and it took a lot of effort to send a large piece to Lao San and some from Master Liao. After all, people have taught themselves for so long and have no children and women to take care of them.
It’s already getting hot at this moment. It’s fine in the morning and evening. The sun is really hot at noon.
"Come on, you should wash yourself quickly and see how dirty it is." Chen Wu wear nose and some abandon Chen Yougang.
Next to Yuanyuan, she followed suit, covered her nose and frowned.


100 meters ahead. There is an extra table with a wine jar on it and two people sitting next to it. A man, a middle-aged man in a white robe embroidered with gold thread, was reading with relish with a roll of books in his hand; The other is a bald man, wearing a wide robe, with his eyes slightly narrowed and his hands tucked inside his sleeves. Seems to be dozing off there, the breath of the whole body converges with the body, and there is no leakage!

In the scorching sun, a pretentious man was drinking hard liquor and reading a book. Another big guy like Tarzan, but he dozed off there. Weird, weird! To Qin Chu’s surprise, the breath of these two people in front is tightly closed. Don’t tell each other’s strength in front!
Qin Chu mind flash, this two people is the bearer of the dragon?
The reason why Qin Chu made this judgment is because the guy who intercepted the carriage just now, the breath on his body is the breath of the dragon! It smells like Agatha, the red dragon mounted by Theseus!
Hundred to ten thousand small! The pretentious man swept Qin Chu with his eyes, and Nunu said, "Do it, if you have wine, you can have a few drinks by yourself!" Say that. Pretending to force the man to continue to read the books in his hand with relish.
Hear the words of pretending to be a man. Qin Chu’s state of mind suddenly reached a state where there was no wave in an ancient well, smiled and walked away freely. Pick up a jar of wine without a cup. He took a few sips from his huge mouth. Then casually threw the jar on the table, Qin Chu makin knife quota sat down.
Pack to force men did not expect that Qin Chu was so calm.
What’s going on here? It is said in the book that this move will have a certain deterrent effect on the enemy! Eugene heart secretly muttered, but look at Qin Chu’s performance, this recruit, seems to be … No effect on it!
The bald Taishan beside him opened his eyes, and a touch of green light passed in his eyes. He said faintly, "My name is Solomon, and you are Qin Chu!"
Qin Chu heart andao, sure enough, as I expected, the two men proved to be dragon. Just didn’t expect, Solomon was so calm, not the kui is a dragon three generations of heads of families!
"The other day, you injured a little girl named Agatha." Solomon didn’t blink.
"Yes!" Qin Chu made no secret of it. When a man does something, he does it by himself, and he has to bear it himself!
"She is my granddaughter!" Solomon said, finally, his eyes fell on Qin Chu’s face and he said faintly, "So, you must give me an explanation!"
"What explanation?" Qin Chu frowned.
"If you hit someone, you must give me an explanation!" Solomon said simply. Eugene, who was next to him, interrupted: Boy, if you kill someone for life, you owe him money. You hit someone, so what should you say? "This tone of voice, like a local ruffians and hooligans in blackmail.
"Don’t you just listen to my explanation and don’t want to know why I hurt her?" Qin Chu asked.
"No, I only know that you hurt her. This is enough! " Solomon shook his head and stared at Qin Chu with green eyes. Sleeves move slowly. You have to take your hand out.

Chapter 151 The opportunity to blackmail
Chu’s mind at the moment has reached an unprecedented peace. Around the cutting liver, the continent is vividly reflected in my mind, just like an ancient well without waves, quietly reflecting the bright moon in the sky
In a calm state, we can clearly observe the dynamics of the enemy’s shots. Qin Chu is not nervous, under the control of mind, all the magic weapons of refining are ready.
Hussein said that Solomon’s hands are the most powerful hands in the world. One hand can break all magic and the other hand can ignore all physical defenses! No one can stop Solomon’s attack! At least for now!
So Qin Chu was afraid of Solomon’s hand!
The surrounding aura is quickly suppressed, and two powerful momentum is soaring. Qin Chu felt that Solomon’s eyes were like invisible ropes, firmly tied to himself. This kind of eyes, like can see through everything, when moved on Qin Chu, Qin Chu felt his pores suddenly shrink, goose bumps all stand up!
What a powerful spirit This is Qin Chu’s evaluation of Solomon!
"King Solomon, do you want to kill your favorite daughter Jinlong?" Hussein finally stood up and shouted at Solomon.
Lingering around the aura with a lag, Solomon heard the word "golden dragon", thou without wave face finally showed a little fluctuation, green eyes slowly turned to Qin Chu’s side of Hussein.
Hussein was fearless, stepped forward, took off his hat with a lift of his hand and revealed his original face.
"Hussein?" Solomon was silent for a moment, and the name was uttered in a hoarse quarrel.
"I am Hussein!" Hussein stood in front of him and looked at Solomon with a complicated expression. The atmosphere between one person and Yi Long presents a strange state. In Solomon’s eyes, the boy in front of him stole his favorite daughter Jinlong from himself, which eventually led to the disappearance of Jinlong, so Hussein was the chief culprit in the separation of his father and daughter; In Hussein’s eyes, why did Solomon make himself resentful? If Solomon and Jinlong hadn’t fought and wounded Jinlong. How can it be besieged by those little people in the temple, and how can Jinlong leave himself because of this?
"How dare you appear in front of me!" Solomon’s green eyes stared at Hussein intensely. "What happened to Jinlong? Why did it disappear completely? What do you mean by that sentence you just said? "
"Why?" Hussein remembered the past, and his heart was burning with anger. "King Solomon, you have to ask yourself all this! Don’t you remember what you did to Jinlong in those days? If it weren’t for you, how could Jinlong be forced to die alive! "
"what!" When Solomon heard Hussein’s words, it was like a bolt from the blue, and his daughter was forced to die by herself?
Qin Chu mind move. Then I saw a dim figure flash, and the next Xuan Solomon appeared in front of Hussein, with a hand covered with fine scales around Hussein’s neck. Qin Chu finally saw, Hussein said, Solomon’s hands can break any magic and defense!
Hussein’s face turned red in an instant, and his arms were put on Solomon’s hands, and his arms turned into dazzling gold in an instant.
Solomon’s face changed slightly, and his huge arm suddenly shook. Qin Chu had keenly seen that the scales on his arm had been removed by Hussein! Hussein, who inherits Yu Jinlong’s sharp strength of gold, is not as good as Solomon, but his destructive power is not necessarily worse than Solomon!
Fortunately, however, this move by Hussein calmed Solomon down. With a snort of cold, he suddenly let go of Hussein: "What happened to Jinlong? Tell me the truth! "
Hussein coughed twice hard. Although Solomon’s hand was short just now, it also caused him great harm. When he heard Solomon’s words, Hussein’s eyes shot with resentment: "How do you want to know about Jinlong?" Why do you want to know? " Hussein’s anger was stirred up by Solomon, and he has begun to lose his mind.
Solomon’s green eyes have begun to spray anger outward. His hands clenched slowly. For many years, no one dared to be so presumptuous in front of him! Eugene next to him stepped back two steps, but he didn’t intervene. He said to himself, "The boss is angry, and this boy is unlucky!"
Qin Chu also detected Solomon’s outbreak, and star saber was hidden in his hand, going round and round. As long as Solomon made a slight movement, star saber in Qin Chu’s hand would immediately attack Solomon in the ear!
Hussein was not afraid. He angrily said, "Jinlong is dead! You don’t know anything! You hurt Jinlong, and it’s all your fault! "
Hussein’s words, like a sharp knife, pierced Solomon’s heart.
Solomon can hide the memory in his heart, and under the reminder of these words, it reappears on the surface. Solomon has vaguely guessed what Hussein meant by this sentence. But Solomon still couldn’t believe it: "How is it possible! Although I attacked Jinlong that year, I know that her injury is not fatal! "
Solomon wanted to hurt Jinlong, and then sent other dragons to bring Jinlong back to the Dragon Valley by force. Now, however, hearing Hussein’s words, Solomon was extremely surprised!
"What the hell is going on! The injury of Jinlong in those days, I am the clearest, definitely not fatal! You are lying, what happened in this! " Solomon instantly thought of the key.
"Jinlong was injured by you, and then he was ridiculed by the people in the temple. The bamboo dragon was starved to death by the people in the temple!" Hou Hankou … Zhong Xue, "If you hadn’t wounded Jinlong, how could those scumbags have forced Jinlong to death alive!"
"No!" Solomon green eyes cold light, "Jinlong since dead, how can you survive! And "the power inside your body just now. It’s the same strength as the golden dragon. Do you get the power of the golden dragon and want to blame the temple? "
Hussein didn’t expect Solomon to say this. He laughed and cried: "Jinlong, Jinlong, have you seen it? This is your father! He doesn’t believe me, but he doubts me! " Hussein mercilessly stared at Solomon, slowly, "Solomon, Jinlong’s revenge, I will personally revenge. And you, I must make you regret it! "
"With you?" Solomon was furious and laughed.


Most of the generals who came to meet themselves were Cao Cao, but when the two men reported themselves, Zhang Song’s mouth opened wider, and even a little yellow big abalone teeth could not cover the trembling throat in his mouth.

"In Feng Zhang"
"In Cao Ang"
"I have been ordered by my father/Wang Wei to meet your envoy."
Feng Zhang? After entering that pig killing, you became a famous general in the Han Dynasty?
Cao Ang? Is Cao Pi the absolute heir of Cao family after the rebellion?
Zhang Song was as happy as a fool in a fog. He was flattered by a laundry list of two people and walked inside. He even forgot to ask for a toilet.
"Your envoy has come a long way to work hard. My father specially arranged a banquet. Your envoy is welcome to take a shower and change clothes first."
Cao Ang’s sincere smile made him feel inferior to his bones. Zhang Song felt refreshed from the outside, and a sense of satisfaction that he had never felt before made all his pores breathe with confidence.
Pink face with spring pretty maid sprinkled with petal fragrant soup, clean and comfortable clothing, Zhang Song lying smoothly in the pear tub enjoying the opposite sex massage, I really feel that I am right this time.
Zhang Song changed clothes and walked out of the room only to see that his two men looked even more wretched. One of them respectfully held a wooden box.
"You come with me carefully. There must be no difference in this box!"
Take two steps, Zhang Song. It’s still not appropriate to think about it. It’s better to bring something with you.
When Zhang Song was led by the maid into the hall full of laughter and wine, he looked up and saw himself. Cao Caogao, the main owner of this trip, was sitting on the side of the theme hatchback and arranged several cases. The first one in his left hand seemed to be reserved for himself.
As soon as Zhang Song saw it, he knew where he was, and his eyes were blurred with gratitude. He took off his shoes and bowed down and walked to Cao Cao. He gently put the box on the ground with his hands, feeling that this great man should be as tall as himself. Now he is so tall.
"Yizhou, don’t drive Zhang Song to pay homage to Wang Wei Chitose on the orders of my Lord Liu Jiyu."
A pair of big feet have looked up in front of their eyes. Cao Cao has a dark face close at hand and a brighter smile than flowers.
"Ha-ha, Yongnian, please come to Yizhou Mountain Yongnian quickly. I think it must have suffered a lot. Come and sit down quickly."
Cao Caoxu helped Zhang Song get up and then sent him to the first song. He felt that the fairy was walking around, but that’s what it feels like now.
"Yongnian introduces you to one or more talented people."
Zhang Song’s character has always been dissolute and conceited. He has had enough suffering from being despised for his bad looks, so he is always sharp and mean to protect his fragile heart.
When it comes to the talent, Zhang Songxin’s arrogance has come again, and his nose has collapsed and he has unconsciously raised a few minutes.
"The two men you had seen …"
Zhang Song, at first glance, one is Feng Zhang and the other is Cao Ang. The background is too hard to offend. Besides, what about people who are so polite to themselves and don’t smile?
You’re welcome to pick it up again. Qin Lang, Xun Yun, Zhong You Zhong Yu and others are all arrogant "Nice to meet you" or "I’ve heard a lot", but anyone with eyes can see how sincere there is.
Not to mention Zhang Song’s extreme personality, all the people present here except Cao Shi’s father and Feng Zhang are Zhang Song, but a foreign vassal came to make it. He welcomed him and saw that his appearance was mediocre and somewhat ugly. This expression was somewhat unpreparedness and somewhat contemptuous. Then Zhang Song usually saw more of this kind of look, which doesn’t matter what eyes you came from, Wei Wangfu or Prime Minister’s Office.
Gal a feast means something changed. Feng Zhang winked at Cao Cao, but Cao Cao turned a blind eye.
He also wants to see if Feng Zhang is really so talented this time.
The atmosphere was cold. After drinking a few glasses of wine, Xun Yun first started a difficult task. "Your envoy has traveled thousands of miles from Shu, and it is not easy to get close to Hanzhong. Zhang Lu sent troops to Shu, and he was in danger. Do you have any suggestions?"
Although the words seem subtle, the meaning is very hurtful
I heard that you can’t beat Zhang Lu. You’re not here for help, are you?
"Zhang Lu? However, it’s different to use five buckets of rice to instigate some intellectuals to occupy the mountain king and bandits. Although Liu Yizhou is not Wang Wei, he is not afraid of Zhang Lu. "
Zhang Lu said that was the successor of Tianshi Zhangling in the Han Dynasty, and the present teachings of Pentecostalism were attending Hanzhong area. Compared with the perennial battles in the Central Plains, it was a paradise for people. He set up a voluntary house to buy rice and meat for passers-by to eat, and in the spring and autumn, it was forbidden to kill people indiscriminately. There were probably hundreds of thousands of people, but at that time, his views on him were just a cult leader, just like that in wu-tang clan’s eyes, but it was only slightly better than the Yellow Scarf Sect.
Although Zhang Song wants to hide from others and look down on him, he also knows a little about the seriousness. He knows that Cao Cao has offended him, so he also flatters him severely.
Cao Cao then smiled at Hu, which was very kind.
Xun Yun smiled and asked again, "If Liu Jiyu is not afraid of Zhang Lu sending your envoys far away for help?"
Although Zhang Song had taken refuge in Cao Caoxin, his eyes were still on Liu Zhangren’s listening to Xun Yun’s sarcastic remarks. Liu Zhang could not help but sit up straight in great anger and look up at Xun Yun’s way. "If it weren’t for help, Zhang Lu would occupy Hanzhong Gongdao and Liu Yizhou would be afraid to blame the court, and it would be a long way to distinguish the reasons; Moreover … "
Zhang Song waved his hand at Cao Cao’s arch and said, "Wei Wangjian’s great achievements notwithstanding his teeth and Xiao Bu’s kindness, why don’t you come for help again?"
Xun Yun was speechless and went back to his seat. Although Zhang Song won for a while, he also completely blocked Liu Zhang’s road for help
Cao Fu, these people are often together at ordinary times, and their feelings are naturally good. When Xun Yun ate a mouthful, the rest of the people also saw that Zhang Song was not impressive but his tongue was sharp, so he unanimously looked at Yang Xiu, who had the best eloquence except Feng Zhang, and wanted him to come out and find a field.
Yang Xiu’s great-grandfather Yang Zhen, great-grandfather Yang Bing, great-grandfather Yang Ci, father Yang Biao IV, Li Si, Situ and Tai Wei, the three noble families of the Yuan family in the late Eastern Han Dynasty, are neck and neck, and they are famous and beautiful.
Yang Xiu left his seat and deliberately walked up to Zhang Song and stared at him for a while, then smiled.
Zhang Song was furious. If it weren’t for Cao Cao’s face, it was estimated that the fruit bowl horse in front of him would be buckled to Yang Xiu’s face
"Shudao is rugged and hard to work."
"I dare to resign even though I am ordered by the Lord to go through fire and water."
"What’s the customs in the middle of Shu?"
"Yizhou Road, the ancient name of Shuxi County, has Jinjiang, and even the Jiange Xionghui is 200 miles away. In more than 30,000 miles, chickens crow and dogs bark, and the market is constantly fertile and fertile. When the country is rich and the people are rich, there are orchestral products that accumulate like mountains! "
Yang Xiu asked again, "What are the characters in Shu?"
Zhang Song also smiled and replied, "There is a phase like Fu Wu and Fubo Cai; If a doctor has Zhongjing, you can hide the nine schools and three religions, and those who are outstanding in their class can’t be counted! "
Everyone has been stunned by Zhang Song’s quick answer. You know, the difference between an interview and a written test is that the interview requires a horse to answer questions and the written test can take a long time.
"How many people are there in Liu Ji who are as good as men?"
Zhang Song proudly replied, "Civil and military talents are brave enough to be loyal and generous, and the number of cars is like a pine."
If Yang Xiu refuses to forgive him, he won’t believe it. It’s not difficult to find this little file in front of him, "Is the public close to work?"
"It’s very incompetent to overcharge others. Dare you ask the court official?"
Yang Xiu was surprised and had to answer Zhang Song’s counter-attack, "Now the main book of Wei Wangfu"
Song Yue said, "It’s been a long time since I heard that the public generation did not stand in the temple to assist Tian, but it’s just an official of the Wei King’s Gate."
Yang Xiu smell speech white face rose to red and had to force a smile "although a living in Lao Wei Wang Wei’s military and political money is heavy, sooner or later, Wang Wei’s teachings are extremely influential."


Chapter 434 Yan Hong Liang Do you dare?

After the main force of 8 Jin Army arrived in the plain, the vanguard advanced to Yucheng Yucheng, Yucheng, where the Guangfu Army sentry rode, and the two sides fought, and no one could resist each other’s withdrawal.
Although it failed to achieve results, it is enough to say that the main force of 8 Jin J is not far from the main force of the Guangfu Army.
This is also the case. Yucheng can reach Licheng in Jinan by crossing the North Qinghe River to the south. At this moment, Su Yonglin’s main field force of the Guangfu Army is Jinan.
Yan Hongliang was relieved to learn the news.
Finally, we can start this belated decisive battle
If the decisive battle is not fought, if the main force of the Guangfu Army continues to retreat south, he may really be ready to retreat.
This war is really impossible. How can there be such a war?
You can’t find a lonely wild enemy all the way south. You can’t nest in the city, and every ideal city can’t easily bring it in a few days. It happened that his logistics are very tight
The logistics of hundreds of thousands of military regiments in the south is too difficult.
If you can’t take the crisis behind the city, you will lose the game if you are not careful.
The only way to win is in the decisive battle with the main force of the Guangfu Army in the wild.
He finally broke through Hebei and the main force of the Guangfu Army was finally in sight.
Yan Hongliang confided her worries to Ge Shilie Liangyou with a feeling of being thankful.
"It’s a good thing that the thief army found the thief army in Jinan, otherwise the battle would not have been fought."
Looking at the emperor’s face with a fierce expression for the rest of his life, I realized that the roaring emperor might not be as iron as he showed, and maybe his heart was quite delicate and weak, so he turned himself into a roaring emperor by covering up his weaknesses.
Only under special circumstances will he let himself be sexually exposed a little.
But it’s a pity that Shi Lieliang doesn’t think it’s any good to have a thief army in Jinan at all.
Jin Jun’s goal of going all the way south is very accurate. Once this action track is known by the Guangfu Army, it is easy to judge that Jin Jun knows that the main force of the Guangfu Army is in Jinan. Even so, the main force of the Guangfu Army has not retreated and Jinan is waiting for them.
What does this say?
This means that the Guangfu Army is ready to face 8 Jin J.
Defeating Yan Hong’s neighbors and Yelu Yuanyi’s two teams in succession is by no means a weak chicken.
Even in the field, it’s not that simple. Things are even worse. The main force of the Guangfu Army doesn’t have to fight in the field. What if it’s still fortified and fortified?
Will drag 8 jin j main force to death …
Wan Yanliang received a letter from Su Yonglin, the general of the Guangfu Army, when he attacked Yucheng from the south of the plain.
The letter said that Su Yonglin had been waiting for Yan Yanliang in the city and he would not leave him, so he would fight Yan Yanliang to the death here.
It has been more than ten years since Wan Yanliang stole the identity of the Central Plains as a barbarian, and it has been decades since Wan Yanliang became the monarch of China as a barbarian. Now it is time to return the identity of China to the Han people.
Let’s fight here. China’s monarchy bet
The winner is the monarch of China, and the south calls me.
Losers die a laughingstock.
Yan Hongliang, do you dare?
After reading this letter from Su Yonglin, Wan Yanliang was furious and tore it up, then pushed the envoy of Su Yonglin out to behead and vent his anger.
"Madness inverse thief dare China monarch! Arrogance Arrogance Arrogance He is wishful thinking! Wishful thinking! I am the monarch of China! I can call me in the south! Arrogance, arrogance, arrogance ! ! March! March! March! ! !”
Yan hong’s eyes were red and he screamed at the top of his lungs. 8 Jin j’s huge military regiment of about 300,000 people began to move forward.
Yucheng has been rebuilt by the Guangfu Army. It is quite tough to build a strong city. Han Jingxuan, the general of the Guangfu Army, led 5,000 troops stationed in Yucheng. The well-guarded pennants fluttered, which made Yan Yanliang have a headache at first sight.
"damn it! We agreed to do or die! We agreed to fight to the death, but we still defended the city! ! Rat! Rat! I’ll fight when I’m out of town! ! !”
Yan Hongliang roars again and again, but his anger is close to being able to rage against the Guangfu army, but how can they be like this if they don’t go out of the city to fight?
Wan Yanliang didn’t want to sit still and be led by Su Yonglin, so he called the Ministry to discuss the possibility of letting the cavalry spread out and sweep the hinterland of Shandong.
He believes that the main force of the Guangfu Army here in the hinterland of Shandong should be empty, so that the cavalry advantage in the south may have unexpected gains, and even at worst, it can destroy the rear of the Guangfu Army and let them endure.
But that answer he got was no.
Not to mention whether Jinan South Guangfu Army has also arranged the same scale as Hebei to clear the field. I am afraid it is not enough to say that Jin Jun’s eye food and peas will let the cavalry spread out in all directions.
With the slow progress of the big army, the war horse can still maintain a relatively low energy consumption. If it is scattered around to conquer the war, the amount of food needed by the war horse will greatly increase.
They have marched all the way from Yanyun to Shandong for hundreds of miles, and the logistics are difficult. They should not continue to stretch the front line.
Not to mention that their logistics are very fragile and they may be attacked by the Guangfu Army at any time. Once there is a little problem, the whole army will have a problem with its retreat.
Whether the followers supported Yan Yanliang’s plan or not even appeared, demanding that Yan Yanliang immediately withdraw from Jinan and return to the north.
Wan Yanliang made a compromise and gave up the plan of sending cavalry to continue to go deep into the hinterland of Shandong.
However, it is also required to send a small number of cavalry troops to Bozhou and Texas in two ways to search for and sweep the local docks to get more food and money.
To tell you the truth, more than a dozen States in the south have launched sweeping operations along the way.
It is because of those docks with insufficient defense capabilities that Yan Yanliang got extra food and money.
To some extent, this part of the grain supported the tactics of Yan Hong Liang Nan, which made Yan Hong Liang not encounter the grain crisis too early.
And that money was given to the soldiers in exchange for the support of the soldiers at the bottom.
This is also the important "mass base" that Yan Yanliang’s visual decision-making layer insists on.
Yan Yanliang’s giving money to the soldiers at the bottom while going south is equivalent to making the soldiers at the bottom have a thinking inertia, so they all support Yan Yanliang and don’t resist Yan Yanliang’s tactics of asking them to go south all the way.
With this mass-based decision-making method to check and balance Yan Hongliang, he can continue to go south according to his meaning
So 8 jin j step by step with yan hong liang into the abyss.
Chapter 435 I will soon send Yan Hong Liang to accompany you.
Although the decision-making layer method makes some discussions on the South issue and Yan Hongliang, the decision-making layer and Yan Hongliang do not look at the problem from the same angle.
They don’t have Yan Hongliang’s sense of urgency and anxiety about losing their throne and life. Even if they are defeated, they will be able to save their lives and still be prosperous.
So they are more rational.
They are really worried about the rear, and they are worried that the rear can’t stand the destruction of the Guangfu Army, which will trigger a terrible chain reaction and make 8 Jin Army lose its way out.
If it really comes to this, they will be finished.
To tell you the truth, 8 Jin Jun’s journey south today is driven by Emperor Yan Yanliang’s identity and prestige. If Yan Yanliang lets go a little, his ministers will strongly demand that Yan Yanliang return to the north immediately.
If you leave Shandong, even if you concentrate on raiding Hebei, you can take a few cities and kill several generals of the Guangfu Army to get military achievements.
Not a fake [punch through Hebei]
Which door did you get through?
Is the main force of Hebei Guangfu Army damaged?
Have those who hold the city been breached?
Did the Guangfu army surrender voluntarily or was it killed?
If none, what are your actual achievements?


Then he fell heavily and fell into the vast wilderness, rolling out crazy smoke.

Dancing wildly, striking with iron hoofs, stepping out of the highest kangle in life, and flying in the distance, the tiger team rushed to the front in the shallow water.
He almost watched Qi Tianyou fall to the moment and roared into the sky.
He jumped from the horse, stumbled and rushed over, hugged Qi Tianyou and shouted at the top of his lungs, "Brother Qi!"
Qi Tianyou opened his eyes in confusion, but his body was still shaking violently. With every stroke, every blood hole was emitting blood. He wanted to say something but couldn’t say it.
"Qi eldest brother what’s the matter with you? ! Speak and answer me! " Shallow water and clear roar
Qi Tianyou still has a lot of trouble in his throat.
Soaking blood behind him, he replied, "He was seriously injured, but he was forced to transport his skills. Now his blood vessels are blown up all over his body. Now he is in great pain, but he is trying his best. I am afraid I hope you can give him an end."
Shallow water is as clear as falling into an ice cave
He looked at Qi Tianyou in his arms and was speechless at the moment.
An iron man like that is as soft as a bone, and he is bleeding all over his arms. He is bleeding everywhere, and his eyes are like a sieve puppet made of thousands of bullets. God knows he is still alive and there, looking at what he wants to say, but he can’t say it.
He knew that he was so painful that his soul trembled, so painful that even his suicide effort was so painful that he didn’t even have a hint of explanation. He had those hopeful eyes begging himself to kill him quickly and bear the pain again.
"Brother Qi!" Shallow water is sorrowful and growling with one hand, but it is already quivering and touching the tiger’s teeth in your arms.
"I’m sorry I hurt you."
So he seemed to see Qi Tianyou smiling with a bloody face. At first glance, the smile seemed to be reborn as if there was a sound coming from the horizon. Don’t talk nonsense, silly. I was just trying my best to make a commitment.
I know you are a hero, a generation of shallow water and clear water, and you are a big brother.
I’m also a good brother. Don’t let me down.
Shallow water Qing nodded slightly
Hold Qi Tianyou’s strong hand tightly, and pierce Qi Tianyou’s heart with a little cold in his hands. He is calm and calm.
Shallow water said softly, "Take your peace of mind, big brother."
Qi Tianyou suddenly made a violent shaking, and his body bounced violently like a spring, and soon became calm.
Qi Tianyou died.
As a soldier, he didn’t die in the battlefield, but he fell in the hands of his own people.
A large number of soldiers returning from the bloody battle froze when they saw this scene.
They jumped on horses and slowly came to Qi Tianyou’s side to watch him die in this way, and then regained their grief and looked at Heng Changshun.
Eyes fierce as an arrow into the soul Heng Changshun felt like a cold snap all over and couldn’t help shivering slightly.
He folded drink "Qi Tianyou guilty of kidnapping officer is unforgivable! Does anyone else want to learn from him? "
Shallow water cleared the knife.
Raising his head, he looked at Heng Changshun, and his long hair was burning with revenge.
He said, "I want to learn from him" in a simple and calm tone, but he was decisive.
Several soldiers pulled out combat knives at the same time
They silently act behind the shallow water and represent their own position.
Heng Changshun’s heart thumped violently, and a little fear suddenly swept through his heart in recent years.
This is a kind of anger, a kind of struggle, a kind of fighting will that belongs to soldiers.
Heng Changshun panicked and grabbed a combat knife from the soldiers around him. He shouted, "What are you doing? Want to rebel? Do you know that you are mutinying? ?”
Shallow water is clear and stuffy. "You have lost before you fight!"
The wind rising from the ground has swept the whole sky in an instant, and the blood color has flashed in the sky with a knife and a thunderous force to Heng Changshun.
"I won’t lose!" Heng Changshun roared fenglei knife and drew a crazy arc in the middle to meet the boundless urgency.
At that moment, the thunder blew up a gorgeous light in the sky.
It’s more and more difficult for Heng Changshun to resist in the bursts of wind and thunder.
The light and shallow water are clear, the long hair is flowing freely, and the whole body is bathed in blood. It seems that for nine days, the devil’s strength has made every knife more heavy than a knife. The wind and thunder knife has become a joke. In the blood shadow, the waves are as turbulent as the waves, and the crazy attack has already stopped.
Heng Changshun never thought that a recruit pawn could beat his temper.
His heart is flustered and his fighting spirit is even more scattered.
On the same day, the lush and cold knife light curled freely with light and shadow all over the sky. When the fenglei knife was hit again and again, Heng Changshun couldn’t control the knife to surge. Juli combating Dao flew out of shallow water in a moment. qing dao drew a piercing arc in the middle and finally put it on his neck.
Looking at each other’s fierce eyes full of hatred, Heng Changshun’s heart trembled, and he couldn’t help but kneel down slowly in his heart.
This time he lost again and it was a head-on battle, and he lost so miserably that he even fought back.
"Kill him! Kill him! Kill him! " A group of soldiers are shouting, which is an angry roar shaking the sky.
One voice shouted, "Little Brother! Can’t kill! "
It’s blood bath.
Shallow water Qing slowly looked back at the blood-soaked blood-soaked word for word and said, "You should be beheaded by those who have catch-up in the White Army! Those who dare to kill officials are judged on right and wrong! If you want to kill Heng Changshun, you have to think about the consequences first! "
Shallow water is clear in front of Yun Ni’s sad look like a flower with rain.
In this life, I will be responsible for her after all?
I’m so sorry, Yun Ni, but I’m a man and I have to make a man choice after all.
Even if you have this chance in your life!
Shallow water clear face hazy out a crazy smile "kill then kill which have so many good concerns let’s iron man either die before the battle or die like a horse, always choose a happy way to die."
When he was soaked in blood, he hurriedly said, "You really can’t kill him, shallow brother. If you kill him, the South Governor will never let you go. If you let him go once and wait until we get back, everyone will report things together. If the South Governor decides to be afraid of him again, so will born to die. Even if the South Governor doesn’t kill him, we still have a chance to kill him. Are you eager for this moment?"
Shallow water Qing shook his head lightly. "Mu Wei, thank you for your kindness. It’s my constant habit to leave my destiny to others."
Heng Changshun was screaming in horror. "Shallow water is clear. Do you dare to kill me? Nearly a thousand people are watching! If you can’t run, you will die! "
Shallow water Qing smiled and pulled out the tiger tooth from Qi Tianyou’s body.
"I know," he said slowly, turning the tiger’s teeth with his left hand. "I know I shouldn’t kill you. I know that if I kill you, I’m sorry that Brother Qi died. I’m sorry that the people who are still alive are still infatuated with me. But if I don’t kill you, I’m afraid I’ll have trouble eating and drinking. If I don’t kill you, I’ll fight again. Although soldiers are walking dead, I live with courage and strength. I shouldn’t kill you, but I have to kill you. Some things in this world are unreasonable
He leaned close to Heng Changshun’s ear and whispered, "I’ll tell you a secret before I kill you. Yun Ni is my woman."
Heng Changshun’s face was terrible, and he felt a pain in his chest, and his teeth had broken through.
He grabbed the shallow water with both hands and the armor was soaked with blood.
Then he lay down hard.
Before he died, he stared at the sky with wide eyes as if he had something to say but couldn’t say it.
When I went back, Lu Fanghu said softly, "I have greeted all my brothers. When Heng Chang died, he said that he was killed by the enemy when he took the lead."
Shallow water Qing lightly replied, "I’m afraid there are too many people to hide from."
Fang Hu’s face shows a little cruel. "Don’t blame the veteran for being unkind if anyone dares to say it."
After thinking about the sky for a long time, I finally said nothing but sighed.


I quickly raised my feet and saw that my feet were trampled down. The white flowers slowly bounced back and three shallow words floated into my field of vision.

Cordyceps flower
I don’t know the name of this white flower, but it’s not the same name as this Cordyceps sinensis.
After changing the sickle, I slowly squatted down to pick this insect flower. As soon as I started, I felt a sharp pain.
It shows that you are being attacked by flowers and insects.
When I saw that Qi and blood were an attack, I lost nearly 6 points of damage. I quickly stopped moving my hand and quickly changed my dagger, so I launched a counterattack.
Brush two attacks, hit in the virtual, but didn’t hit anything, and then take a closer look, it turned out to be nothing but flowers and plants.
Lying in the trough? I wonder in my heart, but I really didn’t see anything. It’s because I was attacked but I couldn’t find anyone. It’s not people, it’s things.
Gently push your feet to cover the grass in front of you. When you look closely, you can see that there are some small holes in the lawn. The edges of the holes are piled up with fine sand like cofferdams.
Something should have come out of the ground to get out of the hole, thinking and dialing the other side, but I didn’t find anything.
Alas, I really don’t have much patience. I can’t bear it if I don’t find out what it is. I just don’t care if I change guys and squat down and pick it.
Do you still keep an eye on it? I also pay attention to the situation around me. Just when I was cutting, I saw a big bug drilling out of the grass under my feet.
Big? Maybe, although it’s a little thin, it sticks out a section of the body, which is hidden in the grass but I don’t know how long it is
Immediately, I jumped back and changed my dagger. When the worm stretched out and prepared to attack, my dagger had been waved.
Decapitate! This blow has already cut off the worm’s head and hung it up.
Vulnerable, thinking and then taking a look at the combat information.
You have caused fatal damage to the worm and gained experience by winning the battle.
Holy shit, it’s experience. Isn’t that a thankless thing? Can this place be upgraded or not? I got up and looked at the beautiful scenery.
Calm, unusually calm
However, in this calm but hidden threat, it seems that I have to dig up the sand worm before each mining. It is too bad to get bitten every time. It is better to kill it first.
Crouching down a knife, an insect flower was picked and held in your hand to hear the unified sound.
It shows that the collection of Chinese caterpillar fungus flowers failed.
Well, it seems that this thing is not cutting, but digging.
Go ahead and squat down in front of an insect flower. Pull the lawn with a dagger and watch the grass-roots pores turn in one direction. Push your arm forward and stab the dagger into the land.
A little scream from the ground should be the worm. That’s right. After the attack, I moved back a little distance next to my body and held the dagger in my hand, waiting for the worm to come out and behead it.
One stroke of death is still to cut off the worm’s head, and it will be soft and can’t get up anymore. I change my dagger and look at my sickle.
Do I have to dig with this thing? Why is there no shovel to buy?
Reluctantly, there’s nothing I can do. I waved a sickle and went into the land. At that moment, there was a strange sound. What was it? I doubt that I pulled out the sickle and came again.
After several efforts, I let the guy in my hand open his hands and took it out.
"Eh ~" hand feels disgusting like grabbing a handful of shit … Although I don’t know what it feels like to catch shit, I feel really disgusting now.
Holding back my heart, I hated manual work and took it out without stopping. I took a look at it in my hand. "What the hell is this!"
Seeing that things in my hands are creeping slowly, covered with soil, and slowly falling off, I soon revealed a light brown body without a trace of soil stains.
The body is oval, like a silkworm chrysalis, but it is bigger. The body is soft and mud-like, so it has that kind of touch. There is a small green plant on the back, and the white flower is at the top of the plant.
This is the worm, the grass and the flower. After reading the news, I have confirmed that this thing in my hand is the worm flower.
The insect flower plant *1 was obtained by unified display.
The third-grade herb of Cordyceps sinensis can be used to make the third-grade medicine Cordyceps sinensis.
After decomposition, 15 different quantities of cordyceps flowers can be obtained. In the grocery store Dushan, herbal decomposition can be carried out to obtain random materials.
I was looking at the properties of this insect flower plant, and suddenly I felt a pain in my hand, and my blood was already lost.
Was attacked ~!
Chapter one hundred and thirty-four Twilight fit
I immediately shook my hand, but I forgot that the insect flower plant was still in my hand. This shake shook the ground.
I saw the insect at the edge of the flower stem with its mouth open, revealing a row of sharp teeth with a trace of blood.


"Xiyue likes Niang’s clothes once, but she didn’t want to wear it once, but she didn’t wear it once when she turned into a dragon …"

"Ah …"
Zhao-yang Xia was talking when he was taken into his arms by his senior brother and could not help but exclaim.
Aly also got a fright and noticed that something was wrong. He went to the other side of the smoke cloud and took a curious look, then wrapped himself in a roll of long tail feathers.
"Brother Ziyan, the teacher elder sister said …" Xia Chaoyang buried his brother in his arms and muttered.
"That’s not chess …" Speaking of Baiyun Tower, I raised my hand to put away all the chess pieces in the case.
"Brother … the teacher elder sister said it wasn’t chess …" Zhao-yang Xia saw that some of the brothers were playing tricks and couldn’t help but shout, lift up their little faces and murmured.
There was no sound in the middle of the speech.
A moment later, Baiyun Tower let go of the pool sister and said softly, "Xiaoxiyue is not a flaw in the brother’s mind, but a brother’s mind of practice."
"Ziyan thought is right, but now brother has changed a way of practicing, so he can no longer concentrate on it. You can also try one when you practice."
"Ah, what is multitasking? I haven’t tried it yet …" Zhao-yang Xia asked doubtfully.
"Don’t try if you haven’t tried it. Wait until you are distracted. It seems that your sister’s cultivation has been done."
Zhao-yang xia muttered some shout "real also want to daydream but floret spirit watch closely …"
"In order to reassure senior martial sister, it’s time to practice haha ….." Some of the Baiyun Tower are proud to cross their legs and do a good job, and some are flying.
A moment later, I thought that the Baiyun Tower turned to Aly, who was curled up in a ball, and said, "Do you want Aly to go together to absorb the fire?"
"Don’t go or not, I’ve swallowed enough in the past two days." Aly read aloud without moving.
"Brother, go, school sister, watch this cloud." Seeing Brother Xia Chaoyang’s immortal light spread out and covered Brother Zhou.
The Baiyun Tower smiled and nodded, and the massive amount of weather was poured in first, and then the body of the Yang God was lost, and the exquisite tower was wrapped up, and then the pure Yang sword was turned into the sky and went straight.
Now, Xia Chaoyang’s eye-catching has become a great success. Looking at the line of fire that runs straight into the sky, there is a surge of emotion surge at the moment. The big brother is getting stronger and stronger, and he should follow the footsteps of the big brother himself.
On second thought, self-cultivation has broken through to the realm of then, and the Yuan God has also turned into a Yang God. I can’t help mumbling, "I, the senior martial sister of the new academy, seem to have repaired the enemy."
"Ouch ….." After saying this, Chao-yang Xia was flashed out and Xiao Hualing recorded a Da Lian hitting his forehead, but it seemed that there was no strength.
"Young master, it’s really necessary for you to repair the enemy. Although Ziyan’s sister and master elder brother haven’t broken through the boundary, they are much better than you." When it comes to spiritual practice, Xiaohua Ling still can’t help but learn a lesson
Zhao-yang Xia saw that Xiaohua Ling was teaching himself through this conversation. He must have just made out with the master elder brother and was inspired by Xiaohua. He was still sulking.
"Well, Sister Xiaohua Ling knows that when the master elder brother comes back, he will start practicing immediately." He said, pulling up Xiaohua Ling’s palm and coaxing him up.
"Um … Sister Chaoyang, when it’s really strong, Xiaohua Ling will no longer urge you to practice and play with you." Xia Chaoyang immediately lost his temper with a little coax.
Today’s experience has changed Xiaohua Ling’s attitude towards the young master a lot. Otherwise, she would have jumped out when she was making out.
"Big Brother, the weather is very good for you to practice first. Can it be cheaper for the little red bird?" After a brief induction, I woke up the little master.
Chapter four hundred and forty-two Lingqi jade bracelet
Yunxiao Baiyun Tower shows its figure, and the exquisite tower slowly absorbs the trace from the fire.
Today, in the small and medium-sized world of the tower, I met the Baiyun Tower from the fire and probably knew the operation way of the exquisite small tower.
Although Taling Linglong didn’t say much, he secretly gave himself the small tower platform method.
With this small tower, you need to take a trip to the sky every few days to take the trail from the fire.
However, I have learned the lesson of sapphire. Although there is a small Tana away from the fire, Baiyun Tower still plans to come to refine my soul every once in a while, at least to see how much progress I have made.
Stay small tower suck enough away from the fire Baiyun Tower put away the small tower and re-concentrate on a pure Yang sword gang and rushed at the ugly sea away from the fire trail.
As soon as Fang rushed into the road and left the fire trail, he got entangled. Now the Baiyun Tower was once again strengthened by the immortal spirit, and many incarnations of Jian Gang were able to carry it for a while.
After about forty or fifty miles, I still haven’t escaped from the fire range, and the more I get to the fire track, the stronger I get.
Sensing the limit, Baiyun Tower immediately returned to dun without hesitation.
Soon I went back to the outside of the fire, and I was absorbed in the cultivation for a while. I saw that the Yang God was reduced by twenty percent, but it was more solid.
The Baiyun Tower was very satisfied with this harvest, and it took more than ten minutes to escape into the body with the idea of falling from the sky.
Everything is as usual in the jade cloud. Xia Shimei has been sitting on the sidelines and posing for the posture of preparing for cultivation. It seems that she is waiting for her to come back to the world.
Baiyunlou opened his eyes and said to the younger sister in a moment, "Brother is back."
"Okay, brother and sister should also practice …"
"Chaoyang and other senior brothers start practicing before you practice in concentration." Baiyun Building smiled slightly.
Upon hearing this, Zhao-yang Xia was one leng, but when he saw the elder brother’s instantaneous concentration and concentration, the breath fluctuation bursts obviously entered the deep cultivation and immediately understood the elder brother’s meaning.
Senior brother is reassuring himself that common thoughts are common thoughts and practice is practice. It seems that this is the state of mind of senior brother when he reaches the sword.