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This seems unlikely. What if it’s a sister?

But it’s ridiculous to pay one surname and one surname if it’s a sister, isn’t it
Just as Fang Jingshuo was struggling with what two people were, Marshal came back with Jiang Mio and took a seat. Both of them didn’t speak, but looked at each other.
Fang Jingxing didn’t say anything about this. At the same time, the opposite Liu Chengan also accepted another menu handed over by the staff.
Is a menu Liu Chengan then take a smoke lip Angle.
The food in here …
It’s too expensive!
This is blackmail. Okay!
Xiuyuezhai just started business last year. They have always heard that the food here is more expensive than black, and everything is just heard. Poor student dogs have never had a chance to come over.
Today, I finally got the chance to come over, but look at the price. Liu Chengan suddenly understood what it meant when Jiang Mio and Marshal came back and pretended not to talk.
It is estimated that the fresh food area is even more expensive!
The three friends quietly looked at Fang Jingshuo. After seeing that he was not abnormal, he wanted to say that he was not here to eat, and he swallowed back again.
Since Fang Jingshuo didn’t say anything, they went on.
Fang Jingshuo was still awake after simply ordering a few dishes. Liu Chengan and his friends ordered a few dishes.
Jiang Mio also specially took a look at the elegant dessert, but it was okay to look at it. Suddenly, my heart was blocked …
So you can’t even slap a piece of dessert before dinner. Why do you want 6 yuan?
Black shops don’t even take this, do they?
And watching elegant food is particularly chic?
Jiang Mio suddenly felt that this elegance could really be a complicated identity.
However, Jiang Bin remembered very clearly that when Lu Cheng ‘an Curve helped Song Junliang chase Moni, they begged Fang Jingshuo to hack the school materials.
There’s Moni in it, and there’s elegance in it.
Jiang Bin’s elegant information seems to say that Qingcheng natives’ parents are ordinary class workers, but Ya has come to this place for dinner?
Either there is something wrong with the school materials or there is something wrong with this elegant!
By the way, this girl won’t be contracted by the owner of this store, will she?
I think this possibility is not without Jiang Mio, who has quietly looked at Ya a few times.
"Miss, your soup before dinner" was just thinking in Jiang Mio, and when the staff had already taken some menus, a very beautiful woman’s voice sounded in the ears of the friends.
☆, Chapter 1 Difficult to destroy
"Thank you" smiled at the staff and handed them the dessert plate they had finished before dinner and thanked them politely.
In fact, Ya also admires these people. Once she comes here, they can remember that they can accurately call themselves "Miss", which is simply impossible for Ya!
The staff politely helped Ya to withdraw the tableware and then politely returned it.
Jiang Bin, who has a burning mind, remembers that he just glanced at the bowl of soup before dinner, which seemed to be between 11 and 13.
In fact, it’s not even a bowl, it’s just a small cup!
I feel that a place like Xiuyuezhai is really not their poor student dog. Jiang Mio looked up at Xiuyuezhai’s extremely luxurious ceiling and said nothing.
Ya Tang just drank a few mouthfuls of rice before dinner and came over.
Elegant is actually very simple: a dessert, a cup of soup and a set of rice.
But it’s simple to order. Together, this set costs almost 6 yuan.
For poor student dogs, it is enough for them to live for only a few 6 yuan a month and eat it like this …
Because of this, they are more curious about whether there is something behind Ya, and they are not too white. Or has she been submerged by the boss of Xiuyuezhai?
Thinking of the last point, a thin layer of sweat oozed from the back of the friends …
If that’s the case, that’s …
The friends who hold the grass don’t know how to shape it.
Elegant eating speed can be less, but it has been solved before they finish eating, and the most important thing is …
Jagan didn’t mean to pay, and the staff didn’t come over and said it was a statement, so he led him to the front desk to check out.
This makes the friends more suspicious that Ya is really being submerged …
Just as Ya got up and said goodbye to her friends and was about to leave, she suddenly heard a nice girl ringing in their ears, "Xiaoya?"
According to the sound, the speaker’s age should not be too big. It looks like 27, and the sample is bigger than them.
Jiang Mio, they don’t know this woman in front of them, but Fang Jingshuo is slightly impressed because he investigated this information before.
Fu Yao!
Boss Xiuyuezhai!
Although I don’t know why Xiuyuezhai has such a young boss, it’s not impossible for a second generation to come out and play with money in various second-generation families.
Looking at Fu Yao is very familiar with Yaxian. Isn’t Yazhen really submerged and submerged by a woman?
Four friends are quietly filling their brains.
When "Sister Fu" saw Fu Yao, Ya was still stunned. Before Fu Yao said that he was on a business trip in R country, he said that he would not come back for a while.
Of course, this is not the most important thing. The most important thing is that Astra really believes it!
If I had known there was not a word of truth in this cargo, Ya felt that she really didn’t want it, and she still dared to believe it.
"Good baby" saw Ya show two little tiger teeth and laughed all kinds of sweetly. Fu Yao’s heart swayed with it. After that, she hugged Ya, kissed him and hugged him. From the outside …