Flowers filled the floor and nodded gently. "He told me that I could solve the case in five days."

Si Nian said, "Do you believe it?"
Flowers filled the floor and shook his head slightly "don’t believe"
Si Nian said, "What?"
Flowers filled the floor and slowly got up and walked to the door. "He said that five days is actually enough for three days …"
Si Nianjian didn’t look at the side and still closed his eyes and taught himself romantic feelings. He gently said, "I hope to wait until the day when you can kill me before pulling out my sword." Then Si Nianjian followed the footsteps of flowers …
Feng Yue slowly opened his eyes and looked at the cold light that had disappeared outside the door. He got up and walked to the door when he just stepped out of the threshold. "Bang!" His chair suddenly broke …
As soon as Si Nian and Hua Manlou came out of Wangfu, they went to the snake king, a friend of Lu Xiaofeng and the boss of the dark forces in this place.
Suddenly, a girl with two long braids of black oil and white teeth and a bright smile in her hand was "watched" by Si Nian, who was wearing a pair of red uppers and embroidered with an owl …
When the two men followed the girl in red at a fork in the road, Si Nian continued to follow the girl in red and walked to a deep alley, which was the snake king’s lair.
The girl in red seems to be very carefree, skipping all the way to see a pair of eyes staring at the vendors selling decorative toys on both sides, very curious, playing left and right.
Si Nian kept a distance behind her indifferently.
The girl walked out of the city with a little coolness in the spring breeze. This is the fine weather on the road. Since the girl in red didn’t take a bus or ride a horse, she walked leisurely in front and seemed to be in no hurry. She just held her breath and stared at her slowly behind. Fortunately, at this time, there were no other pedestrians on the road, so the girl in red walked in tandem. Sometimes she sang a big play and walked for half an hour or so. She actually turned into the city from another gate, walked into a restaurant twice in the city, and walked out from the back door and suddenly turned into a lane.
He actually seemed to go back to his home without knocking at the door, and he was also familiar with the path in the garden. He turned three times and two times through the flower forest and walked across a small bridge to a small building facing the lotus pond. Only then did he find that it was already after dusk.
After dusk, the sun has set in a thin building with bright lights, and the girl laughs away like a silver bell. She can’t help sighing that this woman’s flying skill is so high, but it’s even worse than him. This is not his confidence in walking through the snow and staying fragrant, but his confidence in his flying skill.
Si Nian stepped on the Phantom of the Opera and turned to a rockery. From his direction, he just saw everything in the hall over there.
As soon as the girl in red stopped at the hall, she nodded to a beggar and then said to a woman in purple, "Ernian, you’re early."
The purple woman sighed, "It’s always hard for older people to suffer, and they always have to wait for the little girl."
The girl in red smiled like a bell. "When have you ever eaten others’ losses? Thank goodness that you don’t take advantage of others. "
The woman in purple looked at her and sighed, "I really don’t know what’s so funny about you. Why do you always laugh all the time?"
The sloppy beggar said leisurely, "Because she thinks it looks good to laugh, and there are two beautiful dimples. If you don’t laugh, others won’t see it?"
The girl in red glared at him, but she smiled again and kept laughing when she smiled …
Chapter sixty-three Another man
She was still giggling and added, "I bet you who came last this time?"
Er Niang said, "Of course it’s Lao San. It takes her half an hour to wash her face. Even if the fire burns her eyebrows, she won’t be in a hurry!"
The girl in red clapped her hands and laughed. "Yes, it must be her again this time."
Suddenly, someone on the stairs said, "Wrong, it must not be her this time."
Speaking softly and slowly, a person came slowly from the building. Although she is walking slowly now, Si Nian didn’t see how she got into the building.
The girl in red seemed surprised when she saw her, but immediately she laughed again. "I didn’t expect a miracle this time, and Sanniang wasn’t late!"
San Niang not only speaks softly, but also smiles more gently. She walks slowly and sits slowly, and slowly puts a yellow cloth bag in her hand on the table before she gently sighs, "I’m not late this time, but also earlier than all of you."
The girl in red asked, "Really?"
Sanniang said, "I came last night and slept in the building, hoping to be the first to wait for you and surprise you!" "
The girl in red asked, "Then why did you wait until now?"
Sanniang sighed, "Because I have a lot of things to do!"
The girl in red asked, "What is it?"
Sanniang said, "I have to comb my hair, wash my face, dress and wear shoes."
Si nian’s indifferent expression can’t help but burst into weirdness. I didn’t expect such a woman to exist.
Then came three women, all with elegant flying skills, with a yellow baggage in their hands.
The girl in red saw that all seven people had arrived at the sidewalk. "Let’s eat for her?"
The sloppy beggar said, "Wait a minute!"
The girl in red asked, "Who are you waiting for?"