In the first round of confrontation, the two men were neck and neck, and no one could help but win.

"ShenJi-make track for soul! !” In the second round of the contest, Shen Chi still took the lead and made the first move. This time, it was simplified, and there was only an arrow like lightning. However, the movement of this lightning arrow was erratic, twitching from left to right, up and down, and it followed a tricky trajectory without any rules to follow towards Shen Yue.
With a deep understanding of archers, Shen Yue can see at a glance that the second strike of Shenchi’s magical skill is an attack with tracking nature. What is special, as this attack shows, the trajectory in the pursuit process is unpredictable and unpredictable, which means that it can’t be intercepted unless …!
"Flying to the ground!" Shen Yue started the attached skills of the flying wing of God, and suddenly disappeared. In a flash, he suddenly flashed near the attack of "chasing the soul" by God, and he had already posed as an attack. At the same time, it was also the beginning of the attack.
"Blast arrows! !”
"boom! !” Shen Yue’s timing was too precise, and the timing of his hand was even more wonderful. As soon as the attack was issued, it collided with the magical "soul-chasing" needle tip like a wheat awn, and the skill effect was immediately detonated. This process was equivalent to being completed at a point in time, without any time gap for buffering, and it was awkward to let the magical "soul-chasing" flight path change again. At a point in time, it was also.
The attacks on both sides detonated and the energy was vented. Shen Yue, who was in the center of the explosion, was the first to be impacted and was directly blown out.
Fortunately, however, most of the effect of this explosion was caused by her own "Blasting Arrow" skill effect, and under the protection of the defensive attributes of her advanced artifact suit, she did not suffer much damage, only losing less than 5,000 points of blood.
Shen Chi didn’t expect Shen Yue to be able to break her magical second strike in such a way. It was simply magical and changed places. If she faced her own "soul-chasing" blow, she would never be able to do it.
It’s just a blow. In fact, the level of the two people is high, and there is already a result.
However, Shen Chi can’t accept such a result. She can’t accept that there will be archery on her in Huaxia area.
Before, however, she let go of her rhetoric, saying that the archers in Huaxia area were gluttonous, but it turned out that what she said was wrong, which was tantamount to slapping herself in the face.
"This is luck! Take the final third strike again! !” God’s expression became ferocious, gnashing his teeth, and Shen Yue, who was once again aiming at the flying back, bowed his bow in his hand. "God’s skill-God’s death! ! !”
God hit a hard arrow, but didn’t see the energy arrows, as if she just Xu Huang, frighten Shen Yue.
However, Shen Yue, who is retreating, doesn’t think so. Although she became a god soon, her research on magical skills is more thorough than that of Jiuzhong, the first player who became a god in Era. She found that no matter what professional player, after becoming a god, the three magical skills she learned have the effect of breaking the void.
For example, the nine-fold crushing blow, Ye Yu’s killing god, the dragon and the stars breaking, Dreadwind’s lone star in the dark night, the Yang God in the phoenix dance, etc., are all the same.
So, seeing God blazing an arrow that disappeared, Shen Yue instantly realized that this was caused by the effect of breaking the void, and judging from the effect of it, it was obviously to hide the attack and transcend the distance to achieve …!
Mind DianZhuan, at the moment when ShenChi just issued the third strike of Shenji, Shen Yue made a response, strung a string and bow to the vanity in front of him, ready to attack.
As Shen Yue just assumed the attack posture, he saw a circle of ripples in front of the vanity, and a stunning arrow rushed out of the air, and came to her from a very close range, almost without giving her any response time.
But Shen Yue ready, you don’t need any response time, just need an instantaneous conditioned reflex, let go of the arrow, "the whole day spiral arrow! !”
It’s not an earth-shattering trick, it’s just a stroke of fancy archery, and the arrow over the sky rolls up a spiral storm with a spiral trend.
The spiral arrow of Zhutian meets the blazing "Death of God" arrow, and with a bang, the spiral arrow collapses, and the arrow of Zhutian is bounced out, while "Death of God" drives straight ahead and continues to kill Shen Yue.
However, due to the obstruction of the spiral arrow in Zhutian, the angle of attack deviated from a certain angle. Originally, it was facing the center line of Shen Yue’s throat and neck. However, after touching the spiral arrow in Zhutian, it wiped the side of Shen Yue’s neck and crossed a blood trail, which was only a little bit of a flesh wound, and it was gone.
"Nine arrows Qi Fei-Kowloon break the sun! !” Avoid the moment when the God’s "Death of God" strikes, and before the God’s reaction, attack quickly. Nine golden dragons burst out of the eyes and cut through the sky, killing them in front of the God.
At this time, Shen Chi’s attention was still on her arrow of "Death of God", but she didn’t react. As a result, she was directly hit by "Breaking the Sun in Kowloon", and Yao Qiao’s body was suddenly pierced through nine holes.
"You … you this is not magic! !” After being hit, God finally reacted, looking at Shen Yue not far from the opposite side and saying.
Shen Yue only said faintly, "You don’t have this qualification!"
“……!” God died on the spot.
Players in Dongcheng District and South Korea witnessed Shen Yue’s killing their God-blazing leader without using his magic skills. His heart was hit hard and his morale fell instantly.
Next, the players of the Holy Alliance will blow the players in South Korea out of the misty city and recover their lost land without any effort.
The misty south city.
Chapter four hundred and thirty Three strokes
"Sword shock all directions! !” Jian Kui waved the big sword in his hand, forming a tornado-like blade storm, which swept away all around in the holy alliance player array.
After these days’ wars in Huaxia, Jian Kui has been upgraded rapidly, and now he has advanced God-level combat power.
In the face of the offensive of god-class players, ordinary players are no different from paper. Even though there are many players in the Holy League, it is difficult to resist Jian Kui’s offensive. Wherever the blade storm passes, all players are spared, and they are all dismembered and killed.
"Ho Ha Ha, I finally caught one!" At this moment, suddenly a figure flew out from the crowd scattered by the Holy Alliance, and rushed up against the sword storm sweeping across the street. "Wow! !”
In the whistling sound, a bloody knife chopped down, directly cutting the swept blade storm and splitting it in two.
After the storm of tearing the blade, the bloody knife was still alive, and the castration did not change. Following the direction of the blade storm, it went straight to Jian Kui not far away.
"well! ?” I felt a strong strong breeze breaking, and Jian Kui, who was raging, moved in his heart. He quickly turned around and saw a bloody knife gas tearing at himself.
"Finally to a severe point? ! This knife is still worth seeing! " Jian Kui’s giant sword danced in a tit-for-tat manner, and against the rushing bloody knife gas, a firm but gentle wave was hewn out. Suddenly, it collided with the bloody knife gas, and there was a loud bang, smoke and dust, and stones splashed.
When the smoke cleared away, Jian Kui paid attention to it and saw a man standing not far from the other side with his head held high, with a blood-red combat knife in his hand. The whole body was filled with a faint black gas, giving off a strong smell of death, like a shura from hell.
"Who are you? !” Jian kui asked.
"This is what I want to ask you! Who are you? !” Li Tang looked at Jian Kui and asked.
Li Tang and Xuan Night respectively lead the two most elite forces of Jiuzhong, Dragon Magic Team and Mad Magic Team. In order to rapidly improve the fighting capacity of the team, they usually spend all their time with their own players in killing monsters and killing people, which is regarded as "deaf ears and blind eyes, but only read sage books", and they have little understanding of the outside world.
Even if the national war broke out and the forces of the five districts invaded, they remained the same. Even the most basic, who was the leader of the five districts and what they looked like were completely unaware.
Therefore, when you meet Jian Kui, the leader of the Philippines, you will see that the mountain is not a mountain, and you have to ask questions.
"Ah … you don’t know who I am? !” Jian Kui listened to this, feeling very funny. I really don’t know if this guy is really stupid or fake. It’s ridiculous that he doesn’t even know Jian Kui, the leader of the famous Philippine region. "I don’t even know who I am, so you will be a character! You stand firm for me and tell you that I am Jian Kui, the general leader of the invasion of China and the Philippines! "
"Jian Kui …!" Li Tang shook his head, "I don’t know! However, the general leader of the Philippines, I know this, that is the number one person in the Philippines! "
"Hum, what do you say? !” Jian kui disdain pie pie way.
"That’s all right!" Li Tang was not surprised at Jian Kui’s identity, but only felt that he had earned it. "It seems that my luck is not bad, and I didn’t fall to drink soup. Finally, I got a piece of meat to eat! Come on, your life today is mine! !”
"… talk big!" Jian kui smiled contemptuously, "this is right for me! Within three strokes …! " Sword chief than a OK gesture, "take your dog life! !”
"Wait for the dog to come!" Li Tang blunt jian chief hook hook way.
"kill!" Jian Kui suddenly and violently called out, and came up with a sword at Li Tang. He could feel that Li Tang was not simple, and it was not easy to take his life within three strokes, only …!
Into the attack range, Jian Kui launched a big move without hesitation, "Shenji-a bloodbath! !”
The sword in the hands of Jian Kui rolled up the scarlet qi, and brazenly attacked. In an instant, he waved hundreds of scarlet firm but gentle waves, just like a bloodthirsty fierce beast whose head was selected to bite, forming a lore array, vowing to bloodbath Li Tang and cut Li Tang in the year.
"Magic skills, so will I!" In the face of Jian Kui’s fierce offensive, Li Tang’s face doesn’t change color. The bloody combating Dao trade in his hand burns a crazy flame, and the magic dance becomes a flaming golden lotus. "Hell Blade-A Nose Hell # Lotus! !”
The golden lotus, which is a magical dance of blood-burning combat knives, is in full bloom against Jian Kui’s murderous sword.
"Boom-! !” Jian Kui’s bloody sword potential constantly collided with the bloody flame blade of Lotus in Li Tang A Bi Hell, causing Renju to explode.
In the explosion noise, both sides’ offensives are consumed in mutual cancellation. Finally, Jian Kui’s bloody sword potential is exhausted first, while Li Tang’s A-Nose Hell # Lotus leaves the last aftermath, the golden lotus blooms, the blade spreads, and it seems to attack Jian Kui slowly.
"Well …! ?” I didn’t expect the first round of duet between the two sides to end up with each other’s superior skills. This can’t help but make Jian Kui become angry from embarrassment, and the veins stood out in his arms holding a giant sword. "Magic skills-extremely broken! !”