It’s better to make it clear before this kind of thing.

"You Dan medicine into juryo silver one? I promise to sell it for thirty taels of silver a piece at a price of fifty-five cents or give you twenty taels to make money. How about a workshop? "
Luo Xiu wanted to think.
It is cost-effective to sell at a price of more than forty-two cents. On the contrary, twenty taels of silver choose to be cost-effective
But I don’t know whether I can sell twenty taels of Luo Xiu or not.
However, I believe in Yue Jie’s ability and promised, "Yue Jie, I have two hundred pills in my hand, and I’ll leave 50 of them for you."
Lu Yue smiled and nodded, showing that Luo Xiu chose to make her very satisfied.
"In addition, in recent days, all major forces in Liuyan City have to set up guilds to prepare. At this time, there will not be many people who will come after you. You can take the opportunity to increase your strength and make less trouble, you know?"
Luo Xiu hey hey smiled "Yue Jie don’t worry, I’m not a troublemaker."
With that, Luo Xiu found that all the people at the table looked at himself in a strange way.
"See what? I’m not a troublemaker. "
Luo Xiuhong face will continue to eat with his head down after this other sentence.
Mu Nianyi learned that Luo Xiu likes pie mouth at ordinary times and said, "I don’t know who the Flame Guild, the Badger Guild, and the Drunk Life are all after you, and even the idle players don’t want to let you go."
"Ahem … eat, eat, do it quietly, it’s delicious, eat more, eat more …" At this time, only interrupting can cover up your embarrassment.
After dinner, everyone chatted casually, but Luo Xiu was lost in thought.
At present, there is a surge of wind and clouds in Liuyan City, but the workshop has never said which club is behind it.
Will it happen that one day when the workshop returns to the club, it turns out to be the original enemy?
Thought of here Luo Xiu can’t help but want to ask, but I don’t know if I should ask.
Lu yue see Luo xiu an awkward appearance is have something to say.
"Don’t hesitate, big man, if you have anything to say, just say, I see that piece of meat in your mouth has been chewing for half an hour, knowing that you have something to say, but I don’t know if you are a cow ruminating."
Boss is fierce, boss is tough.
Luo Xiu coughed gently after swallowing the meat in his mouth.
"Yue elder sister, I think so. Behind our workshop is a club. The club is definitely going to establish a guild. Will we consciously have conflicts with the club people? What if it happens accidentally? "
After asking, Luo Xiuma added, "Sister Yue, have I inquired which club it means? I just want to know how to avoid misunderstanding again."
Lu Yue knew that Luo Xiu said that a misunderstanding was the time when he killed himself.
"Don’t worry, the club doesn’t know that the workshop is here. It can be said that we are directly under the direction of the club boss and …"
Speaking of this, Lu Yue’s eyes slightly showed a touch of anger. "In fact, it’s not like you imagine that everyone in the club is so good. You can do whatever you want. If you don’t care about Sister Yue, I will protect you!"
"Wow, so domineering!" Luo Xiu listened to Lu Yue’s last sentence and sighed.
What is a qualified boss? This is a qualified boss.
In this case, Luo Xiu feels that he can fly freely in the game and get into trouble freely.
Luo Xiu will help wash the dishes quietly after dinner.
Quietly know Luo Xiu they play games every day, but it’s actually quite hard.
So quietly let Luo Xiu have a good rest and do the dishes herself.
Luo Xiuxiu sat on the sofa and had a rest.
After all, it is not good for digestion or health to enter the game right after dinner.
But I just sat down and found that Lu Yue also sat down and sat next to her playing with her mobile phone.
Although Lu Yue didn’t look at Luo Xiu at all, I don’t know how Lu Yue sat beside him. I just felt a wave of waves coming to me, which made me feel a lot of pressure.
"Drink soup and drink a toilet first," said Luo Xiu, and he was ready to run by urinating.
But I’m embarrassed myself. I still have to go to the toilet to pretend to be a horse.
Pushing the toilet door, I just stepped in and was pushed and clicked behind me.
Luo Xiu was startled and didn’t react, so he noticed Lu Yue also followed up the toilet from the side mirror and looked at himself with a smile on his face behind him.
"Sister Yue, what are you doing?"
Half a head taller than Lu Yue, but at this moment Luo Xiu retreated to the corner of the toilet, staring at Lu Yue’s eyes that looked particularly friendly.
"Luo Xiu minor repairs to elder sister to discuss something with you"
"Don’t be an elegant butterfly!"