"If the post-war war is overwhelming to the eternal national war, the situation will be greatly unfavorable, but I have arranged for many things to be fought for two years at most, and even without me, the field of gods will be evenly matched."

Maybe others can’t hear the implication of the patter, but the patter has a heart in it. Qian Shan Muxue smells that a little "willing to die" is free and easy.
"His Jianghu is getting old!"
At this moment, Qian Shan Muxue looked at the man who once dominated the world and was in tears.
"He is not old in Jianghu!"
At this moment, the rainy night and the wind suddenly sounded the gentle and weeping sound of Qian Shan Sunset Snow.
"Can I fight three more wars?"
The first chapter God of War will not die before the wind blows!
The rain and wind at night are like lightning, and the body is shaking violently, and the heroism is gradually fading away, like a dead tree that flourishes into the sky every spring.
My face is like a lake, and I have tigers on my chest!
Those eyes that sparkle like pearls and dust will definitely look back at the sunset snow in Qian Shan.
"If you want to fight, I will fight!"
Who dares to say that these six short words were once exclusive to Genghis Khan’s overbearing declaration? Who dares to say that fighting with swords can’t turn fingers into soft feelings?
For Qian Shan Muxue, this is the warmest love story she has ever heard.
He will never say those sweet words, and his confession is always direct. This is the most touching thing for her, which makes her willing to pay this life.
She whispered to herself in the bottom of her heart that it was his "true self" to swallow the genius of the four tigers. How can he be old before he is old, so that thousands of people can look up and worship him?
Because of her words, he was furious. It was not that he despised his brother but valued his beauty. It was hard to say which was more important. It was the same as saving his mother’s wife when she fell into the river.
But she knew that when Tianfeng League’s millions of veteran cadres gathered in Gott, they were full of excitement and waited for his king to return, he had thought of raising the banner of Tianfeng to compete for the sky, but he was finally afraid of another four years.
Four years ago, it was not enough, but it was enough for him to ride side by side. She became a natural barrier between him and the Tianfeng League brothers. Only when she personally destroyed him can she kill the "demons"
Therefore, she "strives for war" because she doesn’t want to be a real beauty hero one day. Looking back at the past, she still has regrets about Tianfeng Alliance.
She knows that she is Qian Shan Muxue to restore her memory. These days, every time I think of his sufferings over the years, I always think of "it seems that the stars are not the night before."
Four years without knowing your lover’s life and death, without knowing your lover’s position and not seeing it, is this suffering great?
He often said that the Buddha said that after 30 years, all sentient beings, horses and cattle, and 60 years, all the buddhas and dragons could see the moon only when they watched the clouds. All the sufferings were not bitter, but they were a blessing.
This is a warm heart, but it also makes her feel more distressed.
She wants to tell him to let go and do whatever he wants. A man who is ashamed of pitching can’t give up his brother!
Fight! My man!
From now on, I will not be far away!
Smoothing ripples and rippling mood Qian Shan Muxue suddenly turned around and looked down at the mountain desert, sweeping the majestic city at the end of the line of sight as if the Queen of the Four Seas were overlooking the sky.
Oh, my God!
"The first battle against the enemy array razed King Kong City! I am strong and windy! "
"Sweep down King Kong City and make me strong!"
Twelve Riders of Tianfeng, Silent Spring, Silent Wind, Silent Wind and others responded highly. They looked at Wang Yang, who was holding the banner of Tianfeng in the hands of rain and wind at night.
"Sweep down King Kong City and make me strong!"
"Sweep down King Kong City and make me strong!"
The top of the mountain, the mountainside and the foot of the mountain roared from near to far, spreading one after another. All the brothers of Tianfeng League in the battlefield of Baili Desert were shouting tears and blood flying into pieces.
The god of war will not die before the day!
Maybe it’s not even clear that he is willing to really raise the banner of Tianfeng once again, and its weight is far heavier in the hearts of millions of Tianfeng League brothers who are honored by him than that he caused a big avalanche to bury five million enemy troops.
It’s like a charge horn blowing in everyone’s heart, and a fire is burning in the chest for four years, and there’s never been a moment like this when the fighting spirit is surging like lang!
"The glory of Tianfeng League!"
Can make the earth shake and shout like a stack of lang endless
The blood is boiling and the scalp is fried!
Hoping that the sea of people tactics gradually eroded the strength of Tianfeng Alliance, Indian players suddenly feared that they turned into beasts and bloodthirsty wolves in the face of the enemy.
Then they saw a huge beast burning all over the body, rising from the top of the mountain and flying to King Kong City. They saw that the mountainside was already ready to go, and the twelve cavalry rode like a flash flood; They saw the sky and the wind and the battle flag suddenly raised to cover the sun …
Then the blood fog blurred the line of sight and the knife light dazzled the eyes.
No matter how many sheep are dense, how can they compete with wolves? What they face is more terrible than wolves. The tiger suddenly wakes up and has a bird’s eye view of the sky.
Not long after, the elite experts were stretched by the fiasco of the snow and silver city, and the first line of defense of the army of King Kong City was quickly torn to pieces. Only a few hundred thousand elites were almost killed and wounded. Then the Tianfeng League circuitous and contracted the front line, and the cavalry troops came forward suddenly, relying on the barren hills and mountains to cling to the wings, and the whole army array gradually advanced to King Kong City for a month and a half.
At this time, the defenders of King Kong City for many days, South Korea and Indonesia have the same thoughts. I don’t know how many Indian players have resentment against their leader Fa Tianxin. If it weren’t for this, India’s largest god has always been brave and ruined their country’s elite in Snow Silver City. A huge King Kong City ended up being cornered by just over one million enemy troops.
Personal skills, no matter how little it can do in large-scale battles with hundreds of thousands of people and millions of people, have made it impossible for the two sides to smooth out the strength gap, and the most direct consequence of this strength gap is that the situation of the offensive and defensive stalemate between the two armies has been completely broken after the top elites have been killed, and then it has evolved into one-sided slaughter.
They can watch in vain that this team, which is less than a quarter of them, is like a huge ancient behemoth devouring their players step by step and rushing to King Kong City in an orderly way.
The murderous look, the flame, the smoke, the fighting spirit, the roar of the tsunami, and the majestic momentum like a giant mountain … All this is eating away at the Indian players’ resistance will bit by bit.
In many cases, it is a desperate battle or a rescue. The gap between the strength and fighting spirit of the two sides is not so big that it is insurmountable. It is even more difficult to take a group of third-rate soldiers to fight against the first-class elite or a group of glory in the past and not afraid to fight to the death. It is even more difficult to make a counterattack miracle than to ascend to heaven.
If we can give up the periphery of King Kong City and extend the battlefield to a depth of one or two hundred miles, with the strong number advantage, we may die. After all, compared with the eternal war god of war, it is impossible to set a master to regenerate fiercely if you don’t eat in the middle. Once the hunger reaches the critical point, the combat effectiveness will be greatly reduced.
Unfortunately, war is war, and war is never there, even if it is a virtual world war.
War is like a master who loses the game with one careless move.
At this time, the night rain and wind have driven the fire unicorn to fly to the remote sniper position not far from the outer wall of King Kong. There are hundreds of trebuchets here.
There he is!
All the trebuchet operators were pale and frightened. They looked at the man who was standing on the fire unicorn.
Once he was an unbeaten god of war; Once he was a barrier to China; Once he made a miracle city in China District; At one time, his banner was inserted almost all over Asia; Once he was the nightmare of the whole virtual world …
Here he comes, as he said, stepping on the fire unicorn and riding against the wind
The night rain flows like a wind god!
Chapter DiYiJiu How a arrogance?
There is a bonfire thousands of miles away, and rivers of blood can float away.