Liang Ping was puzzled and asked, "You haven’t told me what’s going on with this black-and-white ancient mirror and what do you want to tell me?"

My heart finally turned to him. His face was still cold and proud, but his tone was flat. He said, "Liang Ping, I tell you this in the hope that you can gather in the dragon print fragments and slay the bones one day."
Liang Ping was shocked and looked at his heart. He asked, "Are you sure you are awake now? I clearly remember that you were Luo Shengmeng’s left commander, and you personally killed all the people in the nine deep and remote dynasties for Luo Shengmeng."
"No" denied that "the hand I compared with the League dynasty was not because Luo Shengmeng wanted to get back justice in Guqiu"
"Well," Liang Ping responded faintly and felt that his heart was extremely abnormal today.
Seeing that Liang Ping didn’t have any more questions, he frowned slightly and asked, "Don’t you have more questions to ask me?"
Liang Ping consciously protected the ink defects behind him and whispered, "You watch the situation carefully over there and I’ll solve it here." Speaking, he threw the black and white ancient mirror into his personal backpack and still didn’t answer his heart.
The heart is to continue to say, "It seems that you don’t believe me, right?"
Liang Pingwen said with a smile, "I never talk so much about my heart. I have some doubts about whether you are sincere."
Heart light a smile "such as real"
"but I didn’t see your sword."
Liang Ping said so that he decided to use force to test his heart secretly, and pushed the ink defect back 2 meters away. He also kept his heart at a certain distance, and induced the attribute dish in his mind to lock the heart and suddenly released the extremely Ivylinna Lee martial arts.
Sudden changes in the sky
Liang Ping manipulated the celestial polar ice with one hand losing to the pure ice attribute behind him.
The outer polar ice condenses into a Wan Jian bearing clip and shoots at the center.
The heart still stands in place.
The high wind blew his heart flowing and long hair straight, but his face smiled slightly.
Abruptly pulled out Leng Yue’s long sword and remained motionless, where it slowed down rapidly to form a sword curtain.
"shua shua shua"
Leng Yue successfully blocked Ivylinna Lee and killed Wan Jian.
With the last sword curtain falling into the heart, Leng Yue’s cold blade suddenly flashed easily on Liang Ping’s neck.
When I saw this, Liang Ping said with a smile, "Is it really a heart?"
"If it’s true," the heart has recovered Leng Yue’s long sword
Two people left the last three steps away from each other, and four eyes were relative to each other, guessing each other’s thoughts.
Liang Ping took the lead in asking, "You are the Lord of Fengcheng, and your lover is Guqiu, so why do you help people like Bones?"
"Because of interest" heart frankly and simply replied.
"What exactly is the benefit that can turn you into a killing machine, a cold-blooded killer?" Liang Ping asked coldly.
Without hesitation, the heart replied, "I must attach myself to the forces of white bones after the death of Maple City, but I know that our killing tools will die sooner or later. I must leave a way out for myself. I hope you can prepare enough strength to kill white bones for me one day."
"Ha ha is" Liang Ping’s heart has no previous letter.
The heart also found this point, that is, to take a step back. "Do you know why I want to gamble on the sword field?"
Liang Ping shook his head and said, "I don’t know"
"I went to the sword field to gamble with someone" heart way
"That’s the woman named Shao Ji?" Liang Pingdao
"No" heart denies that "Shao Ji is an ordinary prostitute and a woman, and the Lord of Maple will be tempted by a prostitute and a woman"
"So what on earth did you do?" Liang Ping asked.
"Because I want to know the elder’s mind."
"You say it’s LanJie" Liang Ping asked.
"That’s right. I want to know if Lanjie really wants to marry Bones."
"What about the result?" Liang Ping continued.
"As a result, you already know that Langerhans didn’t really want to help Bones. They just benefited each other."
"I still don’t understand what you want to tell me. This is to kill the bones with my ability, and then you come to reap the benefits?" Liang Ping smiled coldly and was about to refuse.
But I was interrupted by my heart and said, "No, you are wrong."
"I was wrong," Liang Ping laughed scornfully. "Aren’t people like you the kind of people who want to stop at nothing?"
Heart smell speech face with a hint of pain, "no, you are really wrong. Everyone is different. In environmental places, you should believe that good people and bad people are combined, and good and evil are usually just a thought. Bones don’t know me at all, and you will know me."
"I know you," Liang Ping put his hands around his chest and sneered. "Don’t you think it’s funny when you say this?"
"Ridiculous?" said the heart seriously. "Liang Ping, you should trust your intuition about who you and I were from the first time you saw me."
Liang Pingwen heard a burst of memories. At that time, he believed that Xin was a proud swordsman and a simple swordsman who knew how to love himself and his sword like a fool. However, when he thinks about it now, he feels funny that Xin lied to Liang Ping in nine secluded places and personally killed tens of thousands of people in the Bimeng dynasty. That’s not the virtual characters in the system. They are all real people.
Liang Ping has promised to help Wu Dao Lang and Huangfuyanbin to avenge themselves. It seems unlikely that they will behead their own eyes.
Heart see Liang Ping a face of complex half ring all have no mouth is light said, "I know what you’re thinking, I sensed hatred from your body, you are in the life and death casino, I also witnessed everything you want to Wu Dao Lang and HuangFuYanbin revenge, I can become you".
Speaking heart took out Leng Yue’s long sword from his personal backpack and gave it to Liang Ping as a treasure.
Liang Ping took the heart, and Leng Yue felt that the slender Leng Yue was heavier than a hundred catties of heart. What exactly did this mean? He saw through the heart in the real law, but he was holding a Leng Yue sword in his hand because he promised Wu Dao Lang and Huangfuyanbin that he would cut his sword to the heart and head.