"Blue Sky Son, you should ask Lao Tzu before you attack many countries in China." The king of the war family laughed wildly, "this fool. How many armies of the ten families of the universe fought fiercely with the demon emperor in the snowy swamp world, and a world of more than 100,000 star fields was born into nothingness, and we ten families were helpless to get the demon emperor. This fellow actually wants to achieve something if he wants 200,000 high-level legions. Hum ….. Don’t say sixty interstellar days, that is, six thousand sixty thousand interstellar days. With such an attack intensity, those who have no way in China will not be tired. It’s just strange, how can the Lord of the Chinese Communist Party be so low-key! We should attack immediately, and empty this world, so that the blue sky fellow can’t cry! "

In the same way. All the celestial lords are asking, including Lantianzi himself.
Tianxin laughed it off. The blue country dares to destroy the three countries, and it is sure to destroy the land, but it can’t be the destruction of the sky and the sky. Otherwise, all he has to do is call in the Blue Ice Dragon, reduce the height, and carve two thunder sculptures, so as to enter the three realms of water and blue. Before long, three empty realms like snow and marsh realms will appear.
How can a Taoist who has experienced life make such a mistake!
The way of heaven grows everything. It is not difficult to be strong. It is the cosmic problem to remain strong and continue to be strong. Countless heroes, for how to sit big. Everyone has experience, and it is impossible to remain strong and continue to be strong. The reason lies in the use of the word "sheng".
Who should new words fall on, or should be linked to. How much history of civilization, how much dynastic history, those who win the hearts of the people win the world, those who lose the hearts of the people lose the world, all show that new words should be linked with the people at all times, and a country should continue to be strong. It is inevitable to have people. I don’t know how to create people, but I only know how to suppress people. If I am strong, I will decline.
But what can be done to give birth to the people is to give birth to the people. Nobody knows the answer. There is an ancient lesson in suppressing the people. How many dynasties have declined, and it is always impossible to get rid of the superior to stand alone. Don’t think you are a member of the nation, and make yourself superior. As a result, what is good on the top is not good on the bottom, and the whole country is handed over by privilege, carrion, urban robbery and time-limited robbery.
For those who have been overhauled, due to the great strength, Qi Qi originated from mountains, rivers, ancient mountains and starry sky. At this time, if you don’t understand the word "life" and don’t care about the word "life", the end will be like vegetation, natural fossils, or doom. Think of the Xuanmen Elixir Avenue. Before the birth of China, a group of Elixir practitioners only asked questions, but they didn’t know that everything should grow into the air induction by their own efforts. If this can be the case, it will naturally be a unity of man and nature, triggering mixed elements to rob and surrender.
Three systems in the world, people are enough.
This is Tianxin’s interpretation of the word "life". The ancient and modern disputes are caused by the superior. Natural selection, survival of the fittest. Lantianzi provoked the three-system China and many countries, and was good at fighting. Tianxin would not spare it lightly. From the perspective of great compassion, the people of the blue country believe that they should be born. But from the perspective of natural selection, it should not be born.
Where to go, this is a question for the examiners! It is related to infinite life, and what impact it will have on the current astral world after the three realms of water and blue sky, the heavenly heart can’t measure or know.
In the end, Tianxin still returned to the three systems. The superior of the blue country wants to destroy the three countries and dominate the original world, so let these superior people lose the blue world. With the development of the situation, the people in the three realms of water and blue attached to the blue sky, from the perspective of natural selection, destroy it; Neutrals or countries with three systems of China will be born as long as they abide by the system of judges for all.
In this way, the battle for the blue country has actually risen to the battle for the people.
If the three countries of China can win the people of water and blue, it is just around the corner that the three worlds of water and blue will be merged into the countries of China, and the countries of China will become the seven worlds of heaven.
However, just like the blue sky’s hegemonic heart, Tianxin’s idea of embracing the three worlds of water and blue sky is also a giant project, especially when the territory of many countries in China is hundreds of thousands of times smaller than that of the water and blue country. It’s not a problem to take the blue country with the cultivation of the pure Taoist and the two thunder sculptures of Lan Bing Dragon. However, in that case, it will not be a problem for the three countries to be assimilated by the blue country. Therefore, the war on the three worlds of water and blue should be delayed rather than urgent!
"Play, in an interstellar year, or even ten interstellar years, will be blue three worlds patriarch system growth rules out, and in its people into the ternary growth rules. In this way, we can live up to the oath of’ water blue country, China’s many countries, two to save one’. "
After thinking about it several times, Tianxin is very sad for the blue sky. The water-blue country can quietly evolve to the level of true spiritual civilization, and the superiors of the water-blue country have contributed a lot, but they did not realize the true spiritual civilization, but were brought in by the strength of the ten families of the universe and the influence of the ten families of the universe.
Throughout the process of civilization, they escaped the fate of becoming the demon emperor or the ten families of the universe, but the demon emperor has more than a dozen worlds and the ten families of the universe are extremely powerful. These two forces are not to be taunted, so they have been suppressed and have no chance to show off. Until the rise of the three-system China and the thirty-six worlds opened, the blue talents saw a sacrifice that could spread their fame and strengthen their body, so they couldn’t wait to move their hands.
Foye? A curse?
What the blue people didn’t expect was that without the spirit of fighting in the depths of the exploration world, they could easily attack others, and they might also become sacrifices for others to become powerful. The rise of the three-system China is not just as simple as having an ignorant person, but a set of growth rules with the everyone judge system as the leader, systematic and constantly revised by the people.
In other words, the realm of blue people has not yet risen to the four words of cognitive growth rules. After all, the blue patriarchal clan system is to learn the ten families of the universe, and its bones are available, but its marrow is rare!
Water blue capital, water blue star city.
The blue son of heaven, who was so tired that he took a nap, was awakened by a noisy sound and vaguely asked, "Is that fellow calling again?"
"Yes, Lord!" The neutral elder Lan Qi stepped forward, but his eyes were fixed on the hawkish chief elder. It was this guy’s vote that pushed the blue country into the hot water war with China.
Not to be outdone, the hawkish chief elder stared back and said to himself, "I’m to blame. Without the proposal of the Lord, how could this elder lose his head and get involved?"
"How many times?" Lantianzi shook her head and tried to get rid of sleepiness.
"Lord, the elders know. In 1,008 interstellar days, that fellow attacked 2,188 times. " Hawk chief elder interface.
"Isn’t this fellow tired? He doesn’t give people a chance to rest at all!" Lantianzi is annoyed.
It turns out that Tianxin hasn’t stopped since it launched the counterattack. Every interstellar day, it is necessary to attack the deep space garrison in the three worlds of water and blue twice or more. In the first thousand times, I went alone, and then I took two extreme celestial legions, or I took hundreds of terra-cotta fortress United to attack. In short, the scale was getting bigger and bigger, but the duration of each attack did not exceed a quarter of an interstellar day, which was called disturbance in the name of beauty.

Chapter five hundred and sixty-six Into the blue (on)
The armies of many countries may be a disturbance, but the blow of heavenly heart is by no means a disturbance. The new one will always split the snipers and lead the dragon to smash them, and those who are hit will always be tempered by the blood of all souls to reduce their ranks. Of course, when the blue people are angry, they also fight back. But the result of each attack is the same as the first three-wave war, and the loss is staggering.
Sticking to the surge, Lantianzi had to go as planned.
It’s a pity that the trees want to be quiet, but the wind will not stop. Tianxin launched an attack because he didn’t want the blue people to have superior forces in the deep space where the world opened.
The Blue Man keeps sending more troops, and the Heavenly Heart keeps hitting. In short, he does everything he can to keep the Blue Man’s forces in the deep space at the boundary of heaven and earth in a situation where there is more defense and less attack, and it is a big loss to put all your eggs in one basket to attack.
Therefore, more than two thousand attacks, heavenly heart or frontal attack; Or side attack; Or make the two extreme celestial legions detour, and asymmetrically attack the soldiers and military wing below the high-level celestial level reinforced by the blue people; Or instruct one hundred Earth-Earth fortress wings to bombard the blue man’s deep space positions from a long distance.
Such a blow, as cool, blue sky and two elders group is dizzy, the most depressing news is about the evaporation of water and blue sky shuttle wing. Due to several wars, the 3,000-meter-long blue sky shuttle wing in the front line of the Blue Man lost all, so the Blue Sky sent all the 7,000-meter-long sky shuttle reserve wing in his hand to the front line.
The careless Blue Sky may think that the route of SkyShuttle United is its own backyard, which is very safe, so it has not been escorted by high-ranking legions. How vast is the knowledge of heaven and soul, and as soon as the huge sky shuttle wing of the blue man appears in the starry sky, it will be detected. No escort or escort power is not enough to cause trouble, such a flying shuttle wing in the water and blue sky, of course, Tianxin should accept it.
Big move. Appearing on the star road that the shuttle preparation team must pass through in the blue sky, the heavenly heart can operate in the heart of "mixing" in the thirty-fourth paragraph of the book, and the nameless jiepai sacrifices, and hundreds of millions of kilometers of Fiona Fang space appears, in which Sunday dharma circles extend their mouths greatly.
The blue people walked into the sky in the void. Where did the Shuttle United know that the space in front of them had changed? They just disappeared into the void, broke into the nameless space first, and then plunged into the star space in the Sunday dharma circle.
The void situation is weird, and the blue people are on the road at the same time. Tianxin is also tired. After more than 20 years of polishing the unknown jiepai and understanding the ancient god array, we finally realized a set of big handprints to maintain the unknown jiepai to open the largest space. The principle of this set of big handprints is to transform the force of clearing emptiness into the force of mixing elements similar to that in jiepai space, and inject it into the unknown jiepai, so that the Sunday dharma circle can obtain a long and stable opening environment.
It’s just that this time is really a little too long. A sky shuttle wing, with 1000 sky shuttles. 7,000 flying shuttle wings in the sky go hand in hand in 700 columns. Tianxin can only accommodate one column at a time. The flying shuttle in the sky travels very fast, and it doesn’t take long to accommodate ten thousand flying shuttles in a row. The problem occurred in the collection of the 200th column. At that time, too many shuttle wings deviated or disappeared. Caused the panic of other shuttle wings. The columns of Shuttle United were scattered, so Tianxin had to adjust the position of the unknown jiepai frequently. Fortunately, before. He runs "God knows Luo Tian" and blocks the signal transmission in this void. This batch of fortress United can’t send any news to the outside world except running around.
Thanks to the omnipresence of spiritual knowledge, Tianxin fished in troubled waters, taking chestnuts out of chaos, and collected the equivalent of 300 shuttle wings in the blue sky. However, the remaining 200 columns, which have all been scattered, gathered together and stopped moving, are not so good. As the enemy advances, Tianxin just needs to adjust the position of the unknown jiepai and wait for him. Now, there is such a good thing. But most of the time, in the face of the still sky shuttle of the blue man, Tianxin had to take the initiative to collect it.
There was a strong wind in the sky, and it passed. The sky shuttles of the blue people have disappeared, and the power of the heavenly heart is also spending a lot.
By the end of the day, Tianxin was almost tired.
If the blue people in the world were more careful. When it was discovered that there were no attacks on them during the more than a dozen interstellar days, all the attacks were either the Earth-Earth Alliance Star Fortress United or the two extreme celestial armies of China, and the attacks on the water-blue positions were not launched from the front.
Not careful, so that the blue finger lost the correct assessment of Tianxin’s whereabouts. As a result, Blue Sky and Water Blue Army received the news that 7,000 sky shuttle reserve wings had not reached the front line but disappeared, and they could only go wild and shout, "Damn it!"
Without the suppression of the Sky Shuttle Wing, the deep space army will inevitably be exposed to the long-range bombardment of the satellite fortress in China. As a last resort, Lantianzi and Shuilanjun Department had to order the deep space army to retreat to hundreds of nearby Star City, cooperate with the Star City garrison, and rely on the Star City star to prevent and block the aggressive Chinese team.
On 3101, in the 24th year of the Earth’s Nine-Pole Interstellar Calendar, the Blue Man attacked Qiyuan Boundary Day for 3,000 interstellar days, but he withdrew silently.
"Victory!" Cheers on the Internet of Kai Yuan Jie Tian Xing Ji.
"The war really began." The celestial Lord and his army sighed, and it is true that the Blue Sky withdrew, but the war machine of the Blue Sky will move wildly. If many countries in China treat it lightly and don’t think about resolving it, it will be guaranteed that thousands of stars will come in the future, and the regrouped blue army will appear in the deep space ten times and one hundred times. That’s three battlefields. As long as the Blue Man is entangled in one of them at any cost, the other two battlefields are doomed to collapse under the endless army attacks of the Blue Man.
"I want to do good, but I can’t."
Tianxin, of course, knows that the unsuccessful victory of the first round of China will not only not hit the blue people, but will trigger the belligerence of the three circles of water and blue. This kind of belligerence is not a simple belligerence, not a belligerence of the upper class of water and blue, but a belligerence of the people in the three circles of water and blue who want to win back face and confidence.
In the face of the all-round rebound of the three worlds of water and blue, Tianxin quickly deployed.