So Liang Fengxi added, "Nanjun people are very good!"

Li Yunhuan gave her a deep look and smiled. "Is this too hard? In the future, we will become relatives. If you like the south, we will come here every year for a month or two! "
Anyway, the Li family’s business is all over the country, and it’s extremely convenient for him to go anywhere.
Liang Fengxi was so happy that he smiled at him and nodded gently "well"
Li Yunhuan immediately took her and insisted that she sit in her arms and hold her with a smile. "That’s right! Smile at me, don’t frown, don’t frown! "
"Overbearing!" Liang Fengxi "scoffed" at him with a smile.
Busy and struggling to get up from his arms, "don’t you have to pick up the moon?" Let me go quickly! "
How embarrassed it is for the moon to see it!
Li Yunhuan hugged her tighter and smiled. "I have already ordered me to pick up the moon. Maybe I have already gone to the other hospital by now!"
"…" Liang Fengxi for a stay immediately stopped struggling this fellow …
Isn’t he always with her? When did he give the order? How come she didn’t know it at all!
Li Yunhuan saw that she wanted to be wronged, but she couldn’t help laughing, caressed her face and bowed her head and kissed it.
Along the way, there were all kinds of teasing and touching. When the carriage stopped in the other hospital, Liang Fengxi’s face was red, his eyes were smooth and his feet were almost unstable!
Li Yunhuan led her to Huancui Garden, where she arranged to live with herself in Mingsong Pavilion, separated by a small passage and a row of lilac trees.
The moon has already arrived.
Hearing the news that they came back, they hurried out from around Cuiyuan to meet them, just as Liang Fengxi and Li Yunhuan had reached the door.
"Young lady! Master Li Er! " Before the moon smiles, it’s a smile on her round face.
Liang Fengxi didn’t feel embarrassed when she said goodbye to Gu Yun and Liu Sanniang. At the moment, she was somewhat embarrassed by this little girl’s sly smile and quite a bit of winking gesture. "What are you doing looking at me for laughing?"
She said that the moon has become more and more "hee hee" and laughed "Handmaiden is happy for Miss! So I laughed! “
This is honest!
Li Yunhuan and Liang Fengxi couldn’t help laughing.
When the moon saw them laughing, she smiled more happily, and her eyes narrowed into a crack.
"Your young lady’s luggage will be put away!" Li Yunhuan handed the moon two bags.
The moon has been busy before taking it with a smile.
Li Yunhuan turned around and picked up Liang Fengxi in tasikmalaya.
"You, you let me come!" Liang Fengxi was startled by surprise, screaming and struggling, and her face didn’t finish fading. "Swish" rushed in again, and her face was red, ashamed and angry
But unaware that his hands are firmly holding Li Yunhuan’s neck.
"I won’t let go!" Li Yunhuan laughed. "You have to get used to it. I like holding you! Good luck for so many years, you can’t compensate me! "
Liang Fengxi heart a soft bite bite lips can’t help but look to the moon.
Moon also froze. I didn’t expect Master Li Er to be so bold in front of people.
Seeing Liang Fengxi looking over, he hurriedly shook his head, shook his hand and endured a smile. He was about to say shattered glass, "I didn’t see anything!" Li Yunhuan also glanced at her and smiled. "Anyway, I like you so much that everyone should know!"
That amorous look, that sentimental tone, let alone Liang Fengxi, even the moon looked a little jumpy, blushing, red eyes turned around and ran away.
Provoked Li Yunhuan to laugh
Liang Fengxi also in distress situation in his chest gently lamented a Chen way "you return not bashful smile! Are you make back everyone laugh at me … "
Li Yunhuan holding her down gently grunted "who dares? Envy is almost the same! Well, we’ll get married when we get back to Beijing! "
There is no doubt that the tone is not evasive. Although Liang Fengxi whispers "overbearing" in his heart, his mouth is warped.
It feels good to be pampered and cared for.
Needless to say, Li Yunhuan feels that the days have never passed so fast these days.
It seems that in the blink of an eye, he hasn’t said anything or done anything, and a day has passed.
Not surprisingly, Fan Ya was caught in a dock in Quanzhou City five days later.
This fellow can bear to be a coolie at the dock, in order to find an opportunity to abscond to the sea.
It turned out that after he escaped from prison, the government could not pursue him for a long time, and then he would be free.
I didn’t expect that the government’s search and interrogation was getting stricter every day, and all intersections, gates, docks, inns, restaurants, goulan, gambling houses and other places were even stricter.
By this time, it is obviously impossible for him to go to sea through normal channels!
As a last resort, he had to kill himself, and later he mixed into the dock to work as a coolie, and then he slowly plotted.
I didn’t expect to be caught.
He is imprisoned for murder, and the local government can report the death penalty to the punishment department.
This time, after going to prison, my hamstring was broken and I was waiting for death.
Li Yunhuan didn’t tell Liang Fengxi about these specific things. He said that people had been caught, but she was worried and gave a bad breath, so she was ready to leave for Beijing.
Li Yunhuan seemed very anxious to leave the next day.
Go to Molin Town first, then go to Liaodong, and wait until the capital is less than three months later!
That is nearly October.
Li Yunhuan means to get married in November or December at the latest and never delay the Chinese New Year!
It’s good to leave one day earlier and one day earlier
Liang Fengxi listened with shame and happiness in his heart, and his face turned red, so he obeyed him.