However, it immediately gave the zombie a chance to fight back, and the zombie speed also reflected that the slow-moving zombies were different, and their speed was much faster than ordinary people, so they directly caught a policeman with one claw and then rushed to the nearby station crazily.

The whole subway immediately fell into chaos, and guns and alarms kept ringing, but it was rare for those frightened police to hit the fast-moving zombies.
Although Sophie Su is in a stealth state, he has to avoid being injured by those stray bullets in the corner with a wry smile.
"Everyone stop guns and go to the entrance immediately. Leave here from the No.2 ladder and we will handle it."
In the chaos, a clear and harsh sound suddenly sounded, which finally made many policemen calm down a little.
Sophie Su looked intently and found that another group of people had entered the subway, but this time it was a regular army with weapons, which was by no means comparable to those of the police.
However, the leader is a female officer who looks spirited, but Sophie Su suddenly has some very familiar feelings … to be continued.
Chapter two hundred and sixty Fighting in the subway
"Song Xueyi … how did she come here? !” Sophie Su narrowed his eyes slightly and stared at the female officer who was calmly commanding in the distance.
If you change a set of games to install the female officer with outstanding charm in front of you, it means that Song Xueyi is often heavily armored in the game world.
Although I knew that both the Zen Temple and the Fifth Army Corps had military backgrounds, Sophie Su still couldn’t help but be shocked after seeing her real image in a military uniform in person.
In addition to her excellent talent in the game, her talent in reality is also excellent, including her appearance, which can also be called one in a million.
As she just arrived, the orderly team was probably a member of the Fifth Corps, but the base of the Fifth Corps was not in the sea, but I didn’t know that she could get here so soon.
However, this has been strengthened by the mysterious ability of the game world. The army is obviously much stronger than the former police. The zombie just moved quickly and was beaten back by a series of crossfire. The lame leg was directly interrupted and fell to the ground.
However, the undead zombie’s vitality is stronger than Sophie Su expected. After being seriously injured, he even fled back to the dark subway tunnel with the help of the impact of bullets.
Song Xueyi obviously didn’t expect that the zombie still had the ability to escape after hundreds of bullets in the blink of an eye. After a little hesitation, he was fled back to the channel by the zombie. Even if some people were angry, they rushed into the subway channel with more than ten people, which was of great intention to forcibly pursue.
When she took a wisp of breeze and ran past her, Sophie Su quietly gave her insight, only to find that her combat effectiveness was as high as more than six. If you add that modern gun, its strength is not weak.
However, Sophie Su quietly followed, and soon there were guns coming from the front. Obviously, the zombie was constantly fighting, but it was also extremely difficult to hit a zombie who escaped quickly in this dark passage.
After chasing for a few minutes, Sophie Su found that the surrounding environment has changed. This is no longer a subway channel with tracks … The zombie turned into a fork with all the people, whether intentionally or intentionally.
Due to his long-term experience in the game world, Sophie Su immediately slowed down and became alert. In the night vision ability, he soon found that the surrounding cave walls were covered with strange scratches, which are not uncommon in the game world-those are zombie marks!
But judging from the number of these marks, there is more than one zombie here!
He is hesitant to show up and wake up. He is eager to catch up with the zombie Song Xueyi. The soil around him has already sounded abnormally. Sophie Su immediately turned black, and that is the sound of zombies drilling.
"Beware of zombies!" Sophie Su regardless of invisibility quickly toward the front a yell.
"land?" Before Song Xueyi heard the strange warning from the rear and didn’t come to issue the warning order, she couldn’t help but exclaim in a low voice because a tall zombie suddenly jumped out of her foot.
Soon, in the midst of all the consternation, zombies broke out from their feet, heads and sides.
Sophie Su has already entered the stealth state again, watching those zombies emerge from the soil. Sophie Su seems to have returned to the game-the scene when zombies fought in that mine was very similar at present …
Song Xueyi obviously didn’t expect that there would be so many zombies lurking in this passage, and the handsome face was not frightened by a flash.
But soon she calmed down and immediately directed more than 10 people around her to gather around her for fierce fire, while defending and retreating to the subway. At the same time, she kept trying to ask for help from the rear with her mobile phone, but there was no signal in this place …
In the face of tenacious vitality, the consumption of zombie bombs is also extremely fast, and soon nearly half of the people ran out of Dan medicine and had to turn into melee.
"I should have brought an axe!" A bearded and bearded man in the team said with some chagrin that he estimated that his occupation in the game was a Berserker.
Sophie Su couldn’t help frowning slightly when he saw that there were more than forty zombies crawling out. This kind of scene is rare even in the game world. However, he has never found a controller nearby.
"Are these all naturally occurring zombies?" Sophie Su has some doubts about a zombie who is closest to him. He tried to make the dark resin bending as the zombie was really stopped.
Sophie Su tried to control his actions, though it was a little clumsy compared with his previous actions, but he was still able to control them completely.
Because the dark resin bending technique was regarded as an attack skill, the invisibility immediately failed when it was used, and soon zombies looked at Sophie Su’s position
Sophie Su hurriedly side control the zombie block in front of his side constantly to those who came at his zombie made resin bending.
Soon he had controlled twenty zombies, and then he became invisible again and controlled them to help.
To his surprise, Song Xueyi also took control of the two zombies, who were now manipulating them to defend themselves, and at the same time, she was holding a dagger and attacking a zombie quickly.
"Does she also dark skills? !” Sophie Su couldn’t help but be slightly surprised, but it seems that her control skills are much worse than her own.
"I don’t know if there will be experience in killing monsters in reality …"
Su Yanzheng intends to control this temporary zombie army war. The rest of the zombies turned out to be like feeling any abnormal danger, but they did not continue to attack. They quickly drilled into the soil again and soon disappeared, which made Sophie Su quite speechless.
But Song Xueyi, who was in ambush and eager to retreat, and others did not study what those zombies retreated. When they saw the opportunity, they quickly retreated to the subway.
Sophie Su hesitated for a while, but she didn’t show up after all. After all, she is now in reality, and the enemy is many times, so Song Zheng was injured by Tong Ling. This time, there are more Knights Templar, so it’s better not to implicate her again.
Su Yan wanted to trace the origin of those zombies, but he suddenly remembered his situation in the game … He had quit the game world for too long!
Sophie Su gave up control of those zombies, found a hidden corner and hurried into the game.
In the game, he is still in the corner of Sabac City, but invisibility has long since disappeared and his vitality has been consumed-obviously due to the delay in reality for too long.
"It seems that when you quit the game, you must find a safe place to go …" Before Sophie Su swallowed the vitality pill with a wry smile, he quit the game and went to Zhong Yilan to ask for some information, and then he hurried out of the game, but he didn’t expect to encounter so much trouble.
However, Sophie Su is most anxious at the moment or wants to see his current character information to be continued.
Chapter two hundred and sixty-nine Vision
When you hold the game necklace, the game information appears in front of you. As expected, all the attributes have been upgraded again.
Character-based attribute
Power 5 (temporary)