Chapter one hundred and sixty-nine Drunkenness

Apart from practicing martial arts, physical education and studying, Wang Feipeng knows nothing about other new things, especially recreational things. He rarely goes back to take a few foreigners to a bar and checked the internet for a long time. Now he has a small one and two dunks, so he naturally doesn’t have to worry about it.
Wang Feipeng followed them to the parking lot. The little purple trident sports car was impressively listed. This girl even brought a car. Two dunks, one person and one car were not ordinary brands. Wang Feipeng had two eyes and one yard. Hagen didn’t know the little purple trident sports car. Behind the two-door four-seat structure, two 14 people could sit in three cars and kill to M2 Bar on Huaihai Road.
In the bar on weekend night, there were two heads, two dunks, a little reservation, and a familiar position. Fourteen people went straight into the box, which was a natural inconvenience. After the girl was seated, she immediately ordered some wine. Let’s drink to Wang Feipeng’s outstanding performance. Four people in the dormitory and the team leader Tao were a little uncomfortable. The men and women who co-run the school were familiar with this atmosphere, dragging them to drink, sing and dance and strolling around to explain the bar.
Wang Feipeng leaned against the sofa and drank a few glasses of wine. His face was red and he was very clever and honest. Wang Feipeng couldn’t help but ask, "Why didn’t we go to the bar today when we first met?"
Xiao Xiao assumed a gentle and amiable appearance and said sweetly, "I was so worried by several followers that I couldn’t go to a crowded place to get rid of them."
It’s not the first time I’ve seen you. I don’t know your virtue. Have you changed your sex?
Xiaoxiao leaned on Wang Feipeng’s arm and said recklessly, "Don’t let others around my brother be surging with emotion ~"
Wang Feipeng gently pushed a small condemnation, saying, "The horse shows his true colors and looks like a little demon. Don’t treat me like a Tang Priest or stay away from you and don’t want to be your snack."
The little candy seems to be stuck again. "Stop dancing with my brother, and my feet will be swollen. We haven’t taught you yet. Let’s continue to work hard!" "
Wang Feipeng didn’t good the spirit. "I’m not interested in dancing and singing since I was a child. Go dancing. A lot of small fresh meat is waiting for you?"
Little dia gas coquetry "just want to dance with my brother ~"
Wang Feipeng was forced to follow Xiaoxiao to the dance floor and had an experience. Now two people are familiar with each other, and they are no longer shy and nervous. Wang Feipeng gently holds those small hands and muscles are still a little stiff. It took a long time to slowly relieve the awkwardness and still jump like a big grasshopper along with Xiaoxiao.
It’s hard to end a song. Wang Feipeng’s vest is sweating more tiring than playing a ball! Wang Feipeng is preparing to pull himself back to the box. The second song sounds graceful and soft, dragging him and dancing the second song.
The surrounding noise is weak, and Wang Feipeng took the opportunity to ask Xiaoxiao why those followers didn’t bother her. Xiao Tieer explained that when she went back, she gritted her teeth and called the board of directors. She wanted to join the company after graduating from college, and they were not allowed to harass them again. If anyone dared not take over the company from her now, they would drive them out one by one. I didn’t expect a small fire to come as a surprise, and a group of old fogies would put a stop to it.
Wang Feipeng asked again that the man with earrings threw a black ball. hidden weapons was later hit by Wang Feipeng’s counterattack on himself. What was that guy’s horse collapsed so badly? In the novel, there is a fine needle containing a powerful anesthetic, which works quickly but for a short time. Wang Fei Peng’s scalp is numb and asks, "If I am put down by them, will you help me?"
Xiaoxiao leaned on his shoulder and giggled. "When we first met, you forced those dog legs back, and you knew that you were so powerful that you hugged your thighs. Trust me to quit my brother and won’t let me down! I have never told anyone that you know martial arts. This is my little secret. "
Wearing a thousand flatteries and not wearing a little sentence makes Wang Feipeng stand upright and know a lot of little secrets. Is it a secret or a threat? Back to the package, I felt that the atmosphere was not right. I sat there depressed. Yuan Peiyun sat there and persuaded Teng Yuanqing and Sun Lingyan to have them.
Xiao Xiao went to ask excitedly, "Was it bullied or was Sister Pei Yun touched on the ass?" Wang Feipeng’s forehead was sweating, and he was pretending to be a gentle and graceful lady with himself just now, and then he showed his true colors.
Teng Yuanqing leaned against the sofa to explain that "the security here has a strengthening group. Who dares to make trouble here? I almost went to throw darts with someone the other day and lost three thousand dollars in three games! "
Wang Feipeng sat next to him in front of Xiang Tian and laughed. "Study hard at the important game of national football. They never won the Chinese New Year, but they still lose every year. That calmness is worth learning from all of us."
Xiang Tiannu said, "Don’t be angry with my national football mother for meeting a little punk who turned out to be a darts master and lost three games in a row!"
Teng Yuanqing dispelled doubts: "A day throwing darts is definitely a master who rarely loses so badly from childhood. The key is that a large number of beautiful women around him are onlookers, which is a great blow." Yuan Peiyun said that he also took his eyes and glanced at him.
I’m afraid that the weather will not be chaotic and I’ll rush to Xiangtian’s side and drag his arm. "Hurry back and let’s cheer for you together!"
Xiang Tian said with a bitter face, "That guy is a master and still looks for abuse after losing three games?"
Small cooing in his ear said a few words, the pony eyes flashing glanced at Wang Feipeng, Wang Feipeng heart plopped a realized that small give a day what bad idea and with yourself.
A day cough together go to Wang Feipeng gaudy way "second brother, let’s go and see how to play darts elder brother teach you that thing is very popular in Europe and America, we should follow the trend of the times, right? After bringing a beautiful girl here, you can also sweep the probability of throwing yourself at literacy girls and walk ~ "
Wang Feipeng knew that the little trickster said he wouldn’t stay on the sofa, but he couldn’t bear to drag him up by dragging his arm half a day.
At the corner of the bar, where darts are thrown, there are many people, men and women with colorful hair and cigarettes in their mouths. It’s a bit messy. Wang Feipeng is in conflict with Xiang Tian, and Xiao Xiao pushes behind him. "Brother Jie, let’s go and have a look!"
After a group of people approached, there was a guy inside who saw Xiang Tianma and shouted, "Why are you still looking for abuse when you are defeated?"
I have to clench my fist and want to beat someone up. Teng Yuanqing grabbed him. "Don’t be impulsive. It will be us who will be carried out!"
Several security guards around have been watching this side ~ to be continued.
Chapter one hundred and seventy Lure hook
M2 Bar is a famous nightclub in the sea. Who will come again if people fight casually and feel insecure? There are a lot of security guards, many of whom come back from the army in strong health and momentum, which can be seen that they are far from being comparable to ordinary security guards.
A day forced to swallow a sigh of anger extremely laughed "don’t be too arrogant! I have a friend here who dares to come with you for three games? "
That guy has a pinch of red hair on his head and oil and gas in cigarette oil in his mouth. "Have a friend?" Come to a nest. If you dare to come, I will dare to take the old rule of one thousand? "