Clear my heart!

That’s a skill that Tianxin must learn at level 35. Only after learning this skill can Tianxin learn to use it when it reaches level 45.
If you don’t learn this method, then even if you have instant blood, the skill level is satisfied, but you still can’t learn that skill!
This skill was learned in official website before.
If several skills are popular in the early stage of the game, it can be regarded as one of them!
Because this skill determines the professional quality of a Tianxin, it also determines the professional growth quality of Tianxin in a guild!
Tianxin’s pre-career blood-adding skill can be interrupted and read a skill when needed.
And when you reach level 45, you can learn the instant blood skill for 1 second, and at the same time, you can’t be interrupted because it is an instant skill!
A heavenly heart can only ensure that its friends are safe before self-protection is no problem.
Before judging whether a Tianxin profession can protect itself, it is whether this Tianxin will instantly return to blood skills!
This is analyzed by many game forums before entering the game.
Ya has seen these statements and agrees with them.
Because of this, I will be stunned by that skill in my backpack!
Isn’t this luck too good?
I just want to test how many game coins I will give after two rounds of sects, so I can set a price for these special things myself.
But gm seems to be particularly partial to himself.
However, more elegant still feels that he is the first to complete the gm of those small partners. This is to give some sweetness to the small partners!
If this is the case, then these things seem to be even more marketable!
☆ Chapter 53 Heart is black.
After the experiment was finished, Ya returned to Chang ‘an and put the skill into the warehouse.
I haven’t decided yet whether I want to learn this skill, and this method also requires the player’s level to meet level 35 before I can learn it.
Do you want to study or not? Don’t think about it until you have enough grades.
What you need to do now is to go back to Chang ‘an to do business!
Ya just looked carefully at one of her first rounds. When she finished, she gave seven silver coins. After each additional round, she would get three more silver coins.
Two rounds are exactly seven gold coins and one silver coin.
In this way, even if there is no special reward at the end, the benefits in front are actually good.
Let’s forget about the game currency. Experience alone is a lot to give.
There are so many games and the so-called level 2 vice, and none of them can give so much experience at one time.
The most important thing is that it’s not really troublesome, and it’s not very strange.
Ya made two rounds, and then she got a fight in the wild, and she also played 5.
Then the most troublesome thing for friends is not these errands, but also finding a key, a card point or a special thing!
I looked up at the news that the World Channel was still brushing the little friend’s receipt, but Ya was not in a hurry to sell it.
I walked around the stall again, but this time I bought two groups of food. It seems that my friends also saw business opportunities and swept it directly from the stall.
In that case, so elegant also don’t go to pick up cheap.
Clear the things in the backpack and prepare to find a local worker to sell special things directly!
At the price?
Ya’s initial price is 1 gold coin, and this price can be maintained for one day at most. After two days, the friend’s life skills have improved, and this price will still be dropped.
But at the beginning, everyone didn’t, so she didn’t have to set the price too low
It is also very troublesome to practice these by yourself, and why should it be cheaper for friends?
I just got everything ready, and at the same time, I didn’t go to collect herbs for trumpet No.2. Instead, I planted land in the suburbs of Chang’ an, and the number Fu Su went to downtown Chang’ an to set up a stall.
At this time, the elegant private chat channel is flashing.
[private chat] a marshal is your uncle! ! ! Do you have shredded pork with fish flavor? ? ?
Marshal Lai is still shouting at the World Channel to collect these things. Four friends in the dormitory are all doing this. He is the luckiest. Just after the third round, he asked him for a fish-flavored shredded pork.
Marshal Jiang Mio also jokes that his luck is really bad.
Marshal Jiang Mio, who had just finished laughing, also needed an almond prawn in the fourth round. When he saw Jiang Bin’s expression of collapse, Marshal suddenly felt Japanese and patted the table and laughed.
Although it is said that Liu Cheng ‘an Fang Jing’s card arrived at this special object later than them, it is not much better to be a little late.
At this time, the four friends watched helplessly, but they couldn’t finish it.
Marshal shouted at the World Channel for a long time, and no one came to talk privately. He also had some headaches for a while.
In the game, marshal black god horse is not afraid, but it’s too pit to have no goods, isn’t it