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Thank you for frowning slightly.

"Killing" can’t beat him and Jiang Zhichu, and his appearance and departure are all sudden. It’s more like trying to stop pretending to be a Xie Quan ghost from saying more than the altar.
However, it can be inferred from the story that the Cary ghost is not the only one. It knows things differently. When other ghosts know that "killing" can delay at most.
He told his teammates what happened.
Siyou snorted. "I think he just came to vent his anger. In my memory, he has never been kicked from the top of the altar."
Xie Ji "probably attacked because Jiang Zhichu seriously injured him and intended to hurt the queen’s anger and wanted to delay us from knowing the truth."
Siyou "Since’ Killing’ is here,’ Yin’ must be stuck, so we have to be vigilant."
Yin Lin "Yes, and we have to find a way to get through it."
The seventh floor access mode is different from other cards, and this card is stuck with the altar body in a special way, which may not be conventional.
Siyou "I know how to connect"
Yin Lin "You know?"
Think leisurely nodded his head.
"I came here to find a card with the Queen, but I came across this card and other cards in the process of finding it or not.
"I can’t shape it. It’s very special, just like I did before. The altar cards are all in the sea. The card is a paper folding boat. The color, size and feeling of this card are different from other boats.
"and he is very old, you know, the altar is constantly changing, just like the high-rise building card built from thatched cottages in the main city is constantly improving, but this card is still in its original shape, and it seems that the queen never intends to open it.
"I looked at it in a hurry, and the general requirement was simple-leave the altar."
Xie Quan some dizzy "but we don’t come in the altar? This is a paradox. We rush because we want to leave the altar. If we can leave, we will rush. "
Yin Lin: "I saw a building before meeting you. Does leaving the altar mean that?"
Xie Quan: "We’re not in there now, are we going in and then coming out?"
Thank you for sending "go and have a look first"
Five people came in and were randomly divided into three groups: Xie Ji and Jiang Jichu, Xie Quan and Siyou, and Yin Lin himself.
The first thing they did was to look for their teammates. In the process of looking for their companions, Yin Lin found a suspected altar building, but he didn’t rush in but came to find his teammates first.
-after all, I didn’t come out when I went in the ghost film.
Xie sent them to walk for another half an hour and came to Yinlin to say that the building was at the foot.
grand sight
The first impression of architecture is spectacular.
It’s hidden in the gray fog, and it’s hard to see the fusion of dead trees in the sky from a distance.
As far as the eye can see, the building is more like a huge multi-storey palace or tower compared with the altar in the main city. Because there is no window method, how many floors are there?
The appearance of the atmosphere is simple, but if you look closely, you can find that the details are also very delicate, and it is impossible to say that it is wonderful.
Unfortunately, none of the five people present studied history, and no one could confirm which style the building was in.
However, no matter which dynasty or generation of buildings, there will be a phantom muddy river interspersed all over the body like the buildings in front of us.
It is interspersed with a river.
The river drilled anti-gravity from the underground of the northeast corner of the building and went around the building, then went straight to the sky.
Xie Quan looked up at "it seems like a baked gluten has been stretched."
Xie Ji, Jiang Zhichu and Yin Lin "…?"
Siyou "… Are you hungry?"
Xie Quan "didn’t just feel like it"
The wonder in front of you can make people dumbfounded. Xie Quan says it’s elongated baked gluten …
Thank you very much for Xie Quanxing.
Yin Lin is somewhat disgusted that "it gives me a bad feeling."
Xie Ji feels the same way.
As soon as he entered the card, he felt that the cold and the temperature were a kind of cold, which was caused by a lot of invisible and intangible things hiding around him.
And the cold feeling brought by the buildings in front of us is one hundred times stronger than the dense forest.
Xie Quan: "Are we still going in?"
"Jin" Xie sent a gun and insisted that "such a big and special building must have its own"
After receiving the thank-you signal, Jiang Ji will push open the door before the beginning of the year.
From the outside, the gate is made of some kind of wood, but he just touched his hand as if he were going to be frozen by the gate.
He gritted his teeth and pushed the door open.
When the door showed a crack, Xie heard the noise inside.
The sound is very mixed and chaotic, like a vegetable market.
But then all the sounds stopped in an instant, and several pairs of eyes looked at the five of them through the gradually expanding door.
You don’t need anyone to tell you at a glance that the door is more haunted than the gym …
Lack of arms and legs, holding his head by himself, his tongue hanging to the ground, a big hole being broken in his abdominal cavity …
Bloody, rancid, cold, ghostly, rushing out of the building like an arrow, enveloped them in an instant.
Then came all kinds of emotions, anger, unwillingness, pain, despair and resentment, and the overwhelming negative emotions were stacked outside, making them almost breathless.
Yin Lin whispered, "This is the tenth floor of hell."
Xie Quan couldn’t speak while covering his mouth. He wasn’t afraid of ghosts, but so many ghosts could drown them with one mouthful saliva. The overwhelming force made him move half a step toward Xie.
However, at the same time as Xie Quan moved, the ghosts inside got up.
Xie quan "ah! ! !”
Ghost "ah! ! ! Here he comes again! "
All ghosts "ah! ! ! circle runner ! !”
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