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"I’m a clown, and I can’t plan anything. Tomorrow morning, I’ll bring my people with fighting ability to help you fight in Chengtou, but I hope we have an area to fight alone, and I don’t want to be hurt by you Xia people in the melee."

"Of course, please go back first to arrange affairs. We’ll see you tomorrow morning. "
Tumen stopped talking and walked down the tower.
"Your Highness, although you have successfully persuaded them, you should think twice about letting them participate in the battle." Mu Chongshan learned the cause of the incident from Lin Wang, but to fight side by side with his former enemy, he won’t pass this bend for a while.
Mu Qingfeng knew what Mu Chongshan was worried about. He said, "I would never have taken this road if Mu had no choice. Now we can only hope that their hatred for the Qinglang clan is high enough."
In the middle of the night, Snow Lotus planned to sneak out. Just after leaving her room, she found Muqingfeng waiting for him outside smiling.
"What brings you here? "Snow lotus son asked.
Mu Qingfeng said with a smile, "Why can’t I be here? I’m going to visit the strongholds of the Bull Race. I wonder if you are interested in coming with me?"
Xue Lianer knew that Mu Qingfeng knew her purpose, but she was not melodramatic. She said, "I just don’t think the road is safe. With Wang Shizi leading the way, I dare not think about it if I want to come to the night."
"Who dares to play the idea of Golden Knife Khan? I’m not afraid of being ripped off by your people. Besides, as long as you turn into what I saw you at the beginning, I promise that ghosts and gods are hard to get close to. " Mu Qingfeng joked.
"hate it! !” In the face of Mu Qingfeng’s teasing, Xuelian blushed a little. "However, thank you. You left hope for the bull race and didn’t let them disappear into Herbatu’s machinations."
"No, they should thank you. If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t have the confidence to persuade them to fight with us. Besides, if I wasn’t with you, I really didn’t know there were many kinds of prairie people." Mu Qingfeng said solemnly.
Soon, they came to the place where the Bull Race is located. For a long time, the Bull Race people especially cherish this rare gathering, especially Tumen, who clung to her daughter for fear that she would accidentally leave her side again.
"Father Khan, the big brother is here, and the elder sister is here." The little girl was sharp-eyed and saw Muqingfeng and Xuelian from a distance.
Seeing the golden knife sweat, Tumon quickly got up: "See the golden knife sweat! !”
"There’s no need to be polite in this situation. I really didn’t expect you and I to meet again one day, Chief Tumen." Snow Lotus quickly stopped Tumen’s gift visit.
"I didn’t expect Jin Daohan and I to meet in the summer. What’s even more ironic is that we will actually be enemies with the grassland people tomorrow." Seeing Muqingfeng beside Snow Lotus, Tumen said with emotion.
"Tumen leader, green Wolf clan treachery, don’t deserve to be our prairie people, such as a war, we must get justice with them! !” Think of the golden knife guards who were wiped out in order to patrol, and Xuelian’s teeth itch.
"That’s natural, rations and the fact that our people are cannon fodder. I must ask them to give us an explanation!" Tumen was also outraged when he mentioned the blue wolf clan.
"Anyway, thank you for saving the sweat. Although we are in different camps, you are a big man like us. We owe you a big favor this time. But then again, will you really trust us that much tomorrow? Not afraid that we will turn against each other? " Knowing the specific cause and effect, Mu Qingfeng, who gave his life to save Jin Daohan, naturally got Tumen’s favor, especially knowing what he had done for the women and children of the Bull race, which was even more popular.
"Even if I put aside my interests, I won’t be in from ruin. This Tumen leader can rest assured that our summer is the most exquisite about respecting the elderly and loving the young. We are absolutely incapable of doing anything about the blue wolf clan. Tomorrow, I will trouble the leader of Tumen to tie a piece of white silk on his left arm, so as to save friendly troops from accidental injury. " Mu Qingfeng accepted Tumen’s kindness. In this case, one more friend is better than one more enemy.
The night passed quickly, and the bitter day was coming soon. What is different today is that there is a bull soldier with about 500 people on the wall. These soldiers don’t have good armor, just holding machetes and standing quietly behind Tumen. Although there are many prisoners of the Bull Race, after a long prison life, the fighting capacity has dropped a lot. Tumen jumped out of the 5,000 people and took them to the city wall to participate in the battle. On the one hand, it is to maintain its fighting capacity, on the other hand, it is also to avoid suspicion. You should know that the total number of cattle troops is not much less than the foot soldiers in the south.
For Mu Qingfeng’s insistence on personally leading these barbarian troops, Mu Chongshan will never agree with him. In his view, if anything happens to Mu Qingfeng, the battle will not be big. You know, after these days of fighting, although Mu Qingfeng didn’t kill many enemies, what he did has become the belief that South Lincheng will stick to it.
Since I can’t get rid of it, I have to let him go.
After the boring surrender every day, the bloody siege war began again.
As it was agreed in advance, the soldiers in the south Lincheng did not fight with the bull clan, so when a group of soldiers from the Blue Wolf clan attacked the city wall, they all looked straight.
"Brother, you are amazing. We have worked hard to climb so many people. You have so many people occupying such a big place. I don’t know who your centurion is so amazing!" A centurion dressed up as a green wolf said.
"I am a man who kills you! !” Tumen ran into it viciously, and even people with shields pushed him off the wall.
"Bull brothers, it’s time for revenge, kill me! ! ! Revenge for the dead brother! !”
Under the leadership of Tumen, the warriors of the Bull Race rushed up and slashed their machetes into their former allies. Under the complaints of their loved ones, the bull family who knew the ins and outs laid hands on them without mercy, and these people were carefully selected by Tumen. At that time, the blue wolf family on the wall was cut down and cried.
"for. . Why? . . Why do you want to help Xia people? . Me. . I thought we were prairie people. 。” A blue wolf soldier whose arm was cut off by Tumen’s long knife asked puzzled.
"From the time you began to break your promise and kill our cattle people, you were not prairie people!" Tumen did not hesitate, and the machete in his hand crossed his throat.
Due to unknown circumstances, the Blue Wolf people at the bottom saw that there were many prairie people on the wall, and thought that their team had finally captured a position, so they rushed forward wave after wave, only to find out later that the Bull people who were also prairie people had no mercy on themselves, and they had no reaction to come over, so they went to hell to report.
It took a long time for the information below to reach the ears of Mr. Herbatu and Mr. Zhan. I heard that the people of the Bull Race actually helped the Summer People to guard the city, but Herbatu didn’t react for a long time.
"This group of bastard, forget their identity? Actually, he helped outsiders to slaughter our prairie people. Why didn’t the great god Greimu send down a skyfire to burn them! !” Herbatu swore.
"I didn’t see you say they were compatriots in the grassland when I killed the bull race." Mr. Zhan secretly lamented, but the urgent task now is not to bicker, but to find a way to deal with it quickly.
"Sweat, in that case, let’s not attack the place where the Bull Race is located for the time being. They must be unfamiliar with each other on the first day of cooperation. You can see where they are defending, and the Xia people next to them are in a critical situation and they don’t support them. Then why don’t we take advantage of the situation to attack the place guarded by the Xia people? You know that the Bull Race is full of hatred now, we’d better avoid the edge for the time being." In view of this situation, Mr. Zhan gave the most reasonable advice.
"Then, according to Mr Command, give up attacking the bull race in the place, and strengthen the offensive in other places for me! !” Herbatu naturally listens to Mr. Zhan.
As a result, the soldiers in the south Lincheng suffered. With the help of the Bull Race, the pressure of guarding the city was greatly reduced. Now the enemy has given up attacking the Bull Race, and his attack has suddenly doubled.
"Chief, what shall we do now? Why don’t the young wolves of the Green Wolf clan come? Should we help the people around us? " Asked the centurion of a bull race.
"How can I help you? We are not familiar with each other. We only need a white silk around our left arm with the people of Qinglang clan. We can’t tell what to do when we fight. Besides, we just want revenge, but we don’t intend to make cannon fodder for Daxia!" Tumen motioned to stay put, and the most intense place just killed actually became the quietest place in the whole battlefield.
Although Tumen seems to have nothing to do with himself, he still pays close attention to the situation around him. The situation in South Lincheng is really not optimistic. I don’t know how many days they can survive if they don’t join themselves. Not far from the city wall, the competition was particularly fierce, and both sides were red-eyed. Tumen found that there was a small child in the soldiers in the south of the city, and his childish face was full of blood. Although his hands with knives trembled, he still did not retreat half a step.
"Even the children are on the battlefield. I don’t know how long this south Lincheng can last. When the city is broken, it is estimated that your own bull family really does not exist. " Tumon secretly thought.
At this time, a strong barbarian soldier suddenly knocked the young soldier to the ground, raised his broadsword and looked down hard.
The people around him were so busy fighting that they didn’t care what happened. The teenager knew that he was in trouble and put his hands on his head and gave a desperate cry.
Somehow, Tumen thought of the surviving teenager in the Bull clan, and rushed over involuntarily, and punched the throat of the barbarian soldier before the teenager was cut.