Qingfeng’s indifferent face turned slightly sideways. "You go home and I’ll chase him." After that, Qingfeng jumped and floated gently and fell to the romantic side.

Romantic know bearer he didn’t speak is quietly enjoying the sunset yellow color as if this kind of sunshine belongs to himself "ah" he can’t help laughing at himself really like this afterglow?
"Come with me and I’ll tell you the gap …" Qingfeng stepped forward and blinked and disappeared in front of romantic eyes.
Romantic heard this dim eyes a bright, struggling to leap and go two rosy clouds gently across the sunset, red …
Chapter 39 Snow Mountain Villa
The pale crescent moon illuminates the gray-black sky. The mountain peak is heroic, but it slowly hangs down in the just-closed night, and falls into silence. The cloud peaks are like tentacles, and the eagles can hover and scream at night. The vast and high echoes reverberate in the mountains for a long time … The evening customs are still full of vigor and vitality. The trees are coming to Ye Er from time to time, and the wind is blowing sadly from the trees. Seeing the green leaves dancing all over the ground in the wind, the romantic cold face is more and more lonely …
Long gowns and wild mountain winds raise two people’s flowing long hair. Qingfeng stands at the front end of the mountain peak with one step. He stands tall in the face of nature’s fury. Qingfeng’s cold eyes look straight into the distance and there is a thin awn. The sunset and romantic moon are behind him with cold eyes, watching his blue back in this vast Gao Wanfeng. The clouds are at your fingertips. It stands like an eternal warrior, but the romantic moon has an illusion. In front of him, the small figure is like a heavenly king standing in the wind. The wind can not fall, and the ten thousand peaks can be trampled on by him. Feet for a long time, romantic eyes finally changed, and the wind cut his face. He suddenly realized the meaning of Qingfeng bringing him here. He didn’t want to tell him directly, but let him feel himself … He read the blue background, lonely and lonely, lonely and lost. He suddenly found that he had been wrong for seven years. He had been driving and defeating Qingfeng and taught himself day and night. He had been hiding his sword in hatred and pulling it out.
Qing Fengran turned and looked at Feng Yue coldly. "Did you find out where you lost?"
Romantic sigh gently cold face hanging limit self-mockery "seven years ago, if I hadn’t been looking for you, maybe I would have pursued my own kendo to the extreme end, but I was ruined by you …"
Qingfeng is indifferent. "You ruined yourself."
Feng Yue said, "At that time, I insisted on killing your target, but I got farther and farther away from my own kendo and was pointed at my throat by a rising star."
Qing Fengdao: "Si Nian was humiliated by Liu Dieyi two years ago, but he didn’t cling to the goal of killing Liu Dieyi like you. Instead, he’ killed’ to prove that everyone in the Kendo Jianghu, but no one can be an exception, even if the woman around him lost, not to him but to his blind heart."
Romantic doubt asks, "You didn’t mean it seven years ago, but you didn’t tell me until now."
Qingfeng looked at the ground indifferently and circled the leaves. "You didn’t understand even if I told you …"
Feng Yue said, "Are you so sure?"
Qing duct "because you have touched the kendo at the moment"
Romantic after listening to one leng, then close your eyes, and finally feel confused and open your eyes. "What didn’t I notice?"
Qingfeng didn’t say why. He turned to see that the sunset had set, and the crescent moon was shining, silvery white and milky, and the fog was light and free and easy. The mountain said softly for a long time, "Because you and I entered the same kendo …"
The spring breeze is as bleak as the autumn wind. The leaves fall and the leaves float to the distance. At this moment, Si Nian has loosened his desire and delicate hands. At the gate of the snowy villa, Si Nian’s eyebrows swept across the gate of the snowy villa. He said to the two gatekeepers, "Call your deputy villa leader to come out and I will receive the villa." One of them quickly turned and ran to the villa for a moment. A green and elegant man came out accompanied by three people. Si Nian’s right hand raised Qing Feng and gave him a token. The elegant man bowed his head and then handed it. "Welcome the villa leader is here."
Si Nian also turned a blind eye to the performance of the three people. "You three are the three masters."
Without waiting for the three of them to reply, he replied softly, "The three of them are the masters of the three halls."
Si Nian said, "Well, Hall One and Hall Two immediately called their men back to the headquarters."
Suddenly, after birth, the big man said rudely, "Who asked?"
Si Nian patiently said, "Your palace master."
"We didn’t receive a command from the palace master." It’s true that Qingfeng never gives orders by sound. Jiuyan is responsible for everything in the palace.
Si Nian’s bleak expression sank, and he knew that these people didn’t want to give themselves a Mawei. "Oh, good, good …" Si Nian laughed grimly. "Then I tell you that now I, the owner of the villa, order you to go back to the headquarters with two horses!"
A few people were instantly changed by Si Nian’s temperament, and then came back to God. "The palace master said that we three halls were not qualified to listen to him and the deputy palace master dispatched people."
Si Nian didn’t want to argue with them any more. He just said, "You want to see my strength, too, so you can work together."
Seeing that the two sides seemed to be about to fight, they hurriedly turned to the two hall lords, One Hall and Two Halls, and said, "You should give me the past quickly. But the deputy palace master made it clear that the palace master asked you to go back in half an hour. Now there is not much time!" After hearing the unfamiliar words, the two men’s faces changed instantly. Both of them almost forgot the deadline of the palace master. They hurriedly jumped out of the village and their feet seemed to float on the ground. They disappeared at a few points, and Si Nian’s heart whispered, "Sure enough, martial arts are extraordinary."
Seeing that the two of them had gone far away, they made their eyes turn to Si Nian again. "Master Zhuang, I hope you don’t keep it in mind."
Sinian didn’t say anything. He stepped straight into the door and headed for the heights.
See three open Lord still disdain eyes can’t help but slightly shook his head, the three people even for many years, it’s okay to discipline, and now I’m gone. I hope this young man will be able to control the remaining one … I shook my head and followed the pace of thinking and desire.
"Does the landlord need to meet the 12 incense owners in the three halls?" Sheng intends to let Si Nian get familiar with them and do things after a while.
Si Nian nodded. "Now you take me to my residence and ask them to wait for me in the lobby. What are the three halls calling?"
Life says, "Calling Tianlong is the third master of teaching."
Si Nian said, "Well, stop him too."
"Yes" was born when he brought Si Nian and Yu Yu to Si Nian’s residence, so he left the sound and gave it to Santangzhu and Xiangzhu, and then he went to the hall first.
"Si Nian, why don’t you go to the hall and wait for them to come to the room?" Sitting in a chair, Si Nian poured a cup of tea. Si Nian took the tea and took a sip, then put it away. "I’ll study for a while first. Tell me to stay in bed in the morning." Si Nian didn’t answer the question of desire. After that, he closed his eyes and studied for himself.
"Knock, knock"
"Master Zhuang" knocked at the door two hours later
If you want to talk, knock on the door and smile and say to the students, "Si Nian was seriously injured and is now healing. Please let them wait."
I don’t know what to say, but I can barely nod my head. "Then I’ll let them wait."
"Well, thank you, Deputy Master Zhuang." He smiled lightly and closed the door. Then he wondered if he didn’t know what medicine he was selling when he closed his eyes.
"bang! Asshole, what is he? Actually let us wait for one night! " See the sky is dim dragon shake hands cup great anger way
Life is also frowning. He didn’t expect Si Nian to offend the gang. Whether it was arrogant or not, he couldn’t help but doubt the decision of the palace master. Even if he wants to find a villa master, he has to find a superior person to handle affairs. Well, it will be difficult for him to be mixed at both ends after going there.
"Mom, let’s go! Wait! " Tianlong opponents are all disgruntled and fragrant. The Lord roared.
Seeing that they all got up to go, they quickly got up and shouted, "You live! Since Zhuang is mainly waiting for you, just wait for me! "
"Mom was playing with us when she was young, and you still helped him speak. Did you turn your elbow outward?" Tianlong turned and said with a loud voice
"Heaven Lord, who do you think is playing you?" A quiet sound appeared outside the hall by a slender and elegant figure outside the door.
Chapter 40 Lack of money
See SiNian floating into the hall and handing over slightly "Master Zhuang Tianlong is just joking …"
Si Nian’s left hand lifted to signal that he didn’t explain. In the eyes of Tianlong and its incense owner, he gradually turned and sat in the first hall. Si Nian’s left hand rested on the armrest, his forefinger touched the tip of his nose and stared at Tianlong’s silent eyes. Seeing that Tianlong saw Si Nian’s eyes staring at him, he didn’t want to be outdone.
Sinian smiled and outlined a faint smile at the corner of his mouth. He crossed his fingers and rubbed his thumb against each other. "Tell me how you can help me."
Tianlong didn’t want to think about it directly, but he didn’t lose his head for too long. Then he said heroically, "Piaoxue Villa has always been a vice-owner who is equal to me, but he has a good brain and a good temper, and you are a young man who is wet behind the ears. Are you qualified to take care of us?"
After thinking about the 12 incense owners behind Tianlong, he said, "Then you mean that I should be better than you, and you should be me?"
When Tianlong saw Si Nian, it seemed that he really wanted to fight, and he was also willing to "I would like you to beat me!"
Si nian shook his head. "Well, don’t ask you after you win me. If you lose, be obedient in front of me."
"Hey, hey, you have to win me, too." Tianlong grinned grimly and laughed, and the blue veins in his ten fingers suddenly burst into a faint white light. "I have to wake you up first. I have already reached level 46, and my proficiency in practicing bridled eyebrows and talons is also 6. If you don’t lose meat, you have to break your muscles!"
SiNian light smile "that also have to say next to …"
"Hey!" Si Nian is a sword in front of Tianlong. It’s the first time for everyone present to see Si Nian’s flying skill. How fast he can’t help but stare blankly! Everyone present, including Tianlong, was equally shocked.
"Why? Don’t leng pushing "SiNian spark than bucket serious light smile awake dragon.
Tianlong shakes his mind and reacts to the arrogance of Si Nian. He can’t help but fly into a rage. The speed of his right hand is like a flash.
"Good" Si Nian’s grasp of the speed and strength of Tianlong’s hand was not helped by Zandao’s swaying body and flashing his right paw. On the right hand side of Tianlong, Tianlong’s left paw was a recruit. Hei Hu Tao Xin’s paw flashed to Si Nian’s chest again and again. At this time, the 12 incense masters in the field were not helped by great joy. It seems that this new villa master was overwhelmed by their Tang master, but he didn’t think with them. He really taught advanced martial arts, and his proficiency in swordsmanship and Sanqing had already been cultivated to 65. The level is even higher than that of Tianlong, reaching level 47. A first-class swordsman judged that he found Si Nianjian very strong … Maybe the winner will be decided at the moment he draws his sword, but is it really the case?
In Si Nian’s eyes, the dragon’s claw skill is very strong, and the left and right hand attacks are endless, and the speed of attack is amazing. However, if the attack is fast and put into use for too long, it will eventually show flaws. The dragon’s strong attack can’t help but hit Si Nian, and the follow-up is not enough. Si Nian’s eyes are full of laughter. His right hand moves his sword, and the sword light flashes from Tianlong’s eyes and then "Hey!" Sheathed Si Nian jumped down and sat down gently in the first seat.
"hey! It’s not over yet. Why are you running away? Dare not fight? " Tianlong see Sinian was a leap backwards sitting on the first hands claw rough roar a way
Si Nian couldn’t help smiling when he saw that he was still so roared
"Hall Lord …" Not far from Tianlong’s side, a fragrant Lord shouted to him.