Easy to mark, close your eyes, and seriously practice the great Yan Zhen tactic. In the process of practicing the great Yan Zhen tactic, the soul-locking skill is also advancing unconsciously, and the two complement each other and the effect is extremely obvious!

Yi Mark feels as if it has been a few days in the secret map, and feels that the body medicine has been refined, that is, the gene body has reached the state of synchronization.
After reaching this level, Yi Mark also knows that there is no good progress in practicing again for the time being, so he prepares some corresponding Dan medicines.
Spirit sword, blue ice flower dew, dead flower petals and so on are all essential things.
At the beginning, Dan Dan Fang, who got the most from Peiyuan, has not been refined until now because of lack of strength. Now, the help of Zhujidan Yangxin Spring is no longer so obvious for Yi Mark, and Yi Mark needs stronger Dan medicine.
It is Peiyuan Dan that can make the foundation period of Dan medicine no good. There is a slight hesitation and no refining of Peiyuan Dan.
Out of the secret map, the return of consciousness was induced for a while, and I was surprised to find that it was only two days or so!
That is to say, I have actually stayed in the secret map for about fifty days!
Yi Mark got up and condensed Yuan Shen’s induction. Yi Mark finally smiled without regret.
Now he is completely in the peak and perfect state in the middle of the foundation period. At this moment, Yi Mark believes that even in the early stage of the Dan period, he also has a battlefield ability!
However, due to the particularity of the achievement method, the combination of two strange achievement methods produces variation, and its attack power and powerful shock force, etc. all make Yi Mark not think this is his glory.
He is satisfied with himself, mainly because he is better at cultivating the realm than others!
A layer of realm from the early stage of the practice period to the middle stage of the foundation period, every layer of realm is easy to trace, which is a thorough understanding of this layer of realm!
It’s just like in the same school, a person who devotes himself to understanding all the knowledge is the same as a person who has swallowed up his studies. The gap is absolutely huge.
Easy to trace self-confidence. If a person has the mid-term state of the foundation period, he will also have the Ziyun sword and the Dayan tactic, and he will also cultivate the Dayan tactic to the third level. At most, his attack power will be nothing more than fighting with the masters in the late foundation period and killing them, but if he wants to finish the Dan period, he must die!
However, his easy mark is different. He pays attention to balancing, perfection, no hurry, no rashness, laying a very solid foundation, and then really takes pains to understand the magic weapon control, so he has an absolutely unimaginable advantage in attack!
Moreover, there is also a simulated battlefield. This kind of combat training has honed the sense of crisis in the process of life and death several times, which is enough to make Yi Mark a horror to the monks of the same order!
Great Yan Zhen’s formula embodies the powerful, abnormal and special skill in Yuan God.
The so-called meta-god can also be called a condensed consciousness, soul and so on, but the meta-god does not mean that the soul has been condensed into consciousness, and then it can be called a meta-god.
The name is different, but it’s actually the same.
Yuan Shen Yuan Ying is different from Yuan Ying. Yuan Ying is the product of the broken alchemy of Godsworn in the Dan-knot period, just like life derived from an egg.
Then the elixir is where monks practice, and Yuan Ying is a transformation and a qualitative leap!
When I walked into the hall, I suddenly found that the whole hall was very bright and clean, and some of the dust accumulated had already disappeared.
Yi mark slightly induction found that Sawyer Isa was cleaning in the abode of fairies and immortals and couldn’t help smiling warmly.
"Isa, you have reached the middle of the foundation period, which is not bad." Yi Mark’s figure flashed at the door of another secret room and said with a smile.
Although her face is veiled, her face is still flushed at the moment.
She seems a little shy. "Brother Yi, you have been practicing for three years and more than seven months. Now it seems that your practice is unfathomable." Sawyer Yisha said with envy and admiration.
"Ha-ha, unfathomable. It’s only in the middle of the foundation period. I don’t know when I want to break through." Yi Mark said with a smile.
"Brother Yi, are you going to leave here?" She seems to have some induction and asked.
Yi mark some don’t have the heart to deceive this kind woman, so she nodded, "My qualification is not good. My master said that there is a elixir that can improve my qualification, but he won’t help me find it myself. I have to try it myself."
I heard that there are four dangerous places with materials. I want to see them. It’s very dangerous this time, and it’s not convenient for me to take you. "
Sawyer Isabel heard that her face was a little dim and sad. She raised her hand and took a look at Yi Mark. She took a sip of her lips and said, "Brother Yi, I’ll go with you. You’re not familiar with this East Chamber country. If we go together, you won’t go around the bay. I won’t go into that dangerous place with you. I’ll wait for you outside, but this won’t be a burden to you."
Yi mark smell speech some moved in the heart and some nai looked at Sawyer Isabel. "Well, it’s Yi eldest brother, and I have never abandoned you as a burden. After all, this time it’s a bit dangerous, and I’m not sure myself."
Sawyer Yisha understood very well. "Yi Da Ge Yisha can understand, but if it is really dangerous, can’t you not go?" Wrong novel network does not skip words.
Yi Mark looked into the distance and mused, "This is an opportunity, but it is a rare opportunity. This special environment is not that the higher the strength, the better."
Isa heard that Yi Mark’s mind was made up and she could silently bless her in her heart.
Yushui forest is a grassland.
It’s still sunny outside the scope of Yushuilin, and it’s sunny with white clouds in Wan Li, but since we stepped into that layer, we can’t see it, but we can feel it in the general level of water curtain, and the beautiful weather has gone away.
Isa is waiting outside near a hill, where Yi Mark helps. She has built a small cave, where she will wait while practicing for the time being.