In her words, Situhao has rushed to the center of the snow peak of the ice vein at an extremely fast speed, and it is indeed a hundred feet frozen in the thick snow.

Situhao held back his heart and waved his hand in surprise. The most powerful force directly bombarded the ice.
A force bombarded the ice and was hit by a small pit. He couldn’t help hitting the ice several times, but the ice was still not broken down.
Oh, my God, the ice here, this hard day, the crack of the thunder blade, is already one of the top ten artifacts, and my strength has reached the level of general fairy magic. The combo count has not responded. This is terrible, isn’t it? Stuart muttered with horror
Luo Luo Hao, the ice here has lasted for tens of thousands of years, and its hardness is by no means worse than that of darksteel. It is not so easy for you to break it. You should bombard it slowly and believe that it will not take long to break it down.
At the same time, the sound of her voice sounded in Situhao’s mind. I managed to advance to the top ten artifacts by being old. I actually encountered such a thing that even a piece of ice could not be broken. Oh, my God, let me destroy it. In the words, Situhao’s hand was shaking and humming. When his right hand was loose, the thunder blade flashed and struck again and again on the thick ice. Chapter 37 Remodeling the flesh.
After three blows, the thick ice layer in Fiona Fang collapsed and fell into the quagmire of life for a moment, and the quagmire of life did not change because of the integration of ice.
There was a purple-gold sky in the ice fragmentation day, and the thunder blade flew directly in front of Situhao. He grabbed it and sacrificed it to the gods.
Situhao looked at the quagmire of life with stupefied eyes, and his heart was full of excitement. He asked him to throw the bones of the moon into the quagmire of life, and his mother would have bones and raw meat, and her body would be reborn again.
The quagmire of life is a kind of crystal, which exudes a kind of holy light and a strong breath of life. Situ Hao’s eyes are stupefied and he is excited and feels a sense of peace.
Situhao walked slowly to the front of the quagmire of life and took the moon bones from the Gankun Ring, mother. Now I will reshape your body. This is the first step of your rebirth. Situhao mumbles here and keeps taking the mother bones from the Gankun Ring and throwing them into the quagmire of life.
Their bones were thrown into the quagmire of life. Those bones were suspended and their roots didn’t respond. However, when Situ Hao threw the last bone into the quagmire of life, the magical scene was very messy immediately. The dead bones had been combined for a moment and had been synthesized into a human skeleton. The suspended bones sank into the quagmire of life and stopped when the bones completely sank into the quagmire of life.
Situhao gaped at this scene and was shocked by the magic of life quagmire.
As the bones sink into the quagmire of life, a breath immediately rushes to the moon bones and pours into his bones. Slowly, the surface of her bones is bound with a layer of crystal.
Watching the moon’s bones change, Stuart’s heart is about to jump into his throat.
With the passage of time, the bones of the moon become more and more crystal-shaped, and it looks very thin. The situation gradually becomes full. After about an hour, a perfect person forms a moon, which is now like a crystal sculpture, but the beautiful outline has not changed.
Watching the moon’s bones become like this, Situhao’s heart beat faster. This is the mother’s body, so it’s too weird.
Just as Situ Hao was horrified, the head of the moon grew hair, and the body like a crystal sculpture slowly emerged with color. With the passage of time, everything was recovering.
Situhao stared at the beautiful body in the quagmire of life with stupefied eyes. There was no ripple in his heart and he respected his mother.
Soon, the moon’s flesh was completely shaped, and her body slowly floated to the quagmire of life. Situ Hao quickly lifted the cold body up and took the underwear from Gankun Ring to wear by her mother.
Mother, if you wait for me, you will be reborn. Situhao’s eyes are full of tears, and he puts his mother’s body directly into the Gankun ring.
Mother’s physical remoulding of Situhao was finally a worry, and her heart was greatly relieved.
Hao, your mother is so beautiful, she said sincerely.
That is, of course, don’t look at who she is. Stuart Hao immediately said with a joke after hearing her talk.
But your mother is so beautiful, but you don’t look very good. Look at your mother and look at you. She is so different. Her voice is full of doubts. This is not like a joke.
Situhao was very depressed when she said this, but in fact, his appearance really can’t be compared with his mother
Don’t forget that I’m still my father, but Situhao doesn’t know how to explain this problem to my father.
He is really not very good-looking, and it is nothing for a handsome guy to say that he is also white, but it is not pleasant to be asked by a beautiful woman.
I can’t figure it out. It’s not something I can think about against you human beings. Besides, we elves are born naturally, that is, we elves get married but we don’t have children. It’s not something I can understand. Her voice paused here and then said, Hao, what’s wrong with you? Why do I feel that you are unhappy?