Yang Xiao to a face of doubt just afraid of militant now how to say don’t give up?

"Ha ha! Xiaodi! We Heaven and Earth Sect can’t be enemies of all family forces, but the enemies of other families are still so-called our Heaven and Earth Sect. If we want to continue to live like this, we must bully! It is natural that those forces should send the door! " See Yang Xiao to a face of puzzled expression skyhawk said with a smile.
Yang Xiao to this just a pair of suddenly enlighted Zhang Xiaotian also nodded with a smile skyhawk said exactly what he thought.
"What about the other families? They are coming to take our magic weapon! " Yang Xiaodi then asked
"Since they want our intermediate magic weapon, what if I give it to them?" Zhang Xiaotian smiled a lightly said.
"Give them?" Yang Xiao to look a bit odd.
Zhang Xiaotian took a look back at Sanying. Now they don’t change color. Obviously, they have already guessed their own meaning. It seems that ginger is still hot.
"I’ll give them one if they want a middle-class magic weapon, but when they come, there are so many family forces and so many ghosts. I can’t control how they want to divide it!" Zhang Xiaotian light said with a smile.
"How many ghosts have they come to Xiao Di?" Ranging from Yang Xiao to react Zhang Xiaotian instead asked "two … two or three thousand! There are more than 200 ghost-shaped periods! Except for a few ghost periods, ghost repairs are all ghost periods. "Yang Xiao found out the yin and yang eyes for a while and swallowed a mouthful of water, saying that when they were besieged in Tianma crematorium, it was simply childish compared with this.
"Two or three thousand!" Zhang Xiaotian was taken aback and frowned. I didn’t expect so many ghost repairs.
"Xiao! God! Let’s go out and have a look together! " Thought for a moment Zhang Xiaotian looked up and said with a smile.
"Good!" Yang Xiao excited should way
"hmm!" Skyhawk nodded also should way.
"Then my parents will ask Tie Lao and Fei Lao to take care of them!" Zhang Xiaotian turned to the Iron Eagle and the Flying Eagle and said that although there are fat people beside their parents, the two Zhang Xiaotian, Tielao and Feilao, are more at ease.
"Don’t worry, master!" Iron eagle and flying eagle should way
The spiritual strength around Yandang Mountain is stronger than that in other places. It is the ghost practice that cultivates the local secular world. The ghost practice forces have an agreement with the hell not to hurt mortals. Perhaps these ghost practice families greeted the forces among mortals, and no mortal approached around Yandang Mountain.
However, if mortals really come here, they will be cooler than usual around Yandang Mountain, and they will feel chilly when they go here.
Thousands of ghosts gathered around Yandang Mountain, making the whole Yandang Mountain full of soul.
Thousands of ghost practitioners and nearly a hundred forces usually get along well with each other and have contradictions. They all get together without organization and discipline, and they are grateful and complaining. It’s not bad to be busy for a while than to be busy in Fangshi.
"The ghost of the Li family is here!" Suddenly a pitch shouted
At that time, all the ghosts were quiet! The name of the four major ghost repair families in the Li family secular world is not to brag that they can easily destroy it. It is not good for a family present to annoy them!
See a line of hundreds of dozens of ghost repair slowly walked to the front of Yandang Mountain, the weakest repair is the late ghost, which has more than 20 ghost repair periods, and the highest one has reached the peak of ghost repair!
It is not without reason that these family forces are so afraid of the Li family. Just coming to these ghost practices is stronger than the general larger family forces!
A group of ghost practitioners of the Li family proudly walked to Yandang Mountain and were very satisfied with this shocking effect! Wrong! There’s another one with a gloomy face! But it is the leader who is also the highest!
He is the five elders of the Lee family, and his position in the Lee family is not low. The more clans there are, the more divisions there are. The five elders were the ones who competed for the chief of the clan at the beginning, but they also had the greatest hope. But in the end, they didn’t run for office. He was very angry about it. However, due to the clan rules, he didn’t dare to rebel. He didn’t want to rebel, and Li Yaner was a contemporary matriarch. He couldn’t take it out on Li Yaner, so he wanted to vent his anger on the chief of the clan’s daughter
Although the clan chiefs also decided to kill the members of the Heaven and Earth Sect, he shouted the most fierce one because Li Yaner liked the Heaven and Earth Sect. If he could kill Yang Xiaodi and bring his body to the clan for Li Yaner to see, she must be very sad. That’s what he thought.
Of course, it is impossible for the Li family to give up the magic weapon of spiritual wave control, because the four families all want to snatch the magic weapon of spiritual wave control, and there is a mutual restriction, which stipulates the number of ghost repairs to be sent. The five elders took on the responsibility of the Li family at one stroke and sent ghost repairs because of him. Later, the Gongsun family withdrew, but this restriction has not changed.
So the five elders look so gloomy because his grandson and two great-grandchildren were killed by the mysterious master who helped heaven and earth! There are some elites and masters like him! He didn’t come in person to kill heaven and earth to help this matter, but he came. Not only did he come, but he also brought many family ghost masters.
"Hissing-I didn’t expect the five elders of the Li family to come this time. It seems that their Li family is bound to win that intermediate magic weapon!" Some people recognize the five elders of the Li family, Ghost Xiu, but there is a show-off tone in every way. After all, some big family figures generally don’t appear in public, while Ghost Xiu Gen generally doesn’t know them.
"The lee family five elders? Which one is the Five Elders? " Sure enough, as soon as I heard that ghost repair said, I immediately asked another ghost repair. Obviously, it is also a person who has heard the name of the Five Elders.
"I saw the leader at a banquet before!" Earlier, the ghost repair reached a finger and said urgently that he was afraid that others would not know.
"Have you ever been to a party?" The ghost monk was surprised and said that you should know that only when you reach the ghost stage can you eat food in the secular world, while in the ghost stage, you can eat that kind of food only when you have soul eaters and some special things. Although there are more in hell, there are very few such things in the secular world, and the value is extremely high. At present, this ghost monk is only a ghost stage, obviously he can’t eat that kind of food in the secular world, so the level of banquet he can attend is not low.
"Well, I went with my uncle once before!" Previously, the ghost said with a careless look, but his face was full of pride.
"Who are the five elders of the Li family?" Perhaps I heard them talking about a ghost repair next to me and asked
"You don’t know the five elders of the Li family?" Previously, the ghost repair asked with a face of surprise, and he couldn’t believe it.
Being asked by that ghost repair just now is not embarrassing.
"The lee family five elders that’s ghost peak ghost repair! You don’t know this ….. "The previous ghost repair also ignored the question and said something embarrassing.
Generally, the ghost repair forces don’t know that the four families have ghost repair in their eyes, and the peak of ghost repair is the peak of ghost repair in the secular world, while the older families just guess that the four families have ghost repair things, but they are not sure, but even so, no one dares to play the idea of the four families.
"elder brother! I didn’t expect this Yanjia Villa to hide its strength! " I heard the ghost outside talking about Yang Xiao and suddenly smiled and said to Zhang Xiaotian next to him.
"why?" Zhang Xiaotian some doubts at Yang Xiaodi.
"Said yan home three yan outside! I didn’t know that Yan’s family still had two ghost peak periods and a ghost late master! Hehe! " Yang Xiao smiled and said
"Actually?" Zhang Xiaotian was a little surprised, but he was relieved. It’s not easy for a power to be born all the time. One more killer weapon is equivalent to one more back road. If the enemy of Yan Villa wants to deal with them, then these three ghosts are a great killer weapon. Zhang Xiaotian couldn’t help sighing at the thought of this. It seems that he has to pay more attention to this aspect after seeing the strength of a power. Never look at it from the surface.
"Are those kids from Heaven and Earth Gang here in Yandang Mountain?" In the piedmont, the five elders of the Li family asked the leader of a family power beside them.
"Well … I don’t know if it’s true after listening to others say so!" The leader couldn’t help but feel flattered when he saw the five elders of the Li family talking to himself. Although he was also a ghost-shaped mid-ghost, compared with the strength status of the five elders, it was too different, but after listening to the white question, he couldn’t help laughing and didn’t know what he was talking about.
"Is there any family power mountain to see?" Five elders asked with a frown
"This ….. it seems that I haven’t heard that Heaven and Earth helped to kill many ghosts in Tianma Crematorium, among which there are more than 20 ghost-shaped periods! It’s really too tight for our individual forces to dare to go! " The ghost fix one leng and then should way
"Hum!" Five elders is cold hum a obviously to the ghost repair boast heaven and earth to help some dissatisfaction.
Seeing the reaction expression of the Five Elders, the ghost monk was embarrassed, but he said it was also practical. If heaven and earth had not helped kill so many ghost monks in Tianma crematorium, I’m afraid they would have swarmed around.
"It’s just a lucky kid. If it weren’t for the middle-class magic weapon in his hand, he wouldn’t be so big!" The five elders said with a gloomy face, but they didn’t recognize how severe Zhang Xiaotian was
"I think you’d better go home quickly. This muddy water is not what you can do! Let’s go-"The Five Elders glanced at the leader and said lightly that they would lead their hands to the top of Yandang Mountain.
"Ha ha ha ha! It’s rude of you to come to my Yandang Mountain and I, the owner of Yandang Mountain, didn’t treat you well! " Before the five elders went to Yan Dangshan, they listened to a laugh from afar.
Three dark shadows rush from the mountain like ghosts at their peak.
Zhang Xiaotian three people immediately set their position on a rock, which is a little far from the five elders of Lee. Actually, this is also Zhang Xiaotian’s deliberate choice of position. Since the Lee family has Li Yaner’s layer, they will forget it and let them have it once. If they don’t know how to take the initiative to die when they bully themselves, Zhang Xiaotian will not show mercy again.
Black Stone’s new function, the appearance of black matter, has once again strengthened Zhang Xiaotian’s confidence. If black matter really has Yang Xiao’s ability to make the injured ghost become insane, then Zhang Xiaotian’s strength will be strengthened again. If the injured ghost is going to be repaired, then there will be a chance to kill them or contact them, and they can be banned. Now Zhang Xiaotian’s mentality towards the four major families has also changed from the original fear and fear to the so-called one.