At this moment, the green ink fiercely spits out a mouthful of JingXie, and then gives a sharp bite to the tongue, which makes the moment confused and wake up instantly.

But even so, the other side’s sword was ruthlessly killed towards him, and the speed was incredible.
Green ink heart is a surprised face suddenly ugly than this sword, and he can’t resist it. It is precisely because of this that his heart is horizontal and his body is soaring and deflected somewhat, and other relatively not particularly dangerous parts block this sword.
At the moment, Yi Mark Ziyun Sword has severely penetrated the green ink shoulder, and at the same time, when approaching each other, his left hand slapped him hard on the chest.
Blue ink bandits went out directly and turned pale instantly.
However, when he flew out upside down, his hand slammed the dry bag, and suddenly a purple light flew out of the dry bag, and something like a flower belt flew directly towards the easy mark, like the same smart snake.
Easy mark heart in a surprised don’t make a fool of oneself also fierce a clap waist to dry Kun bag suddenly a special top order FuBao like a bag instantaneous toward the flower belt package in the past.
The blue ink cold hum a hand suddenly waved a bright light dazzling but directly in the flower with the purple and black flower belt suddenly purple light suddenly became several times larger and the speed towards the easy mark shot increased a lot!
Yi Mark is also unambiguous, repeatedly shooting three vitality in that Fubaoshen.
The fubao pocket suddenly became bigger as well, and it became inflated like an inflatable bag.
The bag rushed over and brought the purple and black flowers to the package and then exploded violently.
"A Fubao wants to break my instrument and die!" Green ink smile have no scruples corners of the mouth bleeding face some ferocious way
Yi Mark also sneered at him. He didn’t deliberately kill him. He just tried to test how strong a monk was in the middle of Dan period.
This time, the magic weapon of competition is easy to trace in the one-time top-order Fubao explosion strength, and has vaguely found out the approximate strength of the other party, and then easy to trace at this strength level gives him about 50% higher strength, and the strength of this knot Dan period monk is in a complete state.
So easy to mark slightly after calculation took out one thousand one hundred percent strength to deal with the monk.
This competition is easy to mark, and through the previous trick and the magic weapon, we have already got a certain understanding of our opponents, so it is unnecessary to continue to remove the marks.
And if the token doesn’t seem to be a simple thing, I don’t want to drag it away to avoid big sleep’s easy mark
Yi Mark’s eyes are slightly closed, and he gently holds Ziyun Sword. The whole person is like a sword in one.
The real energy of the soul-locking work is really derived. This time, Yi Mark has been mobilized, and suddenly he is as unattainable as a mountain.
That kind of deep yue zhi imposing manner is that they practiced in the distance, and there are some uneasiness in the green ink heart.
Fubao’s huge explosion root didn’t shake the ribbon impact.
The purple-black ribbon is a short pause, and then it will continue to rush towards the easy mark at the same speed. When it is not far from the easy mark, it suddenly violently melts into a The Hunger hand and mercilessly grasps it towards the easy mark.
Yi mark suddenly opened his eyes and didn’t seem to see the hand. His eyes were cold and full of breath.
That kind of eyes seems to be like looking at ants without any feelings!
If there must be a feeling to shape, it is numbness, indifference and contempt.
It is a kind of high in the eyes, but this kind of eyes is easy to mark and you won’t know it.
Killing double swords and easy marks are immersed in them at the moment, feeling the great power of the heavenly sword and naturally not feeling physical changes.
But at the moment, the world is dark in Yi Mark’s eyes, and his opponent is a skeleton without body in his eyes!
And this skeleton has a place with a very bright mark, which was captured in an instant by Yi Mark, and then he inserted his sword into the place with a bright mark with almost no idea!
Exactly. When Yi Mark felt that his eyes suddenly widened, the magic sword had already been shot.
The magic sword of heaven and the magic sword of earth are completely different in power. It can be said that the magic sword can be controlled, but the magic sword of heaven is controlled by root method and from control!
Yi Mark’s heart calmed down. When he looked up, the purple and black flower belt had already fallen from it, and the green ink body had turned into a mummy, and Yuan Shen had dissipated unconsciously.
His body froze in the forest for a moment before crashing down.
Yi Mark’s figure flashed, and a dry Kun bag fell into his hand, and the flower belt waved slightly at Yi Mark and flew into Yi Mark’s hand.
Consciousness swept a finger, and the face of the dry Kun bag was easy to mark, revealing a different color. It turned out that the token in the dry Kun bag turned out to be an endless thing!
This token seems to be a complete token, which is divided into five parts, one of which has a flat incision on both sides. glossy surface has a special rune flashing, and you can tell it is extraordinary at a glance.
Besides this token, there are a lot of things in this green ink dry Kun bag! Whether it’s Lingshi or monster Dan, there are even some prescriptions.
However, Yi Mark is not interested in seeing those defective pills. The only pill that is relatively complete is a kind of pill called "Hui Ling Dan", which seems to be a pill to cultivate aura and enhance qualification.
Yi Mark’s surprise is that he got the magic prescription this time, which is really a timely help to him!
Yi-mark’s heart rejoiced and directly collected Hui Ling Dan Fang into the secret map. Then, after sorting out this dry Kun bag, he directly abandoned some parts that are easy to mark and transferred them to his own dry Kun bag, or things that are easy to mark and can’t see were directly thrown into this dry Kun bag and then abandoned in the sea together with the dry Kun bag.
"Let this meaning pass through a monk or a monster beast and have good luck!" Easy mark hey hey a smile in my heart.
Easy-to-trace consciousness sinks into this, such as token’s careful exploration. For example, token doesn’t show much to easy-to-trace, but there is a special scene inside-
There is a huge medicine garden, where there seems to be a strong aura, and there are all kinds of herbs with strange and amazing effects
And there seem to be powerful monks shuttle there.