The strength is equal to that of the celestial world. Without the pick of Jin Xian Xiu, it is impossible to be instantaneous. Even if the cold is broken, the virtual body method can travel 100 meters here.

Chapter 45 Lost Soul Sea
Fiona Fang’s waters of more than 10,000 miles are blue in color. When it is about 100 miles away from the waters, plants on the ground become scarce, and even a grass can’t be seen on the shore.
Like a sapphire, the water surface is calm, as if there were no ripples for hundreds of millions of years, and it was chilling and cold.
Extremely cold!
You can feel the water temperature is very low from hundreds of miles away, which is why even a grass can’t grow for hundreds of miles.
"This is the sea of lost souls?" Chen cold shout asked.
"That’s right, this is the origin of Yang stone in the broken stone of Yin and Yang."
Yi Hao stirred up a smile at the corner of his mouth, and his tone was full of confidence. "The rules here are somewhat different from those in other places. Instead, every yangshi corresponds to one or several guards, but yangshi and guards are mixed together. Once you enter, you may meet a yangshi and get it without being stopped by guards, but it is also possible to directly meet a guard and fight before you see the yangshi."
I know a little about the Lost Sea, and I muttered to myself, "There is no Yangshan stone thousands of miles away along the coast, but the number of guards is relatively small. It is the level of the late fairy, and the chances of the emergence of Yangshan stone thousands of miles away increase. It is also the level of the late fairy."
"The sea of lost souls in Fiona Fang is divided into five levels from the coast to the center. The red beads say that the first three levels are that there is no yangshi thousands of miles away, and the yangshi appears more than two thousand miles away, but the yangshi in the fourth level guards a team more often with ten leaders. At the beginning, the fifth level of Taiyi Jinxian realm, that is, the number of yangshi reached its peak. In those days, I was defeated here and there was a chance to leave here." Yi Hao shook his head and sighed with self-mockery.
"My father was also hit hard on the fifth floor when he was greedy and aggressive …"
Chizhu dialect and Yi Hao’s experience have solved the doubts in Chen Han’s heart. It was previously heard that the treasures of the Magic God Palace are guarded by immortals.
Once the treasure is seized, it will lead to the natural barrier around the guard, and as a result, two people will kill the guard and get the treasure, and the guard will kill them.
According to this, it is impossible for the heavenly demon to teach in front of the temple or Yi Haoren to be injured and escape. It turns out that both of them are frustrated in this sea of lost souls, and the frustrated places are the same. They are all in the innermost area of the sea of lost souls
This is also the only place in the four halls in front of the Phantom Palace that can’t beat but still have a chance to escape. Because of this, the yangshi is not a treasure corresponding to a group of guards, but mixed in the whole sea of lost souls. From here, it can be inferred that there are still many yangshi in the repair world. After all, there is not much danger in this Phantom Palace unless other treasures are moved, that is, the first few cards are tested.
Other treasures have the experience of predecessors, and experts from all sides have formed teams that would rather look for them in the other five fierce places than take risks.
However, the sea of lost souls is different. It will not be fixed here, and one party will die. If you want to escape to the shore, the danger will be automatically lifted, and the guards in the peripheral waters are all single. Relatively speaking, the security is far superior to others.
"What’s the situation at the top?" Chen cold can’t help but be curious.
"It’s all Taiyi Jin Xian who meets one who hasn’t had any bad luck and will meet in droves …" Yi Hao got a cold war.
"My father was besieged by a group of Taiyi Jin Xian," said Chizhu gloomily.
"There are many yangshi?"
"A lot!"
Yi Hao pulled out a ring and threw it at Chen Han. "When I stayed in it for dozens of breaths, I found more than 100 pieces of yangshi, and then I met with three Taiyi Jin Xian guards. At that time, I had six robberies, and my friend died with me. Two people, another one and I were seriously injured and escaped."
Red Pearl shook his head with a wry smile and murmured, "You are lucky. My father met a group of people who were on the same team. Three people were killed on the spot. My father escaped with serious injuries behind him. It was a serious injury that could instill in me what he had learned all his life. This is the red pearl today."
"The lost souls haven’t been banned, but you can fly to the first floor and go directly to see Yangshi, so you can search and flee the sea when you see the guards." Chen Han said with some doubts.
"You think too simply. The sea of lost souls can indeed fly, but have you ever noticed what water is in the sea of lost souls?"
"This is …"
The figure flashed to the coast of the lost soul. There was no yangshi and no guards in this thousand miles, so there was no need to have scruples. Chen Han casually dipped into the water.
Extremely cold!
He has noticed this attribute for a long time, but there is another attribute in the strange cold, that is, this kind of water contains a strange energy. If he had not robbed six scattered immortals and replaced them with weak ones, he would have been sucked into the water by that strange force.
Even so, he calculated that it would be difficult for Yi Hao, a powerful immortal, to fly once he entered the water. That force was like a stagnant seal.
"Cold weak water? No wonder … "
He finally understood the reason in his heart. It turned out that it was here that would have an adsorption effect on pick Jin Xian, freezing cold and weak water.
If you want to get into the water, you can’t fly, break and tread with your sword. If you just fly to the ground first, the only way to get out of the sea of lost souls is to swim all the way to the shore
"There is only a stone in the sea. Once it is tracked by the guards, there will be no head-on confrontation unless the speed exceeds Taiyi Jin Xian."
"Let’s go for nothing!"
New recognition of the main month Lingjian spewed from the sky, and the cold pedal flying sword soared. Three people also chased the imperial sword in succession, and you could vaguely see that the ice pupil had a touch of joy in his eyes.
Moon Lingjian, isn’t that her personal magic weapon?
Chen Han gave himself the tear gun and the silver star fairy armor, and brought his body temperature magic weapon to make himself close to the magic weapon. Is this an exchange of tokens of love?
On the other hand, I found out from a woman’s intuition that the ice pupil was so proud that the red beads made my roots itch and hated my magic weapon. Why not almost?
Plop …
Even though the magic palace is exceptionally stable and the speed is greatly restricted, it is only a few thousand miles away.
Four figures slowly descended from the height, but as soon as their feet touched the sea, they immediately felt that their whole bodies lost their ability to resist, as if they had fallen from a high place and made a loud noise, but in fact, they had no distance from the water, which was even more outrageous. It was loud but there was no splash.
As the old saying goes, the goose feather does not float.
But after being really immersed in the water, it doesn’t feel heavy all the time, except for the extreme cold, just like ordinary seawater, but it can’t break through the water and fly.
Fairy power stirs from the pores to form an egg membrane outside the body, and the four of them dive at an extremely fast speed.
Yangshi lies within a hundred miles of the water, and you can’t see anything else or guards in the hundred-mile area.
"How can my psychic knowledge … be less than a kilometer?" Ice pupil frightened to disgrace sound
"Cold and weak water have bound the spirit consciousness, which will naturally be affected. Don’t make a fuss." Yi Hao smiled and didn’t care
"Feeling almost a hundred miles?"
The psychic leaned out more than 3,000 meters, and Chen Han also judged the exact distance. The right hand grabbed the floating cloud combat knife and said, "Everyone be careful that the three of you will form a war and go our way!"
The three men didn’t say that Chen Han’s fighting power is stronger or weaker than the three of them, but his fighting power comes from pure power, and it is impossible to form a war with them. His amazing fighting power, coupled with those powerful magic weapons and shocking physical defense, is hard to cause substantial damage to him even if Jin Xian is too B in the early days.
Yin and yang can not only shuttle between the two universes, but also be exchanged for prisoners in the war. The value of life is hard to estimate.
There was a faint white light in the square sea water, which was familiar to Chen Han, but he couldn’t help but shine at the moment and dive rapidly-Yangshi.
Sure enough, as Yi Hao said, there are too many yangshi in the top sea area. No wonder you can find more than a hundred with dozens of breaths.
Of course, high harvest is accompanied by high risk.
If you have the opportunity to enter the Danxiao Hall area, you are not a master. Usually, you would rather get less in the edge area than take risks in the core area.
The three of them were not in a hurry to act. Yi Haoshou’s red beads and ice pupils worked together to form a war, and the moving speed was extremely fast. Soon, Yi Hao grabbed a white Guanghua stone and smiled at Chen Han. "If you put it in the first floor area for ten or twenty days, you may not be able to get a piece of Yangshi everywhere."
Chen Han nodded excitedly, pocketing one yangshi after another. Look at the number of yangshi here, you can’t worry about getting enough yin and yang to break the virtual stone and go home.
In less than two minutes, Chen Han, who acted alone with the fastest speed, won more than 100 pieces of Yangshi Yihao alone, and the three of them also got 30 or 50 pieces each.
Just as the four men were frantically searching for Yangshi, two wonderful horses tore the sea water at an incredible speed and bombarded Chen Han.
I have been holding the cloud combating Dao in my hand for a while, and the surrounding sea water was suddenly broken by a horse’s force. I was greeted with a cold laugh, and at the same time I shouted, "These guys give it to me, and you will continue to collect Yang Shi, which is the first time for the real Taiyi Jin Xian!"
All-in-one ancient fairy with both attack and defense
All-in-one genuine Taiyi Jinxian realm
A person’s real combat power is almost the same as Yi Hao’s. However, all they can do is draw with Yi Hao because of their superiority in fighting skill. In contrast, Chen’s shivering skill is even more important to these guards. For him, the two Taiyi Jin Xian’s combat power is at the same level as Chizhu’s.
If Yi Hao encounters such a one-on-one situation of Taiyi Jin Xian, he will definitely win the battle against ghosts. He has no real body and wants Yuan Shen to be undamaged. Even if the ghost body is completely destroyed, it will not have the slightest impact on the combat power.