At this moment, it is like receiving stimulation, such as a tsunami, and the waves roll and howl seem to sweep through this world!

Bloody blood rolls and kills like the sea.
In the tumbling, I saw that the blood gas quickly disappeared and the strong murder disappeared, and the blood column seemed to be absorbed by something in an instant!
The blood gas dissipates and the blood column covers the range, only to see that one of them is as beautiful as a white jade girl sitting cross-legged in a black robe!
This stunning girl is Gu Yue!
At the moment, she is attracting attention!
Eyelashes fret. Her cold eyes with your eyes open swept Xia Qishen in an instant. She saw the sword attack and went to the sword. Gu Yue’s eyes were cold!
The black hair flutters like a goddess, but it is full of murder. The figure is crimson and bloody, and a firm but gentle wave has roared out!
That a firm but gentle shock seemed to condense the roar of murder, but the flame broke up and the crimson sword hummed, but it was also hit and hit slightly, and Xia Qi flashed easily.
It’s like flint here. It’s all happened
All the Godsworn monster beast department looked at Gu Yue in horror.
Just now, the blood column that soared into the sky was as vast as the sea, which meant to kill just now, but all the departments entered Gu Yue’s body!
However, during the construction period, the friar’s first breakthrough was so loud that everyone realized that Gu Yue’s practice of meditation could never be simple!
"I knew there might be a little movement before I broke through the realm of pure murder for the first time, but I didn’t expect it to be so huge." Gu Yue said to Xia Qi with a slight wrinkle in her eyebrows.
At the moment, the situation in Gu Yue has been white, and she has some apologies to explain to Xia Qi and Wu.
"Join me and keep you alive!"
Sword sorrow was beaten back by Gu Yue, but at the moment it was flashing eyes and staring at Gu Yue with a firm face.
"Hand over the skill Wan Yaoting to keep you safe!"
The little demon king with golden wings, the princess with golden snake, and the monkey king are all together at the same time, regardless of whether they look at each other but often fight, but they are still United at the moment when the demon family is ruled by the Demon Court.
"Are you all demon courts bullying us? There is no one in Qin Zhou’s cultivation of immortals?"
Zhu Cang and the fire maniac also talked about the cultivation of immortals in Qinzhou thousands of years ago, but they often faced the invasion of the demon race. I don’t know how many monks died, but they were able to unite briefly in the face of foreign enemies.
Xia qi face wry smile.
The news that the so-called exotic treasure was born was broken, but now Gu Yue has become a treasure again, causing looting.
"Brother, there is an ancient cave house here that is about to be born and ready to seize the treasure!"
Xia Qi some wry smile Wu is also somberly but Gu Yue is as cold as ever at the moment without any panic. A sound rings in Xia Qi’s ears!
"What? Is there really an ancient cave house born? "
Xia qi suddenly a surprised but face did not show immediately shocked Gu Yue asked.
"Well, as soon as I broke through the ninth floor and broke through two floors in the foundation period, I could feel that there was a huge ancient cave house on this side that was about to be born because of my murder!" Gu Yue tone positive mouth.
Both of them were shocked to tell Wu. I didn’t expect that there was an ancient abode of fairies and immortals born here!
But in this way, it is possible to fish in troubled waters, and then there is not only hope to escape, but also hope to enter the ancient abode of fairies and immortals and seize some treasures, which is not impossible
At the moment, more and more monks and monsters have gathered here, and they are divided into two camps, and these two camps are divided into several forces, eyeing Xia Qi three people.
"how about it? You are all human monks, and you don’t really want to take refuge in the demon race. It won’t be difficult for us three sects to call out the cultivation method! " Zhu Cang eyes calm mouth
His voice was born with a believable feeling.
However, this has no effect on the determined monks.
Bao Wang w w w b a o s h u 7 o m
Xia Qi three people remain silent.
When Gu Yue just broke through, he sensed that Fang Yougu’s abode of fairies and immortals was born. At this moment, he has to wait for a period of time. When the time comes, this part will stare at the three monks and the monster beast, and it will naturally change its goal.
"You human godsworn cunning not credible! You have to hand over your mind and walk freely in Xiazhou in the future! " Golden Winged Little Demon King Dakou
"Your demon clan is cruel and bloodthirsty, and it is even more hateful to human monks that they can’t eat their meat raw. Can there be a good scene in Xia Qiwan’s demon court?" Swords and sorrows struggle against each other.
Both sides seem to be fighting a war of words, trying to say Xia Qi three people.
They can’t be strong at the moment, or they will force Xia Qi three people to the other side.
It’s just a moment. In the past, more and more monks and monsters have gathered in this dense forest. At first glance, I’m afraid there are almost 200 monks, and so is the monster beast. Its huge body seems to be endless and quite frightening.
Xia Qi even saw Dan Zongdanlin and others in the crowd, but at the moment Xia Qi three people were surrounded in the middle, and Dan Lin and others couldn’t see the three faces of Xia Qi clearly.