However, if you don’t do this, it will be difficult to grasp all the opportunities to enter Jiusha Mountain to fix the truth.

Moreover, I have always had doubts about the test of Linggen Man Yi Mark. What is he trying to ask?
Easy mark carefully controls the secret map to protect his health, on the other hand, he is very cooperative and does not move to face this suspicious man.
Thick blue energy went from the top of Yi Mark’s head and then returned to the top of his head. On the top of his head, a series of special symbols of sky green were gathered, and after these symbols appeared, the man’s brow wrinkled directly.
The man didn’t seem to believe it. He tried it again and again, but the result still seemed bad.
"Ahem-"coughed a little, and the sound went directly into the mind, and the in the mind was surprised and suddenly withdrew from that muddled state.
At this time, Yi Mark was also white, and the other party lifted his "hypnosis" effect.
"Your qualifications are very poor, but you work hard and your strength is ok. You can pass." The man faintly said that there was a kind attitude before and after the sentence, and now it disappeared
Chapter 1 fix true road [2]
Hearing this sentence, even Yi Mark’s mentality is calm and slightly excited, as if suddenly expecting Li Shuguang to suddenly arrive.
The feeling of grasping hope made him tremble a little.
At this time, he didn’t pretend to deceive anything, but he could react like this.
And this reaction is also in line with his eyes this mentality.
The man disdained to look at Yi Mark and said, "You can go out as early as at the gate of the Temple of the Elders. Now go outside and wait for the final result."
"Is the elder that the younger generation will be leaving first" Yi Yinyin respectfully said that suddenly there was a lot more confidence in my heart.
This step is finally coming, and once you enter the fix true sect, other things will be easy.
The man nodded slightly and ignored Yi Mark’s face and became cold again.
Yi Mark also knew in his heart that the other party was blind to his qualifications, so he didn’t say anything about leaving the temple of the elders silently.
Yi Mark’s face was sad and happy when he came out, but a group of younger brothers were waiting outside, but at the moment when Yi Mark came out, they tried hard to look at Yi Mark’s face and seemed to be trying to find something.
Easy mark face calm naturally didn’t let others see things.
Back to Zhou Lingzhen and other people, whether it was mysterious snow or Zhou Lingzhen didn’t take the initiative to ask about things in Yi Mark and Yi Mark didn’t take the initiative to talk about it.
At this step, the warmth and coldness of people’s hearts are fully reflected. Even if it is easy to mark out, it is somewhat apprenticed. Zhou Lingzhen thinks that it is just how to enter the Xiuzhen Sect rather than anything else.
I also saw these easy marks thoroughly and didn’t care about anything.
Later, Yi Mark kept looking at some younger brothers coming in and out. Their faces were full of sadness, joy, excitement, extreme depression and silence. These people were completely able to see their success or failure from their faces.
This process lasted for about three hours until the night was over and there was no light around, so the qualification test was over
By this time, Yi Mark’s heart has also confirmed the number of people selected. As expected, only six brothers were selected out of the total number of brothers, five of whom Yi Mark has no doubt, and the only one is Man Cheng.
Mancheng was detected as a fire spirit root qualification, so he kept a cold face. The monk’s face was finally scratched, full of excitement and surprise, and he got a very precious expression!
I’m still a little surprised at this, but I’m surprised at it. I’m still a little relieved that Man Cheng was selected as Yi Mark. Although Man Cheng is a potential and naive person, it doesn’t hinder his growth.
Others are Yi Mark, Zhou Han, Zhou Lingzhen, Xuan Miao Xue and Sun Sihuai. Sun Sihuai, a man who has always been indifferent, obviously likes the monk to easily judge that Sun Sihuai’s qualification is very good from this Yi Mark.
After the selection result came out, the monk man explained some details to Yi Mark and his party of six people who should pay attention to after entering Jiusha Mountain, and then let them meet at the Elder Temple in the early morning of the next day.
Then a group of six people had to leave the temple of the elders.
Back in the Nanshan mountain house, Yi Mark exhaled a deep breath of polluted air, then casually looked up at his door and his face hesitated slightly. Then he seemed to have decided to push the door directly and enter.
The door was pushed, and I couldn’t see anything in the dark room, but Yi Mark didn’t seem to be affected at all. Generally, I said, "You’re here."
"Well, you’ve dealt with everything. It’s time to deal with my affairs," said a slightly thick voice.
"Don’t worry, I’ll come to you if you don’t come to me. What’s Cui Shang trying to do? Why don’t you see anyone?" Yi mark eyebrows a wrinkly is not satisfied with the way
There was no one in front of him, but he still said to such a virtual light
"Cui Shang? Is he here? Isn’t Leng Zuo’s heart still white? " The sound sneer at a disdain way
"What do you mean? I really want to kill Cui Shang, but I haven’t come this far yet. What do you mean by that? Is it possible that a monk will still do it to such a secular person? " Easy to mark sound LengLi up immediately tone also with something of discontent and pride.
"I’m sorry, cold brother was wrong. It’s just that Wang has some empathy now. It’s not that there is any other meaning. Cui Shang’s dharma keeper has killed people, but he has a terrible death. But he has hatred and is easy to mark this person.
If cold brother didn’t start work, there must be something else in it. "The sound was softened in a few minutes and said with a somewhat flattering meaning.
"It’s odd that Zhou Han’s girl is disguised as a man for so long that no one has seen through the issue! I don’t want to pay attention to the details! Since Cui Shang is dead, I’ll take you to see my master when you come with me. "
"Hehe, etc. is this sentence of cold brother. Oh, it’s not easy to mark brother haha."
The sound of joy said that a figure "whew" appeared in front of Yi Mark not far away, and Yi Mark was not surprised at this.
At Wang Chongshan, the king’s boss, Yi Mark took a look. At the moment, Wang Chongshan’s nocturnal clothes were wrapped very tightly. Even Yi Mark knew that this person was Wang Chongshan if it was not before.
"Brother Yi doesn’t know when we will go? Well, have you talked to your master? Will he really accept me? " Chong Wang mountain tone some thriller said.