"The Japanese area invaded China by blocking its borders, which is the whole thing in China!" Zhou Dingguo indignantly said, "We are now boycotted by players in the whole Huaxia area. Why are we still doing this?" ! Let the players who boycotted our Huaxia area go by themselves! "

Although others didn’t speak, we can see from their expressions and eyes that Zhou Dingguo has the same idea: "Please be familiar with domain names."
"… I must have my reasons for doing this. Just do it!" Nine heavy a face of serious way
"Each of you has a share of this matter. When the proceedings are over for a while, all actions will be found for me! Do you understand? !”
"white! !” A this should way
"Good to pick up the third thing!" Jiuchong’s expression became relaxed. "I went to the Japanese area for a spin this time and gave you some benefits ~!"
"Oh ~? !” All the people in the temple are very heavy because of the people’s boycott of things, but now they can’t help but feel relaxed when they see Jiuchong’s relaxed expression and are infected by Jiuchong. It seems that being boycotted by the people is just a big fart.
Jiuzhong looked up at the top wall of the Golden Jubilee Hall. "No, this place is too narrow to go outside!"
Immediately, Jiuchong left and right, holding Shen Yue and Luan ‘er to lead the way, led all the people in the temple to the outside of the temple. When players saw Jiuchong and others coming out, they quickly made room in the field.
When Jiuzhong saw it, he waved his hand to signal everyone to continue to disperse. "No, it’s still too narrow!"
According to the words, all the players scattered around again to make room for a large piece of land, and then punched their necks and stared at Jiuzhong without blinking, trying to see what benefits Jiuzhong said needed to be so big.
Look at the room in the field. It’s almost nine times. A ring calls out the virtual door "greatly! !”
The virtual door should skyrocket with its appearance, and it will flash into a mountain of huge méén in the blink of an eye.
Nine-fold spiritual communication calls Wu Xinlan "Heart Blue!"
"Here! What is sacred? "
"Tell you Snow Man to lead his Dragon Corps out to let out the yard!"
"Okay ~!"
When Wu Xinlan was finished, he didn’t shit. He heard a burst of "rumbling" bang coming out of the virtual door, and then he saw a huge thing with a beauty on his back coming out of the virtual door. It was Wu Xinlan and the sacred frost dragon Wang Xuenan.
I don’t know how many ghost players’ nine-fold killing experience is naturally counted in the nine-fold killing experience, while the killing experience of the snow man is counted in proportion to the killing of so many ghost players in it and the martial arts blue body. The nine-fold level of the snow player has greatly increased, and the level of the snow man and the martial arts blue body is no exception. Now it is 99 horses, and it will be 100 levels, which can complete the career with the players.
Xuenan’s level of Wu Xinlan is flat, and it is also ninety-nine levels. Compared with the recognition of Wu Xinlan, it has risen by more than ten levels. With the increase of the level, Xuenan’s body shape has gradually recovered its glory in its heyday.
Now, although the snow male figure has not reached the truly mountain-like exaggerated scale in its heyday, it is enough to match the size of two ordinary adult frost dragons.
The size of an adult dragon is shocking enough. Two piles and one piece are absolutely not as simple as one plus one equals two.
Seeing that the snow male players came out from the virtual door like the emperor’s landing, they all opened their mouths and stared at the real monster in front of them. The distance was relatively close, and the players almost tilted their heads at right angles to see the snow male faucet.
"This ….. this is too big? !” This is the first reaction of all the people present when they see Snow Man, and the second reaction is that they can’t believe it. "Is this a dragon? Is there such a big dragon in the game? !”
Shocked by the players, Snow Man slowly leaned over and leaned his front paws to support a slope, and Wu Xin Lan slipped all the way from the surface like skiing.
Nine times at the right time, I hugged Wu Xinlan and spun around for a few times. I tried my best to let Wu Xinlan go.
At this moment, Snow Man got up again, turned around and let the road "rumble" against the virtual men again, followed by an ordinary frost dragon striding out of the virtual door.
Players can’t help but exclaim when they see it. "Oh-another frost dragon! !”
However, they exclaimed that they had just remembered that their mouths had not come together yet. As the first frost dragon came out, there was a queue behind them, and one frost dragon slowly came out from the virtual door.
"hey!" Players finally couldn’t bear the shock. pressure volume fell short of his brain one by one, and his eyes were as straight as wood carving and stone sculpture, looking at the frost dragon coming out of the virtual door one after another.
Chapter two hundred and sixty-seven The Knights of the Dragon
Ten frost dragons lined up in a long line for ten minutes before they came out of the virtual door to see.
"Ten … ten frost dragons again!" Looking at the snow man in a neat phalanx on the spot, the players of the ten frost dragons are simply stunned at the moment, and they don’t know what words to express their shocked mood at the moment
Looking at the mountains in the field, the frost dragons usually break out. Zhou Dingguo patted his forehead and said, "My mother, why are there so many dragons?" Leading, didn’t you give the dragon a nest? !”
Nine corners of the mouth slightly "said yes! Not surprisingly, the Japanese frost dragon is probably extinct! "
"Your hands are too dark!" This smell speech rushed nine thumbs up "hey hey … but well done! !”
"Except Snow Man!" Jiuchong patted the snow man beside him and said to everyone, "The remaining ten frost dragons are still in the wild, which means that they can take the initiative to recognize one of you as your pet after I instruct them! However, as you know, the dragon is a rare thing, and it is impossible for everyone to give you one! But you all have a chance. I will form these ten frost dragons into an independent Flying Dragon Order, and the members of the Flying Dragon Order will be produced among all of you. I will select you and select the best ten fighters from among you to form the Flying Dragon Order! "
"Lu Bu, Han Yi!" Nine heavy a wave will double lyu3 bu4 called to the front, "this matter to the two of you responsible for lyu3 bu4 you are responsible for the selection of combat quality and Han Yi you are responsible for the selection of loyalty! I, the Flying Dragon Knight, need to be the most powerful and loyal warrior to the Hell Flower Club! Is it white? !”
"white! !” Double lyu3 bu4 and Han Yizheng nodded.
"Tell me when the first person you choose is elected. Now these big guys still have to go back to my ten floors of hell first!" Jiuzhong turned to Snow Man and said, "Snow Man, let them go home!"
"Yes!" Snow Man promised a pair of ten frost dragons in the field to send out Yi Long Yin Ten Frost Dragons to smell the words and queue up again to return to the ten levels of hell.
A finger closed the virtual door and said to Shuang Lu Bu, "When I was in heaven, Emperor Yu gave me an artifact suit, so I’ll give it to you!" Said quickly hit the backpack and fished out the overlord suit from the inside, and then quickly closed the backpack again.
Bad luck eggs are lying in the backpack. You can’t be nine times too fast. Bad luck eggs can’t be covered by carelessness. People present today have to pull one.
"Here you are!" Jiuzhong gave a set of overlord suits to Shuang Lu Bu.
Double lyu3 bu4 took the overlord suit and looked at it. It was simply fondle admiringly, even if you replaced a brand-name equipment with the overlord suit.
Sure enough, people wear a whole set of overlord suits by clothes, horses and saddles, and there is an amazing momentum in the double lyu3 bu4 shape, as if they were ready to choose people and eat fierce beasts!
"OK welfare payment is over here!" Nine heavy gave a way "today’s business is over! I’ll leave it to you! "
"yes! !” When the players’ department dispersed a group of heads and heads of various departments, they also left their staff to finish what Jiuzhong had just handed over.
They left Shen Yue, Luan Er and Feng Dance.
Nine heavy Chou Chou phoenix dance "why don’t you go this wench? There are so many people in the Wan Fa Corps, so take them to find the border scroll quickly! "
"I have just ordered to go, and now I, the players of the Wan Fa Corps, have already taken action to find the border scroll!"
"Oh, your department has gone. You are lazy here without setting an example. Do you know how to be ashamed of you? !”
Feng Wu pouted, "I want you to take care of it!"
"You dead girl …!" Nine heavy a j and gas.
"All right, tiger, stop that now! Let’s go and build a new city with me. We have to go to the Ministry of Industry to find construction workers first! " Shen Yue interrupted Jiuzhong and Feng Dance to bicker.
"Looking for construction workers! For the time being, it seems that I don’t want you to go first. I’m also a little unfinished from the Japanese area. I have to deal with them! You find the finished person to come back to me! "
"What is it? You haven’t even done it yet? !” Shen Yue full of curiosity way
"Very tricky thing!"
"Big brother exactly is what thing? I really want to see it ~! " Luan son also like a curious baby way
"Hum, where did you rob the commoners?" Feng Dance, she always imagined, "Do you want to seize others, and as a result, they refuse to obey?"? !”
Nine crazy sweat "I have so unbearable? Can’t you think of something good? ! Ah, you have such an idea. Have you ever thought about being robbed and occupied by me? !”
"Go to hell! !”
"All right!" Shen Yue interrupt and dare two people "tiger, just take it out and let’s have a look. What can make you feel awkward? !”
Nine heavy a face of serious way "I advise you still don’t watch! Very dangerous! "
"No, big brother, just let Luan have a look!" Luan’ er squeezes her nine heavy arms and coquetry, "Otherwise Luan’ er will not be able to sleep at night!"
Shen Yue and Feng Dance are also looking forward to looking at Jiuzhong.
"Hey, okay, okay!" Nine heavy surrender "afraid of you! Walking here and taking it out is easy to cause accidents. Let’s go to the tenth floor of hell and settle there! "
Said the nine heavy a ring calls out the virtual door and three women together into the ten layers of hell.