Several gray-green’ color’ lights directly attack Mr Big and a group of monks like sharp arrows. They have just been shot down by Xiang Ye and the source of the spirit device has not reacted yet. See each other and send out the same attack.

A few gray-green’ color’ lights flashed, and after that, Mr. Boss’s hands had wailed and rolled around on the ground. In a blink of an eye, there was no life, and the conjoined souls all dissipated.
Only one’ cross’ hand except Mr Big himself blocked the attack with powerful strength, and the other hands of Snake Emperor Shenshu have been killed by Xiang Ye.
"The magic soul shekinah is not the magic soul shekinah, but there is another kind of magical power in it. What is your origin to be such a perverted magical power?" Mr. Boss has stammered. At this time, he asked in horror where there is the idea of attacking again.
"Who am I? You don’t have to ask, because it’s no longer necessary. Today, let you be my exile city sacrifice." Xiang Ye has no temperature. Business has come. In fact, he didn’t want to kill, but a series of troubles made him tired of killing chickens and making an example.
With that, the broadsword flew out directly, and then four snakes were divided into four ways to attack Mr. Boss, who really wanted to kill the seven peak monks.
After seeing each other’s murderous eyes, Mr. Liu knew that he had overlooked his eyes today and provoked himself to be taunted. At this time, he had some regrets and regretted that he was right with this person
Looking at’ Yin’ malicious mysterious four attacks and broadsword like tarsal maggots, Mr. Boss didn’t continue to fight * * at this time, he couldn’t care less about his face and ran away directly toward the outside.
"At this time want to escape late …"
Ye Xiangyin penetrated and fell into the ears of all the monks around, making all the monks have a "shock" spirit as if they were already in the position of escaping Mr.
At this time, the only thing I feel lucky about is Boss Du. He realized that he probably decided to appear in this generation, that is, he didn’t carry Xiang Ye to death, but found a step. Otherwise, his Liuxian Pavilion must have been demolished, even if someone behind him is also difficult to save his’ sex’ life for a short time, just like Mr. Boss today, although he also has a background behind him, but now he is trying to escape.
Boss Du was able to observe a moment of silence at this moment because he saw that Xiang Ye’s attack speed was far faster than Mr. Liu’s escape speed, and directly passed through his body with a burst of sniffing. At this moment, a soul body close to three inches appeared in the middle. It was Mr. Liu who gave up the damaged’ meat’ body and wanted to escape with a flexible soul body.
However, his abacus has dropped. Since the next time a soul escaped from Xiang Ye, Xiang Ye has already figured out the countermeasures. Just like teleportation, the soul has not escaped far away. When a huge clock has appeared in the bell mouth, it shakes at the distant soul, and then a melodious sound goes directly to Mr. Boss’s soul.
The distant soul body at this time rapid body has stagnated a.
Chapter four hundred and fifty-two Ji Lao
At the moment when Mr. Big’s soul stopped, a faint light suddenly passed directly, accompanied by a reluctant scream. A seven-level monk has disappeared in the world at this moment. Mr. Big has no chance to sacrifice his source power and has been obliterated by Xiang Ye in this world.
Although Ye Xiang’s body has the source power, it has been able to compete with the seven godsworn and display the magic soul divine power and the snake emperor divine power, which is even more severe. In fact, according to Mr. Liu’s strength, it should not be so easy to be killed. This time, he was recruited by the Ministry because he didn’t know the details of Xiang Ye. When he saw this magical power, he was surprised and then Xiang Ye took the opportunity to destroy the’ meat’ body.
Xiang Ye came out slowly at this moment, ignoring the frightened eyes around him. Xiang Ye went straight to Mr. Big’s body and held out a hand to see that Mr. Big Gankun quit had floated up and came to his hand.
Just from this Gankun ring, Xiang Ye knows that this person is not an ordinary person. Only a few monks can have this Gankun ring. Less Xiang Ye killed several monks and got several Gankun rings. I have never seen this kind.
"Well, Xiang Ye Daoyou are in trouble. This person is not simple. Although he was killed by you, there are still some powerful people behind him." Boss Du was surprised at what Xiang Ye had this magical power, but he looked at Xiang Ye with a worried face.
"No, if I don’t start work to solve it, he will be lying on the ground now." Xiang Ye didn’t feel afraid because of Boss Du’s words. After all, he has experienced so many enemies and counted them. There are many powerful ones, but there are not many. When the time comes, the enemy will have means to resist.
In fact, at this time, Xiang Ye is still quite satisfied with what he has just done. After all, things will be heated up today, and then he will have a lot less trouble and be conducive to completing his goals.
At this moment, Xiang Ye’s hand Gankun quit suddenly and violently shaking up. He flew by himself in the middle of the year, and Xiang was unprepared and had already sold it.
"Hey, it’s a little interesting that a dry Kun ring can still appear this kind of situation after losing its owner." Xiang Ye also exclaimed.
At this time, this Gankun ring actually wants to escape from here directly, and it will disappear with a long flight trace.
Xiang Ye naturally couldn’t allow this to happen, so he immediately offered his eagle wing spirit to chase it, and the speed was not weaker than that of this Gankun ring.
There was a surge of spiritual force in his hands, and he grabbed the Gankun ring that wanted to escape. But at this moment, Gankun ring seemed to have spiritual wisdom and suddenly got out from Xiang Ye’s fingers.
"Hum, what can a dead body get?"
Said that at this moment, Xiang Ye did not hesitate to directly release his soul body. The soul body passed at this moment, and the little palm was firmly grasped at the moment and was still struggling to quit.
Then Xiang Ye’s soul body returned to its own body, and the Gankun Ring fell back into Xiang Ye’s hands, feeling that his hands were still trying to escape. Xiang Ye poured into his soul force directly toward it. He knew that he could really have this Gankun Ring only after he had completely shattered the remnants of Mr. Liu’s soul inside
However, when Xiang Ye’s soul force entered it, suddenly there was a stuffy hum in his mouth, and then his hands threw this just-obtained Gankun ring out like a thorn.
This move of his has puzzled all the monks around him. How can he lose it again after such great efforts to get the Gankun ring?
Xiang Ye’s eyes have been’ exposed’ after he lost his hand in the Gankun Ring. Ye Xiang didn’t feel so flustered when he played against Mr. Liu just now. Just when his soul force entered this red’ color’ Gankun Ring, suddenly he felt that the soul force mark inside was far more than him.
At that time, the soul force that entered it was defeated by this powerful soul force mark, which made Xiang Ye suddenly lose his hand and quit, otherwise the soul force mark inside would follow Xiang Ye’s finger and enter Ye Xiang’s body for destruction.
Let Xiang Ye some not be Mr. Boss’s soul body. He has just killed it. There is nothing outstanding. There is little place that is not as strong as himself. But what is the soul force at this moment? Ye Xiangke is definitely not just Mr. Boss. He should be a more powerful monk.
Being thrown out of the Gankun Ring no longer escaped, but turned and suspended in the middle. Then the Gankun Ring changed, and a soul force’ wave’ slowly appeared around it. It came out on its own. You know that the soul force mark can play a role in the Gankun Ring, and now it can come out from the inside, which is really beyond Xiang Ye’s expectation.
"Isn’t this Gankun ring just Mr. Liu but someone else? Its real owner is a powerful monk. Did Mr. Liu get it by accident?"
Xiang Ye’s heart has been thinking about doing Kun quit things at this moment. When he looked up again, he saw another scene that surprised him. At this moment, there was a faint soul force image. It seems that this person is definitely a master. Xiang Ye didn’t even feel this kind of soul force intensity from the animal emperor’s body. Only by relying on the soul force to give birth to a clear water magic beast can he compare it.
At this time, not only Xiang Ye was shocked, but even the monks around him were surprised to grow up. Boss Du stammered, "Old season … old."
Xiang Ye has seen from the expressions of these monks around him that they know the owner of this soul force mark, and he himself knows from this soul force mark that this human body repair is absolutely at the level of nine monks, otherwise it is impossible to damage his soul force just by virtue of a mark.
"Hehe, there are people who know me. It’s good. It’s good."
The soul force image actually spoke at this time, and then looked at Xiang Ye on the side. "Hey, you are a little funny and funny. Haha, it seems necessary for me to come out and meet you. Wait a little longer and don’t think about running away."
Chapter four hundred and fifty-three Source force into the body
Listening to each other’s words is almost good. Xiang Ye has a burst of words. This person shows that he has not spoken for a while. I don’t know where he has been practicing.
"Who are you?"
Xiang Ye face’ color’ ugly asked at this time from the soul force image eyes Ye Xiang saw his greedy eyes and that from time to time’ dew’ out of the yoshimitsu.
"Ha-ha, who am I? You won’t ask in a few days, and you will know that I am very interested in you." After that, the soul image directly returned to Zhonggan Kunjie and then left here instantly.
When this Gankun ring disappeared, Boss Du and the monks around him reacted. They didn’t expect that Ji Lao, who had not appeared for a hundred years, would appear here today.
"Boss Du, what is the origin of this person and whether this Mr. Boss has it with this person?" Xiang Ye asked at this moment.
"It’s true that Mr. Liu is behind Ji Lao Ji Lao, who was repaired in Grade 9 a hundred years ago and has not appeared for more than one hundred years now. Now he should know the news that Mr. Liu was killed. The reason should be the dry Kun ring just now." Mr. Du said at this moment.
At this time, Xiang Ye also thought about this. A’ Yin’ haze in my heart didn’t think that he had killed a seven-level monk to kill a’ chicken’. He didn’t think that he was finally stared at by a super master and didn’t have any good ideas about himself.
"Take a rest. Xiang Ye Daoyou must have just experienced two battles. You are also tired and have a good rest." Boss Du said at this moment.
"Well, thank you, Boss Du. Actually, I still have some things to ask you." Xiang Ye once again looked up at the glittering three characters "Liuxian Pavilion" on his head.
At this time, because I knew in advance, I didn’t feel the feeling of being fascinated again. Xiang Ye carefully felt the vigorous and powerful font of three Chinese characters. Every stroke showed a unique charm, which made Xiang Ye feel vaguely aware of what it was and he couldn’t say it.
Suddenly, Xiang Ye vaguely felt that the three Chinese characters actually seemed to come alive, and the strokes of these fonts scattered a pen and rushed over to himself
This kind of feeling surprised him again. He just experienced that strange dry Kun ring and now he met this strange plaque. It’s really a bit awkward.
However, when these strokes entered Ye Xiang’s body, Xiang Ye found that these strokes actually reunited in his dantian field, but the cohesion was not the original three characters, but a strange grain, which finally entered the source seed in Ye Xiang’s dantian field.
"What’s going on at this moment?" Xiang Ye asked in surprise.
Boss Du didn’t feel surprised at this time. He seemed to have expected Xiang Ye’s situation at this time. He smiled slightly. "Xiang Ye Daoyou don’t panic. Although I have done some disgraceful things, these three characters still have this effect. It is natural that monks who are selected are generally talented and benefit from it by virtue of Xiang Ye Daoyou’s talent."
At this time, Ye Xiangcai understood the meaning of the three Chinese characters Liuxian Pavilion. Presumably, there are also many monks who have encountered this kind of situation.
Boss Du and Ye Xiang chatted again. Finally, Xiang Ye knew what the other party would do. The reason why this joint shop fell into the name of Liuxian Pavilion was that there was hardly a good thing in this exile city. Most of them deserved to die. Plus, their net worth was not generally rich. Boss Du made such a thing.
Yes, if you don’t leave a bad name in exile city, you must be hard to be born, let alone this inn.
"Ha ha, boss Du must have written these three words" Liuxian Pavilion ".The friar should be super strong. Should he be the real boss of our inn?" Xiang Ye said with a hey hey smile at this time.
After all, in the exile city, the cultivation of Boss Du’s seven-level peak state is just a general piece of "fat" and "meat" that can still be preserved. Presumably, the background is not weak and can definitely deter malicious acts.