Simple and simple boxing is purely a performance of strength and speed, and it is extremely accurate, which is close to a natural reaction judgment.

In one punch, the terrible force exploded in Rick’s chest and abdomen to fly him away instantly.
Rick fell down in pain, clutching his stomach and vomiting.
The punch was so powerful that he could hardly bear it.
He had to admit that he was still weak in front of this Baku, and the difference in strength and speed made him not kill Baku at all. There was little hope now.
Small humans jump high like kangaroos, but you are still so vulnerable. Really?
Bagu blew a sigh in his fist and said contemptuously
You bastard, if you want me to live, I will kill you sooner or later.
Rick struggled to hold up half of his body and stared at Bagu, gnashing his teeth, saying that the flame was burning like a poisonous snake in his eyes
If you want to kill me, tut-tut, you can’t. It’s too far away
Bagu strode forward without blowing off dust, and his big hand almost pinched off his ankle.
I will, I will, you wait, and one day I will kill you.
Rick stopped talking and dragged himself to another training ground by Bagu.
I look forward to the day when you kill me. You can kill me, which proves that my training for you is successful.
But now you can’t. You are too weak. Although you have learned a little about how to distribute strength during the jumping process, your strength, physical strength and attack skills are far from effective.
In order to help you realize your wish to kill me as soon as possible, now you have to train one by one. Of course, you won’t survive the next few days, and you will die if you want to kill me, and you are afraid that you will die with your death. Hahahaha.
Baku’s abnormal and crazy laugh sounds so harsh, especially the contempt that goes deep into the bone marrow in his tone makes Rick so angry that he doesn’t even know how to bite his cheek.
Deep red blood slowly overflowed along the lip angle, and Rick secretly vowed to kill Bagu in his heart.
This is a true blood oath
The next thing to practice is physical strength and flexibility. I hope you can stand it. Good luck, little human.
Bagu deliberately emphasized the tone in the last sentence to show his contempt.
Rick was thrown into a deeper stone prison again, but Bagu didn’t throw him obliquely and the stone wall was slightly inclined. I’m afraid he would fall off his head if he fell directly, but this powerful falling force also caused him to faint almost.
It took a long time for Rick to wake up gradually, and his eyes looked at everything around him carefully through the missing sunlight in the unclosed crevices.
It’s a dungeon more than ten meters deep. It’s impossible to jump from here. The walls are equally smooth, but he seems to see something strange in the weak sunlight.
Go to the front of the stone wall and look carefully. See the stone walls all around three meters from the ground. They are all covered with thick round holes with a diameter of about half a meter. I can’t see clearly what’s inside.
Roughly, there are nearly a hundred such huge black holes on all sides of the stone wall, and I don’t know what this really is for.
After thinking about it for a while, Rick simply stopped thinking about it, leaning naked in the corner of the stone wall and preparing for a good sleep. Only when he has enough energy can he jump to get food as much as he can. This is a lesson learned from his death struggle.
Close your eyes, he is sleepy.
It was here that a terrible rumble resounded through a stone chamber, and the huge waves echoed in the stone chamber, which was deafening.
Rick jumped up in horror. He had no idea what had happened.
Suddenly in the dark, the strong wind swept away and dodged. Bang, heavy impact, sudden, violent impact, and straight blow him away.
People in the terrible blow but still follow.
Another high wind swept up and slammed the side, another fierce impact.
Two terrible impacts almost displaced his five bowels.
It’s not over. It’s just now.
With the loud noise, it hit hard from all angles and directions. Whether Rick is lying or sitting, in the middle or on the ground, he can’t escape this heavy and dense blow.
Rao is extremely strong in his body, but he can’t survive this secret blow.
He was finally hit by a blow, and his head was so strong that he hit the wall and fell into the corner and fainted.
Not bad. It takes a minute to pass out the first time. It’s really amazing.
Paku raised his hand and looked at the clock. He nodded with satisfaction and pressed a button. Those giant trees wrapped in cotton suddenly stopped attacking. A giant snake slowly retracted into the thick black hole in the stone wall looking for its nest.
Chapter 1 Strike
When Rick woke up from a coma, his whole body didn’t hurt like a broken frame, and it took a lot of effort to struggle.
It is strange that he was not injured at all, but his back and face were slightly bruised when he hit the stone wall during the impact.