She took it off and went back.

Hey, what’s so simple? You still need to set a password. Section 1511 Pure yy6
Easy to remember is in my bedroom, and no one will see it. Even if people see it, they won’t think that the password is so simple. If they are worried that they will press it casually, then set 31. She is telling the truth, but she wants the truth in her heart.
When Gao Lang disagreed, he tried to change his mentality and pressed it.
For a moment, he wanted to vomit blood.
I tried 13 first, but it didn’t pass.
Try again. Try 31
Wow, I can’t believe it.
This prying box preparation is unnecessary.
It’s really true. Shen Suer’s powder fist grip was the first to get excited and excited.
Face flushed from expectation to surprise.
Why didn’t Gao Lang ask earlier if he wanted to hit the wall?
It’s time to turn around and return the waves
However, she is still Muxin. Otherwise, how could she think of the password?
So the two men fought carefully like thieves.
Ah, it’s really something from the past
A diploma or honorary certificate
Gao Lang picked it up and took a look. Wow, MMD didn’t expect you to be so good and get so many awards. This woman is so good at reading. He has never heard of hiding his heart so deeply. Look, it’s not a disease now.
Has become another personality.
Look carefully, it is really hiding some old things.
Shen Suer was as curious as he was, looking at Su Shou and picking up a yellowed note.
And Gao Lang also looked for it. He turned to an old photo album on the ground floor and hit him, which changed his color and his face was ugly.
Actually, it’s Xu Shao. In her intimate photos, she’s still wearing a school graduation photo, and every one of them wants Xu Shaoying’s youthful fire to be as full of sweet smiles and bright enough to cause others to be jealous of the fire.
They had an affair together.
He pursed his lips and glared at the woman next to him with resentment. When he turned her over one day, he would definitely evaporate these photos and leave no trace behind.
Hum, section 151. The jealousy is inexplicable. 1
When a man is in love, his IQ will drop by N times unconsciously.
No matter how refined Gao Lang is, it is no exception.
Jealousy also came inexplicably, wondering if Xu Shao had met before she got sick.
Are they still together? Are they still coming?
Hey, it’s time to read. Oh, Shen Suer shouted in surprise. She blurted out that she read the diary. She read it very well, but she was a little sad. It’s really distressing for girls. She said that people here are indifferent and buried their hearts deeply. Is this true or false? It’s not like it.
At this time, she couldn’t help looking at Gao Lang.
Because in her heart, he is a good person, and occasionally he looks irritable and angry, but that doesn’t give people the feeling of indifference, and he is still very kind.
Why are you looking at me? Did you suddenly find me better?
Hehe, she bowed her head and smiled a little shy.
Gao Lang couldn’t help laughing.
The atmosphere is good. I’ve never felt comfortable
Hey, hey.
Gao Lang put the photos together and quipped, "Who are you talking about just now? It sounds like someone else. Has she forgotten that it’s her in this box? Holding the photos, she’s really her, otherwise he suspects that she’s another person."
I’m, I’m talking about how she suddenly felt depressed when she clenched her diary. She doesn’t know why I didn’t read it. Take your time. I’ll go to sleep first. She put the diary back and didn’t go back to climb into bed to fall asleep.
It’s been a few days since she came to modern times, and gradually she is used to living here.
Is she still thinking about how to go back, and the most expectation in her heart is to go back.
When she was absorbed in thinking, she suddenly found an enlarged handsome face in front of her, which surprised you. Why did you suddenly?
What’s the matter with you? Are you worried that the jealousy in section 1513 is inexplicable?
Gao Lang was quietly lying on her bed. She looked worried. Just now, she looked strange in her eyes. Let me talk about it.