Tang Wei knew what was going on after listening to Shen Qing’s words. She pretended to be very heart-felt and took a look at Shen Nuo happily. "It’s still mom. You’re right. After all, it’s all my father’s flesh and blood. I naturally have to be better to my sister!"

Shen Qing said and walked beside Shen Nuo and took her arm.
"You …" Shen Nuo looked at Shen Qing with a clueless look on his face. What earth-shaking changes have taken place in these short words?
"I always robbed you before my sister, but I was wrong. Now that my father is ill, I think we should try our best to serve him together!" Shen Qing smiled sweetly in front of everyone.
Shen Nuo didn’t expect Shen Qing to have such a big change after this incident, so Shen Nuo has been guarding against Shen Qing’s feelings and put them out.
"Sister, I can see that you really feel very worried about me! Don’t worry, I will take good care of my father! " Shen Nuo patted Shen Qing’s success as if he were giving Shen Qing a satisfactory explanation.
"Don’t you think this family of four is also very good?" Tang Wei smiled and looked at Shen Fu Shen Fu slightly at a loss, but he didn’t say it but pretended to echo Tang Wei’s meaning.
"Yes, I can finally enjoy the love of my two daughters!" Shen Fu lying in bed watching Shen Nuo very happy to say.
However, Shen Nuo didn’t see that Shen Fu had already seen Tang Wei and Shen Qing’s hypocrisy.
"Well, it’s getting late. It’s time for dinner." Tang Wei seems to remember something. "Husband, let Nuo Nuo stay with you. My son and I will buy you dinner!"
"Go hard" Shen Fu motioned Tang Wei and Shen Qing with the wave.
Shen Nuo was very happy to see Tang Wei and Shen Qing leave her. She was happy to see Shen Fu and asked, "Dad, look, Aunt Tang and Shen Qing have made up with me!"
"Silly boy, why are you so simple?" Shen Fu looked at Shen Nuo very nai with a sigh.
"Dad, what do you mean?" Shen Nuo looked at Shen Fu puzzled.
"She didn’t like you for so many years. How could she suddenly want to be close to you today?" Shen Fu looked at Shen Nuo and couldn’t help but feel very worried about Shen Nuo.
"This ….." Shen Nuo didn’t hear what Shen Fu said. Shen Fu said it was very reasonable. Shen Nuo didn’t realize it at the moment.
"She must know something!" Shen Fu sat in bed and thought carefully. With his years of experience, Shen Fu could see through this kind of thing at a glance.
"What about you?" Shen Nuo listened to Shen Fu and looked at Shen Fu very worried.
"I’m not worried about myself. I’m worried that you will be calculated by their mother!" Shen Fu looked at Shen Nuo with a face of worry.
"Dad, I don’t want you to worry. I have Lu Xiusi behind me to protect me. They won’t do anything to me. But I am very worried that you will be in danger in case they know something. Wouldn’t it be …" Shen Nuo said something to her mouth and swallowed it back.
"What can I do if I know? What can I do if I don’t know? Anyway, there will be such a day sooner or later!" Shen Fu looked at the ceiling very nai said.
At this time, Tang Wei and Shen Qing pretended to go out to buy rice. Once again, they secretly listened to the dialogue inside, which made Tang Wei very surprised that she had been caught playing Xiaocong herself.
"I really didn’t realize that your father was so thoughtful and sensitive that he didn’t lie to him just now!" Tang Wei listened to the sound inside and was very angry and said
"Mom, look, you have a good idea!" Shen Qing blames his mother.
"What’s wrong with my idea? They may not be able to guess what I think now! " Tang Wei looked at Shen Qing with a face of complaining and said that she was not happy.
"Mom, what shall we do then?" Shen Qing sees that things have become so that she can listen to her mother’s arrangement.
"Now I can’t let Shen Nuo succeed. It seems that I have to deal with this matter quickly!" Tang Wei thinks of Shen Nuo and feels very hateful.
"Mom, I don’t understand why my father is so protective of Shen Nuo now. What’s so good about her? Isn’t it good for our family of three to be together?" Shen Qing doesn’t understand very much. Looking at Tang Wei, she hates it. She should belong to her father. Now she has to give Shen Nuo half.
"If I didn’t guess wrong, there should be two reasons for this situation," Tang Wei said lightly
"What are the two reasons?" Shen Qing asked curiously
"The first is that when your father knows about Shen Nuo’s pregnancy, he will suddenly feel guilty about Shen Nuo for so many years that he will be so good to Shen Nuo at this stage!" Tang Wei is an unhurried analyst
"What about the second?" Shen Qing asked curiously
"The second is just like he said behind our backs that your father heard our conversation before he fainted!" Tang Wei doesn’t feel a little regret. Why didn’t she find Shen Fu come in when she was talking to Shen Qing?
Section 15
"My father is against both of us, and now he puts all his energy on Shen Nuo." The more he thinks about it, the more angry he becomes. "No, I’m jealous that I can’t let this happen!"
"So," said Tang Wei, seeing that Shen Qing was so angry, she struck while the iron was hot. "We have to hurry up and think that we can’t let this little bitch Shen Nuo succeed, so we will never get any benefits!"
"Good mother" looked at Tang Wei seriously. "I will do whatever you ask me to do today. We have common interests. We must work hard!"
"Of course, I’ve lost you for so many years." Tang Wei excitedly held a sad face. "Some things should be ours. We can’t live if we block the road!"
"Mom, you are right!" Shen Qing quite agreed to look at Tang Wei. "What can I do now?"
"You don’t need to do anything now," Tang Wei shook her head. "You just need to behave in front of others as before. Now your father and we are both acting each other. Now it’s up to who can perform the play well!"
"No one expected to come to this step today!" Feeling nervous, my body seems to be broken at any time, which is very uncomfortable.