Tang Yu quickly ran to Muhai and took his hands to take him to Zhou Qian.

At this time, Zhou Qian is like a fire.
"Oh …"
The yellow-red flame fluttered up with a low roar, and even in the room, you could feel the heat waves.
If this flame burns on ordinary people, I’m afraid it’s already cooked.
Chapter 4 ATM
It is normal for Zhou Qian Muhai to have this move.
This girl is always complaining that she doesn’t take this opportunity to get some magic thoughts. I’m really sorry for herself.
But you can’t blame yourself for attacking the chest and peeking at the root of the matter.
That was a gesture. I didn’t expect this either.
See Tang Yu look MuHai is full of injustice.
"Can’t it be cured?" Looking at hiding in the quilt Zhou Qian Muhai said
Sensing that the body is hot and rising rapidly, Zhou Qianyi gritted her teeth and nodded heavily. "What if you look at it anyway and you look at it again?"
Zhou Qian roared and was about to get up from the quilt when Muhai quickly stopped it.
"Wait, you can get dressed."
Muhai showed a face of the victim’s appearance. "I don’t want to deliberately show it to me just because the rain is falling all wants me to go home and kneel on the CPU, right?" No way! "
Zhou Qian’s forehead is black and his chest is fluctuating violently.
At the sight of Muhai, Zhou Qian’s little fist rattled.
Two red magic thoughts quickly rose into Muhai Dantian.
Tang Yu poof smiled when he heard Muhai’s words.
"Sister Xiaoyu, please stop laughing and get me a suit." Zhou Qian said.
Tang Yu got up and handed Zhou Qian a pink suit.
After a few minutes, Zhou Qian got dressed under the covers.
"Come and treat the disease."
Zhou Qian hid in bed with her legs forked.
Although wearing clothes, Zhou Qian’s red skin and beautiful face made Muhai feel uneasy when he saw it.
With Tang Yu at the side, Mu Hai didn’t dare to improve, so he recovered his emotions and suppressed his anger.
Then Muhai took out two jade buddhas in a row and inhaled the aura into his hands.
He held out his hand and reiki entered Zhou Qian’s body with his palm, guiding her to get through the meridians.
Zhou Qian’s meridians have been opened, and most of them have been blocked in Muhai in less than a few minutes.
At this moment, the fire yuan spirit force constantly transforms Zhou Qian’s physique in the automatic cycle.
Zhou Qian blushed and looked at Muhai. The look of resentment turned into mystery and a little gratitude.
"Just call it out. Don’t be embarrassed."
Muhai looked at Zhou Qian biting his lip and couldn’t help but say
Muhai patted his hands and got up.
"You …"
How many demons rushed to Muhai Dantian?
Sensing that the magic energy in Jiuding Magic Furnace increased, Muhai smiled.
Zhou Qian, this AM can get more money.
And pick it up for MuHai no burden in my heart.
Somewhere underground in Jiutangcheng
In an office sat a young girl in a black business suit.
In front of her, a man was caught by Muhai in black.
"Boss, I’m sorry I failed the first time. I’m ashamed of the organization," said the man in black.
The young girl waved her hand. "It’s no wonder that you suddenly happened. No one can know that he will live in another house. It’s good that you have been so good for the first time."
The man in black looked a lot better when he heard it. "What if the boss takes it?"
"It’s important to monitor things for the time being or to investigate mountains, wells and hills," said the young girl.
"Yes!" Black man salutes
Muhai returned to his room at 6: 00 in the morning, and it was already dawn.
Muhai sank his mind into Jiuding magic furnace to check last night’s harvest.
After a night of hard work, the magic energy gained in Jiuding Magic Furnace has reached the point.
If you can change your energy and exercise Dan, that’s more than one
More magic energy is already quite rich for Muhai.