Xu Feng’s soul shook violently and asked, "Are you sure it’s the secret treasure?"

Xu Ruiyin replied, "Black-and-white lotus heart, red lotus petal, gray lotus leaf, who else’s secret treasure is like this?"
Xu Feng was silent for a little before Xu Rui continued to say, "In fact, we should think that it is her when we confirm that the secret mansion of Gankun is in her body."
Xu Rui asked in a puzzled voice, "Is the secret house of Gankun connected with that secret treasure?"
Xu Feng Yin replied, "I remember that there are not many things, and one of them happened to be a smell of that secret treasure."
According to the temple, when it was born, it was a secret treasure with roots and roots. When the temple was young, someone tried to rob her. Her father didn’t expect her to be strong-willed and would rather die than be robbed. When the emperor arrived in the ninth heaven, she was seriously injured and the roots and roots Ye Hua fell apart.
The emperor ascended a cloud deserves to be a dragon among the people, but it’s a pity that the stem and lotus root are too broken, and the lotus leaf and disk are reunited into a whole, and the lotus root is missing a piece of lotus root, so there is a black and white lotus root.
The leftover stems and pieces of lotus root were refined into two Lingbao pieces by him, because the refining order of the pieces of Lingbao is second only to that of Lingbao. Some people speculate that those two Lingbao pieces should have strong growth, and if they get some chances, they are likely to evolve into Lingbao. Many people have tried to find out what they have been refined into. "
Xu Rui frowned and gave Xu Feng a sound. "I don’t even know what those two Lingbao are like. How can you be so sure that Hu Yingxue got the Qian Ku Secret House as one of them?"
Xu Rui’s questioning made Xu Feng very dissatisfied, but he still replied, "The property of that secret treasure is that there is no stem and lotus root, but there is no such property, so there should be chaotic spiritual realm."
Xu Feng has made it so clear that Xu Rui is really stupid if he doesn’t make it white. Before he heard the secret mansion of Gankun, he took it as a portable spiritual garden and didn’t take it too seriously. When he thought that he had let go of such a big opportunity, he regretted wanting to die.
The chaotic spiritual realm has evolved to the highest level. If there is still a breakthrough, it will evolve into a universe. At the moment when the evolution of the universe is completed, whatever identity it was before the master theory of chaotic spiritual realm will immediately have an identity that represents glory and the most expensive status-Emperor.
Xu Rui has the impulse to strangle himself, but he doesn’t want to think that at that time he didn’t recover some memories as he does now. Even if he has seen the secret mansion of Gankun with his own eyes, he can’t know that it is a chaotic spiritual realm, and he can’t know the preciousness of that thing.
However, he believes that it is not too late to take it away now that he knows that the secret mansion of Gankun is chaotic, or it may be chaotic. That chance is still that his gods lock Hu Yingxue again, and his eyes are full of greed.
Hu Yingxue looked up, but there was no knowledge. Xu Rui’s knowledge swept past her for the first time, and she found that she came back several times. The first two pauses were more when she was on the golden face, and then she became a pause when she was on her body. Maybe Xu Rui had guessed her identity because of Xiaojin, which made her frown.
Ready to look back Hu Yingxue noticed that there were a few small black spots falling through the fire and rain towards her valley. She didn’t know the gods, but she could see that it was the five-fire monster beast. It was the highest state of the universe, and the other four were the ninth-order peaks | peaks second only to the god beast.
Hu Yingxue picked his eyebrows and evoked a sneer at the corners of his mouth. Beasts are more resourceful than those who don’t repair, but their own fighting capacity is higher than those who repair them. Although she is now a sacred peak | Peak, she can’t say that she can get away safely in their siege, but there must be a former one. The five must have the opportunity to get close to her.
The fifth chapter will be an army in progress (5)
The monster beast with five fires doesn’t seem to be afraid of the fire and rain all over the sky, but it flinches before filling the whole valley with red-violet fire and fire. Their strength is Xu Rui, and some means to help them get up and walk is not the right way. If they are practitioners, they must be divided into the ranks of evil spirits.
Red-violet industry fire is the bane of evil spirits, and naturally it is also the bane of these monster beasts. Don’t just rush into the fire and feel the smell of red-violet industry fire at a long distance. They are like turning around and fleeing. Unfortunately, they dare not be controlled by Xu Rui because of their small lives.
Xu Rui sent them here just to give Hu Yingxue a try. Now, the strength doesn’t care about their lives and deaths. Seeing them parked in the valley, he made them "give it to me quickly" again by being controlled by his mother.
A sharp pain in the brain is a warning. No matter how unwilling a few monsters are, they dare not disobey Xu Rui. They are full of grief and indignation. After a long whistle, they see five big fireballs from afar. When their bodies are hidden by the flames, they plunge into the flames of red-violet industry.
Xu Rui asked the five monster beasts to attack Hu Yingxue. After they entered the red-violet fire, they went straight to her. When they really entered it, they found that it was more difficult to get close to her than they thought before. When they entered the fire, they found themselves locked by a big circle of abnormal nine-deep ghost snakes.
Xu Rui keeps monsters. These monsters all know what it’s like to refine a corpse. Those monsters who are disobedient or ambitious are given a place by Xu Rui as a material for refining a corpse. Let them be obedient and more obedient. The remaining monsters have been taken to see how the corpse is refined.
Xu Rui’s cards have just been released from the spirit beast bag. Before giving them the order to attack Hu Yingxue, Xu Rui first showed them that those people trapped in the sky are struggling in pain, but they still can’t escape. Once exhausted, they will be swallowed up by the flame, and their bodies will be burned. They will fall into the red-violet fire and the sea of fire will melt away.
I have been seeing that there are no people left who are struggling in the flames. Xu Rui said to their monsters, "If you don’t finish it, your ending will be worse than those people. After you finish it, you will have a chance to gain stronger strength. If you choose, should I help you make a decision?"
At the thought of Xu Rui’s words, several monster beasts first made a chill, and then they became as excited as they suddenly hit the chicken blood. At this moment, there is only one thought left in their heads, that is, they can gain stronger strength by completing the Lord’s account.
It’s a bit like hypnotizing a few monster beasts with an idea left in their heads. They are not afraid of the red-violet fire in their hearts, and they are not afraid of those who are slowly gathering towards them. After the monster beast led the four day order monster beasts to look up for a long whistle, they swooped toward Fang Huying Snow again.
The fire in the center of this red-violet fire is Hu Yingxue’s life and fire. Because she has absolute control over her own life and fire, she can control the whole sea of fire through that one fire. When the monsters entered the red-violet fire, the red-violet fire tested them and lost the information to her.
Hu Yingxue found that they shouldn’t overestimate Xu Rui. Every time he heard that he was making a big move, their side either mobilized people to be ready or held full marks. Careful and careful thinking was the basis of countermeasures. They were all ready to meet or rush over, but it turned out that Xu Rui’s playing methods were not as powerful as they guessed, and some of them could be labeled as superficial.
Before Xu Rui made those things around the North Temple of Heaven, it’s not much to say. In fact, it’s considered. I didn’t expect him to decorate those things with less changes, that is, the five elements are the big eyes. Take those monster beasts as an example. Hu Yingxue can give an evaluation. Xu Rui’s means of disguising and repairing the realm is really very high
There is not much problem with the monster beast order. The monster beast is indeed a monster beast. The peak of day order is indeed the peak of day order. The problem lies in the beautiful frame. Others’ frames are filled with high-quality steel bars and concrete. They are filled with bamboo strips and inferior cement. It looks quite decent. Hands will soon show problems.
A god beast and four day order peaks | against a group of people who have been tortured by red-violet industry fire and are close to the brink of collapse. Jiuyuan ghost snake refining resin didn’t even insist on it for two hours. To be precise, there was no more than one point twenty minutes at a time.
To tell you the truth, those performances were really brave. At first, they rushed to two nine-deep ghost snakes and refined corpses, and then they exploded, and then they became semi-residual and became residual. At the back, the two day order peaks and peaks immediately became slag, and then they were added together to solve Article 13 one by one.
Then, before the God-level roar loud, a hundred black fire balls appeared in the fire of red-violet industry. At first, don’t worry about rushing to the front of the snake to refine the corpse. Those fire balls stick to them like hairballs, and when the hundred fire balls stick to those refined corpses, just listen to boom.
The monster beast of God level is still struggling in the fire of red-violet industry. Those nine-deep ghost snakes are almost solved by it. This makes it and the four day order top | peak monster beasts have increased their confidence and rushed forward like a chicken blood. In a moment, they joined hands with several monster beasts and solved twenty or thirty articles.
Seeing the movement here, Xu Rui’s eyes are full of joy, and his knowledge has swept Hu Yingxue’s heart. It feels like a shoo-in, but he never thought that he had just given him a face and a few monsters were brave, so for a while, and then the game was instantly reversed like a leaking balloon.
A few monster beasts are getting weaker at an amazing speed, and the attack power is also rapidly decreasing, while the strength of Jiuyuan Ghost Snake staying behind is stronger than that of those who were killed before. Many of them were surrounded by each other without a face-to-face, and they did not struggle, but they were broken to resist the red-violet fire and protect the wall.
I’ve been to these monster beasts before, and I’m as afraid of the red-violet industry fire as those who refine the resin. Without that layer of flame breast wall to protect the surrounding red-violet industry fire, I’ll immediately gather up the breast wall at this time. Don’t say that a few flame lotus flowers will be wrapped up in the body without blinking an eye, instead of the front flame breast wall.
Several monster beasts have set up a good physical strength, not to mention that compared with those refined corpses, they are lower than those ordinary monster beasts, and they are far worse than those wrapped in red-violet fire. They have not struggled for a long time, and they can’t move. They have received instructions from Xurui to blow themselves up, and they can do nothing. They can watch their bodies being torn apart by those refined corpses.