Zhang Chongxuan sneered, "It’s very simple. No one can stop me from doing something. Who dares to stop me from meeting God!"

King Qin Guangwang sighed, "It’s unusual for you to cultivate immortality, gain enlightenment and rise to the heart. It’s no wonder that you are so worldly that you will divide the celestial world first and then let your celestial world!"
Yan Luotian scolded, "Guang Wang, you have gone too far."
Zhang Zhongxuan said lightly, "In fact, he doesn’t say that I know that things in the celestial world don’t mean much to me. In fact, being immortal and becoming a god is like how noble the celestial world and the celestial world can be compared with the human world." After all, don’t both the celestial world and the human world belong to the human world? When you see me in Yan Luowang, don’t you dare to take too much risks and fight with me, but want to talk to the wheel king? Aren’t you superior to mortals in your mood and sentiment? "
Yamaraja and Qin Guangwang can’t be two people. You look at me and I look at you. It seems that you all see each other’s shock.
Zhang Chongxuan sneered, "It’s a natural law that the world’s strong respect life is a challenge. If you don’t have a good understanding, you will get your job. Since Yan Luowang naturally won’t let me go, I’m still the strength to break into the underworld and kill the equal king." Zhang Chongxuan said the trick, and a divinatory pattern flashed from his hand and appeared in his hand.
The appearance of Yamaraja makes Zhang Zhongxuan feel like a duck to water. Zhang Zhongxuan is a man who is proficient in martial arts, law and technique. With Yamaraja, the powerful spiritual force supports Zhang Zhongxuan behind his back. Naturally, it is cast up and follow one’s inclinations. Now it appears in his hand as a law that eats souls.
The hexagrams flew out of Zhang Chongxuan’s hand like a flash, and the whole pattern dispersed and quickly turned into several wisps of clear smoke, heading for Yamaraja Tianhe and Equality Wang Fei.
Yamaraja Day frowned, and hay cutter turned into a light and flew directly to the sky. The smoke that was shot by hay cutter was miraculously sucked in by hay cutter, while the other smoke fell to the ground and burned like a jack-o’-lantern.
Zhang Zhongxuan couldn’t think that Yamaraja could see through his intentions and broke his own law before the soul-eating array was laid. It was unwise for Yamaraja and Qin Guangwang to use their own wisdom to display the law, but to break the idea of law.
The attack was not taken by surprise. This is the main point of the military strategist. When Zhang Chongxuan came to the dharma tactic, it always seemed very deep. Qin Guangwang was deeply involved in this way. When Zhang Chongxuan came to the dharma tactic, he actually took advantage of the situation and his evil dragon mirror flashed out, and immediately a beam of light came straight at Zhang Chongxuan.
"ah!" Aside, Mei Hu twisted her face when she saw that beam of light. "What’s the matter?" Mei Hu’s heart was frightened to speed up the flow of the real element and stabilize her figure.
Zhang Zhongxuan, who is drawing the dharma tactic, is cold-snorted. It is natural to know that the evil dragon treasure mirror has the characteristics of the demon environment, which will make Mei Hu’s figure fade uncontrollably, but now he can’t control Mei Hu because his right hand is drawing the dharma tactic and his left hand has to face the light beam coming towards him from the evil dragon treasure mirror.
Seeing the light beam will excite Zhang Zhongxuan, but Zhang Zhongxuan is not afraid that the left hand of the light beam will gently cross in the middle, and several stars will flash in front of him. With the appearance of a five-pointed star, Zhang Zhongxuan’s left hand will gently face the five-pointed star, and the five-pointed star generate will shine in the sun for a moment. A five-pointed star wall appeared in front of Zhang Zhongxuan.
Bang! The light beam emitted by the evil dragon mirror hits the light wall formed by the five-pointed star. After a huge bang, it was actually refracted by the light wall of the five-pointed star and hit the sky straight.
"Damn it, it’s not good to have Yamaraja’s order in hand!" Looking at the beam refracted by the evil dragon treasure mirror, Qin Guangwang cried in his heart. According to him, the spell made by Zhang Zhongxuan’s right hand is definitely not a general series. Generally speaking, if you make advanced spells, you can definitely put your mind on it. It is impossible to have the heart to take care of other things. This is also the reason why Qin Guangwang made moves. However, Qin Guangwang still underestimated the strength of Yamaraja to make Zhang Zhongxuan make his blow not work.
Just when Qin Guangwang missed the best opportunity to attack Zhang Chongxuan and lamented, a figure flashed around him, but it was yama who reached out and held hay cutter to split Zhang Chongxuan with the method.
It’s just a blink of an eye in the eyes of ordinary people, but it actually happens alternately, which can be said to be seamless.
Sharp knife gas is coming towards him. Zhang Zhongxuan knows that even if knife gas hits himself, he will get more than he bargained for. Fortunately, at this moment, the right-handed tactic has been finished, so he doesn’t have to worry about it.
No sign of Zhang Zhongxuan’s movement. His figure fluttered out three feet away and he reached out to the ground. A sand wall immediately emerged from the ground.
Yamaraja day face a knife strength a closed want to also didn’t want to retreat decisively.
Zhang Zhongxuan crossed his hands to form a cross. "Yellow sand flies all over the sky and kills people!"
At once, the soil rising from the ground with a height of tens of feet and a height of tens of feet drifted away like catkins toward the retreat of Qin Guangwang and Yan Luotian.
Qin Guangwang and Yan Luotian looked at each other and were in a daze in wait for a while. Of course, they know that this spell is called killing forgiveness! Conan the destroyer, as well as the celestial forbidden method, is as powerful as the celestial magic body, which is included in the forbidden method because it is attacked by the force of heaven and earth or by the power of heaven and earth. Generally speaking, it has more damage than the earth, like killing and forgiving. The attack power is about ten times that of the apocalypse. Those who are all filled with mud and then blown to pieces are actually the same as the heavenly sand. The difference is that the killing and forgiving spell is to transport the underground force and then make a killing skill by shaking.
Don’t look at the silt floating all over the sky like catkins, but these silt are really very harmful. They are floating in the middle, but the targets are Qin Guang and Yamaraja.
Knowing the killing and forgiving spell, King Qin Guangwang and Yamaraja naturally can’t easily let these sediments fall on their own bodies. At this moment, hay cutter Yan Luotian has turned his hand to hay cutter hay cutter in his rotation to form a blazing ball of light, while those knife lights are condensed but not exposed, which is accumulated in the ball of light.
And Qin Guangwang didn’t stop his evil dragon mirror. I don’t know if it has become a dragon wrapped around his hand. The dragon is as big as a python, but it is majestic and throughput.
"What a Yamaraja day and Qin Guangwang, a pole knife, a cloud-lowering and fog-lowering attack. It’s no wonder that they are called the two Yan Luowang with the most tacit understanding in hell." Zhang Zhongxuan saw that Yan Luotian’s reaction tactic had been picked up again.
"Let the drizzle run away." Zhang Zhongxuan drank a hexagram pattern and flew towards it. Immediately, a bolt from the blue sounded, and the light of the hexagram pattern flashed and turned into several drizzles flying towards the sky.
Mei Hu’s facial expression changed, and she gasped, "It’s amazing that spell superposition can be made." It turned out that those drizzles flew towards the sediment to make up for the gaps in the sediment. The most amazing thing was that those drizzles disappeared while flying. Although Mei Hu didn’t know about celestial spells, she could see that this was spell superposition and knew that spell superposition was right.
All things in the world will have their own similarities and differences, and they will also take the most common phrase "man is perfect" as an example. Generally, like a snake, its dead point is at its seven inches, and so do spells. The difference is that the more advanced a spell is, the more hidden its dead point is, and often its dead point is covered by its powerful power.
Later, some people have studied how to make up for the dead point of spells. If there is a superposition spell, a spell master and another spell assistant, then a perfect spell without dead point can be produced. However, the theory is, but I have never heard of anyone who will make the superposition spell Mei Hu. Now, when I see Zhang Zhongxuan’s killing and forgiveness, it is naturally more shocking than the rain spell.
Surrounded by silt and drizzle, King Qin Guangwang shouted "The sky turns into gas in fog" to the side of Yamaraja.
"good!" In that rotating hands, hay cutter yama heard Qin Guangwang’s words without hesitation, reaching out and lifting his hand, hay cutter turned into the sun and flew towards Qin Guangwang.
Qin Guangwang’s face became dignified. On the day of Yamaraja, when hay cutter flew like the sun, his body sank fiercely. His hand was wrapped around the Yi Long Yin, which was made by the evil dragon mirror and turned into a dragon. He swallowed hay cutter with a huff and puff.
Called by the evil dragon mirror, Jackie Chan’s figure flew toward the sky together to see it constantly expanding, while in its belly there was a scorching sun.
The dragon roared over Yi Long in the middle of the dragon’s flight. Seeing that the sky was full of sediment and rain, the dragon’s mouth suddenly fell. When Zhang Chaozhong spat, it burst out like water. Bang! Huge explosions broke out one after another, and the whole chaotic world shook.
Mei Fox’s body shape is unstable. Looking at the same unstable body shape, Qin Guangwang and Yamaraja look at Zhang Zhongxuan calmly again. "Master is still stable in such a situation. No wonder Yan Luowang people will be afraid of him when they see him one by one."
The blasting kept ringing for nine thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine before it stopped, and Rowen, who was enchanted by the evil dragon mirror, was no longer changing, but a tired pair, and even his eyes gradually lost their luster.
After the dragon whined, it flew to King Qin Guang, and naturally became evil. The dragon treasure mirror fell into the hands of King Qin Guang.
"The evil dragon has suffered for you." Qin Guangwang looked at the evil dragon mirror and could not help but sigh with emotion. When he looked down, he saw that the evil dragon mirror had cracked several seams from it. The seam was filled in an instant and the evil dragon mirror had been destroyed.
Qin Guangwang’s face was calm. He put the destroyed evil dragon mirror in his arms. Although the evil dragon mirror was destroyed, it was not destroyed. It was necessary for him to spend another few years or be repaired. Of course, before he could get out alive.
In the middle of the white light falling like snow, Yan Luotian reached out a recruit and all the white light flew to his hand. When all the light gathered together to form Yamaraja heaven and earth, hay cutter was at this moment, and hay cutter had lost its former glory, but it was dim.
Zhang Chongxuan stood with his hands down and didn’t take advantage of the situation to launch an attack. He said lightly, "I will launch Yamaraja as the last blow to make all reiki, so you can use your housekeeping skills without regret."
When I heard Zhang Zhongxuan’s words, Yan Luotian smiled bitterly and quipped, "It’s ironic that Yan Luowang in the Ten Temples of Hades should be so punished by others."
Qin Guangwang’s face has always changed color in the depths. "Although the evil dragon mirror was destroyed and hay cutter was silent, it doesn’t mean that we can resist the force. Can you rely on hay cutter in Yan Luowang?"
Yamaraja’s eyes lit up and the decadent color disappeared instantly. Looking at Zhang Zhongxuan proudly, he affirmed, "It’s not necessarily who lives or dies!"
Zhang Zhongxuan originally wanted to use words to attack the two of them just now, but now he sees that Yamaraja’s days in Qin Guangwang’s words are stronger than confidence, but he doesn’t hesitate much but coldly says, "In that case, you are ready."
Said the hand to the bosom a tao Yamaraja to throw it to the middle.
The Yamaraja made a immediately floating in the Zhang Chongxuan’s head, sending out the sky, and more and more resin poured into it.