Xia Qi’s eyebrows are not wrinkled, and the price increase is understated with a smile.

As if the flower is not his own fairy stone, he doesn’t feel bad about hundreds of millions of giants, so he can say nothing.
In fact, Xia Qi really didn’t intend to spend his own fairy stone.
Because he is going to destroy the whole ice school, the value of the treasure in the treasure house is at least over one billion, right? He is too lazy to pick up this 500 million fairy stone.
"The patriarch is so generous …"
Du zong is also stunned.
He is the ancestor of Du family. The value of the treasure is far more than 500 million immortal stones, but even so, he has never seen Hua Xian stones like Xia Qi.
According to Du Zongxing, even violence has been solved long ago.
The five elements of the holy clan VIP box fell silent.
Five holy brothers of five elements are staring at Xia Qi figure with sullen eyes across the box. I wish I could kill Xia Qi now.
They really want to keep bidding at the moment, but the problem is that they are not enough!
Just bid 410 million immortal stone is already a treasure mortgage, and now Xia Qi has risen directly to 500 million immortal stone, and they have already competed hard.
"Stare at him and wait for him to go out of town and kill him to seize the spirit stone!"
Five five lines of holy brother are fairy king at the moment one of the old man coldly drink a way.
"Don’t worry, he won’t see the sun!"
Another fairy king also said
They have made up their minds to wait until Xia Qi leaves the city and kill Xia Qi immediately.
Chapter nine hundred and ninety-one Death City
Chapter nine hundred and ninety-one Death City
The eye-catching soul stone was finally got by Xia Qi.
Although it’s a big flower, Xia Qi doesn’t care. He can’t hide his face lit up with the spirit in his hand.
However, the last auction after the auction of the soul stone, a quasi-emperor, did not cause any waves. Most immortals are still reminiscing about the auction of the soul stone just now.
Of course, more people are looking at Xia Qi.
Xia Qi was hiding in the auction hall. Most of the immortals stared at Xia Qi’s eyes and flashed hot and greedy.
"Let’s go"
Xia Qi took the spirit stone and played with it for a moment. After seeing that the finale treasure was an ordinary quasi-emperor, he lost interest and continued to stay here and called Du Zongyi to go outside the auction hall.
This walk behind him turned out to be several figures to follow!
Obviously, these immortals are up to no good.
Xia Qi doesn’t care about indifferently than with Du Zong walked out of the auction hall and looked at the ice city.
That’s where Binglizong stands!
"Hum! Even our five elements of holy things dare to rob you, and you are dead! If you want to leave the ice city, no one can save you when you die! "
Xia qi and du zong haven’t gone to the city for several figures, but they have already stood in the front of Xia qi, one by one, and their faces are fierce, and the dangers are revealed. One of them is an old man’s cruel way
These figures are the five elements of the holy brothers in the former VIP box!
There are five of them and they are all fairy kings. Perhaps they saw that Xia Qixiu is also the realm of fairy kings and followed by Du Zongze. But look at this appearance, it’s just Xia Qi’s footman. There is no threat to Xia Qi from the extremely arrogant eyes.
However, they may have been motivated by some reasons, such as ice ideas and shogunate. Although they were extremely arrogant, they were also verbal threats. Xia Qi did not start work in this street.
"The five elements of the holy people are really overbearing …"
"I’m afraid I’m going to have bad luck if I’m stared at by the holy people of the five elements."
"Just fairy king also dare to rob the five elements of holy cases to see the treasures reveal so much property that even if the five elements of holy cases don’t deal with him, others will find a chance to kill this person."
"Rich repair is also good, but the brain is a little poor …"
There was a lot of discussion around, and many people sighed.
It’s not a pity that Xia Qi will encounter bad luck, but it’s a pity that the five elements of the Holy Sect started it first, leaving them with no chance to kill Xia Qi, a fat sheep.
"Enjoy this last time, Xiao. It’s your death outside the city of Bingli!"
The five immortals of the five elements of the Holy Clan are obviously very proud, and many immortals around them are afraid of them, holding their heads high and arrogant, and humming to Xia Qi way
Voice down five people will turn away.
Just at this moment, the cold mountain rises at first!
I have always looked indifferent and said nothing. I listened to the overbearing words of the five elements of the holy family. Xia Qi was about to turn around and cut out a sword!
The sword body is like a cylinder with a blade, but it is sharp-edged at the moment. The dazzling light of the sword has covered this piece of sky. It will directly crush this piece of sky, and the five holy brothers of the five elements will be shrouded!
"Look out!"
"You want to die!"
The five people of the five elements of Shengzong reacted quickly to the cold mountain attack and immediately turned to display their magical powers to block Xia Qi’s attack.
They looked angry but not frightened.