"Very good. I’ll take the cloud and clean up your honour. I want Tianlong Sect to be removed from the Jianghu!" As soon as the ten hands pulled out the "outside the cloud nine", he was obviously moved and really angry.

"That also has the strength to speak’ Long Xiang Gang Qi’ is not great!" Yunbu Shaonangong Moon fights are very familiar with the characteristics of "Long Xiang Gang Qi"
Excalibur with ten hands in hand, sword blazing, right hand waving a gorgeous light curtain appeared, and his face was calm and he smashed the light curtain at the cloud.
"Storm sword? A bit specious? " Miyahiko suddenly whispered this, but the horse caught the attention of Hu Xiaolan and the night sea around him.
"This is unlikely? Wrong novel network many words "
"Isn’t that secret book later taken by Dongfang Feng?"
"No, I’m afraid this man realized it by himself according to the sword meaning of" the sword of sudden wind and torrential rain "and" the sword of gentle wind and drizzle ".It seems that this man’s martial arts talent and understanding are quite remarkable. It seems that he is not inferior to the authentic sword of violent storm!"
When several people discussed it, the cloud had avoided the blow. He faced such a wide range of "sword rain" and tried to break the enemy’s prescription for a while, but he decided to dodge and observe until there were flaws in ten hands before fighting back.
"Brother Yun, don’t delay this move blindly. The longer the power is, the faster it will be. If it can’t be broken quickly, I’m afraid it will be solved!" Miyahiko suddenly woke up with a drink and said,
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The first volume Zhongshan wind and rain yellow Chapter 10 liese nu
The first volume Zhongshan wind and rain yellow Chapter 10 liese nu
"solution? I’m afraid not! " The cloud exhaled and roared loudly into the cloud. His right index finger condensed to see the position and pointed to the imaginary point in the ten-handed sword rain. A sharp roar made the sword rain turn to great strength and almost let the ten-handed sword go. What an amazing finger!
Although everyone is coming for the clouds, so amazing is his skill and martial arts, which still makes the onlookers colorful, but his face is even more ugly
"Can you be stronger than’ the sky is mixed with the sky’?" Ten hands stop the sword and stand with the right hand holding the sword behind them. The jaws of death have cracked, and the right arm is a little numb by the impact of that great force, trembling slightly.
"Don’t you try again?" Yun smiled mysteriously but didn’t discover the reason. Although he was calm, he knew in his heart that the blow just now was 30% strength and 70% luck. The mystery was inhuman. He learned a few arithmetic from Spartacus and Salas, and he was also proficient in classical physics theory. He also learned the famous saying of Archimedes, "Give me a fulcrum and I can hold up the earth." Naturally, he was well versed in it. But just now, that clever force just hit the best fulcrum and pulled out four or two thousand pounds to support the ten hands.
Ten hands smell speech face slightly changed but didn’t start work. His right hand was injured by the earthquake. Although the meridians won’t have any impact on his martial arts, his right hand can’t do anything for the time being. However, after all, he is a school of worship and the first master in the Central Plains, so he is so timid to leave. From then on, his name and influence will be hard to imagine, and it is even possible that his lifelong martial arts will be difficult to make progress. Therefore, he can’t leave, and he will try again.
"What’s the matter? Ten girls from Cui Yun are still waiting for me. You must hurry up!" Yun said this sentence is frivolous and ambiguous, which is not in line with his usual style, but the purpose is to run ten hands and take the opportunity to suppress his confidence and reputation
"Shut up!" The beautiful woman in white was furious when she heard the words "accurate and malicious" and split her sword at Yunguang’s head. It didn’t look like there was no chapter when she was angry. Yun was caught off guard and couldn’t barely condense the diamond finger, but at this critical moment, ten hands actually joined in the fun.
There is no clever left hand and left hand, and it is fully played to the extreme. "The sky is mixed with the sky and the sky is so angry" and it is flashed to the cloud chest!
It’s too late to say anything at the moment, and the rock-breaking palm suddenly pressed on the cloud chest! At the moment, it’s too late to talk about who wants to be rescued. It’s too late to play the white female sword, and the chest has actually got ten hands, which is full of true qi.
However, the situation is not as bad as it looks. The clap on the chest of the cloud makes a sound of defeat, but the ten hands have a kind of feeling that one hundred percent of the palm force seems to be fluttering and less than twenty percent of it feels weird to the extreme.
What is even more bizarre is that when the ten hands are ready to withdraw their palms, they find that their left hands seem to be stuck by a suction force, and they can’t come back. The ten hands hurriedly regain their capacity.
"It’s a little late!" Yun sneered at his yoga, which removed most of the palm force of the ten hands, but he was still slightly injured, which was extremely unfavorable to the war in his face. His heart was angry that yoga absorbed the left hand of the ten hands, and then his right hand held the top door of the ten hands. When he saw it, he raised his injured right hand. The hard frame heard a crisp sound, and the ten hands and the right hand were considered useless.
Although Yun is not good at palm manipulation, he is powerful and furious, and his power is really serious. This completely shattered the hands of ten people and shattered the wishful thinking of all those who want to take advantage of it.
"Who else wants to learn my martial arts as the deputy leader of Tianlong?" Cloud although anger extremely but still didn’t kill him a jilt has seriously injured ten hands "poof" spit out a mouthful of blood drink asked.
Seeing that the cloud is so great, except for the admiration of the family middleman and the leaders of Tianlong Sect, other sects are terrified. In the final analysis, even the ten-handed sneak attack can’t match the sky. Except for those idle clouds and wild cranes, it is probably hard to find the second one.
"You ~ ~" wait for a while, the white woman, looked at him like a sword from King Kong, but she didn’t know if she should stab him again.
"What’s wrong with me?" Cloud squint at her coldly asked.
"You bastard!" The woman doesn’t know where the sword of courage actually stabbed in the past, and the cloud couldn’t support it long ago. Seeing the female sword stab, she could also smile bitterly and fall down at the moment.
“!” Ai Lijie didn’t get to the front of the cloud at this time and was rushing to help the whole chest to be dyed red with blood.
"Wow ~ ~" The woman in white stabbed the cloud but did not see joy. Instead, she hid her face and shouted for the door as if she had been greatly stimulated.
"Go and find out if he has a’ strong sun’!" I don’t know who is shouting a crowd of onlookers in the crowd. This just woke up from a rude awakening and plundered the past and surrounded Ai Lijie and his arms. Some daring Jianghu people had already wanted to rob people.
At the same time, Ai Lijie found herself unable to feel the pulse of the cloud. She was really sad and vented her anger on these have it both ways Jianghu people.
She’s in a good mood at the moment, and she won’t deliberately control her power, so she learned vigorously in the wave fight and unconsciously made it out. "Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang.
"Fanbang is quite stubborn, let’s stand side by side!" The sound rang again at the right time, urging everyone to rise up and attack.
However, it is expected that it is not Ai Lijie’s strength that has reached the top master level. Almost no one can pick up a move with her hands flying and throwing gold rings, and every time she flicks her hands, someone will fly out. It’s a terrible sight!
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The first volume Zhongshan wind and rain yellow Chapter 19 is a trap
The first volume Zhongshan wind and rain yellow Chapter 19 is a trap