San huang?’ Mu Yun secretly surprised that the young boy turned out to be an open san huang and Mu Wan’s unkind words made Mu Yun feel great.

"You …" san huang lost his face and his face was livid. "Well, I’ll let this little death die today ~" Say Long Qi is already unable to bear the anger in his heart any longer and boom toward Mu Yun.
Before Mu Yun moves, a wave of true qi is already attacking, and Mu Wan ‘er is also turning to meet the faint voice of the left and right two old people. "Remember that you promised me that the Buddhist is coming soon. Don’t go quickly."
Although it’s too unmanly for a woman to block herself, now Mu Yun doesn’t care about those who are first, but not fighting but running.
Want to Mu Yun word pull bells turned and ran away, but Mu Yun inadvertently turned the moment is deeply shocked by the scene behind him.
Seeing Mu Wan ‘er is not only equal to the left and right parents, but also the front of Long Qi is constantly being attacked to suppress him.
So distracted, you can be one enemy and three enemies. You know, that’s three characters in the later period of the preconditions, and it seems that if you hadn’t scruple about Long Qi’s identity, he would have been defeated by his peak strength.
How strong is this Mu Waner?
Chapter one hundred and fourteen Bells Secret
"Shout is finally coming" Mu Yun looked at the foggy forest just around the corner and felt the light fog in the air, and his heart suddenly relaxed a lot.
After nearly a month, the life of escape is finally coming to an end. Muyun looked back at Qinghai City and muttered, "I don’t know what happened to the elder sister."
"Wood, don’t worry, their luck will be fine." Bells blinked their big eyes and comforted.
Mu Yun nodded slightly, but somehow his heart was inexplicably agitated.
No matter how strong Mu Yun is on the surface, she is still a child after all. The psychological trauma caused by the sudden family disaster is not so easy to heal.
Therefore, Linger looked at Mu Yun with big eyes and looked at him thoughtfully. "Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!"
"Which have? She is just Bing Xin jade bone Dan, "Mu Yun said with a red face.
"Bing Xin jade bone Dan?" Bells were slightly surprised and then thoughtfully said, "No wonder it turned out to be so." Then Bells’ little face flashed a sly muttered, "In fact, it is quite suitable."
As soon as Jingle’s voice fell, Mu Yun blushed even more, and forced himself to argue, "Jingle, don’t talk nonsense about what goes well?"
While the bell is so koo-shaped stare at Mu Yun puzzled and said, "I said that her physique and’ Bing Xin jade bone Dan’ are quite suitable for you. What did you say?"
Mu Yun’s face was black and speechless. "I, I said that’s the same."
"Ha ha ha ha" suddenly a silvery smile came out of the mouth of the bell, and then look at the bell, clutching her belly and laughing my head off.
Mu Yun didn’t know that he had been tricked by Jingle, so he chased Jingle up …
After a play, Mu Yun was in a better mood, and she was grateful to Bells.
But when they were laughing, they didn’t know that the danger had quietly come …
A breeze blew through the leaves in the forest and made a rustling sound. Bells immediately put out a finger on their lips to make a silent gesture, and Bells’ actions also surprised Mu Yun and immediately looked around with vigilance.
After a long time, the bell sighed slightly, "Should it come or not?"
Mu Yun frightened just wanted to ask.
Listening to a wild laugh in the dense forest in the distance, "Ha, ha, ha, I can’t believe that your little girl can find the Buddhist", and then a one-armed figure slowly walked out of the Buddhist.
Mu Yun nervous pure Yang qi immediately run a step in front of bells watched buddhist warily.
And Buddhist is the root didn’t put Mu Yun’s eyes still ourtenant from walking.
Bells is a face of relaxed slowly from behind Mu Yun expression calm jiao said, "it’s not so difficult for a mere worm girl in the virtual Dan period to find you."
"Xu Dan period?" Mu Yun in the mind a surprised oneself know then how can a virtual Dan period? But Mu Yun knew that his eyes were still staring at the Buddhist when he was not asking.
Sure enough, when Buddhist heard the words "virtual Dan period", his eyes also changed slightly, but then he smiled and didn’t make a move. "You are really not from this mainland."
Linger is constantly thinking about ways in her heart, but her face is indifferent as water. "This is mutual, but do you think your strength in the virtual Dan period can compete with me?" Bells step back slightly, ready to start work.
While Buddhist laughed, and the true qi quietly ran for a long time before staring at the bell and pondering, saying, "I admit that if you are in this ten words, I am not your opponent, but" Buddhist gave me a hint of evil jokes and turned to "you are a busy person."
"Two places at once?" Mu Yun face a change haven’t understand the situation listen to bells jiao yi a "wood walk" and then see bells with a wave of his arm suddenly appeared in front of two people a layer of mask at the same time Buddhist is suddenly and violently coming towards them.
"Where to go?" Buddhist true qi burst "boom"-the mask slammed together. Mu Yun felt a shock and the mask was shaking. Fortunately, it was not broken in the end
While the bell is pulling Mu Yun turned and jumped straight toward the misty forest.
At this time, there are too many words in Mu Yun’s heart to ask bells, but the timing is not allowed. The’ boom’ qi behind him is not awake at the moment of impact. Mu Yun speeds up his steps …
Finally, Mu Yun and Linger stepped into the misty fog in Buddhist school unwilling to watch.
Just as they disappeared, they listened to "click" a layer of mask, which was finally completely broken into pieces after the seventh bombardment of Buddhist, and Buddhist was also suddenly and violently dressed in the fog …
"Wood quickly lead the way to Longhong Village" bells took a few breaths and rushed.
Mu Yun also promptly took out a map of the misty forest to find the route to Longhong Village without saying anything.
The foggy forest is full of fog, and there are many monster beasts. It is extremely difficult for Buddhist to find out the location of Mu Yun. I looked around and looked at the Buddhist sullenly. Cold hum a good nai withdrew from the forest and waited at the entrance for the vanguard troops of Juxianzhuang because Buddhist knew that they must have this foggy forest map in their hands.
Buddhist eyes narrowed slightly, and a cruel smile floated around his mouth. Looking at the depths of the forest, he murmured, "I’m just letting you run a little longer to see how far you can run."
Southwest suburb of Qinghai city
"Elder sister, how’s your injury?" Mu Tian went to Muxue and squatted down to ask.
Mu Xue sat with his back against a big tree and his arms and legs were bloodstained. Obviously, he was not slightly injured. Mu Xue was slightly pale and forced a smile. "I’m fine. How is everyone?"
Listening to Mu Xue’s longing for the sky turned out to be a little choked up. "The elder sister, the six elders and the seven elders were killed in the second uncle’s injury, and the death toll in the three generations has reached 300, and most of them have been injured to varying degrees …" Say that the longing for the sky is cruel. "Luo Jiahe Yang’s bastards, I want to go back and kill them."
After listening to Mu Tian’s words, Mu Xue was also sad, but his tears did not fall. Instead, he patted Mu Tian’s shoulder and firmly said, "Mu Tian’s dad is not here, and now you are the master. You should take care of your family at this critical moment. Don’t act impulsively. If you are messed up, the Baili family will really perish. Are you white?"
Mu Tian wiped her face with tears and nodded her head at Muxue Jianyi.
"Alas," Muxue sighed and looked at the direction of Qinghai City. "I wonder what happened to Grandpa, Dad and Mu Yun."
Just as Mu Xue was meditating, he suddenly heard MuHong say, "There are many people coming."
Mu Xue in the mind a surprised this Laurence family and Yang’s how to make track for so soon?
At this time, the rear can already hear the broken footsteps and looming figures. Mu Tiangang wants to lead the people to rush, but he hears the second uncle’s thyme calling out, "Slow is like a Fang family."
Sure enough, I walked into the crowd and saw that the leader was Fang Jiafang Jian and Fang Sheng Baili’s family. Everyone was happy and suddenly relaxed a lot.