As a result; It is already said that those sects have great suspicion in this matter and have to talk about it; What they lack to do that; Either that or it’s just a reason.

What are the reasons for those sects to do this?
On Monday, I can’t think of any good explanation. After all, those sects can be regarded as the ruling layer of the right path. Although not all sects obey their orders, they can rely on those sects if they are really willing to talk. I believe that there are really few forces in the fix true world who don’t sell their noodles.
It stands to reason that speaking can almost be said that they have ruled the whole path of the fix-true world, and they have no reason to do such a thing at all. After all, the stronger the path of the fix-true world, the stronger the power they hold in their hands, otherwise the path of the fix-true world will really have them. When the time comes, they can’t have such a power and prestige again. They can’t bear it.
Probably most of you know that lovers will have such an idea today! No matter whether they did it or not, it is unlikely that those sects will be suspected.
But Sunday is not the face of the world; When considering the problem, we will selectively ignore the prestige of those sects in the field of repair, and regard them as ordinary forces in the field of repair. If you think about it again, estimate the true thoughts of those sects; It is not very difficult.
Right path alliance; Although those top schools are decision-making levels; However, this decision-making level is not static, although there are various conditions for selection, but actually there is one thing to enter the decision-making level; Which sects have the strongest strength, then they can enter the decision-making level, if their strength is weakened too much; Even before that, he was still in the decision-making level; At that time, its original position will also be topped by other sects.
Institute; Although in the eyes of outsiders; According to their status, those sects at the decision-making level usually need to consider problems such as dealing with the forces of various factions of the magic road; As far as Sunday is concerned, those sects are apart from their own employees; Probably, such as preventing their own sects from being pushed by those sects facing them, this is probably a problem they must consider!
Doubt; No matter which sects are concerned, the rise and fall of sects are uncontrollable, maybe once or twice; Or it is a situation that the power pattern of one or two adventures will change greatly; No matter how many sects at the decision-making level try to believe their position, they can’t be as stable as they appear, if they don’t pay attention; Then there is nothing strange about being pushed to the top by people.
If you want to consider this aspect; Even if those sects did what happened today, they wouldn’t feel curious on Sunday.
Want to keep your position; In addition to maintaining their own strength, the best way is naturally to weaken the strength of competitors. If the strength of those powerful factions is greatly weakened, their position will naturally become as stable as Mount Tai
After understanding the reasons for the practice of those orthodox sects; Sunday naturally can’t help but be afraid of their terminating style. Although Sunday knows what those right sects have done, it happened that no one would believe it even if it was said. Threatening those orthodox sects with this matter on Sunday won’t have any effect, but it will bring some minor troubles to those sects at most.
On the contrary, on Sunday, those sects knew what they were doing, and they should not want others to know. In this way, if you let those sects know that Sunday is already understanding what they have done, then you don’t doubt it; Sunday will definitely become one of those sects who want to divide and then be quick, which is for Sunday; Is not a good thing.
Sunday is almost certain; I can guess what those sects are doing with my own eyes. Those sects should be unlikely to know if they are not afraid of 10 thousand, but just in case; If, by some accident, those sects know that a person like Sunday knows what they have done and ensures that their reputation will not be damaged, it is impossible for them to let go of such a threat as Sunday
Compared with blood shadow teaching; The threat to Sunday will naturally be greater if the strength of those sects in the right path is stronger; Sunday is not willing to them.
Institute; Now the most important thing to do on Sunday is to avoid some things, so that those sects don’t have a chance to find out that he is asking those sects not to know that he is here, so there won’t be any idea of killing people. Only on Sunday can we ensure that we won’t offend too many people because of one; Without being removed by people as the devil
While thinking about your heart; On Sunday, while God was on his way, he was in poor condition. But it didn’t take long to get back to the sugar gate station
Chapter two hundred and sixteen Coercion
Chapter two hundred and sixteen B and q
"What’s the situation outside? Blood shadow to teach now … "Zhou Tiancai just one thing immediately master royal elder sister is at that time towards him; Mouth then asked about the outside situation.
"retreating; however; We have to stay like this for a while. "
"What?" Now hide the whole station. Although the royal elder sister has the ability to do this, it doesn’t mean that she is willing to hide her station all the time. Whether it is necessary or not is the most important reason. Or because the royal elder sister wants to hide the whole station, although the effect looks good, the consumption is also amazing
It can be said; The whole eye candy door is hidden, although you can’t see anything on the outside; But the fact is that they are there on Sunday, huā money to buy peace, and even the royal elder sister has a painful feeling every day. If not; Royal elder sister is not in Zhou Tiancai one thing and asked the blood shadow teaching situation; Either that or after the blood shadow teaching left; Can remove the outside law early.
The royal elder sister of the Sunday plan also knows something. She never thought that the Sunday plan could really succeed, but now she is suddenly surprised to hear that the Sunday plan was unexpectedly successful. Royal elder sister is excited at the same time, but she is also ready to tear down those laws outside.
But in such a situation; Since Sunday asked her not to remove the law outside, I thought that the law outside consumed the royal elder sister’s heartache every day. Naturally, I was looking for a reason on Sunday!
I don’t know what to say to the royal elder sister when she looks at her expression that she won’t agree with you to act like that without giving a reason.
Tell the royal elder sister to guess for herself, regardless of whether the royal elder sister will believe him, even if the royal elder sister believes him, what can she say? Body that idea is Sunday a guess what evidence; Sunday can be said to be nothing, even if the royal elder sister is willing to believe that he is not worried about being afraid of people, but it has little impact on the whole thing.
Institute; On Sunday, I never thought of telling the royal elder sister about it, and now I listen to her asking about it; On Sunday, I squeaked, but I didn’t want to explain my thoughts at all.
See Sunday as a performance; Royal elder sister is naturally unhappy. The original royal elder sister was annoyed with Sunday for hiding so many secrets from her, but it was because of the threat of blood shadow teaching to the sugar gate that it never happened, as if nothing had happened and she was getting along with Sunday.
But there’s nothing on the surface, but it doesn’t mean that the royal elder sister really doesn’t mind hiding her thing on Sunday. Now, although it hasn’t been sent because of the blood shadow teaching, even if it’s over, she won’t let Sunday go easily!
The original royal elder sister is already going to get even with Sunday. It happened that it was in such a situation that Sunday now wants to hide some unknown things from her. Royal elder sister if you can not fire.
Anger; The royal elder sister directly grabbed Sunday’s collar and shouted at him, "What on earth do you want to hide from me? You must explain everything to me today; If you keep anything from me again, I’ll … I’ll break off my engagement with you! "
Looking at a face of angry royal elder sister; Sunday is not wry smile in my heart now this situation; It seems that what I know is not good to inform the royal elder sister; I can’t do it without telling her.
"You don’t need to know the specific things so clearly. You need to know that I found something that I shouldn’t have known. If you let the other party know that I found what they did, then our department will be ruined if the draft is not good; Although it’s a little troublesome, we’d better hide at this time to ensure safety before we are sure that things have calmed down; It’s better if we don’t appear in other people’s eyes for a short time. But have to explain nai; On Sunday, you can also throw it to the royal elder sister.
And obviously; Royal elder sister could not be satisfied with such an answer after listening to Sunday’s words; I was very dissatisfied and stared at Sunday, and then I asked again, "What’s going on? I want to hear specific information. Don’t tell me something I can’t understand."
"This ….." Looking at the royal elder sister’s expression that she would never give up if she didn’t know the truth, Sunday finally couldn’t help but sigh and said her previous experience in her heart.
"How can they do this?" After listening to Sunday’s words; Royal elder sister doesn’t believe Sunday’s words, but she knows that Sunday can’t lie to herself in this kind of thing. Now that she has told her this kind of thing, she said that those things that Sunday said did happen, otherwise Sunday would be a joke. I dare not joke with her about such things.
Just as Sunday thinks; The top sects of Zhengdao have a very high position in the field of repairing truth. If it weren’t for Sunday’s acquaintance, someone else would have told her such words without evidence. Now, judging from the performance of Royal Sister, it is estimated that she would not believe each other’s words even if she was afraid of roots, but might refute the person who said those words on the standpoint of those sects!
The top sects in the right path are like the police on the earth, which is generally seen by ordinary monks; That is to maintain the safety of the fix true world. Now I suddenly heard that it should have been there to protect the fix true world. Since many monks have made such efforts to eradicate dissidents; Borrowing the enemy to weaken the strength of one’s own sect sounds like something that I firmly believe in those sects; Yes, it’s hard to believe.
Fortunately, the royal elder sister is not the supporters of those sects who are more interested in Zhou Tianxin than those sects. Royal elder sister didn’t have any j: and reaction or by Sunday that guess; She won’t believe Sunday.
Now the royal elder sister is white. She refused to tell her anything before Sunday. After listening to Sunday’s explanation; Royal elder sister have some regret just what to b and Sunday told her about it.
The less people know what Sunday said, the better. After listening to that, Royal Sister; I thought of a place with Sunday, and it was not good for them to guess what those sects had done. They could not make a profit on that matter. On the contrary, if those sects know that they know about it; Will bring them great hidden dangers.
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Chapter two hundred and seventeen Acting
Chapter two hundred and seventeen Acting
Royal elder sister this is asking for it; There was nothing wrong with her in the original root, and now she has to ask about it herself, which is good; I told her things on Sunday, but now that I know those things, I have to find a way to solve the hidden dangers on Sunday, which adds a layer of psychological pressure to myself for no reason, not to mention the practices of those sects; It has seriously affected her mood, and now the royal elder sister is completely disappointed with the sects of the right path.
But although the royal elder sister is some regret to listen to those explanations on Sunday, she is considering the problem; Royal elder sister has her advantages, at least in some aspects; On Sunday, it is not as good as the royal elder sister to consider the problem carefully. When she understood what to say before Sunday, the royal elder sister saw the wrong place in his decision and analyzed the arrangement on Sunday. "What they did; Even if you say it, few people will believe it, and you are not clear to them, I think; There is no need for us to continue to hide. "
"That if they found out …"
"It is a matter of time to be discovered; It is true that we will hide the station now, but we can’t hide it forever! Sooner or later, it will be found out that we have conflicts. It is the blood shadow that teaches them that there is no reason to deal with us. Now, after what happened today, the blood shadow teaches them. It can be said that the strength is already a big loss, even if it is to deal with us, it is already gone. Even if we remove the whereabouts of Lu outside; If we don’t show any abnormality and believe in them, there is no reason to deal with us. If we hide in the dark and refuse to face us, we will wait until we can’t hide in their eyes; Because of some abnormal reasons for our actions, I am afraid that they will suspect that although it is unlikely to confront us head-on, according to the strength of those sects; Want to nòng together like today y and n seeks fear is enough to destroy our inheritance. "
"Is it too risky?" Deep in the heart; On Sunday, I have to admit that Royal Sister’s words are very reasonable, but on Sunday, as a heavenly heart, I don’t want to take the risk. Although Royal Sister’s words are very reasonable, this matter is just such a statement. Although those sects are unlikely to make trouble on Sunday, if there is any accident; If they regard Sunday as a potential threat with the fear of accidents, don’t say it’s the future; Afraid of Sunday after they remove the law; You may be killed by those sects.
Sunday scruples royal elder sister also can hear deep in my heart; Royal elder sister is not as calm as it seems. It’s because the royal elder sister believes in herself. As a result, since she feels that it is better to go out voluntarily than to hide, the royal elder sister is not going to hide any more. After calmly looking at a face of hesitation on Sunday, the royal elder sister is very sure and says to Sunday again, "I believe in my own analysis, if you believe me; Then listen to me once. "
"all right! I listen to you "although there are still some hesitations in my heart; But on Sunday, I saw the resolute expression of the royal elder sister; In the end, Sunday didn’t insist on his decision, anyway, it was a gamble; No matter what you do, there are risks. I feel that there are many things that are sorry for Yujie recently. Just support Yujie on Sunday and you must agree with Yujie’s decision.
It’s not that you can’t see the royal elder sister who hesitates on Sunday. However, after listening to his words, he immediately chose to support himself. At that time, the royal elder sister looked at Sunday and her eyes were gentle. If she were in the game now, then Sunday would have received the’ target goodwill +1′ indication!
Now that they have made a decision; Then naturally they took action at that time and joined hands to run outside to put away those law departments; On Sunday, they will return to the sugar valley and calm their mentality; While waiting for the arrival of those religious monks.
Sunday they think the same; Several sects attach great importance to their names, although they have done a lot of shady things, but they don’t want others to know what they have done. Although they didn’t know much about Sunday’s sugar gate before, they made an inventory of the surroundings after they calculated the blood shadow to teach other sects monks. It is very important to find out all potential threats and eliminate them.
Have to say; Those monks were a little too careful, but their careful method was an accident and brought a big threat to Sunday.
Although it is a matter of time to know that those monks come to the door, if possible; On Sunday, the truth has always hoped that the monks would not find themselves so quickly to face the threat of those monks; I have to be careful on Sunday, even if I can’t live with peace of mind for long, I hope that peace of mind can last longer on Sunday.
However; Since those monks came to the door, they were not afraid to attack them if they didn’t come on Sunday, so you should hide it from those monks; It’s not difficult to get there. After all, what those sects have done; The rest of the people are the only ones who know something about it, and there are also some good things that Sister Sunday wants them to hide. Then no matter what means those sects move, I believe it is impossible to see anything from them on Sunday.
The time has finally come. On Sunday, when I saw several unknown monks walking slowly towards their sugar valley, although I didn’t want them to contact, I thought that his royal sister’s plan had to take the initiative to block their way before the monks approached the sugar valley.
"Dear friends, I don’t know what to do in our sugar gate? If you can’t give us a reasonable explanation, then don’t blame us for treating you as enemies! " Heaven and earth conscience; When say those words; On Sunday, the truth in my heart is not calm at all. How can I say that those monks are strong but not weak? If there is any conflict on Sunday, Sunday will not lose, but he is not sure that he can leave their department and will have consequences if he does it again. Let Sunday have a feeling of getting the boat.
But now on Sunday, I have to make a statement like that. In the eyes of outsiders, the blood shadow teaches to attack the target. In such a situation, if I meet a strange monk; Sunday is not alert enough; Wouldn’t it attract suspicion instead?
Now Sunday is a gamble. It’s those sects who care about their names. They won’t take the initiative to attack Sunday if they bet correctly before they are sure that Sunday already knows what they have done; Then everything is easy to bet the wrong words; That Sunday is dangerous.