Yuzhi is a big brother and a younger brother!

Everyone in Zi Xia Holy Land knows that Master Brother’s maintenance of Feather Wisdom has reached an abnormal level. Chang Yang’s fact is that a genius is almost the same as Feather Wisdom. Chang Yang’s ancestral home is still a great emperor in Zi Xia Holy Land. With such an identity, Chang Yang should be able to suppress Feather Wisdom into the outside world. It was only the first day that Zi Xia Holy Land was promoted.
But because of the big brother, Chang Yang has always been crushed by Yu Zhi!
Even the statue of the great emperor, the ancestor above Changyang’s head, expressed dissatisfaction and changed this result!
This shows that Master Brother’s holy terrain in Zi Xia has reached a monstrous level!
The elder brother’s name is’ Feather Day’, and he is also worthy of the Zi Xia Holy Land. He has made great achievements at a young age. It is conceivable that the future Zi Xia Holy Land will reach a peak under his leadership!
It’s no wonder that Changyang has a statue of the great realm, and the support of the ancestors has suppressed Yu Zhi.
The messenger fairy was trembling and pale.
He felt the fierce breath and pitfalls from the feather celestial body, and he felt that he was like a kite broken in a strong wind, which could not be subverted at any time.
"Get out of here!"
After waiting for a long time, the immortal knelt on the ground and was full of fear. He was afraid of becoming a feather, and his anger was sacrificed, but he didn’t expect to hear it and drank like an Amnesty.
"Thank you master elder brother to forgive! Thank you, big brother, for forgiving me! "
This report to the immortal was like an Amnesty, and he knocked his head several times and then fled the place with rolling and crawling.
"Xia Qi, you won’t live long!"
Feather day didn’t care that even rolling and crawling mess was worse than leaving the fairy. His eyes were fierce and full of pitfalls, and he said coldly to himself.
The whole fairy world is in chaos, and many geniuses compete. Every day, geniuses fall, but some are famous in the fairy world.
It seems that many top forces in the whole celestial world restrained themselves from sending out the top emperors to kill each other and turned into a younger generation to fight.
Everyone seems to be waiting for the second apocalypse, but before that, they are restraining each other.
But this delicate situation was soon broken.
A piece of news that shocked everyone was only a little calmer when it came to the celestial world, which caused a terrible lang!
Dozens of genius departments in Zi Xia Holy Land have fallen!
Top geniuses, including Yuzhi and Changyang, who are famous in the world, have failed to fall!
Moreover, it was not others who caused the fall of the genius department of Zi Xia Holy Land. It was not long ago that six ancestral doors were destroyed and dozens of immortal kings Xia Qi were killed!
Xia Qi’s title once again resounded in the fairy world.
Many people are shocked by Xia Qi’s strong strength, which is unbelievable. Many people are speculating that Xia Qi is afraid of having already set foot on the quasi-emperor realm.
But there are also many people who are more excited than
It is a great blow that so many geniuses have fallen from the holy land of Zi Xia. It is absolutely impossible for the holy land of Zi Xia to swallow this bitter fruit like this, and it will definitely retaliate. This is a good show for many immortals.
Nowadays, the celestial world is in turmoil, and all the immortals are competing for the cultivation resources. The feud between Zi Xia Holy Land and Xia Qi is the feud between Heaven and Heaven, which will inevitably lead to fierce confrontation between the two gates.
This is definitely good news for Biexianmen!
There is an undercurrent in the celestial world, but Xia Qi, the core of this matter, is ignorant or indifferent.
He killed more than a dozen talented fairy queens in the holy land of Zi Xia, and instead of returning to Tiandaozong, he stayed in the far west, not hiding, but constantly looking for other geniuses to fight.
However, Xia Qi is now a notorious fairy king, and the strong have killed a large number. Now, the first reaction of the immortals in Biezongmen when they see Xia Qi is to turn around and run away.
This makes Xia Qi depressed for several days without meeting an opponent.
Xia Qi was very dissatisfied with this result.
Because during this period, Xia Qi refined the front sword and completely controlled it, he felt that he was stronger with the front sword and couldn’t wait to find some strong players.
It’s a pity that his wishes have been delayed
Xia Qi, the blood phoenix demon emperor of the body world, was bold and made a crazy decision after failing to meet a decent opponent for several days. He decided to head for the evil ghost swamp!
Now the evil spirit swamp is the new mountain gate of Wanjianzong, and several emperors sit in dozens of immortals, kings and immortals. It is absolutely tough.
Although Wan Jianzong’s hometown was destroyed by the ghost emperor, no matter how lonely Wan Jianzong is, it is also a top fairy gate. Xia Qi, a Jin Xian is at most comparable to the quasi-emperor’s combat power, which is still far from enough in front of Wan Jianzong.
It’s definitely an adventure for him to head for the evil swamp!
However, Xia Qi is not too worried about the protection of the blood phoenix demon emperor. He can’t beat the evil spirit swamp, but can’t he escape with the blood phoenix demon emperor around?
Haven’t reached the evil swamp, haven’t even reached the edge of the evil swamp. On the day of Xia Qi, he met a little accident. He heard a violent crunching, and it was someone fighting.
Xia Qi can obviously feel a few strong breath is not far away, which is very obvious.
If this is not enough, Xia Qi will stop.
Because those few smells are powerful, but they are also equivalent to the top fairy king. For Xia Qi today, his enemies are not interested.
The reason why Xia Qi stopped frowning slightly is because Xia Qi sensed that there was a breath among these smells that seemed familiar to him.
Even Xia Qi feels that the breath is more similar to some of his own breath!
After Xia Qi frowned slightly, he immediately stretched out to his body and went quickly in the direction of the rustling.
No matter who makes him feel familiar with that smell, he needs to fly over and see everything for himself.
Xia Qi speed but a moment has reached the place where the noise is coming.
He didn’t hide his breath. When he appeared, he immediately attracted everyone’s attention, stopped a fierce fight and focused on him.