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No matter whether it is high or low-level, the type of god will definitely have a connection with a human being, and it is no exception to take photos of the Great Imperial Palace and the Serpent.
At the moment when the Imperial Imperial Imperial Palace in Tokyo was sucked away by the blood spirit, Emperor Hirohito God Blessed suddenly died suddenly. After the serpent was put into the mustard ring by Zongming, Imperial Wood Changfeng also fell into a state of faint "fan" end to end in the Imperial Wood family secret room. Ichiro Matsuura went to the Imperial Palace overnight.
Three hours later, Ichiro Matsuura called an emergency cabinet meeting.
The meeting place was chosen in the Imperial City, a secret base with a depth of 10 floors, which was connected with the base where Tanigawa Qingfu biochemical soldiers fought. The Japanese right wing set up a defense body in the Imperial City long ago. The original purpose was to learn from the tragic lessons that Hiroshima and Nagasaki were bombed by original bombs during World War II and build a fortress to prevent nuclear war.
At present, this base has become the place where Ichiro Matsuura discussed and lived. During the extraordinary period of the war, Ichiro Matsuura was actually a typical person who was afraid of death. Just after the first world war with the United States, he arranged himself and his family into this shelter.
From the first floor to the ground, every floor is built and decorated according to the pattern of high-rise buildings on the ground. The lighting and ventilation can perfectly reflect the characteristics of the kingdom where the sun is the biggest device. I don’t feel that being six meters underground is not much different from being in the ground world. Its defense is stricter than that of the Emperor’s Palace. There is a squadron on each floor, and there are two high-speed ladders to form two passages.
The secret meeting room and the living room of Ichiro Matsuura are located in the deepest part of the tenth floor.
The cabinet meeting was attended by Ichiro Matsuura’s confidant party, except for the Minister of Commerce Tetsuo Meichuan and the Minister of Logistics Takashi Sano, who did not attend the meeting. Other foreign ministers, such as Sakano Changhong, Minister of Finance Song Guangwen, Minister of National Defense Keiwa Watanabe, and the Secret Service Director Chuan Dao, were present, and Tian Zhonghui, the red star of the Secret Service, was among them.
Born with a monkey face, Ichiro Matsuura sat in the main seat of a conference table made of long tempered glass and squinted with a pair of wolves’ eyes. "Please come here now. I believe you all guessed that there must be a big event before I announced it. I reiterate that tonight’s meeting is limited to a few insiders present. No formal meeting records are allowed. Tonight’s meeting will be the highest level ss secret of the empire. Without my consent, you can’t reveal it to anyone, not even your closest relatives."
All the people present here are very familiar with the style of Ichiro Matsuura’s behavior. They all know that their Prime Minister’s adult has always been a little nervous, but they all pretend to be dignified on the surface. In fact, they don’t take Ichiro Matsuura’s killing as one thing in their hearts. Everyone is not waiting for Ichiro Matsuura’s article.
Ichiro Matsuura slowly got up from his seat and knelt down in the direction of the Emperor’s Palace. When others saw it, they quickly learned to kneel down.
Ichiro Matsuura said with a heavy heart, "Emperor Hirohito died of sudden illness in the palace three hours ago. Let them observe a moment of silence for three minutes."
Ichiro Matsuura’s words startled all the people present. There was a secret service, and Chuan Dao and Tian Zhonghui kept their original expression. They all didn’t set out to ask if they were very pious and showed a sad god "color" and bowed their heads in silence.
After the mourning, these loyal servants of the emperor returned to their places. Ichiro Matsuura’s face was as heavy as hanging a layer of frost on Chuan Dao’s husband and said, "Chuan Dao, you make a big and simple statement about the situation."
Chuan Dao, who stood up straight and bowed his head, said with a serious expression, "We took images from our satellite early warning system. There was a tsunami off the coast of Shuqiu Islands at 10: 30 last night, which was most likely caused by our imperial grand-style god fight. We don’t know yet, but at the same time of the tsunami, Emperor Hirohito suddenly died suddenly and the elders of the Imperial Wood Family, Imperial Wood Changfeng, were also unconscious. According to our information, Emperor Hirohito and the celestial light were shining. God is connected with Yuan God, and Imperial Wood Changfeng and Qi Great God are "sexual" friends. Their sudden change can tell a problem, that is, they triggered a tsunami-style god fight, and they are sure to exist, and they are likely to be hit hard by other gods, or more seriously, destroyed. "
Chuan Dao, the highest figure of the Imperial Secret Service, is a member of the Japanese Pavilion. It is well known that none of the top figures in these empires will recognize Chuan Dao’s alarmism. The Intelligence Network of the Secret Service has always been a member of the Imperial Pavilion. I have always praised it. I heard that the Great God of Illumination was destroyed by Chuan Dao’s mouth. The first impatient "color" of Sakano Chang Hong changed his tone and said, "The Great God of Illumination will also be … destroyed?" Is it … is it possible?
"Nothing is impossible in this world!" Ichiro Matsuura said, "The Celestial God and the Emperor’s position are the spiritual and spiritual sustenance and pillar of all our Japanese people. If the news of their destruction is known to all the people in the empire, we have finally established a military-civilian jihad, and the national cohesion will dissipate." However, now the news of the emperor’s death has been tightly sealed up in the Imperial Palace, and some people who know the secret service of Chuan Dao Jun have completed the Celestial God’s disappearance and replaced it with the defeat of the United States and Britain’s joint fleet department. The price is that the great god can no longer shelter us, then we can save ourselves on our own. These United American fleets have been hit hard for a short time. They are France and then form a powerful fleet to carry out long-range warfare, so I decided to launch a jihad immediately! "
Being very familiar with Ichiro Matsuura’s "sex" and knowing that his article would be very important, everyone stood up and listened attentively to Ichiro Matsuura’s jihad plan.
Ichiro Matsuura clapped his hands and the projection wall behind him immediately showed a military map.
Ichiro Matsuura has an excited look in his eyes. He is like a mobilization speech, telling his huge strategic plan. "Empire Since the war with the Americans, we have won the previous victory in the western Pacific. Without the gods of heaven, Japan is still the most powerful empire on earth. We destroyed the seventh fleet of the United States and captured South Korea in one fell swoop. Now, under the protection of the gods of heaven, the joint fleet of the United States and Britain has been completely destroyed. In the whole Pacific region, our Japanese fleet will further consolidate us. We will adopt the strategic intention of preventing invasion from the south to the north. In the first stage, we will dispatch naval aircraft carrier task forces and troops to attack Chinese mainland and the Sea of Taiwan Province, and destroy their naval and military facilities. In the second stage, the imperial army will immediately sweep away all the way forward, including the South China Sea, the Philippines, Brunei, Malaysia, and wake island in the Indonesian central Pacific. In the third phase of the core areas such as Marshall Islands, the imperial land and navy will build a solid defensive circle from the Kuril Islands through wake island and Marshall Islands to prevent foreign powers, especially the United States, from launching challenges and counterattacks on the territory occupied by the empire. "
The so-called "Man proposes, God disposes" is afraid that it’s hard to imagine that he and his blood will kill Yamato and the serpent, and the withdrawal of the United States and Britain’s joint fleet will arouse Ichiro Matsuura to launch an invasion of China’s southeast Chinese mainland, and Ichiro Matsuura will either let Japan dominate the Pacific region or let the entire Yamato nation disappear from human history forever.
At this time, Zong Ming and Xue Ling have returned to the naval base in Yokosuka Port.
Most of the warships of the First Fleet moored in Yokosuka Port were sunk by the tsunami, and two missile frigates suffered nearly 200 casualties, mainly because the two warships were patrolling the sea and the storm came too suddenly. The root cause was to prevent other warships moored in the safe haven from losing a lot of facilities, but there were not many casualties.
Qing Sheng commanded the Black Soul Killer. Recently, according to Zong Ming’s instructions, his energy was focused on secretly monitoring the every move of Ichiro Matsuura’s henchmen. After the news of Klinnick’s death was released, the Black Soul Killer became famous in the killer world. However, the Ghost Corps no longer took orders for killing in recent days, but focused on the battlefields on the African continent and Japan, so the Black Soul Killer turned the angle "color" into Zongming’s special forces.
Zong Ming is a generous and easy-going person. Sukeyoshi gave him a batch of Japanese virgins at the beginning. Except for a few, Zong Ming gave them to Tetsuo Meichuan, and almost all of them were given to the black soul killers such as Qing Sheng Qing Ling Qing. Zong Ming’s consciousness is to keep it as a kind of resource wave. Since she came to China with her hands, of course, she must let them all see a day. Women are like making great progress from three virtues in’s ancient culture. Of course, Zong Ming herself has left three best ones to be a beauty bowl.
In Japan, all the actions are coming to an end. Zong Ming is in a very good mood at the moment. After returning to the official residence of the fleet commander, Zong Ming called all his confidants together to get together. He put out the three Japanese virgins as beauty pots for everyone to share. Today, Zong Ming is no longer dignified but is particularly approachable.
The gorgeous lobby is naturally decorated in Japanese style, with several landscape paintings and pots of bamboo, which adorn it with elegance, elegance and polish. The ebony floor is spotless, and a piece of black lacquer wood with drinks and condiments is covered with all kinds of food. The beautiful face lying on the board is not shy but full of excitement and desire.
Zong Ming, Xue Ling, Aliovsky, Kusev, Taigeleiman, Koshev, Qing Sheng, Qing Ling and Qing sat around three beauty bowls with ambition. Wasano Yue knelt beside Zong Ming and gently handed some dishes from the beauty bowl to Zong Ming’s mouth from time to time.
Everyone else has a Japanese girl waiting on them. Of course, it was the special gift that Inoue Shouhang gave Zongming.
After chatting for a while, Qingsheng brought the words into another topic.
"Eldest brother Ichiro Matsuura’s whereabouts and actions are a bit unusual today. First, he was called into the Emperor’s Palace and stayed there for three hours. Then he came out and returned to his turtle nest. After that, Chang Hong, Song Guangwen, Keiwa Watanabe, Chuan Dao Fu and Tanaka Hui entered the secret nest in Matsuura in half an hour. I think things are a bit unusual. Do you have to send someone to check their talks tonight?"
Zong Ming smiled and said, "The Scorpio and the Serpent are all cleaned up with my little spirit tonight. That guy of the Emperor is connected with the Scorpio and the Imperial Yuan God. It must be a sudden death and the sunrise is such a big event. It is really strange if Ichiro Matsuura is still calm and hasn’t happened."
Tiger Lehman is a military man with a military background, and his way of thinking is also a military master. He took over the topic of Zong Ming and said, "Boss, now the Japanese demand to launch their bullshit jihad in person, and the situation in Zhong Junmin is still the boss. You single-handedly helped destroy the American Seventh Fleet, and then captured South Korea in a sweeping way, occupying several important military bases of the Americans in the western Pacific region. Now, the boss has given up the whole battle, and the Japanese National Assembly will recognize that their army has achieved a strategic’ sexual’ victory. I think they have a lot.
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