Everyone said a conversation. Cai Yiming asked Cai Sicheng, "How do you know Qing Gong?"

Cai Sicheng told the story that little sister took a fancy to each other and raised a black cat.
Cai Yiming sighed, "Don’t mess with Qinggong if you have nothing to do."
"Who the hell is he?" Cai Sicheng stare big eyes in disbelief.
"Don’t worry about who he is first. You just need to know that nothing is wrong and don’t bother him."
Cai Yiming no longer explained the way to reorganize the caravan.
Green ink Yan team also followed.
At the end of the day, everyone finally left the mountain path to Shifang Town.
"If Qinggong doesn’t dislike it, why don’t you come to our house and have a rest?" Cai Yiming discussed
RuXiaoNan secretly looked at the green ink yan their identity Cai Yiming is not completely informed, it seems that Cai Yiming also don’t know yue infanta mansion is her mansion.
Green ink Yan noticed that her line of sight looked motionless and shook her head "or please Cai Gong"
Blue ink yan unexpectedly agreed RuXiaoNan very surprised.
A group of people went into Shifang Town, and Ruxiao Nan asked him quietly, "What did you promise to live in their house?"
"Mrs. Poison is gone, and the major forces in Shifang Town have reshuffled their cards. Do you think they will let you decide?"
RuXiaoNan froze.
Shifang town is now her fief, and it should be her decision here.
However, people here have always been used to barbarism, so how can they listen to her? Maybe someone will form a power to harm her.
Thought of here, she went to the blue ink yan suo.
Anyway, she just needs to hold this thigh tight.
Cai Yiming with blue ink yan they arrived at Cai Fu.
"I haven’t seen you for almost half a year at a time, and I’ll set a table and drink two cups of green wine." Cai Yiming politely invited the green ink Yan and them into the house in the front guide.
The cloud followed her second sister into the house.
The cloud whispered, "Second sister, I don’t think this woman with green public problems looks like his wife."
"What is not a lady?"
"Like his pet," Yuner thought. "Just like the black cat, she may be his pet."
"Stop talking nonsense and go back to rest," urged second sister Cai Chenying.
The cloud is not in a hurry to go, but hiding in the corridor and secretly staring at RuXiaoNan.
Qing Mo Yan Ru Xiao Nan was invited into the room by Cai Yiming to treat the distinguished guests with each other.
The cloud is waiting for Cai Yiming to come out from the guest room to meet him. "Big Brother, do you have catnip here?"
Cai Yiming leng leng, it’s so late. His little sister doesn’t go to rest and asks him for catnip.
"Let’s talk about it some day," Cai Yiming shirked.
"I don’t want it now." The cloud has always been in favor and won’t give up until it reaches its goal.
Cai Yiming managed to find the steward of the house and went to the charging warehouse. She found catnip.
"What do you want this thing for?" Cai Yiming is at a loss
The cloud Xi Xi smiled. "Naturally, there is a big brother. Don’t worry about it. I’ll go back to my room first."
The next morning, the cloud came to the guest room.
"What is she doing here?" RuXiaoNan pouting.
Qing Mo Yan was invited by Cai Yiming early in the morning. The best way to grasp the situation of Shifang Town as soon as possible is to pretend to be a businessman and enter the major customers.
If he wants to socialize, he can’t leave her alone in Cai Fu with her.
"I don’t see a guest" Ru Xiaonan directly ordered someone to refuse Cai Yuner’s request.
Cai Yuner didn’t expect that she would meet the nail. She just came to visit the guests as the host, and the other party sent her away without even showing her face. This is so rude.
"She doesn’t see anything. This is our guest room, not her house. It’s unreasonable!" The cloud is making trouble outside, leaving some dead people to quarrel.
Death naturally won’t pay attention to her, but the more so, the cloud is angry. Finally, it was so angry that it cried and ran to find Cai Yiming and Cai Sicheng to complain.
Cai Yiming is not here. Cai Sicheng is also sulking when he sees his little sister crying like a painted cat.
This young man and his wife are so arrogant that they dare to shut out their master and sister when they live in other people’s houses.
Cai Sicheng personally took his little sister to the guest room.
RuXiaoNan is still a stranger.
Cai Sicheng was angry. "We just want to be the host. Your wife is too unreasonable."
Ten dead men stood in the courtyard and looked at Cai Sicheng with an expression. He scolded him for a long time and didn’t even have any reaction.
"Before we go out on business, we ordered my wife not to see guests without authorization, and asked Cai Sangong to be considerate."
Cai Yuner was secretly surprised. "Is that how your wife listens to Qinggong?"
The dead man primly said, "It’s natural to listen to the official speech."
Cai Yuner quietly pulled Cai Sicheng skirts two people out of the hospital.
"Third brother, I think there is something wrong with this lady Qinggong."
"I think she may be a monster"
Cai Sicheng got a fright. "Little … little sister, don’t joke. Where are monsters in this world?"
Cai Yuner said seriously, "She smells like that black cat, even the neck collar, and I have never seen that black cat since she appeared. I think she may be a black cat essence."
Cai Sicheng shook his head repeatedly, saying that he couldn’t believe such a thing.
"I have a way to prove whether she is a monster." Cai Yuner whispered to Cai Sicheng’s ear.
Chapter 3 Abnormal Second Sister’s eaves figure
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It was getting late when Qing Moyan came back.
Someone told him about Cai Yuner’s coming today. Qing Mo Yan nodded and turned into the room.
Xuanyu called Shi Datian to Qing Mo Yan and they talked in the room.
RuXiaoNan chats, but she is not interested in their conversation.