Xiao Yu ha ha smiled and left two lines of clear tears in the corner of his eyes, and a strong resentment and murderous look brewing in his heart.

He can’t wait to scream at the sky!
"Ahem “`"
At this moment, a faint cough suddenly rang, and Xiao Yu’s body shook, and he immediately turned around and looked at the elders who were short of blood, and his hands were crawling with difficulty, and his eyes were opened.
"Heaven is short of elders!"
Xiao Yu hurriedly rushed over and took out a blood lotus and refined it into a mass of essence, instilling it into the elders who were short of days.
"Without me, Yuan Shen was seriously injured, and even blood lotus couldn’t save me!"
Day lack of elders mouth cough up blood weak way
Xiao Yu no matter don’t ask, don’t still will be the blood lotus strength continuously toward the day lack of elder body to pale mouth asked, "what happened? What the hell happened? "
Elder Tianque smiled bitterly at the mouth of the cave and said, "Yesterday afternoon, the Devil’s Temple was reopened, and a group of great powers rushed out to capture us and broke into our ancient religion. Everyone died, and everyone was killed, leaving you alone!"
He clung to Xiao Yu’s palm as if he had done his last effort, and his mouth was bleeding hoarse. "They named you to kill you and destroy me. I respect the ancient religion and hate us, but I have no power to resist Xiao Yu. Now you are the only brother of our religion. You must remember that today’s hatred must be avenged by us!"
Xiao Yu eyes bleeding nodding way "I will I will"
The elder Tianque murmured, "My elder brother, 13,154, has inherited 9,611 years, and this is the last time!"
He showed a cry, a cry, a cuckoo’s drop of blood, and Owlman wailed, and finally his palm loosened and he gave up completely.
Xiao Yu looked up at the sky and roared with grief an unprecedented murder. The surging waves on his chest were so shocking that he repeatedly bombed the sky and collapsed. His black hair turned crimson in a flash, and the red was terrible. It was like blood dripping and shocking.
Bleeding from the corner of his eyes, he slowly got up and looked at the devastated bones, mumbling, "All elders, walk all the way, and I will avenge you."
A strong sadness rose in his chest, and he wanted to cry to his face and talk to someone, but there was no one to talk to and cry to accompany him. It was all bones!
A deep coolness from the mountain breeze enveloped him, and despair became more bleak. With the sunset, a deep sadness filled here.
Xiao Yu put away all the bones one by one with his own hands. They dug a grave and erected a monument. At one time, Nuoda ancient religion was in its heyday, but now all that remains is a grave.
It took five or six days for him to handle everything properly. He straightened up and looked at the distance with crimson luster in his eyes and murmured, "It’s time for revenge."
Stone magic luo sighed, "but do you know who your enemy is? So how old can you want revenge? "
"Ha ha ha “`"
Xiao Yu gave a low laugh and twisted his face and whispered, "No matter who it is, I’m too lazy to look for everyone who enters the demon temple one by one. No one can live and be powerful. If he can’t die one day, he will die year after year, and everyone will die in ten years!"
Chapter three hundred and fifty-six See the cassock
Xiao Yu’s clothes are full of crimson long hair, and his lonely figure flutters in the wind. He can’t tell the loneliness and sadness, and a cool breeze blows, and his figure gradually blurs and soon disappears here.
"Where are you going now?"
Stone magic asked.
"Ganyuan Shengjiao"
On the edge of a vast mountain range, the mountains are beautiful, the fog is winding, and it is white, and there are pieces of bright glow, dreamlike and dreamlike, and the purple light is dense. These Lingshan pavilions are as vast as one side, and the pure land is not polluted by dust.
Xiao Yu’s figure swept lightly in the past, like a breeze, and its shape was unpredictable and unpredictable.
Dry yuan holy teach at the beginning of the deep end of the deep end of the cave is generally now he so casually breaking in.
Xiao Yuhua, a breeze swept directly to the depths of the holy religion in Ganyuan, and swept away a magnificent hall. The robes were solemn and covered with divine light, and the mysterious dharma seal was in his hand, and he was closing his eyes and breathing.
The top four disciples in the hall are waiting for him to protect the law.
A younger brother looked at the hall with envy, saying, "The cultivation of holiness is getting higher and higher, and even the elders said that it is becoming more and more difficult to see through holiness."
"That’s a natural saint, but it’s a rare year in ten thousand, and Kowloon has awakened its vision. Tianhe waves and winds are not what we can match! Saint’s achievements in the future are unimaginable. It is not a problem if there is no accident to surpass the ancestors! "
"By the way, do you know where the sacred fire has been cultivated?"
"What realm?"
"Secretly tell you that you don’t want to mess around. I think it seems to be the sixth white flame realm when he displays it!"
"What? He broke through again! "
Four people talk in astonishment.
Suddenly, a breeze swept through the four men, and when their eyes turned slightly, they fainted at the same time, plopping and plopping.
The breeze penetrated the crack of the door and directly involved in the hall.
The main hall is closed, practicing the cassock, and suddenly I feel that my eyes are shining like two magic lamps, only to find that I don’t know when there is a tall figure in front of me, with my back to his head full of blood-red long hair fluttering in disorder.
Los cassock look unhurriedly slowly said, "you are a person broke into my closed? Not afraid of death? "
The tall figure suddenly turned back to immediately los cassock eyes couldn’t help a shrink.
"It’s me!"
Xiaoyukou way
Luo cassock stared at his body for a while before he smiled coldly. "How dare you break into my Ganyuan Holy Church alone? Aren’t you afraid you can’t go back!"
"No, I want to kill you with a snap of my fingers and I won’t let anyone know," Xiao Yu said with a snap of her finger.
Los cassock face a heavy anger rushed to my heart was Xiao Yu so underestimate suddenly let him can’t help but murder.
"Why? Is this your attitude when big brother comes? "
Xiao Yu casually asked
Los cassock long body and exudes a ethereal vast breath cold hum a "Xiao Yu have to say that you really have a lot of courage to come to my dry yuan SAN jiao still dare to be so arrogant, aren’t you my opponent? Your respect for ancient religion has been wiped out, and now you are wanted by mainland forces to take you. Guess what kind of reward I will get! "
"Do you really know that I respect ancient teachings?" qR1
Xiao Yu’s eyes narrowed. "It seems that I really came to the right place this time!"
"Cut the crap. You want to die and I’ll be you!"
Los cassock very cold directly to the moments came to Xiao Yu wrapped in a white flame to Xiao Yu chest.
Xiao Yu didn’t stop him from slapping his chest and making a rumbling sound. Instead of hurting himself, he was shocked by the arm numbness and metacarpal pain.
As soon as the cassock’s look changed, he hurriedly stepped back with his hands behind him, and the sacred light appeared behind him. The nine-headed real dragon roared and roared and rushed out. At the moment, Xiao Yu was wrapped around the nine-headed real dragon and bit Xiao Yu’s body together. He wanted to tear him alive, but his paws fell on him, but he made a clang and sparks.
"This is Kowloon poly body? Interesting and interesting. "
Xiao Yu look motionless.
The cassock has completely changed its color. What has made Xiao Yu so horrible? He has done all his strength to the best of his ability. The other party doesn’t even block it. It’s like a piece of gold. How can this be played?