Xu Ren chose to solve them first because these two people were tricky in attacking. For example, the area covered by the thistle weapon was too large. He would have been a dead man if he hadn’t had a stone to repair his body.

It’s not without cost to repair the body by mending the gods’ stones. The price is a lot of spiritual stones.
This time, although Xu Ren has prepared a lot of lingshi, it is not just a wave.
In addition, it also made him kill these two people first, that is, these two guys are too bad, one of them is too fast and the other is too sharp, and Xu Ren is very tired of mixing the magic weapon with poison.
Of course, it is also a means for monks to fight against each other, but Xu Ren still thinks that this person must be killed first
There are three people left to see their companions dead. Two of them are angry at first, but they are also wondering whether the three people left on their side can successfully kill their immediate opponents.
Although the three of them are arrogant, they are not real outlaws, and there are few real outlaws in Xianmen and Shanmen because they are dependent on them. If most of the outlaws are concerned about their families and have no resources, they have to rely on themselves to fight for every resource.
The three men exchanged a look at each other, and finally they decided to take a chance, because the man in front of them brought them a huge accident, but at the same time they also had greater expectations. Don’t say that the sword in the other’s hand is absolutely rare, and maybe it is already a multiplier.
It is an eternal truth to think that the sword in Xu Ren’s hand may be a multiplier, and three guys who were hesitant immediately became jealous of people, money and birds.
Shua shua shua …
Three outer cousins of Piaoyun Mountain attacked Xu Ren from different directions, two long swords and a ghost knife went straight to Xu Ren.
This time, Xu Ren is no longer as evasive as before, but directly wields the multiplier Xinghai Sword and kills it.
Xinghai Jian Jian yi yi respectively attacked the three outer brothers of Piaoyun Mountain.
The three outside brothers of Piaoyun Mountain didn’t expect Xu Ren to change his normal state. They showed a positive confrontation and were able to wave their swords to greet them.
Xu Ren’s attack seems to be aimed at three people, and there is no difference, but in fact it is not the case.
In fact, most of Xu Ren’s attacks are just to attract the attention of three brothers outside Piaoyun Mountain. His real goal is the guy who looks crazy with a ghost knife in his hand.
This man’s murderous look is the heaviest. Xu Renshi first wanted to kill this man, but later the two small attacks made him even more annoyed, so he temporarily changed his mind and solved the two outside brothers of Piaoyun Mountain first.
This is also a kind of strategy. When those two small problems are solved, Xu Ren can focus more on others’ fighting and stop preventing the other side from attacking at all times.
Bang bang …
Two skinny monks in succession, another sword floating in Yunshan’s outer door brother, was shaken back several steps, leaving that hand in front of him, making the ghost Dao three points unlike people and seven points like ghosts floating in Yunshan’s outer door brother.
Xu Ren also launched a fast break directly to the outside cousin of Piaoyun Mountain without words.
However, this time, Xu Ren’s fast break didn’t work in advance. Don’t look at this three points. It’s like a ghost floating in Yunshan. My younger brother’s blue face and fangs look ugly, but his strength is really not bad. Especially a ghost Dao with chains in his hand can attack and defend, but it’s really difficult to be near and far. Even the attack of Xu Ren Xinghai Sword is hard to really damage.
Xu Ren secretly surprised that although this man is a killer, his strength is really strong.
The younger brother of Piaoyunmen blocked Xu Ren’s first attack, and there were some surprises. He thought that Xu Ren might be good at surprise attack, and he would be unable to cope with the protracted war that consumes more, but he didn’t expect Xu Ren to be really wounded at the moment if his defense was not stronger than others.
Of course, I was surprised. The younger brother of Piaoyun Mountain also found Xu Ren’s deficiency, that is, after the attack, I need to supplement my spiritual strength.
This is the result of unequal strength and weapons. A person’s strength is not enough, but his weapons are too strong. At this time, if he wants to exert his weapons strength, he must double his own strength. This younger brother of Piaoyun Mountain thinks that Xu Ren is the same.
Xu Ren’s figure stagnated a little, but at this moment, the knife of Piaoyunmendi arrived.
He didn’t pounce on Xu Ren’s front to throw the Lingqi Ghost Dao at Xu Ren.
The chain behind Ghost Dao instantly stretched straight as if it had changed from Ghost Dao to a battlefield fighting knife.
Xu Ren didn’t expect that the younger brother of Piaoyun had such a trick. He hurried back and missed the ghost knife attack.
After this retreat, Xu Ren did not rush to attack, but quietly absorbed Lingshi Reiki to supplement his consumption in the battle
Shua shua …
When Xu Ren Lingshi supplemented the spiritual power, two other brothers from Piaoyun Mountain attacked him.
The strength gap between the two men is obvious. The skinny brother who is floating in Yunshan Mountain has a higher strength than the other one, and his hand is faster and more decisive than the other one.
Xu Ren’s body rotation once again showed his martial arts posture. For him, this is also a big reliance for his battle. Before he was restored, it was also the biggest reliance he had ever had.
In an instant, Xu Ren turned from defending to attacking again.
Xu Ren also came, and his stubborn temper stared at the blue-faced fangs and stormed like a spectre.
The man also bloody don’t retreat don’t let positive Xu Ren hard just.
Xu Renbian absorbs the spirit force of Lingshi while playing. The theory says that he can keep fighting like this as long as the Lingshi in his hand is endless.
It’s not that the other two monks don’t want to help, but Xu Ren can always avoid their attack when he is too cunning, and then he stormed the outside brother of Piaoyun Mountain with blue face and fangs.
My younger brother, with blue face and fangs floating in Yunshan, is also annoyed in his heart. What’s the matter with you? Why are you staring at me alone?
But he can’t stop because Xu Ren is blocking him step by step, and he can’t even get out if he wants to.
In a blink of an eye, it’s half an hour. Whether it’s the blue-faced, fangs-faced, skinny, or normal-looking brother, he has the urge to scold his mother at this moment.
They’ve never met an opponent like Xu Ren. This guy’s attack is endless, as if he won’t feel tired after it.
And the three of them have been peeing and panting at the moment, and their clothes are wet with sweat.
Xu Ren became more and more confident in the Vietnam War, because he found that although these three men had their own merits, they mainly contained him, but this guy was not a cousin with blue fangs floating in Yunshan. However, this guy was not beaten by copper cast iron, and the set of almost "transformation" techniques he used was not as short as many short-term strength-enhancing pills, but it could not be kept indefinitely, especially in high-intensity combat confrontation.
It didn’t take long for the younger brother with green face and fangs to float in Yunshan to stand up. His hair has collapsed, and his red pupils have gradually turned back to normal black. His body is constantly gathering black gas, and even the ghost knife and the chain behind the knife are much thinner than before.
Xu Ren, etc. is that now that guy is getting closer to normal, his strength is getting smaller and smaller, and his defense is bound to get lower and lower.
Xu Ren instilled a powerful spiritual force into Xinghai Sword, a multiplier in his hand, and then Xinghai Sword was forced out of a bright star mountain, which was like narrowing Tianxing River to people.
Has recovered most of its original appearance. My brother was surprised by Xu Ren’s powerful attack, but he didn’t intend to give up. So he waved a ghost knife in his hand and directly met Xu Ren and cut out the sword.
There was a loud noise rumbling, and Xu Ren cut out the sword mans and dispersed, and his body also involuntarily regressed several steps.
Look at his opponent now has fallen in a pool of blood.
Xu Ren’s sword took nearly half of his spiritual power to directly kill the brother outside Piaoyun Mountain, and even the body could not be found. The knife-holder disappeared along with his arms and shoulders.
"Run" skinny brother floating in Yunshan saw that Xu Ren had killed another companion and was good at melee attacks. The companion was immediately worried. Even if he lost to himself, his strength was not much worse. Even his powerful attack and defense ability was a headache, but such a person was killed by the enemy in front of him and died miserably. That means it is not difficult for the other party to want to kill him.
He was happy and good at letting him kill, but when it was someone else’s turn to kill him, he was even more afraid. After seeing that his companion was killed by Xu Ren, he didn’t even dare to say harsh words and turned around and ran away.
Another little move was much worse than that skinny brother floating in Yunshan. He was soon cut off by Xu Ren with a direct sword.
However, this also gives the skinny brother who is floating in Yunshan an opportunity to escape. This guy doesn’t care whether the person behind him is killed or not, he runs away like a smoke.
Xu Ren frowned. Five people were killed by him. Four achievements are certainly something to be proud of, but running that one is the key. I’m afraid he will be in more trouble after today, but he can also save the day, even if it is a disaster, he can wait for the disaster to happen later.
Chapter 52 windfall
Xu Ren killed four brothers who came to rob him, but they were still run away by a bony guy. Xu Ren of course knew that cutting the grass would be a disaster, but the trot was too fast, and Xu Ren couldn’t chase it even if he wanted to.
Beasts Forest This place is no better than other places. There are no roads lurking everywhere. Xu Ren didn’t come here for a long time. He was unfamiliar with everything here, and he didn’t dare to run around in that bony friar floating Yunshan. He was in a life-saving mood. Xu Ren was different. In addition, these other brothers floating Yunshan have been in this beasts forest for a long time. Where is the danger? Anji has already figured it out. This is also the main reason why Xu Ren didn’t rush to catch up. He was afraid of the small move.
Xu Ren didn’t chase the bony friar, but those brothers outside Piaoyun Mountain who were killed by him searched.
Piao Yun Shan is also a spiritual sect. Brother Piao Yun Shan must be different from ordinary people. Even if the people he killed in front of him were outside Piao Yun Shan, there should be many valuable things in his body.
This search really didn’t disappoint Xu Ren. Although there are not as many Lingshi as him, there are also many together. There are nearly two thousand Lingshi, and there are more than one hundred Lingshi, which is much more than the average aristocratic brother.
In addition to lingshi, there are also lingqi, although most of them are medium lingqi, but it is enough to surprise people to get a dozen pieces.
However, Xu Ren thinks that these personal things may not all be gone with the wind Yunshan to cultivate resources for his younger brother. There must be many things that these guys have robbed from other monks like today. How many times have these younger brothers gone with the wind done it? But this time they met him, Xu Ren.
In addition to Lingshi and Lingqi, Xu Ren also found a ring that was actually higher than the ring in his hand and bigger inside.
The master of Nazhi was killed by Xu Ren, who has the ability of approximate madness to make Brother Ghost Dao this small strength to strengthen his body, or that ghost Dao chain is a spiritual weapon.
There are many things in the ring, including monster beast Dan and other monster beast materials. In addition, Xu Ren actually found a lightning bolt.
The so-called "thunder in the sky" and "Xuan Jing in the five elements" are similar, but they are just a round ball condensed by the thunder force of heaven and earth. If this thing comes to uniting the thunder achievement method, it is definitely a priceless treasure. It happens that there is such a person who practices the thunder achievement method around Xu Ren, and that is his father Xu Tianlong.
Xu Ren’s heart is full of joy. This fight hasn’t been beaten or killed in vain. It’s no wonder that those brothers outside Piaoyun Mountain are so obsessed with robbing this business that it’s so fast to make a fortune. Even he wants to rob other monks.
However, such a state of mind is that Xu Ren was rejected by him at the first thought, which is so wicked. Besides, he can’t do it. Besides, if he walks by the river often, how can he not get wet shoes? If he starts robbing his brother, the backcourt will not be much better than the brothers outside Piaoyun Mountain who were killed by him today.
If you want to improve your strength, you still have to honestly practice his martial arts. Now he has broken through the so-called shackles. Maybe he can go to a stronger road. Maybe this road is higher and farther than the monks.
Thought of here, Xu Ren suddenly felt refreshed. Of course, he also knew that the most important thing for him now was to get away from right and wrong quickly.
Every corner of the beasts forest can be dangerous, but from another angle, every place is also a good hiding place.
Xu Ren has experienced two fierce battles in succession, and now he needs to adjust a little to refresh himself, and at the same time he is familiar with the new strength after the rise of a martial arts realm.
This day lasted for half a month. During this half a month, Xu Ren felt that he had undergone earth-shaking changes. Every muscle in his body was full of vitality and coordination was unprecedented, which made Xu Renxin excited.
On this day, Xu Ren left his hiding place and planned to continue to go deeper into the valley of beasts. The ultimate goal of his trip was wood property. Xuan Jing was not so important compared with other things.
But when Xu Ren wanted to go deep, he was in trouble again. This time, he was as fast as a leopard.
The leopard is dark and has no hair, and its body is longer than that of an ox, but it is much thinner.