The factory director was a little surprised. He met Chen Yougong at the commendation meeting, and when the car was inspected, it was a good young man. The factory also made a lot of contributions.

"I see the survey says that he is still renting a house?"
"Before he lived in the factory, his wife came to the county from the village and passed the exam. She became a temporary teacher in the county primary school. Later, she saved the child in the fire because of her good morality and ignored her own safety. Then she was transferred to a regular school, and both of them rented a house outside."
Ann Zhang knows more.
The factory director thought for a moment with a frown after hearing nothing. "But I heard that there is something wrong with his wife’s composition."
Zhang An hesitated. "But his wife and family were released from Kyoto, but it is no problem for his wife to come with her parents voluntarily, and it is said that there is no connection."
"Ok, the housing allocation index for the second quarter is June. Please fill in his name, no matter how he has made a lot of contributions to our factory, the economy can’t chill people’s hearts."
The director doesn’t have any other ideas, mainly because the list has to be submitted to the surface for background investigation.
Zhang An didn’t intend to tell Chen Yougong what happened after coming out of the office. After all, it didn’t work out in the end. What if it ended in the end?
Hundreds of villages have reached the quota for raising pigs this year. Early in the morning, Yuechuan called everyone to threshing ground in the broadcasting room.
It was still very cold at the end of March. Chen’s family asked several children to eat early and sent them to learn to take Yuanyuan to threshing ground.
Today, I wore a little thick cotton-padded jacket for Yuanyuan, and a little cotton vest outside. The vest is army green, a pair of cotton pants and a wool hat.
Chen bet that that whole village can’t find such a beautiful girl.
If not, Li Guihua next door will look straight when he comes out with Chen.
"It’s a beautiful suit. Aren’t you good at it?"
Chen proudly looked up. That’s not true.
"Isn’t your daughter-in-law going?"
Li Guihua, um, said, "I’m still a little embarrassed to let her out at home."
"Nothing, just get used to it. I’ll ask my second daughter-in-law to take her with me when I get to work."
The two men walked in front of Yuanyuan, stopped for a while, grabbed a grass and pulled a flower.
When the people in threshing ground haven’t arrived in Qiyuechuan, they are already standing on the table, just wait for the people to talk when they are almost there.
"Does your family still raise pigs this year?" Li Guihua asked if she didn’t want to keep it, mainly because there were few family members, and this pig grass could not be less, and it had to be fresh every day.
Chen shook her head, and she didn’t intend to raise an extra catty of meat every year. Now there are more people who can earn meat at home, so there is no shortage. It is really hard to cut pig grass.
After waiting for a while, Yuechuan began to speak.
"As usual, raise your hand if anyone wants to raise pigs, and then let’s vote together to raise the highest family."
No sooner had he finished than he motioned for everyone to raise their hands.
Chen looked at her with her hand in her hand and came to vote for her family.
Yuechuan looked at who raised their hands and took notes one by one.
"Hey, Chen, is your family not raising this year?"
His voice shouted to the people around him, but everyone paid attention to it. Everyone was thinking that the Chen family was definitely going to raise it, and they all watched it.
"My family won’t keep it this year. No one cuts pig grass." Chen explained with a smile.
"that’s a pity. We can all get more points if we raise aunts."
"Yes, yes, really?"
The people around you started talking at sixes and sevens.
Yuechuan looked at it again and hurriedly organized discipline.
"All right, stop it. We’re all voluntary. Okay, who else has to raise? Raise your hand quickly."
After that, several more hands were raised.
Wang Fen raised her hand as usual this year. Last year, she fed pigs that were 20 kilos less than Chen Jia’s, which was a full 20 kilos. This year, she struggled to get back, but she didn’t raise them?
Wang Fen thought for a long time and let go of her hand, and she didn’t keep it.
YueChuan looked at Wang Fen put his hand to open his mouth or didn’t speak. He crossed out her name with a frown.
Chen easily voted and left. It’s really easy not to raise pigs.
Chen Yougang, the county team, also took over and became a regular worker. The salary returned to normal at 55.5 yuan, and the ticket was different regularly every month, but it was uncertain when I came back, almost once every two months.
There are fewer and fewer Chen family members. Yue-e Li is busy earning work points in the field. Chen is busy with chickens and ducks at home and cooking to take care of several children. However, there is less pressure to stop raising pigs at home and go to the mountains to cut pig grass.
At the end of May, Chen Yougang came back with a sports car and brought back half a fan of beef.
"Mom, it’s cheap to buy beef from their place when I’m on my way. I’ll get it back with the ice when I bring it back."
Chen Yougang went a long way to get it back this time, and it took a lot of effort to send a large piece to Lao San and some from Master Liao. After all, people have taught themselves for so long and have no children and women to take care of them.
It’s already getting hot at this moment. It’s fine in the morning and evening. The sun is really hot at noon.
"Come on, you should wash yourself quickly and see how dirty it is." Chen Wu wear nose and some abandon Chen Yougang.
Next to Yuanyuan, she followed suit, covered her nose and frowned.