Pacify 30 thousand

A total of 710 thousand
After Dagong said it, it will be deducted from your life, which means you won’t get it in the next 11 months. "
The supervisor said
"You … you …" Xie Liang short of breath in addition to stare big eyes can endure.
Seeing each other striding away, a sense of strength filled Xie Liangshen.
He turned his head and saw Wu Shun lying on the ground, unconscious.
"Are you are you! All this is caused by you. "
See Wu Shun Xie Liang spirit not dozen 1 come.
He got up and walked to Wu Shun, raised his foot and stepped on Wu Shun’s face. "Boss, did I ask you to give me half the benefits for so many years?"
"Let me help you if you have nothing to do. The benefits have never been fulfilled."
"See if I don’t step on you."
Xie Liang is really powerful when stepping on it.
But it took him a long time to step on Wu Shun’s face.
Continue to force Wu Shun to step into a pig’s head.
Looking at the pig head, Wu Shun Xie Liang nodded his head and let go of a lot of anger.
"Wu Shun, Wu Shun, blame Muhai. It’s all because he stepped on you. You can blame him if you pass out now."
Xie Liang nodded secretly, and suddenly he felt wrong.
Can you clearly hear the sound outside when you are in a coma? Is it the same with Wu Shun?
It’s over. It’s over
Wu Shun, this man will take his own knife when he wakes up.
What should we do? What should we do?
Xie Liang was as anxious as a cat on hot bricks thinking about countermeasures.
"Kill him as soon as possible."
Such a want to Xie Liang eyes give a murder shoulder wu walked out, by the way.
He just walked to the door and froze.
Because a group of men in black came, these men in black were Wu Shun’s bodyguards.
"Give us the bus," said the first man in black.
Xie Liang which dare not from Wu Shun to black bodyguards.
"It’s over after it’s over."
Xie Liang completely collapsed to the ground after seeing the black bodyguard leave.
When the security guards around saw this scene, no one felt sorry for him, but they all laughed at him.
No one in Reservoir Dogs is pitiful!
Just then Xie Liang’s cell phone rang. It seems that it was the master.
"Hurry back to the old man!"
There was a roar in the words.
Chapter 27 Strength enhancement