"Xiyue likes Niang’s clothes once, but she didn’t want to wear it once, but she didn’t wear it once when she turned into a dragon …"

"Ah …"
Zhao-yang Xia was talking when he was taken into his arms by his senior brother and could not help but exclaim.
Aly also got a fright and noticed that something was wrong. He went to the other side of the smoke cloud and took a curious look, then wrapped himself in a roll of long tail feathers.
"Brother Ziyan, the teacher elder sister said …" Xia Chaoyang buried his brother in his arms and muttered.
"That’s not chess …" Speaking of Baiyun Tower, I raised my hand to put away all the chess pieces in the case.
"Brother … the teacher elder sister said it wasn’t chess …" Zhao-yang Xia saw that some of the brothers were playing tricks and couldn’t help but shout, lift up their little faces and murmured.
There was no sound in the middle of the speech.
A moment later, Baiyun Tower let go of the pool sister and said softly, "Xiaoxiyue is not a flaw in the brother’s mind, but a brother’s mind of practice."
"Ziyan thought is right, but now brother has changed a way of practicing, so he can no longer concentrate on it. You can also try one when you practice."
"Ah, what is multitasking? I haven’t tried it yet …" Zhao-yang Xia asked doubtfully.
"Don’t try if you haven’t tried it. Wait until you are distracted. It seems that your sister’s cultivation has been done."
Zhao-yang xia muttered some shout "real also want to daydream but floret spirit watch closely …"
"In order to reassure senior martial sister, it’s time to practice haha ….." Some of the Baiyun Tower are proud to cross their legs and do a good job, and some are flying.
A moment later, I thought that the Baiyun Tower turned to Aly, who was curled up in a ball, and said, "Do you want Aly to go together to absorb the fire?"
"Don’t go or not, I’ve swallowed enough in the past two days." Aly read aloud without moving.
"Brother, go, school sister, watch this cloud." Seeing Brother Xia Chaoyang’s immortal light spread out and covered Brother Zhou.
The Baiyun Tower smiled and nodded, and the massive amount of weather was poured in first, and then the body of the Yang God was lost, and the exquisite tower was wrapped up, and then the pure Yang sword was turned into the sky and went straight.
Now, Xia Chaoyang’s eye-catching has become a great success. Looking at the line of fire that runs straight into the sky, there is a surge of emotion surge at the moment. The big brother is getting stronger and stronger, and he should follow the footsteps of the big brother himself.
On second thought, self-cultivation has broken through to the realm of then, and the Yuan God has also turned into a Yang God. I can’t help mumbling, "I, the senior martial sister of the new academy, seem to have repaired the enemy."
"Ouch ….." After saying this, Chao-yang Xia was flashed out and Xiao Hualing recorded a Da Lian hitting his forehead, but it seemed that there was no strength.
"Young master, it’s really necessary for you to repair the enemy. Although Ziyan’s sister and master elder brother haven’t broken through the boundary, they are much better than you." When it comes to spiritual practice, Xiaohua Ling still can’t help but learn a lesson
Zhao-yang Xia saw that Xiaohua Ling was teaching himself through this conversation. He must have just made out with the master elder brother and was inspired by Xiaohua. He was still sulking.
"Well, Sister Xiaohua Ling knows that when the master elder brother comes back, he will start practicing immediately." He said, pulling up Xiaohua Ling’s palm and coaxing him up.
"Um … Sister Chaoyang, when it’s really strong, Xiaohua Ling will no longer urge you to practice and play with you." Xia Chaoyang immediately lost his temper with a little coax.
Today’s experience has changed Xiaohua Ling’s attitude towards the young master a lot. Otherwise, she would have jumped out when she was making out.
"Big Brother, the weather is very good for you to practice first. Can it be cheaper for the little red bird?" After a brief induction, I woke up the little master.
Chapter four hundred and forty-two Lingqi jade bracelet
Yunxiao Baiyun Tower shows its figure, and the exquisite tower slowly absorbs the trace from the fire.
Today, in the small and medium-sized world of the tower, I met the Baiyun Tower from the fire and probably knew the operation way of the exquisite small tower.
Although Taling Linglong didn’t say much, he secretly gave himself the small tower platform method.
With this small tower, you need to take a trip to the sky every few days to take the trail from the fire.
However, I have learned the lesson of sapphire. Although there is a small Tana away from the fire, Baiyun Tower still plans to come to refine my soul every once in a while, at least to see how much progress I have made.
Stay small tower suck enough away from the fire Baiyun Tower put away the small tower and re-concentrate on a pure Yang sword gang and rushed at the ugly sea away from the fire trail.
As soon as Fang rushed into the road and left the fire trail, he got entangled. Now the Baiyun Tower was once again strengthened by the immortal spirit, and many incarnations of Jian Gang were able to carry it for a while.
After about forty or fifty miles, I still haven’t escaped from the fire range, and the more I get to the fire track, the stronger I get.
Sensing the limit, Baiyun Tower immediately returned to dun without hesitation.
Soon I went back to the outside of the fire, and I was absorbed in the cultivation for a while. I saw that the Yang God was reduced by twenty percent, but it was more solid.
The Baiyun Tower was very satisfied with this harvest, and it took more than ten minutes to escape into the body with the idea of falling from the sky.
Everything is as usual in the jade cloud. Xia Shimei has been sitting on the sidelines and posing for the posture of preparing for cultivation. It seems that she is waiting for her to come back to the world.
Baiyunlou opened his eyes and said to the younger sister in a moment, "Brother is back."
"Okay, brother and sister should also practice …"
"Chaoyang and other senior brothers start practicing before you practice in concentration." Baiyun Building smiled slightly.
Upon hearing this, Zhao-yang Xia was one leng, but when he saw the elder brother’s instantaneous concentration and concentration, the breath fluctuation bursts obviously entered the deep cultivation and immediately understood the elder brother’s meaning.
Senior brother is reassuring himself that common thoughts are common thoughts and practice is practice. It seems that this is the state of mind of senior brother when he reaches the sword.