Yun Fan strode forward and took the black cloak and pressed the 41 bracelet button.

"It’s him …!"
"Kill the little master murderer!"
Yun Fan a cloak near there are fighters pointed at him in alarm.
"Give my brother back!"
Guarding the east peak of the master tower, the master drank a lot and looked at Yun Fan with fierce eyes
This person is also Sha Yinglong’s brother Sha Dianfeng-Sha Bifeng.
When the voice falls, a treasure knife appears in Bi Feng’s hand, and a knife breaks out with great power, and then it splits at Yunfan.
Yun Fan just finished mecha equipment at this time.
41 hand Yun Fan fear spirit sea peak continue to stride forward to meet the knife Gang blow out.
The knife shattered and Yun Fan exploded forward, and it was another blow that blasted Sha Bifeng’s precious knife.
Shabifeng was shocked by the mecha 41 with one punch.
41 Continue to explode and come forward to the entrance of Master Tower. Yun Fan will take out the Master Tower token as soon as the mecha is closed, and easily enter the Master Tower.
Chapter 199 Into the tower to kill Yun Fan! (2 more commutation ticket)
Yun Fan Huanshajiabao Tongxuan Great Energy Society will personally guard the outside of the Master Tower.
He obviously thinks too much of himself, and Shajiabao doesn’t pay too much attention to him.
When Yun Fan will come to the Master Tower, he is not sure that Sha Yinglong has great power in the mysterious realm and naturally does not want to stay next to the Master Tower all the time.
Sha Yinglong seems to have sent four peak masters to guard the master tower. If Yun Fan shows up, he will take Yun Fan.
Even if you can’t take Yun Fan less, you can trap him outside the master tower.
And he can fly in Zongcheng, knowing the news of Yun Fan, and he can get to the Master Tower with a few breaths.
But Sha Yinglong didn’t know that there were 41 spiritual sea peaks in Yun Fan’s hands, and the master couldn’t resist it. Only two punches broke his son’s Shabifeng line and entered the master tower.
At this time, the peak masters in the other three directions of the Master Tower haven’t reacted yet.
No sooner had Yun Fan entered the Master Tower than a melodious bell rang and there was a bell tower next to the square. Someone rang Hong Zhong’s letter to Sha Yinglong.
There is a great power in the mysterious realm, and there is a great power circle in the mysterious realm. Sha Yinglong is in the Lord’s mansion and the Lord’s Sect asks about the mysterious magical power. The Lord of Yinhai, Gude, and the Lord of Lanwan, Ye Yan, are also present.
Suddenly, a clock came to Sha Ying Long’s face and said, "That little beast really came to rush into the master tower and went to see you Shamou."
Shayinglong had already turned a light out of the house and went up into the sky.
The speed of Tongxuan is too fast. Sha Yinglong is in the middle of Tongxuan, reaching seven times the speed of sound and flying four miles in one second.
Just four seconds after Jia heard Zhong talking to the three casters, Sha Ying Long fell outside the Master Tower.
Sha Yinglong came so fast, but he didn’t see Yun Fan. Where did he see his son Sha Bifeng face with a surprised face of indignation?
Sha Yinglong shouted, "What about the little beast?"
ShaBiFeng embarrassed way "into … into the tower"
Sha Yinglong thundered, "Do you eat rice? Can’t the master of the peak of the spiritual sea stop the initial stage of a spiritual sea? "
Sha Bifeng showed shame and said, "Father’s little beast was wearing a steel armor, and his strength was terrible. He broke my knife skills with one punch and shocked me with the second punch. Can the child stop him?"
Sha Yinglong frowned slightly and looked stunned. "Only two punches can only repel you? Dressed in steel armor, is this little beast exactly the person that the major sects in Ganyuan mainland are looking for? "
He looked at a spiritual sea master next to him and said, "Go to the mainland sect fighters in Ganyuan and tell them exactly what happened just now."
In a short time, there will be Tong Xuan Jing Da who can take the Master of Linghai Jing to the outside of the Master Tower.
There are four sects, namely, Ganyuan Sect, Xueyangmen Sect, Senluomen Sect and Fengyunmen Sect, and there are four great masters of spiritual realm and twelve masters of spiritual realm.
These masters are either at the peak of the spiritual realm or at the late stage of the spiritual realm, while the great power of the tongxuan realm is at the middle stage of the tongxuan realm.
The highest level of cultivation is the’ Duan Xuan’ of Ganyuan Sect, which is as high as the peak of Tong Xuan.
Ganyuan Sect is the first cult in Ganyuan Mainland, which not only shocks the whole Ganyuan Mainland, but also spreads far and wide overseas. It is also a great power of Tong Xuan, and several sects of Tong Xuan are very respectful to Duan Xuan.
Sha Yinglong saw Duan Xuan with a face of awe and suddenly calmed down and bowed his head slightly, with his tail between his legs.
Duan Xuan walked in front of Sha Yinglong and said, "Are you sure that the people who entered the Master Tower are wearing a steel armor?"
Sha Yinglong nodded and said, "It wasn’t a scene just now, but my son Shabifeng’s little hand in hand suddenly wore a steel armor, otherwise it would be impossible to break through Shabifeng’s defense line and enter the master tower."
Duan Xuan took a look at Sha Bifeng and said, "You will say it again just now."
Sha Bifeng respectfully told the battle process in detail and dared not miss anything.
Duan Xuan looked at a master of spiritual sea around forty and asked, "Duan Hong, did you beat him?"
Call Duan Hong, the peak guru, and say, "I’ll try how this man attacked Yun Fan just now, and how to attack me now. Don’t make any changes or reduce the power by half."
Shabi glanced at Shayinglong in the wind and nodded.
They retreated some distance, and Sha Bifeng set aside a precious knife to cut Duan Hong.
Brilliant silver knife suddenly split Duan Hong’s face.
Duan Hong’s hand suddenly appeared a pole sword, which burst into a horrible flame, and the sword swung out with a red flame, and the sword mans flashed silver and collided together.
The silver knife instantly shattered the flame, and the sword mans power did not decrease.
Sha Bifeng sealed the knife, blocked the nod, and when the body was hit hard, it was immediately shot and shot to the rear.
At the same time, the peak master’s display is also a great achievement, but the strength gap between them is huge, which is like a world apart.
Shabi hit the master tower and fell to the ground after the wind blew. He looked horrified and said, "It’s terrible that the strength of a sword pavilion is no worse than that of a small steel armor!"
Duan Hong collected his sword and said to Duan Xuan, "I am ninety percent sure of winning Yun Fan, bodhi old zu."
Duan Xuan nodded slightly and looked at the three great Tongxuan realms of Xueyangmen, Senluomen and Fengyunmen. "You should also contribute one person to enter the Master Tower with Duan Hong, so that Yun Fan can be killed in the tower if he can’t capture them alive."