He is naturally loved by his ancestors, and everyone thinks that if he can’t survive the baptism and rob his ancestors, he will agree to his request if he keeps sending incense.

The ancestors brazenly stepped in to help him carry the thunder, but because there was no heaven, there was no baptism light [it seems that the previous chapters forgot this baptism light]. That person naturally did not break through the fairyland.
In Mahayana period, Shou Yuan will last for thousands of years. If we can’t break through the fairy, it is a matter of time for that person to die of old age.
Otherwise, his ancestors will cut off their grandchildren, but they will ask for advice after searching all the famous places in the celestial world, and then they can help their grandchildren break through
Because this is a new problem, it also attracted many old monsters to find out, but in the end it was all gone, and no one could come up with an effective method
What does this little guy say now? I cann’t believe he came to the celestial world again
Wait, everyone suddenly realized a problem. This novel, he came to the celestial world again?
What’s the situation? Maybe he will return to the world?
This is not a scientific person, who is not trying to soar, but he has to return to the world when he comes to this small place!
Said he had something to return to? You know, it’s hard to soar to the easy world, otherwise, when the inferno invaded the magic fairy mainland, it wouldn’t have sent so little people.
And even if not many people were sent in those days, it was an astronomical figure to arrange array flowers because of the boundary.
Look at Zhao Xiaocai with an idiot’s eyes. Everyone thinks that it doesn’t matter if you dare to brag. It’s not important to help that bad old man find a way to transform immortal roots and cast immortal bodies. He also wants to return to the world. He is the only one who dares to daydream.
The old beggar gave Zhao Xiaocai a pair of eyes and said nothing, but his face was decadent.
"Have I ever let you down again? Isn’t it worth your trust to solve the problem of the demon race in the Yanyang Mountains and dominate Xilan City so that all forces can’t mess around and bring you to the celestial world? " Zhao Xiaocai said flatly
Another person wants to accomplish those things that Zhao Xiaocai just said, but he Zhao Xiaocai did it, which is the strength certificate.
"The old guy dare not believe that my boss told your boss that he is a hand-eye sky, and there is no thing that he can’t do in this world!" Long turn to wake up Shen three thousand nu way
Xiao Zheng and the old beggar don’t know Shen Sanqian, but it’s quite white. Zhao Xiaocai’s terror means not to deter the demon race, but to take out an extremely negative panacea and turn his qualification into an extremely spiritual root, so that hundreds of people can break through the one-by-one thing of being physically hard to resist the punishment of heaven at the same time, but he has experienced it personally;
It can be said that even if Zhao Xiaocai told him that shit can eat Shen 3 thousand, he would definitely believe it
It seems that Shen’s three thousand words have made the old beggar’s eyes clear, and it seems that he has changed back to the eclectic old urchin before.
"Zhao Xiao old beggar, I believe that you hope that you will come to the celestial world again, that is, I will break through the immortal period!" The old beggar laughed.
He thinks dead fat is right. Zhao Xiaocai is a miracle worker who can take them to the celestial world. Can’t he help him break through the transformation of immortals into immortals and cast immortals?
"Ha ha old beggar, it’s so good that you can restore your mentality. I’m really afraid that you can’t figure it out at the moment, and it will be bad then!" Xiao Zheng busy laughed
"Small you can want to do it or I will spare you! "Xiao Zheng busy turned to look at Zhao Xiaocai bold said.
Now that the contract between Yin and Yang is lifted, he no longer has that feeling of being pregnant with Zhao Xiaocai.
He now sees Zhao Xiaocai’s mentality and says that he doesn’t hate it, but he will never like it. After all, he was calculated by Zhao Xiaocai to have a concentric contract of Yin and Yang, which would ruin his name if he went out.
Concentric contract of yin and yang, that’s only when couples can sign contracts. Don’t say that he must have been given a contract by Zhao Xiaocai, otherwise he wouldn’t be everywhere towards Zhao Xiaocai.
"Hum turned against deny people old guy and face to talk to me" Zhao Xiaocai scolded 1.
Scold him this is to test Xiao Zheng’s busy attitude. If he has a big fight plan, Zhao Xiaocai decides to take Shen 3,000 away and arrange the development of Shen 3,000 celestial beings.
If he hadn’t turned against him and entrusted Shen 3 thousand to him, he could still rest assured.
Xiao Zheng’s doppelganger didn’t seem to hear what Zhao Xiaocai said. He turned his eyes to the body after he released the malicious words. "In those days, I chose to stay in the magic fairy mainland to avenge my master. This is my mistake. Now that I am back, let’s merge!"
I apologize to you, but I didn’t say I wanted to be punished, but if I think about punishment, I can’t punish you. It’s no different from punishing you.
Zun Xiao Zheng didn’t say anything. He looked at the busy body with burning eyes and trembled slightly with excitement.
For thousands of years, immortals have been laughed at behind their backs because of the breakthrough of the law, and he knows that he has never said it.
He held back because he knew that one day he would be able to return to the celestial world and merge with him, and this day was finally waiting for him
It’s easy to break through the fairy in two places at once, and finally you can stretch and accumulate a thousand years of sulking in your chest
Leave tears in the corner of your eyes and say "fusion" []
Chapter 1 Four Days of Armageddon
Chapter 1 Four Days of Armageddon
This minute, Xiao was very excited. Although his younger brother has double combat power, he is the same group of other disciples who have either become elders or have already achieved the strength of elite brothers, and their strength has already broken through the fairy.
He’s the only one who can’t break through, and he has to be pointed at by his brother’s back, so others can understand it.
In the same batch of disciples with him, his talent ranked in the top three because he was going to the magic fairy mainland to hunt demons and didn’t return unexpectedly, fearing that he would be proud of his peers among the elite brothers.
After watching the busy Xiao Zheng being merged with Zhao Xiaocai, Xiao Zheng is no longer the one who thinks about Xiao Zheng everywhere.