Poor Zhao Li didn’t know that he had become the key care object. He returned to the team and dared not say anything in the face of everyone’s curiosity and sympathy. He continued to practice.

I didn’t have a chance to say what kind of beauty I saw until I had a rest at night, saying whether it was a rest or a practice. Now everyone can practice instead of sleep and ensure the quality of rest, but after all, the human body can change and needs a real sleep day every week.
"You mean the medical officer in the medical room is a beauty?" Adams suddenly raised his head in the next bunk, and his voice suddenly doubled. Next to his bunk, wolves flashed green.
"Death is so big that the instructor heard it!" Zhao Li had to rebuke everyone, and they were all silent. After a self-hypnosis, they quieted down.
"Not a beautiful woman" Zhao Li played hard to get. When everyone was disappointed, he went on to emphasize that "not an ordinary beauty is a stunning beauty!" As soon as the words were finished, her lithe and graceful figure appeared in my mind, and people could not help but jump in and look a little crazy.
Everyone is shocked, beautiful woman. Is there such a good thing in this training base? Look at Zhao Li’s expression, and you can probably guess what he thinks. This expression should not be deceiving everyone. Everyone seems to be using their brains at once. Do you want to train and pretend to be sick and then go to the clinic to see the beauty?
It’s strange to have Zhao Li, and I can’t figure it out. Supposedly, I’m not that anxious. How can I be so rude when I see that Christine? I really don’t want to be white
Christine is a beautiful name. She should be in her twenties, not much older than herself. What the hell was she thinking?
In the ambivalent mood, Zhao Li finally succumbed to paranoia and fell into practicing intoxication.
Chapter 9 Seize the soul heady ()
Early the next morning, when doing morning exercises, someone accidentally sprained his ankle and was carried to the clinic by Arnold instructor. After he came back, this guy kept a look of ecstasy and didn’t even have a mind to eat.
There is an explanation for the abnormal performance. Zhao Li is not lying. The female medical officer is a stunning beauty, otherwise such a situation would not have happened.
So the number of injured people in the training that day increased several times, and the number of people punished for not listening to the orders clearly increased sharply.
This situation became more and more serious after a pre-rest talk, and there were even cases of being injured in the medical room three times a day.
Zhao Li doesn’t feel anything these days. After a night’s practice, the seductive female military doctor looks a lot less lethal the next day. However, when I look at several of my companions around me, I can’t help but lament that the beauty has brought disaster to the country and the people!
On the third day, instructor Arnold couldn’t bear to rush into the clinic any longer, but he was being treated, but his eyes were staring at the female military doctor who was close at hand and ordered him to return to the team immediately.
When there were instructor Arnold and female military doctor left in that room, instructor Arnold couldn’t help saying, "Christine, please stop tease those rookies!"
"But people have to practice!" The enchanting female military doctor looked awkward. "What else should I do?"
"Can’t you go to the society to practice?" Arnold looked at this face that would soften even if he looked at it for a while, and hurriedly moved his eyes elsewhere.
"How many people can bear social practice!" The female military doctor is very reluctant to tell her grievances. "It will cause small-scale social unrest." A series of Nai words leaked from Christine’s mouth, making people want to care.
"Then you go to those who have finished training!" Staring at the screen carefully, Zhao Li observed the records of these two days, and instructor Arnold didn’t dare to twist his head at all.
"That face is not allowed!" Speaking of this, female military doctors are even more wronged. "I am afraid that it will affect the combat effectiveness and cause harm to the unity of the military department."
"Then you can’t harm me continuously!" Although Arnold instructor looked at the five big three thick and said that his voice was very loud, he was pitiful at the moment like being bullied by a cat. "I finally eliminated seventy-four of the one hundred people in the first phase, ranking first in the elimination list! What do you want me to do? "
"You have a elimination rate when you teach!" Christine is so delicate and delicate that she seems to have been wronged. She looks at instructor Arnold and talks as if he is the one who has brought her great injustice.
"But how can you resist the temptation even if you use your soul-stirring power to withstand these rookies?" Arnold even complained, "Which king egg wants to come out with a bad move?" Face incredibly still agreed. "
"I don’t have the strength to display it either. Who makes them irresistible?" Christine has now returned to normal tone, and even instructor Arnold dares to look at her side.
"But my grades are the worst in this way!" Looking through the window at the group of recruits who were practicing, instructor Arnold couldn’t help but feel sad. "Even one batch was not as good as one, but it didn’t last until ten days later."
"Who let them train in the direction of officers? How can you become a qualified officer even if you are tempted by this beauty? " Christine doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with her doing this at all. "I’m following orders and practicing by the way. You just have to do your own thing!" "
"Where on earth are you from?" Instructor Arnold finally couldn’t help roaring, "You ruined all my teachers!"
"Department? Not necessarily! " Christine sat in the chair and put her right leg in stockings on her left leg to make a provocative gesture. Instructor Arnold took a hard look at it and then turned her eyes to other places again.
"Isn’t that little guy normal that day?" Zhao Li’s information has always been displayed on the screen. Instructor Arnold certainly knows who the beautiful female military doctor said.
Speaking of Zhao Li, it also surprised Arnold instructor. Christine deliberately seduced him, who was the youngest, and was the first to see a female military doctor. He should be the first to be tempted. Unexpectedly, Zhao Li looked normal the next day, as if nothing had happened before. No wonder the psychological evaluation gave him a comment that he knew what he wanted and what to do, which made Arnold instructor appreciate it very much.
"Where am I from?" Dr. Christine licked her lips in a more seductive posture and leaned her head in the direction of instructor Arnold. From the perspective of instructor Arnold, she could just see the scenery inside her collar. "Do you want to go to jail for spying on military secrets?" It’s such a wet blanket to say that you are tempted to move and add sweet and greasy sounds.
"I don’t care which corner you jumped out of, but can you show me a little mercy to make my pass rate higher!" Speaking of which, the eyes of the recruits are like hell messengers, and the face of Arnold instructor is pitiful, like a beggar next to the church.
"I can’t help it!" Christine picked her fingers as tender as white jade. "Who let you be assigned to these future officers is such a bad thing! Blame you, blame those who are responsible for distributing the sergeant training plan! "
Before instructor Arnold could say anything, Christine stopped him. "Those who passed are excellent, aren’t they?"
Instructor Arnold does not deny this and will be honored. Although he has the highest elimination rate, those who pass are indeed the best, otherwise he will not be allowed to continue to train a group of people.
"These damn guys can even get hurt in the military posture. They will feel better when they finish the queue training!" There is no way to get justice here. Instructor Arnold vented all his anger on those recruits who have just received a few days of queue education. They have no idea what hell they will face next.
Chapter 9 Seize the soul heady ()
As instructor Arnold said, some people really went too far, and their poor acting skills were not suitable for the scene, so that they were seen by instructor Arnold just when they pretended to be injured, and then there was a list of punitive measures that made people cry, dad and mom, and those who were punished complained, but they didn’t get any sympathy. How can they sprain their ankles when they were so arrogant?
However, he was punished twice. Adams didn’t go into conscious social work for several years. He has been practicing Julius for many years, and now he has reached the second-class physical strength, which is much better than that of normal recruits. It is the moment when he talks loudly.
"Didn’t you see my God, that female military doctor is really my dream girl, and she will not marry her in this life?" Adams performed his infatuation show in front of everyone with a peach-shaped face. "Oh, my God! Who can tell me her name and I will thank his generation! "
"Christine!" Zhao Li put up with his disgusting words, "Adams female military doctor’s name is Christine, but I don’t need you to thank my generation. Just shut up now!"
"Oh, what a beautiful name!" The anthomaniac was interrupted by a burst of flying boots before he continued to lament. Most people still haven’t seen Christine, and naturally they haven’t been tempted to practice all day. It’s time to rest. Who can stand this guy’s endless hymns?
Early the next day, Arnold instructor came and planned to severely reprimand a few uneasy guys, but suddenly found that everyone in the queue was not looking at himself.
The rhythmic and light footsteps in my ears told him who came here and looked at the poor performance of these recruits across the street. Instructor Arnold couldn’t help but close his eyes and clap his forehead. I was really afraid of what came yesterday. I only planned to practice these recruits. It is best to dream if I can’t wait for bed. With less words, these guys will have no energy to think about some messy things. I didn’t expect people to be worse than heaven!
Christine, a female military doctor, came to the front of the recruit queue with light steps, and asked Arnold instructor for instructions a little timidly. "Can the instructor let Zhao Li have another physical examination?" That kind of talk didn’t dare to make the man in front of him feel a desire for protection for no reason.
Instructor Arnold almost shouted, "Christine, what the hell are you doing?" But this can’t be exported. I knew this witch wouldn’t let her wish come true easily. After a period of teaching, he was already mentally prepared.
"Zhao Li is out!" Instructor Arnold’s big order is over. This witch has been seen by everyone. Whether she can pass or not depends on their respective performances! The witch said it was good to be an officer, but even this temptation can be resisted. If you really want to be an officer, you will be exhausted.
The female military doctor left with Zhao Li at a standard pace, but she also took away everyone’s eyes. The devil’s general figure and the personal army design outlined the place where the witch’s body was the most likely to make people commit crimes. The weak body matched with the vigorous military pace also had a different flavor that made people remember.
Watching the beautiful woman leave, I can’t help but feel a little envious of Zhao Liyou who followed the beautiful woman away. It turns out that poor health is sometimes a blessing. It’s rare to follow the beautiful woman away at this moment, but also to be carefully examined by the beautiful woman immediately. I can’t help but feel a virtual fire when I think of this.
"Everyone runs-go!" Like a thunderbolt, everyone’s ears rang and cried. I still can’t be distracted during training. This was caught by Arnold instructor, and everyone will be punished for running.
Zhao Li doesn’t have those people who want to have a physical examination. Is there something wrong with his body? Compared with your body, even if there are more beautiful women around you, you won’t have any thoughts. Are you worried about your body problems or that your secret has been hidden for several years?
I walked uneasily all the way to the clinic, and when I entered the door, Christine’s coquetry just seemed to disappear suddenly. Zhao Li had been worried that she had not found this situation.
"Sit over there!" The female military doctor is an officer after all, and the order is still to be carried out.
"How do you feel when practicing body building?" Christine directly recorded the video equipment.
"It’s normal, nothing special, sir!" As soon as the female military doctor asked Zhao Li, it was clear that this was not an ordinary physical examination, but a purposeful record. I didn’t know whether it was a secret for myself or the reason why I had never cultivated the first-class martial arts.
"How many weeks at a time?" These are common sense questions, but Christine asked them in detail.
"Nine weeks, sir!" The more this kind of situation, the more afraid Zhao Li is to relax and think carefully, but he answers again. He doesn’t want to keep his secret for years and be made public, and finally he has to become a white mouse. Never!
"Relax, soldier!" Christine found Zhao Li nervous and tried to calm him down. "It’s not very difficult. It’s no big deal. Just relax." The language was soft and beautiful.
Zhao Li was very embarrassed to find that she seemed to fall into that kind of feeling of ecstasy again. Although her heart was still alert, her body had not naturally reacted. There must be something weird. Zhao Li couldn’t help but look at the beautiful military doctor in front of her eyes and felt that her face could not be said to be gentle and lovely.
This seems to make Zhao Li more and more nervous, and her body is stiff and tight. The female military doctor immediately found the abnormality and sighed slightly. Then she asked another question, "How long does it take to exercise every week?"
It seems that the tone has changed slightly, and Zhao Li once again found that the surrounding atmosphere has returned to normal. It seems that there is something wrong with this female military doctor, otherwise this kind of self-control will not occur.
"Twenty minutes, sir!" Sir, I can’t help but answer the question. I’m a little relieved. Zhao Li magnifies the real situation properly and answers it.
Chapter 10 ()